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Technical Essay # 63 - FAF 10 November 1991

.ce Degrees of Clearing

If we clear a certain subject there are varying degrees to which it might be cleared. That is,
we might achieve varying degrees of as-isness.

There is only one absolute as-isness. That would be a complete simultaneous understanding
of all that is, any universe, any viewpoint, any location, any time, any datum. Because all-that-
is is the only real truth, since it is all inter-connected, and any isolated datum or viewpoint is
only an apparent truth. So, for practical purposes, any as-isness is only a partial degree of
as-isness. It is however still useful to talk about as-isness in various ways.

In clearing we are trying to move people from effect to cause within specific areas. We start
with some sort of mass that exists in a non-optimum way, and we try to get as far back
towards the consideration that put it there so that it can be changed.

We can pretend that there are three degrees to which we might like to take it:
1) Getting what the mass is
2) Getting what the significance is
3) Getting the exact consideration

PT Effect PT Cause

Getting what the
mass is Getting what the
significance is Getting the exact
e.g. "I have a problem with
cats" "I'm afraid they will
scratch me" "I want to feel safe"

First degree is to get what is going on on the surface, what the situation or problem is. Just
realizing that can provide a relief if it was previously unknown or one didn't take responsibility
for it. It is some sort of existing effect that is not considered optimum. There is not much point
in taking up anything that isn't in PT. An effect situation from the past would only be taken up
if it relates to an undesirable situation now.

Second degree would be to find significances (ideas, postulates, considerations) behind the
situation. It is finding what the situation is in terms of considerations. That might come off as
prepcheck buttons, as cognitions etc.

The Third degree would be to get the exact consideration that you are causing the situation
with. That would be your cause on the matter. That is your positive and desirable intention
that lies behind the situation. You will always get to that if you go deep enough.

In different contexts one might stop at a different degree of as-isness and take corrective
action or leave the subject there. For example, realizing that one has a problem with cats one
could avoid cats and use dogs as pets instead. Or, realizing that what one is worried about is
that they will scratch, one could handle them in a way so that they aren't likely to scratch. Or,
one could decide to overcome one's fear with determination. However, it is the third degree
of as-isness that would produce much more lasting clearing.

By finding out how one caused the current situation one will realize how and why one ended
up in a non-optimum situation. One might then decide that everything is actually fine and one
doesn't need to do anything. For example one might decide that one can perfectly well feel
safe even though there are cats around and one's fear was really ungrounded. Also, knowing
what one is after one can establish some better ways of accomplishing it than one has used

Only rarely would one want to get rid of the original consideration or intention. It is usually
something that is desirable. If it is somehow superfluous one can go further and as-is the way
it was created.

An original consideration or intention couldn't possibly be wrong. If you consider something
is wrong with it it is because you compare it with some previous, more basic consideration or

There is usually no point is going further than a positive intention behind the given
phenomena. If you go further with the clearing you start erasing the positive intention which
wouldn't be desirable.

Also, it can be a loss in havingness if we don't supply an alternative outlet for the basic
positive intention. We remove an aberrated outlet for it. We should generally replace it
creatively with some better ways of accomplishing the intention without conflicting with other
aspects of your activities.

The establishment of something to put instead of the removed aberration can come under the
heading of havingness, or positive clearing. It can also be regarded as programming,
installing some new patterns that better get you what you want than the old ones.

The goal of clearing is not to remove you from experience, it is to optimize your experience.
To partake in life at all requires a large amount of considerations, programming, etc. What we
would like to accomplish is that you have the stuff there that gives you the results you want,
not the results you don't want.

There is a cycle in clearing that goes from an undesirable experience (effect) to underlying
considerations and intentions (cause) and back again to a more desirable experience.

Clearing has traditionally been most involved with the process of getting from an effect
situation back to the as-isness of it. However, the other side is just as important.

To assume that one is always better off without stuff that is there is too limited a view. If you
as-is everything that is there you no longer have a game. To change stuff that doesn't work
into stuff that works better is a much more desirable goal of processing.

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