Off Topic: Yahoo Groups Will Be No More. They're Closing Off Their Groups In December

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Oct 20, 2019, 10:29:17 PM10/20/19
Hello All

Just wanted to let you all know that Yahoo! will be shutting down their groups for good in December. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, MeWe and other social networking sites have been killing Yahoo! groups.

I have only one group that I will be moving to Facebook very soon. I simply have to save the pictures that I have in the photo album that I have in my files on my computer and then, start my group over again on Facebook and invite all of the members to the Facebook group. If anyone owns any groups on Yahoo, you can either move them over to the sites or Facebook, but IMHO, Facebook is the better one of the two, I feel.

I have also been creating pages on the site Discogs for 8-Track releases. I have created numerous pages so far for 8-Track Tapes of certain releases where the 8-Track wasn't on the list on the "Master Release" pages of the releases. I might even start sharing the links to these pages in here soon so you all can check them out and let me know what you think.

Regarding online groups, First MSN Groups shut down. Multiply also shut down. Grouply went south before even taking off. World Groups is also no more and now, Yahoo! Groups will be history soon. If this keeps up, Google/Usenet groups will also become a thing of the past as they are also slowly becoming obsolete in the wake of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, MeWe, and many other social networking sites.

Just thought I'd drop by to say hello and share what is going on in the world of the internet and cyberspace. Take care and I will stop in again very soon.
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