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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 89 22:22:34 EDT
From: Homer <CTM@CORNELLC>
Subject: Re: MORE..MORE
To: Adore-l list <ADORE-L@UALTAVM>
In-Reply-To: Message of Wed, 19 Apr 89 21:29:00 CDT from <UCS_RWB@SHSU>

>> I believe in Divinity, Immortality and Spirit (and Total
>>Responsibility by the way) but I also believe that 99.9 percent
>>of what passes for religion on this planet has been intelligently
>>manufactured by evil people to lead others astray into war and hate
>>and struggle for the right way to salvation.
>> Thus I feel that without some religion to guide us back
>>to our Immortality and Responsibility for Condition, we are all
>Tell me of the other .01 percent, which I assume is the "some religion"
>of the above statement. (This is not flame, but sincere curiosity.)
>Thanks in advance.

The answer may surprise you.

The .01 percent of religion that is the truth shining
through is that part of all the religions that were ever
originated that have made it through unaltered or redesigned
by the slave masters.

In other words almost every religion when it starts out, including
my arch nemesis Christianity, had a vision of the world that was
essentially true, we are immortal, we chose, and we can get free.
Later all religions are altered and damaged to serve the ends of
the state or the money managers, you live once, you were made by God,
you goto to Hell if you don't pay.

Even modern day religions and cults start off with a correct
vision of the world and end up as flaming farces.

Sometimes in a span as short as the life of the founders.

Hey, Homerbabes, take heed!

Homer Adore-l list 6/25/89*MORE..MORE

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