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Nov 27, 2022, 6:06:04 AM11/27/22

Dedicated to all Sentient beings.

Animal Mind off-load procedure:

One of $cio's dirty little secrets is there are no real Clears or
OT's per their definitions of what a Clear or an OT should be.

This has been known by their technical people and the supposed
Clears and OT's since Hubbard gave his first explanation of Clear in
his first book, Dianetics.

Example: A Clear is supposed to be," at cause subjectively and
objectively over matter, energy, space, time and thought with regards
to self". I know of no Clears, including myself at the time I went
clear, who has this ability. Most Clears are much like the rest of
us, a little to a lot nutty in various areas of human behavior.

A simple test to see if a person is "Clear" is to sit down and
try to think of nothing for a couple of minutes.

Can't be done? Could it be the Clear is not at cause?

As far as any higher level of OT, have the OT prove he/she can
exteriorise and look around corners. I can't do it at will. I know
of no one, and I know a lot of "OT's", who can do this at will.

Even the lower levels such as a, Dianetic release, are not
permeate. A well and happy human is the supposed result achieved by a
Dianetic completion. I don't know of any. Know a lot of sick and
miserable (average) humans.

What all this boils down to is there is a lot of lying going on,
even amongst the free zoners (people wo use $cio tech outside of
$cio). Most people think auditing ($cientology counseling) works and
is the only saving virtue of the C of $. Guess this is because
auditing makes one feel good and certain for a little while until the
counseling induced high goes away.

There is a very good reason $cn auditing, including NOTs, doesn't

Hubbard didn't know the origin and makeup of the human mind.

He didn't know the human mind is a self created (created by the
primordial being) set of automatic thought, energy, emotion and effort
segments. These segments are almost infinite in number and, as we
speak, are creating duplicates of themselves. These segments are not
separate entities or BT's. They are our creations over several
trillions of eons. We created them to automatically handle stuff we
were tired of handling. Unfortunately we did to good a job and we now
handle and interpret all of life through these
thought/emotional/effort constructs. Additionally we now think we are

To return to our primordial (sane) self we must offload the
thought constructs and their duplicates. As we offload them we will
naturally emerge as our true selves, pure light, essential purity and

The off load procedure is simplicity in itself and it's free.
(LRH would probably charge $5.3 million) Also you don't need an


1. Separation from your pollution (self created thought forms).
This simply is the realization you are not being the true you and
spotting what you are not being.

Examples of not being; anger, jealousy, pride, desire and any
emotions ( affective poisonings) or habitual effort.

2. Refer, telepathically to these thought forms as, Animal Minds
or AMs. They do not, repeat do not respond to any other call up.

3. Ask for the AMs name and job title. At this point you may
ask them anything you wish. Once they are spotted for what they are
even the nastiest AMs become very docile, and recognize you as their

4. Ask for number of duplicates created by AM.

5. Then intend and count off AM and it's duplicates.

6. Repeat 1 through 5 above for a few thousand hours. I have
been working on this procedure for almost 10 years with good result.
It is now hard for me to even imagine what a piece of unbeknownst junk
I was after completing OT7.

This is all the info you need to get yourself clean. I have put
together a background and procedure manual which I'll be slow mailing
to Arnie Lerma. Arnie says he can scan it onto his web site.

The reason auditing doesn't work is auditing only handles what is
emanated from ones AMs (false source). To be effective one must
eliminate the source/and or storage area of emanated material, the AM
and it's duplicates.

If we can get this info widely available we can really kiss
$cientology good bye.

Best and Love,
Michael Mourer

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Sun Nov 27 06:06:01 EST 2022
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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but
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