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Jul 18, 2023, 12:06:06 PM7/18/23

((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))


EXM - 31

Copyright (C) 1992 A Voice of the Free Zone (Electra)
Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

The Free Zone is a huge sprawling loosely connected system of
Independent Scientologists, those who were either once part of the
Church and left or were booted out, and those who came into Scientology
through contact with the Free Zone.

It is rare that someone enters Scientology through the Free Zone
and then goes on to become a good Churchie. And until recently very few
people left the Church for the Free Zone unless they were kicked out,
mainly because most Churchies and raw public don't have any idea that
the Free Zone exists.

Until the advent of computers and large computer networks it was
unlikely that Churchies or anyone would find out about the Free Zone.
But almost everyone these days has a computer account somewhere with
access to usenet, and so the potential for people finding out about
Scientology and the Free Zone has gone up enormously.

This is possibly one of the greatest dangers to the Church that
exists today, and at the same time it is a blessing because even Free
Zoners do not want to destroy the Church, they want to reform it, and
that takes many many people applying workable Scientology to themselves
and others so that they can confront the monster that has grown out of
control, in the hands left in power, in the wake of L. Ron Hubbard's
existence here on Earth.

((Actually personally I don't want to REFORM the Church, I want to
COMPETE with the Church. If she reforms herself that is fine, if not,
that is fine too. I don't think the Church can be REFORMED by the
Independents, and I think any effort to do so will be met by a huge GPM

There are always questions concerning the quality of the Free Zone.
Questions like is the full Bridge available on both the auditing and
training sides, and how do I contact these people to get services?

When the Church went through its purges in the late '70s and early
'80s, all of the high level technical wizards left the Church. These
were the people who worked side by side with Ron developing the Tech in
the first place. Ron had a case you know, just like you and me, and he
had lots and lots of people researching the tech and trying it out on
him during his entire tenure on Earth. Although Ron makes it look like
he did all the research and made all the discoveries, he was more the
head guinea pig for new auditing techniques rather than the head
research scientist.

((I think Electra is being a bit tongue in cheek here. The truth
as far as I can see is that LRH did do most of the research himself and
yes he was a guinea pig for his own auditing, and yes he had many people
helping him do the research too. I would say however in all fairness
that Ron WAS the head research scientist and is responsible for most of
the tech that was extant at the time of his death.))

In fact Ron was one of the world's worst auditors, and was one of
the world's worst C/S's. It turns out he was also the world's worst PC.
Three strikes and you're out.

((Of course, once Electra gets going, there is no stopping her.))

It was his devoted team of Class XII Auditors and C/S's that held
the technical fort in place.

However he owned the show. This did not make for an ideal scene
for the Tech to grow in and be applied. When the PC is a spoiled brat
and exercises more control over the session than the auditor or C/S,

Of course neither Ron nor any of his auditors ever listened to his
tapes so Ron got away with murder so to speak and his case was never
handled. For an OT, a HUGE being like LRH was, this could only have
been disastrous.

The point is the tech was not developed by Ron alone. It was
developed in conjunction with a number of others, such as Roos, Mayo,
Filbert and others ALL OF WHOM WERE PURGED OR LEFT. Probably the only
person actually responsible for the tech still remaining in the Church
after the early 80's was Ron himself.

Thus the question of just how much tech exists in the Free Zone is
an unqualified ALL OF IT AND MORE since no further useful research was
done in the Church after the High Techies were kicked out. My opinion.

The problem is FINDING the Free Zone. Its safe solution has been
to go underground. The Church is bent on destroying it with legal suits
and who knows what else. I would never want to charge the Church of
Scientology with murder or conspiracy to commit murder. I would leave
that to the dead in their next lives. That Filbert had a gun held to
his head, speaks strongly of days that are better left in the past.

Many MANY people in the Free Zone are original Scientologists,
people who came into the science with the beginning of Dianetics in 1951
and earlier. They are now quite old, in their 70's and 80's preparing
to take off for their next life. Their technical expertise can not be
understated as most of them worked directly under Ron during the earlier
saner years, and their own case states are as OT as you could want.
They often have more auditing hours under their belts than you can
count. They are not some green trainee just in off the streets like you
are bound to get at the Church.

Such people are often still auditing. But very quietly. They do
not take out adds in newspapers and they do not display large neon signs
to attract the RTC, SS Division.

They work alone which means that if you go to get auditing from
them you won't find a huge organization built up around them. There
will no Ethics Officer, no Registrar, no Director of Training, no
Director of Processing, no C/S and no bullshit. Just you and an OT
trying to help you go clear.

Other Free Zoners, especially those with a lot of money from
personally successful business lives, have become more organized with
places of their own where you can get on course and do your training and
processing much as it was in the Church. Often these people have had to
change the names and words of Scientology Tech so as to sidestep the
copyright hold that the RTC has on your Bank and the other terms of
Scientology. There is one group in California that has changed
EVERYTHING. But its all there, communication, problems, overts and
withholds, upsets, and fixed conditions etc. couched in different terms,
terms more acceptable to the lay public and college students. They
still use E-meters, usually Free Zone meters not of Church design, and
they still have all the OT levels all under a different name.

E-meters they call GSR Meters, or Galvanic Skin Response Meters.

Other people have totally struck out on their own creating whole
new schemes and Bridges you can walk on. Whether they work or not is
open to question and the only way to find out is to go talk to them and
their preclears to see if it is for you. There is very much a Free
market in the Free Zone, with lots of advertising and hype and promises.
People charge for what they do, just like the Church does, but it is
usually VERY reasonable. In my estimation most of these off shoots are
started by people who themselves have gone OT either in the Church or in
the Free Zone, and they just cognited along the way that there was a
faster and better way to do it.

For example there is a new group offering something called Dianasis
originated by Irene Mumford who spent most of her life doing research
into higher level GPM's. They claim a very fast route to full OT, not
to mention a head free of headaches.

Another group is Star's Edge founded by Harry Palmer offering what
they call the Avatar Rundown.

You gotta talk to the people who have partaken in such activities
to find out if it is for you. There is nothing like a rave PC to bring
you more business, and nothing like a sour PC to turn all the people
away from your enterprise for ever more. PC's never forgive someone
taking their money and giving them NCG, No Case Gain. Something the
Church is the world's leading expert at. So if you are going to audit
someone, make damn sure you produce some significant wins.

When all we had was the Church, PC's put up with endless bad
auditing because they had no place else to go. They kept all their
hatred and frustration inside and went to the examiners after each
session with a smile on their faces and an ARC Break F/N in their hearts
which the Examiner would pass as a well done session.

There is nothing more beautiful to behold than a true Floating
Needle. There is nothing more interesting to behold than a true Rock
Slam. The Church has routinely been passing Rock Slams and ARC Break
F/N's as Floating Needles for years, so its product has been quietly
crazy PC's.

Almost everyone in the Free Zone knows everyone else in the Free
Zone, although they may not have much contact with each other. Free
Zoner's tend to be loners and intense competitors. There is a certain
amount of bad blood between them at times, mainly they are still
bickering over whether Ron was right or not. If someone would just get
their damn withhold's cleaned up, this would all stop.

Yes, this will happen one day, because I personally am going to do

Thus do not expect to get a totally glowing recommendation about
any particular Free Zoner from any other Free Zoner. ASK THEIR PC's if
you really want to know for sure.

So the question remains, how to get into the Free Zone.

Well if you give your Ethics officer the finger the next time you
are in his office, you will be in it.

Your next step is to make contact with as many Free Zoners as you
can in order to apply the Emergency Formula, which is to PROMOTE. You
need to tell them that you are there, and you need them to tell you who
they are, what they are doing and WHO ELSE IS AROUND. They ALL know
other Free Zoners. First you find out about them, and then you find out
about who else they know. If by any chance they won't tell you, forget
them as their intentions are not pure.

Almost all Free Zoners have something of theirs that you can read,
ranging from advertising hype about their services, to entire writups of
the Bridge they propose to walk with you across. Ask for everything
they are willing to give you and read it all. Don't be dismayed if
someone balks at giving you high level material, they are just going to
have to dig you out of your freak out. But be careful of people who
want you to pay up front before you know what will be run, and who make
you sign agreements to keep secret their tech after it has been run.
That's just a withhold, usually for financial reasons.

Its a Free Market in the Free Zone, you are BOUND to run into a few
bums. If you apply the above formula you will quickly know more Free
Zoners than you can handle and you should be able to quickly determine
how to go about taking your next step up the Bridge. It doesn't matter
if it is the TriBorough Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge. They all go
from H'yar to Th'ar, get it?

However some are faster, some are safer, some are more thorough,
some are cheaper. You will find quite a range of options.

Its sort of like communism. Just a while back Russia had one of
everything, one kind of car etc., because it was all made by the state
and sucked rocks. Now there is a proliferation of many different kinds
of exactly the same thing, because that is what capitalism is all about.
Before, you spent all day long looking for one piece of Bread and when
you found it it looked just like every other piece of Bread you had ever
seen, and was inedible. Now there is Bread everywhere, but they all
look different because they are all made by different people, but they
are mostly all very good.

The Free Zone is a spiritual capitalism like you would not believe.
And as with any Free Market, prices mainly come down over time and
quality goes up, as the scale of economies and competition begin to take

The Free Zone is also a lot like usenet itself. There are all
these machines out there, all these communication terminals, and every
machine knows and is connected to a number of other machines which know
and are connected to others machines that may or may not know about the
first one. Its a network. Thus when you post something to one machine,
it gets swapped with others who pass it on to others. In this way your
posting oozes out across the known universe until everyone has a copy of

Entering the Free Zone is like posting to one of these machines,
you are entering it from one place, but each place knows others places
which know other places and if you extend yourself out along all these
communication lines you will eventually come to know all the Free Zoners
there are, and you will have more friends than you know what to do with.

Not to mention a walkable Bridge.

And you know, LRH just might be on the other side of that Bridge,
with a big smile, waiting for you to shake your hand.


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