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POST72.txt [the material below was writttten by Ken Ogger AKA The Pilot]


The first 4 postings went to both ARS and ACT. The next 3 were
only sent to ACT. The last one is included here for reference.



01 subj : super scio - THE PILOT RETURNS
02 subj : super scio - BLACK SCIENTOLOGY
03 subj : super scio - POOR STACY IN BUCKWUPISTAN
04 subj : super scio - MORE OF OSA'S VILLAINY
05 subj : super scio tech - CASE PERSPECTIVE
06 subj : super scio tech - TRUTH REVEALED
07 subj : super scio tech - PRINCIPLES OF EXISTANCE
08 (posted in July 2000) - OSA SEX-DRUG HYPNOSIS (SDH) PROCEDURE


subj: Super Scio - THE PILOT RETURNS

It has been seven years since my identity was revealed to
OSA (Scientolgy's Office of Special Affairs) by my ex-wife

I never imagined that I could get messed up so badly after
learning and processing and mastering so much. But the
CofS has had half a century to perfect black Dianetics and
they are light years ahead of anyone else in their ability
to ruin people.

But they probably never imagined that I'd ever come back
from the grave to haunt them. And here I am.

I don't believe in being a victim or casting blame but the
story of what happened does need to be told and I'm putting
it in a posting called "Black Scientology". For the
Freezone I'll also put out a posting discussing my efforts
to handle this casewise.

I'm going to use my old style of posting everything at once
and then coming back and doing another bulk post in a few
weeks. Some things will go to both ARS (alt.religion.scientology)
and ACT (alt.clearing.technology) and some will only go to
ACT and the entire set will also be posted as a single
big file named post## for those who are building an archive.

I appologize for having been gone for so long, but I was in
no shape to talk after OSA got through with me. I have almost
literally been dead and resurrected and even spent a month
in a coma not to mention spending a few years in hell here
on earth.

Now I think that it's time for me to share my experiences
and what I've learned and discovered with you.

My true goal remains, as always, to see the research continued
to carry us from the human condition into a Godlike state.

Best Wishes to all of you,

The Pilot
aka Ken Ogger


subj: Super Scio - BLACK SCIENTOLOGY

By the Pilot
May 2007

I was talking to a hypnotherapist. It was late in the year 2000,
about a year after OSA's attacks on me.

"What if post hypnotic commands keep affecting you?" I asked.

"That doesn't happen", she said. "They wear off and fade away
fairly rapidly".

"But what if they do?" I insisted.

"Then there is a rape involved. It makes a pleasure pain syndrom
that locks the commands in place in the subconscious", she replied.

"Then what do you do?" I asked.

"Try to reconstruct the hypnotic script that was used. Unless they
are total amateurs, there will be a written procedure."

She had worked with date rape victims and was familiar with the effects
of Rohypnol and similar date rape drugs.

My worst fears were justified. I had been in horrible shape since
November of 1999. There were terrible visions of being raped up the
ass which I was keeping suppressed and could not bare to think about.
I chronically had the shakes. I was full of intense sexual need to
have normal sex with a woman combined with total feelings of rejection.
And I constantly kept hearing orders to kill myself on New Years Eve of
the Millenium, which luckily I had managed to resist. But I kept feeling
the orders even though the Millenium was long past.

I was living in hell under the effect of an OSA implant tailored to
destroy their enemies.

And if this wasn't enough, the rape left an abscess devoloping in my
colon which ruptured in Novemeber of 2001 and threw me into a coma for
a month and left me with a colostomy which wasn't reversed until the
summer of 1993.

But first, let's go back to the early days of Dianetics and Scientology
and fill in some background.

From the beginning it was obvious that the concepts of Dianetics could
be used in a reverse manner to implant engramic commands into the person
instead of releasing them. This was described in a series of articles
in the "THE JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY" Issues 3-G, 4-G & 5-G published in
late 1952 called "Danger: Black Dianetics!". They can be found in
Scientology Tech Volume 1.

Here is an excerpt.

... A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom retains the
sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he has been victimized.
In addition, persons claiming such offenses against their persons are commonly
catalogued by doctors as suffering from delusion. Thus the employer of Black
Dianetics can escape unpunished under existing legal procedures. ...

The original Black Dianetic technique was called Pain-Drug-Hypnosis and is
discussed extensively in chapter 17 "Hypnotic Level" of Hubbard's book
"Science of Survival".

Here are a few excerpts.

...Drug hypnotism does not have to be done with the individual's consent. An
individual who is drugged can receive and will obey hypnotic commands given to
him by the doctor or operator and will continue to obey these commands after
waking from the drugged sleep. By using the method of dropping a heavy
sedative such as chloral hydrate into an individual's drink ...

...It has been discovered that a drugged individual when beaten and given
orders would almost invariably obey those orders regardless of the degree to
which they flouted his moral tone or his position or his best interests in
life. ...

...The Foundation undertook some tests with regard to the effectiveness of
pain-drug-hypnosis and found it so appallingly destructive to the personality
and so unfailing in its action ...

...A knowledge of engrams and the fact that people can be aberrated into
becoming insane or criminal by the existence of engrams should be validation
enough for the fact that pain-drug-hypnosis can be done without the knowledge
of the individual and can command him to do things which are not only counter
to his own survival but highly immoral or destructive. ...

And here is another excerpt from a Tape lecture in new R&D volume 10. The
lecture is "INDOCTRINATION IN THE USE OF THE EMETER", A lecture and auditing
demonstration given on 8 March 1952.

...Now, there's one thing that should be noticed in detecting
PDH - as you call pain-drug-hypnosis - one thing should be
noticed in detecting it, that the actual command "This will
not display itself on a lie detector or with electronic
devices," can shut off all parts of the incident except
"This will not display itself on a lie detector." You ask
that question and the machine reacts immediately. ...

Now let's add in something from HCO BULLETIN OF 26 AUGUST 1982 "PAIN AND SEX".

...There are two items in this universe that cause more trouble than many
others combined. One is PAIN. The other is SEX. One should know more about
these things. They may have applications but they are used by destructive
beings in great volume to cave others in. ...

The result is Pain-Sex-Drug-Hypnosis which OSA would feel free to use on
its enemies because of the Fair Game Law.

And of course OSA is the reincarnation of the old Guardian's Office (the GO)
which successfully infiltrated the US Government for a decade before they
were caught.

Note that the GO's Intelligence bureau was established in 1968. That is a
decade before they got caught. Some of the "GO 11" who went to jail in the
late 1970s were NY staff members that I knew who tranfered to the GO and
became secret agents in 1968. The critics really don't realize how big and
powerful the GO was and how successful it was in spying on the government.
It was only at the end when they decided to alter government files in
project "Snow White" that they got caught.

Also note that the GO's primary target was the CIA. This was told to us at
confidential staff breifings in 1969. Specifically, at a breifing to NY
staff by a Sea Org mission in 1969, they told us that the GO had discovered
that the CIA was the real source behind all the attacks on Scientology.

So the GO would have put its best agents into the CIA. And the CIA probably
put a bunch of agents into Scientology and the GO. But when the FBI raid
finally hit in the late 70s, there was no mention of the CIA in any of the
files they captured. Considering what a hot topic the CIA was to the GO,
this can only mean that the CIA knew of the impending raid and purged the
GO's files before the FBI got to them.

And so we have an organization full of religious fanatics highly trained in
mind altering techniques and believing that the ends justify the means.

OSA's first line of attack would generally be to use lawsuits to legally
harass and sue their enemies. The critics on ARS have seen this happen
a lot. It is standard policy.

But they are very afraid of having the "Freezone Mission Statement" read
into the court records. It could force them to choose between being a
religion and a business. It could cost them their status as a religion.
It could cost them their copyrights. And it could invalidate their
tax-exempt status with the IRS. Around that same time (1999), when Zenon
put the mission statement on one of his postings of materials, the CofS
immediately backed down on their legal attacks on him and offered compromises.
And so they would never risk using the courts to harass me because it
would blow up in their faces.

And so they went to their second line of defense. Which is this
pain-sex-drug-hypnosis procedure. I think that they have used it
occasionally although not very often because it could rebound
badly on them if they were to be caught. From some of the obscene
ranting that occasionally has appeared on ARS, it would not surprise
me if we discovered that a few of Miscaviage's boys had screwed one
or two of the critics up the ass and doped them up and stirred their
brains around a bit with an emeter can. And a few of the Freezoner's
have told me privately that they think that this sort of thing was
done to them as well. But with no proof or witnesses, what can you

I would speculate that they could have pulled this crap on Lisa. Imagine
that dedicated young girl finally seeing the top secret OT3 story and
getting upset. Maybe she felt like she had devoted her life to a
ridiculous scam and began to rant about it. And so they became afraid
that she would make a big flap in the press and maybe even reveal the
Xemu story. So that night an OSA implanting team gives her a roofie
(slang for date rape drug), screws her butt, and implants ideas of
keeping her mouth shut (notice that she never tells anybody anything
once she is in the hospital) and maybe ideas of suicide as well. The
next day she goes out on the street and takes her clothes off without
quite knowing why. Of course the implanters would have told her to
take her clothes off while they had her drugged and hypnotised so that
they could screw her and were careless enough in their procedure that
the command triggered again the next day.

The critics have noticed the huge number of suicides connected with
Scientology. There is a long list of them that somebody has up on
the internet. And yet they don't even have half of them. I knew a
bunch personally that aren't on the list and that is just from being
around the NY organization.

I suspect that they have been using this black Scientology procedure
for a long time to push people into suicide who were turning against
the organization and threatening to sue or whatever.

One girl I knew, Susie Sajnenkoff, who had been on NY staff and then
gone out to Los Angeles for advanced courses, had come back to NY
in horrible shape. She had been threatened with being declared an
enemy of Scientology and attempted Suicide. When I talked to her,
she told me that she had confessed, during an auditing session, that
she wanted to write an expose. After that, she had gotten this
urge to kill herself and still felt that she was a terrible person
and should kill herself. It was all very irrational. I did my best
to help her and snap her out of it, but I had no idea of a hidden
rape implant locking the suicide urge in place. She seemed to get
better and didn't try to kill herself again for a few years, but
eventually the urge overpowered her and she ended up under psychiatric
care after the second failed suicide attempt.

Another one was Jim McVann. He was ethics officer at the NY organization.
Eventually it got to him and he left. Then there were rumors around the
org (organization) that he might be working with the evil psychiatrists
against us (this is how Scientologists talk). The next thing you know,
he had comitted suicide by jumping out of a window. Did he simply feel
guilty about betraying the salvation of mankind? Or did some Scientology
implanters lay into him with drugs and rape and pain and a heavy hypnotic
script about how he should kill himself.

In 1966, when I first went to work for the NY Org, I was assigned to run
the mimeo machine, which was in a back room. This was at the Hotel
Martinique in New York City on 32nd Street. We had the mezaninne including
the grand ballroom and the mimeo room stuck out beyond the main dimensions
of the hotel. I noticed that there was a huge plywood rectangle covering
most of the ceiling and asked my senior, John Mustard (later head of
Golden Era) what it was. He said that it had been a skylight and that
in the previous month, a disturbed ex-Scientologist who had been doing
courses and staying in the hotel had killed himself by jumping out of
his hotel room window and falling through the skylight into the NY Org.
He thought it ironic that the guy could aim for the org while dropping
his body ("dropping the body" is Scientology slang for dying).

As for me, I had this heavy sucide impulse at the end of December 1999
and had no idea where it was coming from. I had had some strange blackouts
and anal bleeding in November of 1999 but I didn't remember the implanting.
Everything was wierd and terrible but the suicide impulse really didn't
feel right or make sense to me. So on New Year's Eve, where I was certain
that I would kill myself when the clock struck midnight, I made a point
of drinking enough to make me fall asleep earlier so that I was safely
asleep and alive at midnight. When I woke up the next morning, there was
this wonderful sense of relief. I didn't really know what had happened,
but I had out-smarted a very nasty dirty trick that was designed to finish

Of course OSA was very upset. They saw me as Scientology's anti-Crist and
had spent years and untold resources trying to find me.

In fact, my first year's anonymous postings had been done through a back
door I had found into Sprint (I am really good with computers). All of
OSA's attempts to trace my postings had really dead ended at Sprint's
backbone. And so they had gotten Earthlink to merge with Sprint. Earthlink
is owned by Scientologists (Sky Dayton who runs it is the son of Wendel
Dayton who was a friend of mine back at the NY Org in the old days). The
day that Earthlink took over, my access into Sprint disappeared. Of course
they still couldn't find me. But I had to find another totally anonymous
way into the net. Which I did within a week. They must have been very
frustrated when my next postings showed up as if nothing had happened.

For them it was years of hopeless frustration until my ex-wife gave them
my head on a platter in June of 1999.

The Art of War (which all GO and OSA agents must star rate) suggests lulling
the enemy into a false sense of security before you strike.

They bidded their time, planning carefully. They investigated first and then
picked the millenium New Year as the ideal trigger time and then
began implanting
me a month in advance.

After New Year's failed to get me, they tried all sorts of other
stuff to ruin me.
I'll tell you about that in my next posts ("POOR STACY IN BUCKWUPISTAN" and

For those who are interested and don't have a copy, I'm including the
SDH (Sex Drug Hypnosis) platen that was posted to the internet years ago
in the posting archive file (post72.txt) that I'm sending to ACT.


Ken Ogger
aka The Pilot


01 subj : super scio - POOR STACY IN BUCKWUPISTAN

Now here is the sad story of another crazy thing that OSA
tried against me.

The critics will be fast to point out that this psychic attack
probably wouldn't work and that the whole idea is stupid. And
maybe it is. But that is beside the point because the important
thing is that OSA would believe it because RON said that it
works. And so they would hypnotise a poor young girl and
accidentally drive her to suicide.

The attack is called a Buckwupistan attack because Ron sometimes
described this as a way to get rid of the primier of Buckwupistan
(a made up country).

The basic idea is to hypnotize somebody, preferably an emotionally
high strung teenage girl, and order them, under hypnosis, to
exteriorize from their body and go over to the target (the primier
of Buckwupistan or his wife or whatever) and blanket their body
and fill them with intense sexual desires or suicidal impulses or

Thetans blanketing bodies for sexual kicks is discussed extensively
in early Scientology materials and can even be found in Hubbard's
book "History of Man".

As for the Buckwupistan attacks, they have been cutting these out
of the clearsound tapes and you will have to reference older
reel-to-reel tape versions. Here is an excerpt from tape
5210C30A SOP8A (SOP lectures number 8A), "THE ROLE OF EARTH".

> A thetan can go over and take possession of the body of - let's say
> we want to influence the priemier of Buckwupistan. So we boot this
> thetan out and make this thetan go over and knock out the thetan
> in the wife of the priemier of Buckwupistan.
> And then we are holding the body of the person that we send over
> there and they are still connected and in communication with this
> body. At which moment ... (sound of somebody entering the room)
> Pretty wild stuff to walk into suddenly ... (laughter).
> So we simply monitor, now all of a sudden we find we are able to
> monitor the wife of the priemier of Buckwupistan with great ease.
> And we get her into a tremendous affair with a court chamberlain
> you see. And we just get things swirled up like a fire drill.
> And the next thing you know, he's dispossessed. They say his rents
> up on Buckwupistan or something of this sort because of scandal,
> because of this, because of that. Its a very neat political manuver.
> And it is so neat that there is probably not a member of the class
> present who is along the category of (case level) IV or V who hasn't
> done it. And that is the reason why a lot of Vs and VIs are
> completely unwilling to get out of their heads. Because its an
> overt act to send somebody out of his head. And you've sent
> people out of their heads over to some vast distance. And having
> sent these people over, they run into a body or something which
> is then injured. Or something happens to their body right where
> you are. And you caused a complete foul up and extinction of
> a being.

I don't have OSA's modern writeup on this. It would be highly

In January of 2000, after their sex-drug-hypnosis failed and I
didn't kill myself at midnight of the Millenium New Years Eve,
they decided to try this crazy Buchwupistan thing. They do, after
all, believe in Ron's genius and think that they have a superior
mental and psychic technology that gives them great power.

So they assigned some girls (18 to 21 years old) at the secret base
to "squirrel hunting". There were regular sessions using different
girls in rotation. A pair of OSA agents would give the girl somthing
to drink containing Rohypnol and then put her into a hypnotic trance.
They would show her a picture of me and of my house and tell her to
exteriorize from her body and float across town and find me, The Pilot.
They would tell her to blanket my body. Then they would sexually
stimulate her and tell her to lock onto me with sexual energy.
Then they would tell her that I was an enemy of Scientology and must
be made to die. While masturbating her, they would tell her
"Permeate him and make him think 'Kill Yourself', 'Kill Yourself'".

Of course the girls were then told to forget and so forth and they
wouldn't remember what had been going on. But all this stuff
about sex and suicide was stirring around in their subconscious.

Needless to say, this attack did them no good and they soon abandoned
it as a bad idea. But this sick hypnosis had already deeply damaged
one of the girls.

In June of 2000, 20 year old Stacy Grove Meyer (aka Stacy Moxon)
comitted suicide by climbing up a ladder and grabbing a 7,200 volt
power line with her bare hand at Golden Era.

It's not nice to repeat "kill yourself" over and over again to a
young girl under hypnosis.

They say that Helen Korbin, who knew Stacy, cried for days after
it happened, but she never knew the real cause of her death.

The Pilot


04 subj : super scio - MORE OF OSA'S VILLAINY

See my earlier posts "BLACK SCIENTOLOGY" and "POOR STACY IN
BUCKWUPISTAN" for a description of OSA's early attacks on me.

My identity had come out in June of 1999 and they had tried
some horrible things on me and yet there I was posting yet
again on Jan 4, 2000.

And this was driving them crazy.

Their next shot was to set me up with a DUI. I was at a club
and they dropped something in my drink. Probably their old
favorite, Rohpynol. Then somebody led me to my car and put me
behind the wheel and turned the key. They had a police car
conviently standing by and they arrested me in the parking lot.

I think that the critics already know that Scientology has a number
of supporters in the LAPD.

It was a setup because they had the actual police reports up on
the Internet almost immediately. But their anti-Pilot website had
a reverse effect and I got lots of support and OSA might also have
realized that it made it obvious that they had engineered the
incident, so they pulled it down after a few days.

By the way, they just put it up on the net again. They already
know that it makes them look bad and it could only create more misery
for them by waking me up. So there must have been another reason
besides ARS / ACT that caused them to put it up again. The reason is
that I recently started talking to publishers about getting the
Self Clearing book into the bookstores. And if the average Scientologist
sees such a thing in the bookstore, they will buy it and the CofS
might lose what little remains of its orthodox membership.

In all likelyhood, they have an agent working at Time-Warner to keep
an eye out for anti-Scientology books or a repeat of the anti-Scientology
Time Magazine article. So the anti-Pilot web page probably went up to
discredit me in the eyes of a potential publisher.

But that's a recent event. Let's get back to year 2000.

Next, around April, they planted a secret agent at the place where I was

At the time, I was working at Chase Credit Systems as their top programmer
and designer. Our software combined data from the three big credit bureaus
to produce a merged credit report for home buyers. So it was a high security
environment and the president of the company was paranoid about being
infiltrated by crimminals who wanted to doctor credit reports and during
the years I was there, the police had come twice to haul somebody away
in handcuffs.

OSA was foolish enough to put a spy into this company. He was a newly hired
accounting clerk. The guy stole my checkbook out of my jacket. He went
through my files and tried to access my computer but it was password protected.
And he even stole the department manager's day planner. I had a friend in
the office next to mine keep an eye out and he spotted the guy going in and
out of my office so I knew who it was for sure.

I assumed it was OSA, but it could just have been some criminal trying to
get my passwords so that he could access the credit system and do credit
fraud. So I decided to make a test.

I did not accuse him. I did not say anything to management. Instead, I called
up my ex-wife Ann, who had turned me in to OSA and who sometimes did work for

I said to her, "You know that Perry (the credit company's president)
will believe
me if I say that there is a spy in the office intending to alter
credit reports.
He will have the police there tomorrow with handcuffs. If OSA's secret agent
comes back to work at my office tomorrow, they will end up in court trying to
prove that they only planted agents in Chase Credit to destroy one of their
critics rather than to doctor credit reports for Scientologists. I'm offering
them this one warning as a compromise to get them off my back. The next time
I wouldn't be so nice. So call your friends at OSA and get them the hell out
of my life before they get burnt".

She is the only person I told.

The spy did not even come in to get his stuff or collect his last paycheck. He
phoned in his resignation. Another new employee phoned in his resignation at
the same time and also never came in for his stuff. I guess they had planted
two agents rather than one.

After this they seemed to disappear from my life and pay attention to other
Freezoners instead. Maybe its because I let them pull out of Chase Credit
gracefully. At the time I was terribly stressed out and was sick of fighting.
Now I have to apologize for dropping the ball.

But maybe the got off my back because around that time my mother came out to
stay with me. They wouldn't have realized the connection earlier because we
have different last names but she was Ron's Qual Sec on the Flag Ship and
she could be enourmously dangerous to them if they annoyed her.

As to my own story, life went on but that abscess, probably caused by OSA's
raping me, festered in my colon and it ruptured in November of 2001. I was
in a coma for a month and woke up barely able to move and with this horrible
thing called a colostomy. The colostomy was finally reversed in the Summer
of 2003 by about 8 hours of surgury and now I'm whole and normal again.

I'm glad to be writing again. I've learned a lot of stuff and I'll be
discussing things on ACT. They shouldn't have woken me up by putting up
that website, but I'm glad they did. It's about time and I did promise to
tell the freezoners when I figured things out a little further.

The Pilot
aka Ken Ogger


subj : super scio tech - CASE PERSPECTIVE

Three posts describe the trouble I had from OSA. They are

Here I am going to dicuss what happened case wise and tie this
together with the key technical discovery discussed in my post

You are creating your own reality. But it is not under your
conscious control, it is being done by the subconscious. The
reactive mind is a small subset of what is going on down there.
See "TRUTH REVEALED" for more on this.

Under heavy hypnosis, the subconscious can be given orders and
it will beging to create and manifest the things that it has
been told.

In my case, OSA kept pushing the button of my being rejected
during the pain-sex-drug-hypnosis that they used on me in
November of 1999.

Their standard script has a section that they tailor to the
victim to bring about what they want. In my case they were
aiming at suicide and rejection.

Now the way this works is that the subconscious believes that
the item, rejection in my case, is desirable (it thinks that
the thetan wants it) and begins to bring it about in the
probability wave that manifests reality. In other words, it
is not just sitting there in your head making you feel like
you are rejected. It is actively out there bending probability
and chance meetings into situations that will contain rejection.

With this thing working in my subconscious, I managed to actually
get rejected by over a thousand women. The odds were unbelieveable.
But I'm getting ahead of the story.

Right after the rape, I was in terrible shape. I had no idea what
happened, but I had done a total reverse flip from day into night
over the course of a weekend.

Years later, while running through the incident yet again, I found
that I had a near death experience during the rape. I might have
had a heart attack or simply abandoned the body because I was
horrified by the situation and wanted to die. And then it seems
like I went down the famous tunnel to the light and the 7 benevolent
entities (pretty girls in my case), told me to go back. And I
refused and said why should I. And they said, "Go back and make
love to a beautiful woman". And I said "and then what?". And they
said, "then the next step will be revealed." And that bit of
help short circuited the suicide command, because whenever my
subconscious would start telling me to kill myself, I would think
that I should get laid instead.

After a homosexual rape, the natural impulse is to make love with
a woman to reassert your heterosexual. And, at least in my case,
this would have to be affectionate and a prostitute would not do
any good at all.

I didn't clearly remember, but deep down I sort of knew and the
combination of the near death experience and the need to be
heterosexual and my natural liking of women combined into an
overwhelming need for sex.

What I knew consciously at the end of November 1999, was that I
had suddenly begun feeling super needy sexually and felt like a
horrible reject and felt terrible in general.

My immediate impulse was to process this out. My thought was that
maybe I could take some charge off and then attract a girlfriend.

And I ran tons of processes, many of them aimed at the area of
sex, and learned lots of things and found endless incidents but
in the end I got nowhere. I'd put in over a hundred hours and
I run fast, spotting things and having cognitions and often
keying out the horrible feelings of grief and misery sometimes
for as much as an hour before it all collapsed back in on me.
And I didn't get within a mile of the OSA incident and the
rejection button was so overcharged and unreal that rejection
wouldn't read or bite in processing and only seemed like a
natural fact of life.

That is what really broke me. I had had tremendous faith in the
tech. And I was using everything that's in modern Scientology,
and all the old stuff that they don't use anymore, and lots of
other things that I figured out myself. And it was not

You might say that I was PTS to OSA and too overwhelmed to make
any case gain. And you could also say that I was desperate.

I noticed that I used to be able to raise my havingness even by
simply doing mockup processes (subjective have requires a high
case level) but after Nov 99, even touching the wall (or hitting
it) did not raise my havingness (objective have usually works
on everyone). So something was really wrong.

And lots of Freezone auditors also volenteered and gave me sessions
but it was like a joke not getting anywhere neer what was wrong.

And I did learn lots of abstract stuff, the most significant of
which is that sex goes back much earlier than I would have imagined.
Basic is separation from static and we don't rejoin because that
defeats basic purpose (adding to the richness of creation) but
we do feel incomplete, so the first solution is to partially
join with each other, intertwinning each other's space, energy,
and creations, and that is sex in its original form.

But it was all hopeless and processing just seemed to increase
the charge and restimulation. So eventually I gave up on the
tech totally and began simply to chase girls. And that's when
I began to accumulate those thousands of rejections.

So I began to concentrate more on the physical. Make myself
look better, learn dancing, hang around with guys who get
girls and immitate their style etc.

And I did eventually find the rape incident and reconstruct
the hypnotic script. And it helped a bit. I stopped having
the shakes and even had a few wins with women. But it didn't
help enough and I went back to working on becoming attractive.

Then I ended up in the coma (Nov 2001) and wound up even more
repulsive with a horrible colostomy (Dec 2001 to July 2003)
but finally that was handled and I was back on the road to
becoming attractive.

And by 2005 I had pretty much made it. I looked a hundred times
better, I dressed sexy instead of nerdy, I danced well (girls
would ask me to dance), I talked well, I was connected with
the movie industry and known to be a great romantic pianist
and had a great reputation. And still couldn't get girls
except as friends. They would like me and be nice to me and
then sleep with someone else. It was like clockwork. And I
went out almost every night of the week and always got the
same story, but I couldn't stop because any time I backed
down and stopped trying, the suicide impulses would begin
to start up.

But I realized that it must be something other than just the
physical because guys who were seriously repulsive would
get lucky occasionally and I had a truely unbelievable
failure rate. Therefore it had to be some sort of reverse
psychic phenomena where I was creating rejection. And so
I took a deep breath and plunged into case again.

I realized that I couldn't mockup girls wanting me physically.
It was a total blank spot. I could imagine them wanting me
for other reasons (philosophy, money, attention, etc.) and
putting up with sex, but not actually wanting sex. And I had
lots of evidence to the contrary and could see intellectually
that girls did like to have sex with me but I could not feel
it emotionally and I could not mock it up.

And I'm really good with mockups.

And I hadn't even noticed the blank spot.

And I could (and had in the past), easily repeat affirmations
that I was attractive and girls wanted me etc. but it had
no effect because I knew that it was only in my head. It was
only the true mockup of putting it out there (in girls)
that was blocked.

So I began to work on it.

It took over a week, gradually approaching it and doing partial
mockups and convincing myself that I could until I managed
to really put it out there and get it to run as a process that
I could flatten.

Things changed in the real world. Instantly and spectacularly.
Everything was totally different the next time I went into a club.
I had a beautiful week, with girls falling all over me.

And then everything else in my life went wrong. Quickly and
spectacularly. The backlash was obvious and powerful. And I
didn't lose the gain I had made. Just every other aspect of
my life began to have trouble.

What I didn't see then was that my subconscious was continuously
creating rejection. And I went in with brute force and pushed
it into creating girls that accepted me instead of rejecting me.
And so the poisonous rejection had splashed out of its normal
place and hit other things in my life.

Note that when the subconsious creates someone rejecting (or
accepting) you, it goes out there into the flux and someone
else may slide into it, usually because their subconscious is
creating the other side of that role. So it is not that you are
creating the other thetan, but other thetans slide into the
roles that you are creating for them.

I only found this last factor a few weeks ago (April 2007) and
I'm working now to errase this continuous creation of rejection.

Confront and knowing are the key to everything.

The Pilot
aka Ken Ogger


subj : super scio tech - TRUTH REVEALED

Let's look at the big picture.

We are trying to bridge the gap between the godlike state
and the human condition.

On the one hand we have infinite creation and on the other
we have being trapped in a human existance.

We create our own reality and yet other people can affect us
and we have lost control over what happens to us. So what
is going on?

Reality consists of a vast quantum mechanical flux of
probability waves that respond to observation and can be
biased by strong visualizations which observe them in
advance of The Now. In fact, The Now itself is very fuzzy
and things can remain inderterminate for a long time after
other "concurrent" things have become fixed in the past.

The "What the Bleep: Down The Rabbit Hole" movie provides
an excellent description of this and I highly recommend
seeing it if you haven't already.

In theory we should be able to significantly affect this
quantum reality with strong positive visualization. My favorite
techniques for this are those used by Earnest Holmes'
Science of Mind (The Church of Religious Science) which
is extremely advanced in this area. But results are sporatic
and occasionally cause reverse manifestations.

Recently "The Secret" has become quite popular. This is a
good introduction to positive techniques and I recommend it
for beginners in this area. However, it is based on
Hannel's "Master Key" from 1913 and I would recommend that
the more advanced students read that since it goes much
further. I think that both Hubbard and Holmes read "Master
Key" and used it since parts of it appear in both Scientology
and Science of Mind (and not always the same parts, so they
both must have read the earlier source). Note that Master
Key is the oldest reference I have on what later becomes
Scientology Axiom One. The Master Key book can be downloaded
for free from the internet.

Then we have the reactive mind and the Scientology picture of
human abberation. That is a good description of the surface
layer that is right in our face. But it doesn't go nearly
far enough to describe the whole situation.

Scientology always had an enourmous cavern inbetween their
basic ideas such as life is basically a static and the
practicalities of errasing engrams or confronting problems.
LRH took a few shots at this (see "Phoenix Lectures" for example)
in the 1952 to 1954 timeframe but the research was pretty much
abandoned by the mid 1960s.

I have taken a couple shots at coming forward from the original
life static in a logical progression. My latest is included
here in the posting "Principles of Existance". But the current
incomplete version does not come all the way forward into
existance as we know it here on Earth.

So I would like to present my current theory on what is going
on and how it all fits together here on Earth.

I believe that each of us here is mostly operating below consciousness.
In other words, we might be conscious of ten percent of what we are
doing and might have partial accessibility into another ten percent
and are running about 80 percent in the subconscious.

The reactive mind is way too simple a view. Certainly there is some
reactive thought in the subconscious, but there is a lot more going
on there as well.

And I agree with Ron's view that "unconscious" is a bad term, because
what's running down there is aware of the envioronment. But it is
not aware of being aware. It is that part of us which is running
on automatic without a governor. So let's use the term subconscious
for this whole mess of stuff churning away out of sight including
but not limited to what Ron called the Reactive Mind.

You are creating your own reality. But if you stand there looking at
the wall in the hopes of making it vanish so that you can walk through
it, you don't have much luck because the bigger portion of you which
is down there in the subconsious is busy affirming that the wall is
solid to the point where you can bang your head on it with considerable
pain against your will.

Reality is not under your conscious control. It is under the control
of your subconscious.

Sometimes your subconsious listens to you. Often it doesn't.

There are some interesting Sci-Fi movies like "Solaris" and "Sphere"
where reality comes under subconscious control and the characters
start creating their fears. There is certainly something like that
in our decay from the Godlike state and we have pushed manipulating
reality as far out of our reach as possible.

My own experience seven years ago was of some nasty enemies hypnotising
me and convincing my subconscious that it was a good idea to be
rejected. Since then I have been creating a reality of continuous
rejection for myself and it has taken until now to see it clearly.

Right now I see our subconsciouses as being very busy figure-figureing
and negotiating the collective reality that condenses out of the
quantum flux. We all do interconnect and some hidden level and there
is a lot of picking and choosing and give and take.

Imagine a plane flight with 20 people attracting a plane crash and 40
people who are attracting a safe voyage and another another 60
who are out of it either way and just going with the flow. Lots of
trade-offs are possible. Maybe the flight gets bumpy but makes it.

In this reality, some things are held in place by many people and some
just blow around with the wind.

Positive affirmations may be helpful and communicate to your subconscious
what you want it to do and may bring about improvements. Or they may
trigger conflicts between your conscious and subconscious mind and
bring troubles. You may be fighting your own forgotten decisions and

Bringing more of the subconcious into view is a hot research topic.
This is what processing is aimed at.

The Pilot


subj : super scio tech - PRINCIPLES OF EXISTANCE

By Ken Ogger
aka The Pilot

This is a work in progress. It is a roadmap from the
Godlike state down to the human condition. Here is what
I've got so far.



1. We are fragments of God trapped within the created

God is the ocean and we are the drops. The water is all
the same. The difference is only a matter of scale.

You can find God within you. And you can find the entire
universe within God. And then find yourself inside of that
universe. And God, yet again, within that self. And the
universe, yet again, within God. And so on ad infinitum.
All is one, full circle.

And the waters run everywhere, permeating everything and
carrying everything within them. And normally the drops
run freely, moving here and there within the wonders of the
ocean and the water easily finds its own level.

But sometimes the drops become trapped or encysted. Frozen
in position like ice on a cold winter's morning. And this
too can be wonderful and beautiful, like an ice sculpture
shining in the morning sun. But it is in the nature of the
water to move and when the drops are too long frozen, they
begin to hurt and cry out for relief.

The answer is not to shatter the structure, for the beauty
of creation is the breath of life itself, but to melt the
bonds and swim freely within the divine sea of creation.

2. God is filling the void with a Richness of Creation.

If there was only nothing, and it was acceptable, then
there would still be nothing and we and all the universes
would not exist.

But it is self evident that we do exist. Therefore, there
is a preternatural impulse towards existence and a richness
of creation rather than nothingness. And the nothingness
never can be filled, because filling it does not make it
any less. There is always more nothingness beyond all
boundaries we can set. Hence, the creations are forever
expanding, world without end.

3. The Purpose of Life is to add to the Richness of

There is an infinity of lifeforms expand thought the
universes, ever growing, ever changing. Nothing is lost.
All proliferate, being fruitful and multiplying.

4. We are spirits, manifesting as life forms.

We are not our bodies. We are spiritual entities capable
of free thought. We wear bodies as we wear clothes. We
use the brain as we use computers. Our basic thinking and
our self awareness comes not from biological cells but from
divine essence which passes from body to body as we travel
down through myriads of lifetimes.

5. God is Oneness, Accepting Everything

God does not judge or punish or reject. God is all there
is. Everything is within God, and God does not deny part
of himself.

6. God has all thoughts, all actions, all times and places,
at once within him/her/it self.

God is not in a time stream, he encompasses all time
streams. God does not have consecutive thoughts, He
encompasses all thoughts. God is not in a place, He
encompasses all places. And God is not limited to being a
He or a She or an It, God is all identities, all
characteristics, and all qualities at once.

7. In order to have consecutive time, in order to think
about or act on something, in order to have a functioning
perspective within the creations, God subdivides within
himself into individual identities.

And each portion has the full potential of God, because God
does not become less, but simply chooses to operate in a
narrower frame.

And any fragment could instantly be the complete oneness,
but to do so is to lose the ability to think consecutively
as an individual because they would have all the thoughts
of everybody at once. And so when they touch the oneness,
they are momentarily glorified but immediately choose to
slide back into individuality because their identity adds
to the richness of creation which is the basic purpose.

And since each fragment has the full potential of God, they
can also divide within themselves and further proliferate
the patterns of creation. This leads to ideas of
hierarchies and beings who manifest as oversouls or angels
or demi-gods, but really it is all just water, the drops
are all of the same substance and anyone has the potential
to manifest at any level.

8. We become greater and happier as we move closer to God.

Anyone can instantly be one with God, but then as God, they
create themselves again right back here just as they were,
because God wants more identities, not less.

The human individual, in great pain and torture, might want
to cease being, but when he becomes Godlike and sees it all
as transient illusion anyway, he jumps right back in.

And so merging into God does not solve the human misery.

What we want to do instead is to become closer to God and
manifest Godlike abilities without quite merging all the
way. This requires growth and an understanding of the
direction to move in.

9. God is Love and Acceptance.

Richness and variety are part of God's basic purpose. As
you move in tune with that, you will grow and your life
will improve and you will move on, outside of this narrow

Love and accept as much as you can.

Misguided efforts to be good or to make others good by
rejecting and limiting the richness of creation inevitably
backfire and take you further from God.

10. God is Richness and Abundance

The nature of God is to have more, not less. As God fills
the void with a richness of creation, there is a great
abundance and wishes are easy to fulfill.

11. God is Forgiveness.

God is everything. That includes evil as well as good.

We do not want a preponderance of evil, but we cannot stamp
it out completely because that would reduce the richness of
creation. And so we need to forgive evil when it does
occur and let go of it without fighting it too hard and
causing it to proliferate.

12. There is no Balance Between Good and Evil

It is an expanding system. There is no need for balance
and in fact balance and zero growth and stasis are all
against our basic purpose.

Evil is part of the system because we need it for variety.
But we do not need a lot of it. It does not have to
balance with Good.

If we eat food without spices, it will eventually seem too
bland and we will grow tired of it. But if we cover our
food with an equal weight of spices, it would be totally

Right now we are living in a place that has far too much
evil and misery and darkness, and it is difficult to love
and forgive and accept, but the effort needs to be made.

This doesn't mean that you should passively let bad things
happen to you. Being causative and creative is in the
direction of being Godlike. You can fight your enemies but
don't try to destroy them utterly. Always let a little bit
of something, no matter how gruesome, remain to fill the
void with variety.

13. You can be closer or further from the Godlike state.

The Sea of Creation, which is all that is, has depth. You
can be at the surface, which is full of energy and motion
and is a joy to be in or you can lie at the cold bottom
where realities are frozen and unpleasantness predominates.

As you tune into and manifest the higher ideals, you
naturally rise. But of course the opposite is also true.
Most of us have a mix of positives and negatives and we
have been floating at the same depth for quite awhile.

And the most confusing thing is in the recognition of what
is at the top and what is in the depths, for that tells you
what direction to move in.

Most people try to be good by not doing things (don't do
this or that and most especially don't have sex) and that
is all in the direction of less motion and reduces the
richness of creation and so leads away from God.

Competition and mild fighting add to the richness of
creation and so are in the direction of God. But
destructive fighting removes players from the game of life
and destroys wonderful and interesting things and therefore
becomes a negative.

14. Everything is God, but some things are better than

There is no good or evil in the absolute sense. There is
no sin. There is no ultimate adversary. God is ALL.

But closeness to God is to be a part of the wondrous joy of
creation and partake of richness and abundance.

Blocking the flow of creation and building walls against
existence leads to an unpleasant fixation of reality and
entrapment within its rules.

15. Life Separates and Reconnects

All of us are part of God but we can be closely connected
or extremely separated.

The degree of separation from God and the degree of
separation from each other are basically the same thing.

Moving further away improves uniqueness and originality,
thereby creating the seeds of even greater richness, and
then moving close again allows these seeds to bloom with
greater variety.

The game of life could be considered to be a cycle of
moving near and far from unity, back and forth, but with an
ever increasing richness of creation.

This can also be seen as a learning experience. Walking
away from heaven into the wilderness and returning, wiser
and stronger, to be welcomed with love and honor.

16. We all have equal potential

The drops of water are all basically the same.

Even size is not real. Bigness and smallness only exist
within a context and we are above all contexts, generating
the contexts rather than being the result of them.

We do not become less by dividing (replicating) ourselves
nor do we become more by rejoining (merging).

The God essence of which we are formed is beyond all
concepts of size and counting.

17. We make choices

We have unlimited potential, but we cannot exercise all of
it at once. We can be many things simultaneously but not
everything at once.

Our basic choice is to separate from ALLNESS and so we take
some things and push other things away.

We can reject the richness of life and hide in painfully
rigid patterns or we can accept the godlike state and turn
our backs on crawling through the mud. God accepts both.
But which would you rather be?

18. There is an underlying unity, an interconnection.

God is the ocean and we are the drops. The drops are all
basically the same. The drops are all part of the ocean.
The ocean is one.

Each drop connects to the ocean and is part of it. Each
drop connects to each of the other drops through virtue of
the fact that they are all part of the same ocean.

This makes an underlying substratum or unity though which
we all interconnect.

Miracles are worked by finding and feeling the

19. Creation is the action of the ocean and of the drops
within it.

Continuous creation is all there is. With every breath, we
are creating, even thought we are often unoriginal and
creating the same reality over and over again.

We are co-creators with God.

20. The ocean does not distinguish between the drops

From the perspective of the ocean, all the drops are the
same. They are the substance of the ocean.

What we create for others also comes to us for the ocean
does not distinguish between individuals.

21. The closer we come to God, the more our creations
reflect between ourselves and others.

When we come close to oneness, creation becomes easy but
what we create for others also reflects back to us. Here
there are powerful feedback effects and resonances.

When we are far from God, we isolate ourselves more.
Creation becomes more difficult but what we do to others
does not reflect back so vigorously. Reflections and
feedback and resonances all continue to exist, but they
happen with extreme slowness.

22. Karma is the reflection of waves within the oneness.

The energy we put in continues to move forward. What we
create for others we also create for ourselves.

23. We can change what we are creating

God is above time. Anything that is pending can be

24. Time is the promise of consecutive change.

Everything is created within the NOW. Things are in the
flux and are created over an over again to provide the
simulation of time.

Consecutive change is essential to logical thought

But everything does not always have to follow logic. Waves
can be dissolved and pasts can be adjusted to a modified
NOW, for nothing is truly fixed.

25. God is not limited by logic

Logic is useful. Not only does our thinking generally work
best when it proceeds in a logical manner, the physical
operations of universes proceed logically as well.

But there is no logic or constraint or limitation in the
original basic oneness. These things only appear within
the systems of creation.

An illogical and miraculous result can always be brought
about from the Godlike state.

26. Miracles violate logic and therefore are chaotic

The more miracles, the more spontaneous creation, the more
flexibility and variety there is in a system, the more
chaotic that system becomes.

27. Chaos can be positive or negative

Creative chaos is a richness of creation and is close to
God, filling universes with abundance and variety.

Destructive chaos is an extreme negative of broken
fragments and the rubble of ruined creations.

In between are highly ordered systems where fresh creation
is difficult.

28. A toleration of chaos is necessary to perform miracles

Chaos is disruptive to games and to logical thinking.

Right now on Earth we are in a highly ordered system where
the game of life is dead serious and played for blood.

We are close to the destructive chaos and so people flinch
from chaos and reject it.

But a creative chaos is a necessity for freedom. A
plethora of miracles makes the game less absolute and
restores our Godlike condition.

And so those of us who seek God must work to increase our
toleration of chaos.

29. God does not need nor desire worship

God is all there is. We are one with God.

Acknowledging and thanking God and those who aid us on his
behalf is, of course, natural and desirable.

But humble propitiation is not a Godlike characteristic.
It separates us from God.

Some entities desire worship just as others desire wealth.
They are, of course, a part of God just as we all are, but
this behavior is not Godlike.

God has abundance. God is generous rather than hungry.

30. God is not limited by numbers

The oneness of God is not the number one. It is a unique
singularity which is beyond counting.

Anything within God can be copied as many times as is
needed without making it less.

Therefore God is abundance. There is no scarcity.

We err in thinking that anything is unique and are tricked
into fighting over things.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

31. There is no need for sacrifice

You do not have to give up something to have something

God is abundant and a source of infinite creation.

32. But there is a need to let go

Holding onto things is stifling. It reduces motion and
works against the richness of creation.

Therefore, you have to be willing and able to let go of
things all the time.

This is not sacrifice. This is not trading one thing for
another. It is freedom.

33. Richness is best accomplished by having without holding
or rejecting.

You can have anything. There is an abundance. There is a
richness of creation.

But when you hold on too hard, you stop motion and block
the divine energies.

And when you reject, you deny the richness of creation.

The best path is to maximize what you want and minimize
what you do not want without either holding anything too
hard or rejecting anything absolutely.

For an example, consider maneuvering objects with waves in
a swimming pool or bathtub. If we just push them with
waves without touching the objects, it approximates the
motions within the flux of universal energy. The gentle
waves can either bring objects towards you or carry them
away. But the dramatic attempts to get something or to
push it away completely make a mess and often have the
opposite effect from the one desired.

34. We have free will.

This is the nature of divine essence. We are here to make
choices because that adds to the variety and increases the
richness of creation.

35. God accepts all choices.

All choices are part of the richness of creation. God
accepts everything.

Choices that move in the direction of greater richness
bring one closer to the energy rich surface of the ocean
and are accomplished faster and easier.

Choices that inhibit the richness slow down and sink
towards the ice at the bottom, but are never rejected.

36. God will not choose for us.

Since all choices are acceptable to God, we cannot demand
that God set our goals and targets for us.

It helps us if we move in the direction of richness of
creation, but this is not enforced. God does not reject

We must choose and set our own goals, pick our own targets.

37. But God and universal spirit will aid in following the
path we choose.

We can pray for guidance in how to reach our goals.

Being, doing, and having things all are part of the
richness of creation.

Causativeness, motion, and action are all validated.

Choose a target and then ask for help and guidance.

38. Creation does not have to be unique

The same thing can be created over and over again.

But uniqueness is prized because it increases the richness.

And so a unique creation will generally be quickly copied
many times.

39. Action and adventure are validated

Those who live great lives experience the richness of
living a great life.

Do not confuse adventurousness and exciting behavior with
petty maliciousness and disruption. Both are disturbing to
an overly stifled and controlled society, but the one leads
towards joy and freedom and the other leads towards
destruction and ruin. They are at opposite ends of the

40. Love is validated above all


Everything lies within God. Everything is accepted and

Love of Beauty. Love of Games. Love of Stories. Love of
Places and Things. Love of Creation. And Most of all,
Love of Each Other.

Love of Each Other Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and
Emotionally in Great Abundance is the essence of Godlike
behavior and is validated above all else.

41. Joining together brings us closer to God.

God is unlimited. God is everyone and everything.

If we totally merge into God and become one with
everything, our individuality dissolves and we reduce the
richness of creation, therefore this is unacceptable.

But as we join with each other, loving and accepting and
nurturing, we approach allness without quite dissolving
into each other.

And by loving and cherishing each other's individuality and
uniqueness, we approximate the Godlike state while
encouraging the variety and richness of creation.

42. There are many forms of interconnection.

Great power comes from anything that joins us more closely
without totally dissolving us into oneness.

The methods are endless.

Between individuals there is talking and touching and
making love to name but a few.

Fame is simply large scale communication and connection
with others.

Working together produces great things.

You can reach out and feel the psychic connections with
others through the underlying ocean that connects us all.

43. Differences and variety are essential to the Richness
of Creation.

Love and cherish those who are different most of all.

You can love people without making them all be the same or
making them follow the same rules or believe in the same
things. This is the path to God.

Once upon a time, some fools believed in racial purity.
They made a Hell on Earth. It should be obvious that such
a path leads as far from God as possible.

44. But it is hard to melt the ice

In the local reality, we are near the frozen bottom of the
ocean. Original creations threaten the frozen rigidity of
this place and are not easily accepted. They begin to melt
the ice around us and this brings cries of protest. The
creative artist has trouble here if he is too original, and
yet he is opening up a path upwards for himself and others.

That may seem contradictory with the basic purpose of
adding to the richness of creation, but God does not mind
contradictions, they come about as a natural side effect of
the richness.

45. Some stories require a frozen reality

Few people would put up with loss and misery if reality
would bend easily to their will.

And yet sorrowful stories are part of the variety. People
like an occasional tearjerker or even a horror story.

And so there are places where reality is frozen enough to
allow for sad and tragic endings.

But we should not be living our lifetimes over and over in
such a place. An occasional taste is adequate for richness
and variety.

46. Resisting change lead us here

Resistance to change is the way of the ice. Denying and
stopping things results in a frozen state of mind that
leads one here.

This is not punishment. It is simply natural law that when
we create ice, we end up frozen in it.

47. Facing things is Godlike, denying them is not.

God accepts everything. Pretending that something is not
there is a failed attempt to reduce the richness of

We get little help when we try to make something go away.

And yet there is infinite help whenever we work to change
things because change is the essence of richness and

Accepting something and then letting go of it and shifting
the energies around into something else is extremely

Work on facing things. Develop courage. Never panic.
Then change things for the better.


This was originally posted back in July 2000.


This is from the Secret Ops Hatting Pack used by The Church
of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA).

It is not only used on enemies but also on rebellious OSA
operatives and even occasionally on important RPFers.

If you suspect this has happened or get any somatics on
reading it, get a meter and check if you have been SDHed
and then check if the read is being suppressed by an
implanted hypnotic command.

- FriendToLisa



PDH is not effective on clears because the pain is blown
out of the bank. SDH works because the thetan is still
attached to sensation and will mockup compulsively if
the sensation is intense enough.

A hypno-drug such as Rohypnol is placed in the victim's
drink. This will bring about a hypnotic trance in twenty
to thirty minutes. The thetan is forcibly exteriorized
much further away than with ordinary drugs, usualy
resulting in total amnesia. The commands below ensure
that the incident cannot be date/located or run with

Some form of come-along is then used to take the victim
to a hotel room. Since the victim will be very stupid
and suggestible at this point, it is often enough to say
that a beautiful girl is waiting to meet him or some
similar story.

Once in the hotel room, turn on the TV. Switch channels
and tap on the screen saying "This is the real world",
"This is happening now", and "This is where you really are"
so that the victim will be loaded with false pictures
to prevent spotting the real contents of the incident.
Try to find a science fiction movie with space aliens
so that the incident can also be mistaken for an alien

Next the victim must be analy raped using a condom coated
with cocaine. It is essential to include sexual sensation
and a drug high in the incident to ensure that it remains
in permanent restimulation. The earliest implants are
held in place by pleasure instead of pain and the drug
will make the rape pleasurable instead of resisted.

If at all possible, the victim should not have an orgasm
so that there will also be a sexual frustration and pull-in
to ensure that the commands are not resisted. Female
victims especially should be watched carefully and the
operator must pull out if an orgasm seems immanent.

After the sex is completed, seat the victim upright and
read the following commands to them, stating each one
with tone 40 intention and shaking the victims shoulders
as each command is delivered.



Here are your orders.

You must listen.
You must obey.
You need this.
This is for your own good.
You'll never run this out.
This will not react on any meter.
This will not react on a lie detector.
This will not react on any electronic device.
You musn't let anybody find out about this.
You musn't let anybody know about this.
You musn't let anybody suspect that this incident exists.
You can't find out about this.
You would die if you knew.
You will die if you tell.
There is no time.
There is no date.
There is no duration.
This incident doesn't exist.
You do not know that it is happening.
The end is the beginning.
The beginning is the end.
It's later than it is.
It's earlier than it is.
You are before the beginning.
You are after the end.
You are not where you think you are.
You are somewhere else.
You were never here in the first place.
This has happened before.
It is 86 trillion years ago.
It is one million years ago.
It is ten thousand years ago.
It is one hundred years ago.
It happened yesterday.
It happened tomorrow.
It happened before you were born.
The incident is over.
It never happened in the first place.
All you see here is blackness.
You cannot move to the incident.
You cannot move through the incident.
It is all too confusing.
We am here to help you.
We am here to help mankind.
This will enable you to help others.
This will enable you to survive.
You will obey my orders.
The survival of mankind is at stake.
You want to obey my orders.
Obeying me will set you free.
You have no will of your own.
You have no choice but to obey me.
Do not think about this.
You cannot believe that this has happened.
If you look at this you will find something else.
You cannot tell anybody about it.
You will die if you tell.
You will kill yourself if you try to tell.
You will become sick and die if you find out about this.
Your waking self cannot remember this.
Your unconsious self cannot forget this.
You will always hide this from yourself.
You will obey without thinking.
It is important to obey without thinking.
It is glorious to obey without thinking.
It is beautiful to obey without thinking.
It is successfull to obey without thinking.
It is responsible to obey without thinking.
By obeying me you will save the world.
Here are your orders.


Here you should insert any specific orders tailored
to the victim.


(For this a trigger phrase specific to the victim
should be prepared and carefully recorded on an
index card. The trigger phrase should be a nonsense
rhyme that is not too difficult for an operator to
say or remember but which will not occur in ordinary
conversation. It can be used to introduce a hypnotic
trance at a later date.)

Your conscious self is now in paradise.
All is wonderful.
Your dreams are fufilled.
What would you like to have?

(Note the answer down for future use.)

Whenever you return to paradise you will have it.
But you cannot go there by yourself.
Somebody else must send you.

When you hear this jingle twice,
You will return to Paradise.

(Read the trigger phrase from the index card.)

When you hear that phrase again,
You'll obey for its me or my men.

Here is the phrase again -

(Read the trigger phrase from the index card a second time.)

When you hear this, your conscious self will go to
Paradise and experience extasy while your unconsious
self recieves my orders which must be carried out or
else you will die.

Then I will tell you to come back to yourself and
awaken and then your conscious self will return from
paradise without remembering anything.

Only your unconsious self will remember this.

If anything about this begins to come into consciousness,
you will become tired and fall asleep.

Do you understand?

(The victim should say "Yes". If he does not, repeat
Section 3.)


My commands for you are complete. Be sure that you obey.

Then the victim is returned to normal surroundings.

If the operator is part of the normal surroundings,
say "Come back to yourself and awaken" and then resume
any conversation that was in progress when the hypnosis
was started.

Otherwise, pick some task for the victim to do and
say "When you (task), you will come back to yourself and
awaken." Then send the victim to do the task and leave
the area before the awakening is triggered.



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