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Mar 18, 2023, 12:06:04 PMMar 18

Self Monitor Handling

Tiny Gods

Have you ever had a little jingle or a snatch of tune run through
your head, and you weren't particularly doing it on purpose?

Perhaps you had measured some things, 36, 22 1/4, 18 1/2. And
hours later, the same numbers were repeating? or a phone number? or a

We have all experienced these sort of things. To some degree it is
explained by circuits. We set up a little repeating circuit in the
mind, and it repeats. A little tape recorder if you will. But, hey
now, how are you hearing this tape recorder? With your ears? No? Is
it a picture? nah..... now that you mention it.... Telepathy? Of
course. How in the hell else COULD you receive it?

Telepathy hum... er, ahh, ooooooh. You mean another being is
communicating to me? Yep, yep yep. You can assume responsibility for
the tune, etc, do it again in a new moment of time, and it will cease.
However you have not handled the transmitter.

I have discovered that at least a portion of this little mechanism
is a self aware theta unit that you have created. Its sole purpose was
to play you a song or something, or remember 3 measurements, or a phone
number or whatever.

What happens to that theta once its purpose is fullfilled. You
have written the number in your book, or the cuts have been made and the
measurements are not needed any more. What happens to the "mini thetan"
you created to do that for you?

Lol. vgis. :) Well, they live forever of course. Since they are
theta, they have no location in time, so of course they live forever.

Some of them are very small. They are clear, ot, and totally
unabberated. The entire purpose for its (I say it here, and give one as
an example) existance is to sing you a song. Since it really dosent
have too much mind, perhaps it can only rember one line of a song. "I
was waltzing with my darling,,, I was waltzing with my darling,,, I was
waltzing with my darling...." etc etc. For ten million times in a row
untill you are nuts. It is perfectly content to repeat this over and
over forever, as an unabberated thetan can do anything forever. Its
entire tiny purpose for being is to entertain you. This is the best it
can do. It is like a child who hands you mud pies endlessly, as that is
all it knows how to make. It wants to please you. Thats all. It only
wants you to be happy, and since that is all it knows then thats what it

How do you handle? Well, you dont "blow it off" as you may a bt or
cluster. As a matter of fact, if you gave it a choice, it may well turn
out to grow up into a full blown thetan if it wished.

First of all, ask it what its purpose is.
"TO SING FOR YOU.... I was waltzing... bla bla."

what a gooooood job you are doing with that... BOY, Can you ever sing,
that is just wonderful! You are such a marvelous dear child..... ( Lots
of admiration, and lots of ack for it accomplising its purpose. You will
find this very easy to do, It is so easy to just love these little guys,
after all, they are your own creations, a part of you.)

This will help it end cycle on that purpose. After all, its
purpose is
fullfilled. (dont ask it what or who, as the answer will be a thetan,
and me)
Ask it what it would like to do now. It may com lag a little on
and then you will get an answer back like "What else is there to do??
Give it someting to do. "Be a dog. Be the sun. Be a tree. Join
in the
game as a meat body, be an auditor, etc etc." (This is similiar to a
child asking you "what should I play now?" he will be perfectly happy
with any old game you give him.)
He will be interested in something, and may ask you a couple of
guestions about what ever it is. (What fun would it to be a tree?...'Oh
you know, you could turn light and chemicals into pretty things, and you
could make shade for birds, and reach for the sky....')

You can also give it the choice to return to its creator, or to
wait outside the game as static. Most will return to its creator, but
some will get very interested in a game of some sort.

The minute you put a com line in to one of these little guys, a
whole bunch of them will start singing or doing nursery rhymes, or
whatever thier little purpose is that you have been ignoring for a long
time. They miss you. You created and abandoned them. They are not arc
broken with you, they just feel invalidated. So validate them. Find
out what thier purpose was, ack them for it. Shortly you may find
yourself in a cloud of little gods, all admiring you, and thanking you
for being.. :):):):)

These guys are not BT's, per se. Bits of theta, Little thetans, or
whatever. I personally perceive them as little gods. They are quite
perfect, and totally unabberated. They have no bank, they have no

It is quite an enlightening experience. Does wonderful things for
your soul, and re-habs your faith in your fellow man. To say nothing of
the massive quantites of free theta that you achieve.

Of course, there is a somewhat dark side to this, as you did not
only create things that were unaberrated. However, this is sufficient
for now. It is an offshoot of a rundown I have been developing.

Highest ARC:

"A being is only as valuable as he can serve others."
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