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From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 8 - September 1992

Personal Integration by Inner Listening

by Per Schiøttz, Denmark

Personal Integration by Inner Listening is our latest run-down, and I

would like to tell you a little about it and the remarkable results it

has given so far. How far it actually will reach is not yet quite

known, but until now we haven't seen anything it wouldn't handle. This

of course sounds like another "miracle R/D" in the very best church

fashion - and yes - it is! At least this is how we experience it. I

will tell you a bit about its background and development, the theory

and the way it's applied.


Taoism, one of the oldest philosophies on this planet introduced the

dualistic principle - Yin and Yang - which is observable in all later

religions and philosophies. They all have concepts like good/bad,

light/dark, exteriorization/interiorization etc. etc.. You see it all

over the place, also in the physical universe. Up/down, short/long,

heavy/light. Yin and Yang is the taoistic way of defining it as a

feminine and masculine principle. The masculine side being the side

dealing mostly in intellectual thinking, and the feminine side being

where you find feelings and intuition.

This dualistic principle has been used in almost all forms of

therapies and freedom movements which sought to help man get out of

the problems he encountered in his life. Problems are two sides, two

poles in conflict and therefore follow the rules of the dualistic


Ron Hubbard used this in his definition of a problem and also in his

formulation and handling of the real life situations causing GPMs

which are masses formed in the mind by dualistic viewpoints and

efforts in achieving one's goals.

Each terminal in the GPM has a survival computation, a Service

Facsimile, limiting belief or a fixed idea. His use of the dualistic

principle is most clear in the R/D called R6EW where he defines and

handles the dualistic principle as dichotomies.

On his tapes about Service Facsimiles you can hear how much he

stresses finding these fixed ideas. Even to the point where he says

that handling fixed ideas substitutes GPM-handling, and that you can't

run engrams, itsa-processes or get a high TA down if you are in an

area of a fixed idea without handling the fixed idea first. All this

is applied to the hilt in Personal Integration.

Further background for Personal Integration is found in the book

"Right Use of Will, Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body" by Ceanne

DeRohan. This is one of the latest books which really applies the

Taoistic principle on all dynamics and their situation in present time

on this planet. It describes all the effects of suppressing the female

part (the feelings).

From birth we have free feelings. A baby doesn't limit its feelings.

They are expressed without reservations. You can see it in the body

movements. A lot of our original feelings got lost up through our

childhood because we grew up in a world which has very little

understanding for feelings and for their function (sometimes disgust).

It has gone so far that feelings are not trusted, they are unwanted to

listen to, considered not valid and signs of weakness. At a business

meeting you might hear all the very good arguments based on solid

statistics, exact calculations and other hard facts. But the person

who says: "This contract doesn't -feel- right" is laughed at and not

taken seriously at all. Feelings get a bad name, get suppressed, and

the feelings don't like this at all. The feminine side gets suppressed

by the masculine side and you have a split, imbalanced personality.

The person at the business meeting realizes that he gets into trouble

when he listens to his feelings. The masculine side forms the fixed

idea that "feelings are bad", "feelings are unwanted" or "feelings

should be kept out of the way". This causes further suppression of the

feelings and intuition.

Intellect is masculine or -spirit-. Feelings are feminine or -will-.

The book "Right use of Will..." talks about how Will has been

suppressed on this planet. It talks about Divine Spirit and also about

Divine Will!! If this sounds strange or even bad to you, then this is

your own denied and suppressed Will you can feel. You might feel it so

strongly that you will not be able to read the book about it. As it

says in the introduction:

"If this book is for you, you will know it from these few introductory


On the other side, if the book is for you, then you are in for some

huge surprises that you have never really envisioned - I promise you!

I will quote another little paragraph from the introduction to the


"Because of the separation that has been made in the consciousness of

so many, the Will has been excluded for a long time from participating

in the evolvement of the Spirit. A definite lag exists on Earth

between the evolvement of the Spirit and the evolvement of the

individual Will. It is now time for each Spirit to recognize, accept

and evolve this other part of itself. Each person must take

responsibility for his complete being, and not only for part of it."

This book can (and should) be read again and again and again. You find

new things every time, and as your reality grows and as you get

balance in your own life, your understanding grows with you.

The book is not easy to get hold of. Several times we have bought the

last stock in Denmark. If you can't get it where you are, then call us

and we will mail you one as long as we still have copies. It's out of

print, but we still have ways to get copies. If you feel I make it

scarce and like a gold mine, then you are quite right. It is issued


Four Winds Publications

535 Cordova Road, Suite 112

Santa Fe, N.M. 87501, USA


For us it started some years ago when we found that not all somatics

disappeared even though we ran lots of chains. In "Dianetics 55,

Dianetics, The Original Thesis" and other materials we studied on the

early Dianetic courses it states that you must find the postulate in

the basic engram (this is -not- new with NED). It also stated that you

had to handle the basic postulate and phrases (omitted in NED).

Look at basic postulates like: "Apple trees are dangerous", "I can't

get out", "I can't see", "Women are stupid", "Mothers don't

understand", "Fathers are rough", "Feelings are a nuisance" etc. etc.,

these are all Service Facs.

But even in the latest forms of Dianetic auditing these are not

handled as such. We started to run out the basic postulates as Ser.

Fac's, and that helped a lot, but still after having run chains and

chains there would be some slight impression of something, an

imbalance which didn't give the 100% result.

Then we got the book "Right Use of Will..." which gave further

viewpoints and the very very important facts about the denied will and

lost feelings and intuition. We gave the book to our friend Torben

Staal, and he was able to apply it to his knowledge about Taoism. He

is an auditor and also teaches Tai Chi. He has studied Taoism (which

we haven't) and also a lot of Ron's materials. He used his knowledge

in all these fields and worked out a way to handle which became

Personal Balancing by Inner Listening, or for short as we use daily


We work with Torben on issuing the materials about Personal Balancing.

The result will be two books. We have issued the first 50 pages as a

pack for people to read before they start this R/D. But it is not

necessary to read it first, it helps, though. You can audit anyone

straight in from the street on this. You don't even need an E-meter.

People who have got auditing before catch on to this new R/D almost at

once. One or two sessions. New people also get gains right away, but

it takes a few more session for them to be stable and to expand their

gains themselves in life.

The results we have achieved for our public has ranged from finding

the correct purpose in life to handling a lifelong somatic.

As a final note on the development there is a very interesting fact

which is becoming more and more obvious. This is about the appearance

of this R/D and many very, very similar. It is a fact that many other

people who work with auditing or similar therapy have taken up this

idea of polarization in Feminine and Masculine as a platform for

handling denied feelings and intuition. It has occurred -

simultaneously- here in Denmark, in America, Holland and other places.

Flemming Funch, one of our friends in America, has developed almost

the same R/D totally independent of what has happened in Denmark.


This R/D doesn't have a rote procedure. A rote procedure doesn't exist

and probably never will be made. This might be bad news for those who

need a rote procedure, but they will have so much more fun when they

get in contact with the understanding (female side) which in this case

has to substitute rote procedure.

The auditing style is "Free Style". This means that you will have to

be able to apply all the styles, everything you know, and you will not

be hanged if you C/S in the chair. You might hang yourself if you

don't. The reason for this is that the case will change so fast that

you might find that 3 different programs will be used up in half a

session. Then what? You make a new one - yes, right there on the

spot!! You handle the case in front of you.

I will give you an example of how a session could run. It's an

average, or generalized session. It's -not- a model session. There are

no models. It is taken from my own practice with different things from

different persons to get as many of the aspects as possible into one

report. But don't take it as a model, and don't think that there isn't

more to it. I can't include all possibilities as there are too many.

This is how a session could run. PC comes in and is upset from a

business meeting. I get him to tell what happened, and he does. What

really happened isn't important, but his reaction is. He tells me all

about it, enough to get a reaction and I ask where he feels his own

reaction. He says that there is a tension and a mass in the heart


I have him describe it to make it more real and to get it defined as a

limited thing, not to have it mixed up with the other reactions he

might have from another upset with his wife or boss. We handle one

thing at a time, and other reactions might also disappear at the same

time - that is just fine.

So we get the shape, size, weight, colour, temperature etc. of the

thing he feels around the heart. Then we find out what this mass

thinks it is helping him with. It is there partly because it thinks

it's a help to the PC. It's a solution to something. At times the

whole thing has integrated and disappeared at this point, but that is


Next thing we find is which of his integrity parts is being damaged.

It could be his communication. Communication is part of the whole of

him, and is therefore a part of his integrity. The mass prevents his

communication to flow. It feels bad and introverts him.

Something must have been done to the communication or it has done

something to him. Maybe it embarrased him in situations. We use the 4

magical questions like:

What has your communication done which is not OK?

What has your communication not done which it ought to?

What have you done to your communication which it feels is not OK?

What have you not done for your communication which it feels you ought


This handles overts and overts of omissions between the PC and his

integrity part. Any other process could be used as long as the harmful

acts are handled between the PC and his integrity part. When a person

does something to an integrity part, whether he is motivated for this

or not, then the integrity part polarizes into an extreme masculine

and an extreme feminine pole. An internal upset arises between these

poles. Just like when two people are ARC-broken with each other.

This goes on, and the thinking part, the extreme masculine, starts

suppressing the feminine part, the feelings. It makes it wrong, makes

judgements on it in an attempt to make it shut up.

When you have run the 4 magical questions you might have got enough

charge off the whole thing for the PC to start confronting the mass

and unpleasantness directly. You ask him to take the mass around the

heart and put it outside the body and make a personality out of it and

describe this personality.

He might say that this person is tough, he wants to have rules and

regularity and straight well calculated communication, and at the same

time is withdrawn, has a hard time confronting others, doesn't want to

speak in groups. He has a sour personality. Doesn't know where to

stand when opinion is asked. Has a hard time to deside and thinks that

life is confusing and therefore tries to shut up himself, too. He

names this personality as "The shy one".

When you ask him which belief is behind all this you get the Ser.

Fac.: "Life is too hard", "You can't win", "Life is confusing",

"Feelings get thwarted" or some similar fixed idea. This is now run

out as a Ser. Fac. and the first brackets could be

"What has (Ser. Fac.) got you into?"

"What has (Ser. Fac.) got you out of?"

Because this is what the Ser. Fac. does. It gets him into and out of

beingnesses, doingnesses and havingnesses. This might handle, but you

might also have to run the usual brackets like right/wrong,

dominate/escape domination and survive/hinder survival. From his

answers earlier you might have spotted how he mainly uses this fixed

idea, and then you can use the appropriate button right away.

When the Ser. Fac. starts running flat he will be able to begin to see

the female pole, so you get him to describe the opposite to "The shy

one". He does so and gives you the character of this personality and

its outlook on life. Calls it maybe "The happy outgoing one".

Find out how the "The shy one" and "The happy outgoing one" helps him.

Can he see them both as two sides of the same thing? Sooner or later

he can. It's now your job to heal the communication between these two

poles and get them to help each other and work together. All kinds of

processes can be used to achieve this. This is where you have to C/S

in the chair. If you are good at it the integration will occur rather

quickly. If you are not, or have just started using this application,

then it will take some more time. But it should be completed in one


You might have to run a 3 way bracket on Help between the female pole

and the male pole and the PC. You could run responsibility on the

female. It was suppressed out of existence which means it made itself

disappear instead of taking responsibility. It was afraid of the

consequences or social pressure and therefore went down.

The female pole, having been made wrong by the masculine, might have

tried to be right, too and therefore also has a Ser. Fac. which has to

be found and run. You might find that there is what's called the

opposing Ser. Fac. syndrome. Have you ever had a PC who found a Ser.

Fac. which was run to an EP, and then came in some days later saying

it was wrong? It wasn't wrong, but it restimulated an opposing Ser.

Fac. which also has to be found and run out. Example: "I am the

greatest" versus "I am the worst".

When you have handled all charge on both sides they will integrate and

the two poles will "go together" and into the body again this time

without forming a mass, tension or stress, and his communication will

be healed. The handling will include that he understands that in the

future he will have to listen to his Will (feelings and intuition) so

that a new polarization doesn't occur.

The integration can come quietly and almost without you noticing it.

There will be some blow downs and F/Ns if you use a meter, though. It

might also come as a huge thing. He comes into PT with a bang, room

changes, perceptions come way up, he cries and laughs at the same

time, he feels in balance after some minutes and has almost forgotten

all the problems, fights, stress, tensions and mass that was there

before. He starts looking at the future and how he doesn't have to do

anything about it. It's become balanced from his new balanced


Next session you might want to ask him about communication and there

might be some more to handle on it, yet there might not be and he will

give you a long description about his recent progress in that area. I

have not yet seen the same subject go more than 3 sessions, and they

got shorter and shorter until PC lost interest in the subject and took

up a new one.

For one who has some training and experience as an auditor it should

not take very long to learn this new R/D. We will soon make up a

course which probably can be done in one week-end. For persons who

have never audited before it will be longer. This we have not yet

worked out. We need to complete the materials first, and that will

take some time.

But for you guys who already have auditor experience, here is some new

tools for your kit, and I would not be surprised if, after a while,

this becomes you standard universal tool with which you handle almost

everything - really, as this is how it works for me most of the time.

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