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Ferd Berfle

Oct 10, 2006, 9:29:24 AM10/10/06
"mike" <> wrote in message
> hello i always figured this would never happen to me but my
> heart is having serious issuses do to a birth defect (i was born with a
> hole in my heart)and need money to have the surgery to get the hole fix so
> i am asking for donations to help with the cost since i dont have
> insurance so if you have a paypal account please look into your heart and
> donate a dollar or two my paypal emial is i need
> around 20,000 dollars usd to have the surgery done. This is my last resort
> for money i have tried goverment agencies family and friends and to my
> dissapointment nothing happened SO PLEASE I NEED HELP thank you so much
> mike collins
Change your name to Lopez and claim that you are an illegal immigrant.
Problem solved.


Oct 10, 2006, 6:45:37 PM10/10/06

LOL your cracking me up!

Ferd Berfle

Oct 10, 2006, 9:16:08 PM10/10/06

"DAB" <> wrote in message
Well, I started to suggest he marry the Queen and sign up for dependent
health benefits but with a bad heart I figgered he'd be kilt deader'n a
doornail during the consummation formalities, ceremonies, procedures,
acrobatics, marathons and other stuff like that.


Oct 10, 2006, 9:22:04 PM10/10/06

LOL good thinking there....I would need time to get a big Life Insurance
Policy on the bastard.

Ferd Berfle

Oct 10, 2006, 9:25:36 PM10/10/06

"DAB" <> wrote in message
Speaking of marathons, did you see this? I guess the marriage has been
called off again?

Runaway bride sues former fiance
LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia (AP) -- The "runaway bride," who took off days
before her lavish wedding in 2005, is suing her former fiance for $500,000,
claiming he defrauded her out of her share of their assets.

Jennifer Wilbanks is seeking $250,000 as her share of a home she says
John C. Mason purchased through the partnership with proceeds from $500,000
received for selling their story to Regan Media in New York.

She also wants $250,000 in punitive damages for alleged abuse of the
power of attorney she granted for Mason to handle their financial affairs.
(Watch why the runaway bride is running to court -- 1:49)

In addition, letters included as exhibits in the lawsuit show that the
former couple has been in dispute over personal property Wilbanks claims
Mason has kept.

The items include a ladder that belonged to her father, a gold-colored
sofa, a new vacuum cleaner and wedding shower gifts.

Mason's attorney wrote to Wilbanks' attorney in July that his client
had agreed to deliver those items. The court filings do not show whether the
items were returned.

Wilbanks and Mason broke up for good in May, about a year after her
excursion to Las Vegas and New Mexico made international headlines while
hundreds of friends and family members searched for her back home in
suburban Atlanta.

Mason has until October 18 to respond to the lawsuit, filed last month
in Gwinnett County's Superior Court. The lawsuit, Wilbanks vs. JCM
Consulting and Mason, was filed September 13, according to court records.

Wilbanks' attorney, Michael Wetzel, and Mason's father, Claude,
declined comment Tuesday morning. John Mason's attorney, James C. Watkins,
did not return a phone call seeking comment.

The lawsuit says the $500,000 was put into an account of JCM
Consulting, based in Gwinnett County. After Wilbanks was "hospitalized and
under medication," Mason bought a home in Dacula in his name with the money,
the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit claims that Wilbanks asked JCM Consulting during the
summer for various documents, but the firm didn't give her records of bank
accounts. Through the lawsuit, she wants to inspect and copy those records.

Wilbanks also claims that Mason used the company to defraud her.

Wilbanks disappeared four days before her planned April 30, 2005,
wedding. Hundreds of police and volunteers searched for her for three days
before she called Mason from Albuquerque, New Mexico, claiming to have been
abducted and sexually assaulted. ........................


Oct 10, 2006, 9:50:19 PM10/10/06

Yes I did and just proves how dumb she him power of attorney.
Wonder if she had a contract...guess not if she has to sue him for her half
of the money for the book which nobody would buy anyway.......who cares,
there are more important stuffs going on like that big crybaby in N. Korea
who just threw a temper tantrum cause nobody will pay attention to him.

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