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Jul 18, 2023, 6:06:05 PM7/18/23

Years ago, the General Practioner asked, "Where does it hurt?" as an entrance to the case. The scientologist has an e-meter to measure the degree of flinch and to get the case moving he needs a good one.

Have you heard this in response to "Where-?" "Everywhere, I hurt all over." "Something. I don't know what it is, but it's something!" Ron discusses this in PAB 60 as "Everything - Anything - Nothing." Tech Vol II, p.256.

It would be nice if you could just push the button, the aberration lights up and you run it.

And goals: "What goal would you like to set for this session?"

"Well, you see, I don't usually set goals. I thought I would see what happens; you know, you have all these great techniques and stuff. I'm curious as to what they might do to me." Effect.

"Uh-huh." getting bored.

If you do biofeedback or solo work you appreciate a hot item; and when you find one, don't forget it right away. Here are some examples:

In HCOB 4 April 81 PAB 258, "The Biochemical Personality:" "covertly resisting while appearing to cooperate with their oppressors." indicated and was given as typical of the biochemical personality.

While in a mental hospital I was given forced drugs for 15 years. But I realized on reading the above, that I had had this attitude prior to the drugs.

Another is Case K, Tech Vol IX, p.216: "don't know so better not say anything" and "if you can't prove it, keep your mouth shut." This also indicated.

Another "button" is any talk about sex or homosexuality. This is difficult to work solo, since the trigger is another and his intent. "What can get you - going, upset, embarrassed, or nervous?" are all possible approaches. Any working pc wants to be restimulated safely, so he can work through it.

Without restim there is no destim, but restim should be: (1) narrow, and (2) just the right amount. Getting in the ruds narrows the area. "What's of real concern to you here?"

I believe the pc actively wants to be REACHED, perhaps for the first time. Clearing is just this. Bringing key hurts and needs to light and clarifying them.

Effective clearing depends upon finding a flinch, a back-off from life; and the hotter and sharper this is, the faster its clearing.


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