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This opens the door to doubling our bandwidth along our two busiest
routes within the near forseeable future.

Total down time was about 5 minutes.

I apologize to those who lost their jobs or tenure due to the

There was a similar outage yesterday at about the same time, we
were testing outages to make sure they worked properly for todays climb.

Thank you Aaron Speiser for climbing the tower, and thank you Jane
for holding it up while he did so.

Here's a picture of the tower.





The way to happiness is a true confession.

The following material is not original with me, and frankly I am
not sure I believe a word of it, but here it is.

TO RELATE means to communicate to another, ideas, dreams and goals
that come from our self and our experiences, from our fundamental
desires for our future and our run-ins with existence.

RELATIONSHIPS consist of many individual and on going instances of
two or more people relating things to each another of COMMON interest:
goals, desires, plans, experiences, knowledge, things of importance to
both of them including any form of CO ACTION OR CO PLAY against or with
each other.

It is very hard to get someone to listen to you relate things to
them that they are not interested in, and visa versa.

If someone is not interested or hostile to what you are trying to
relate to them, they will block communication on that subject. If
enough relating is blocked, the 'relationship' will end, and each party
will go their own way trying to find others to relate to and be related

People must relate to someone, if you can't relate to them, either
because they don't want to know or you don't want them to know, they
will find other's to relate to. When they are spending more time
relating to others than to you, your relationship with them is pretty
well over.

True friends can generally relate anything of interest to each
other. They don't have any blocks on relating things of importance,
from sex to death and the there after if you can countenance such
things. And of course everything in between from childhood to old age.

The things that parents do not relate to their children could fill
a library.


An OVERT ACT is when one person harms another, either accidentally
or intentionally.

A MOTIVATOR is when a person is harmed by another either
accidentally or intentionally.

The person that is harmed often considers himself provoked or
MOTIVATED to harm the offender back, thus the harm he suffered from the
offender is called a MOTIVATOR.

Many overt acts are committed by a person after they have received
a motivator, the overt act serves as a provoked or motivated punishment
or revenge.

But some overt acts are accidental or a joke gone wrong, or a
motivated punishment of another that goes way wrong and thus becomes
more harmful than what it was supposed to punish.

You whap your kid for saying something, and he goes falling down
the stairs and breaks his neck. You never intended that, so you regret
the injustice you did to him. His overt act of a dirty mouth is your
motivator, but then your punishment becomes YOUR overt act!

When a person commits an unprovoked overt act against another, like
you run over your neighbor's cat one morning while backing out of your
driveway, rather than confess your accidental misdeed, you may try to
shunt blame to another.

For example you may take the dead cat and put it in the road and
tell your neighbor that someone else ran it over.

Lord save you if you point your finger over to your other neighbor
and get them in trouble for the dead cat, for that is bearing false

You, who have failed to fess up to your responsibility in the
accident, now have a withhold, a secret from your neighbor that you
loathe revealing to him or anyone.

That withhold is something you aren't relating to your neighbor,
either that you did it accidentally nor how much you regretted it.

A withhold is anything you don't want others to know about you,
it's an area of NON RELATING, about you, to the world around you.

Certainly you wouldn't want whatever it is, published on the front
page of the New York Times.

Thus your relationship to the world, and certainly to your
neighbor, is diminished to just that extent that your aren't revealing
or talking about something.

The person who can't talk to anyone just has a whole mountain load
of stuff he doesn't want them to know about him.

It could all be false, but man does it keep him quiet.


A long time later you and your neighbor are talking about his new
kitten, and your neighbor gives you a look that makes you start
wondering if he knows you killed his original cat and blamed it on

Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't, maybe he just wonders, maybe it
was just a weird look, but now YOU are wondering full time if he knows
or not.

That's called a MISSED WITHHOLD, because your neighbor has reminded
you of your misdeed but then missed getting a full confession from you
about your overt of killing his cat by accident and then withholding it
or getting it blamed on someone else.

Overt acts cause one to REGRET the event that is being withheld.

Regret is the effort to turn back time.

Regret is a life ruining bitch.


The being with a regret about something he did will try to find
something that his neighbor did to him first before he killed the cat in
order to justify having killed it.

Maybe the neighbor stole your girlfriend away in high school,
therefore its now ok that you killed the neighbor's cat years later.

OK, that makes some kind of sense, but the thing is you weren't
that upset about losing your girl in high school, you did have three
others at the time, but boy are you upset about it now.

The power of your upset over the motivator THEN comes from the
power of your regret about your overt NOW.

So in order to feel good again now, you may exaggerate the loss of
your girlfriend to equal or exceed in magnitude the loss you caused your
neighbor by killing his cat.

This is called a justification, an event that happened earlier,
that you now use to justify to yourself why it is OK that the cat was
killed later, and helps to assuage or ameliorate the regret that you are
feeling now but have not relieved through a clean confession.

"You done me wrong long ago, so its OK I done you wrong now."

You see if you can relate (tell or talk about) your regret to
everyone now, and you survive it, the regret will fade, as will your
upset about your girlfriend long ago.

But if you never tell anyone, boy does the anger and regret stay
around and become solid a a rock.

An unconfessed regret will eventually become part of the shape of
your face.

Rather than confess what you did, you are trying to make a CAUSAL
connection between what was done to you long ago to what you did to your
neighbor now.

But it never works, the regret remains, and you know damn well you
didn't kill the cat BECAUSE of what happened in high school years
before, although you may be trying to make it seem so now.

Then failing that form of justification, i.e. you still feel
rotten, you may then pick up on every possible thing ever done to you BY
ANYONE before you killed the cat to make your self feel better about the
cat whose sad dying eyes are beginning to haunt you.

"I have been so wronged by so many people, I am really sorry about
the cat, but it deserved it, what was it doing under my car tires

Of course that sham doesn't work at all, and just covers you like
leeches with memories of all the bad things ever done to you, or anyone
else for that matter.

Logic begins to decay here.

Then one propitious day AFTER the cat is killed, the neighbor backs
out of his driveway and runs over your rose garden on the edge, leaving
a huge tire track through it.

Suddenly you feel that you have really been done wrong this time,
your poor rose garden, this is a crime to end all crimes.

You feel certainly having one's rose garden turned into a mud
puddle by that terrible neighbor of yours is crime enough to JUSTIFY
having killed the neighbor's cat years BEFORE.

Everyone who was right minded would agree.

But how can something done to you today, justify, provoke or
motivate you to do the thing you did years BEFORE to another?

'You hurt me today, so it was OK I hurt you years ago."

'It was ok for me to kill your cat long ago, because you ran over
my rose garden today.'

That's called a time reversal, because the JUSTIFICATION and thus
the CAUSATION of events is backwards.

*THIS* is the beginning of insanity.

Worse the magnitude of the present time motivator (your destroyed
rose garden) is blown way out of proportion to help it match or exceed
the magnitude of the overt of killing the cat you did long ago that you
still regret, accidental though it may have been.

Nothing, neither God nor Christ, can save a being, if he is
carrying around unconfessed withheld time reversals in his life, except
a true confession.

A true confession, in this or any lifetime if you have had more than
one, is the only key to Heaven's Door.

There are no withheld time reversals in Heaven, and Heaven IS the
state of no more withheld time reversals regardless of external

Failing to cough up the true confession, the being will turn to
drugs and what ever other forms of slow or fast suicide Earth provides

The confession doesn't have to be to the one he harmed, but maybe
its time to find a priest or professional auditor (one who listens),
someone who understands time reversal justifications and their life
ruining effects, and who is willing and able to hear the full relating
of the events in proper order.

(The word auditor comes from 'auditory', meaning one who listens
and acknowledges receipt of your communications in confidence without
judgment. Since God does not judge, auditors are God in carnation.)

It also helps the one coming clean to stop the endless bitching
about rose gardens.

By restoring the full relatingness on just one time reversal the
agony of the time reversal can be vanished because the truth is finally
told by the guilty being to himself.

That's all that matters, a confession to one's self.

"...such a wretch as I."

You will also begin to notice and recognize clearly that others are
doing the same damn thing to you, and you will no longer be held down by
their endlessly magnified criticisms hiding their own relatively serious

The mother who just can't seem to stop calling her kid a useless
hole in the head for endless numbers of minor things, hasn't told him
about the coat hanger she used to attempt to abort him mid term.

He lived through the attempted abortion, he doesn't remember, but
he knows his mother is right about the holes in his head but can't
figure out it is HER OVERT that needs confession and redemption.

You see until a true confession is gleaned, neither party is
relating to each other any more, and so they are no longer friends
almost by definition.

Since we are all God in carnation, that's like a part of God
being not on talking terms with another part of God.

Its the end of eternal connection with ourselves and with others.

That separation is all the hell we need and all the hell there is.

The guilty being can either own up and restore the eternal
connection with others, or make the separation right and crush
the eternal connection out of existence forever more.

Crushed connection is all the hell there is or ever could

No hell can outlast a true confession.

Crushed connection with yourself, others and God (if you believe in
such a thing) is the opposite of adoration and operation of connection
with yourself, others and others with you and the grand Cosmic All.


The guy who killed the neighbor's cat is mad as hell at his
neighbor for killing a rose in his garden.

Do you see the black ice garden path that walks you down?

That anger will be out of control, and remain out of control and
grow FOREVER AND EVER AMEN, until the true confession is gleaned, and
the being stops trying to find things now that help him justify and make
OK what he did long ago.

Trying to find things that happened to him AFTER what he did long
ago to make right or OK what he did in that long ago.

He is pissed at himself, he loved cats to pieces, even his
neighbors cat, and just can't turn time back enough, far enough, fast
enough or hard enough.

In the end the guilty being will start to PROVOKE others until they
start to commit motivators on him in present time so he can collect more
injustices in present time to justify what he did long ago.

Trying to justify what you regretted doing long ago by provoking
others to harm you now, is called ELECTING OTHERS TO BE YOUR

No one will admit to doing this, and yet everyone is doing it.

Only the good feel guilty.

Only the good die forever in shame, blame and regret.

The way to happiness is a true confession.

And a tithing of something or another to your good auditor, who or
what ever they may be.


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