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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 19:42:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ralph Hilton <ra...@atnet.at>
To: Multiple recipients of list <cle...@lightlink.com>
Subject: Re: Shock, Confusion, Mass and Force Handling

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997 18:57:42 -0400 (EDT), "Homer W. Smith"
<ho...@lightlink.com> wrote:

>> You appear to be deliberately obtuse. I didn't say a Clear OT has no
>> case. I said they have no track.
>> I have no track. Alan has no track. Lots of others have no track.
>> The case consists of other factors.
> What other factors, please.
0. Nots, OT3 etc.
1. The being could have postulates that they are out of valence
independently of track.
2. The being has made agreements in earlier universes to abide by
certain rules. He has agreed to the mutual enforcement of the rules by
causations he has hidden from self.
3. The being has agreed to mutual associations and automatic
co-creation with others in order to make things interesting.
4.The being has left "bits of himself" elsewhere and "forgotten" where
they are. These sometimes leave a negative beingness in the person's
own space. Often they are still involved in playing old dead games.
5. Where do all the BTs come from? One will have to take
responsibility for one's own degree of causation for others' BTs.
6. What automatic creations has the being got left from old games.
7. Heavy long duration out ruds can just sit there as charge
independent of any track.
8. Beings put valences onto others as a sort of blanket. This needs
handling on all flows.
9. The automaticity of creating mest.
10. The early vias a being used for communication and control have a
tendency to persist.
11. GPM masses created by many players persist in the time and space
of their creation and keep old universes there.
12. Thetans make at least 2 copies of incidents. One gets carried
around and another gets left where it happens.

Some of the above overlap and there are doubtless lots more.



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-- Keep me posted.

I don’t think we’re expected to get anything here but I understand the cancellations can be a factor.


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