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Mar 24, 2023, 6:06:04 AM3/24/23


Kundalini is the word used to descibe the
Mastery of the Chakra System.

I'm going to stay away from the terms as
much as possible and just present the basic
unsderstanding necesary to do something
with this system, if any are of a mind to do

>From the Feet to the Top of the head their are
distinct areas which emanate and contain
experience, there are more above and below
but they are outside the Human Experience
known as Spirt, Mind and Body.

Each Chakra can be considered a storehouse
of experience for a specific aspect of life.
But it is also a projector in the sense that
it also emanates as well as takes in, or
collects experience.

This entire system moves out of the physical
body at the point of body death.

It now contains that entire life experience
and when the next physical form is created
the same process of collecting and emanating
experience continues.

So the Chakra system contains and
encompasses more than one lifetime
of experiences.

This by the way is my own personal
experience, there is no intent here on my
part to create a new religion for myself or
anyone else, the majority of religions
encompass the idea of an afterlife or
a continuation of life beyond one lifetime
and so there is more here than just my personal
take on this, so it is a long held view and
tradition for most faiths.

What the Chakra System does is give a
working system, within the Human Experience
of Spirit Mind Body, what is above or below
that is another matter which is not necesary
to a working understanding of this System.

How this system came about is another
topic all together, I have some ideas on
that but the point of this piece is to gain
enough understanding to do something
with it.

It is enough to know that it exists and its
relative points can be descibed and experienced.

When a Chakra is in good healthy condition
experience is taken in easily and the emanations
are strong and have the quality of them is
apparent....example at the Heart Chakra the
emanation is that of Love and Caring and Compassion
as well as Passion.

The medical staff an ancient symbol of healing is
representative of Kundalini, with it two snakes
coiled around the staff.

If you see the staff as the centerline upon
which these two snakes wind around
in harmony you see that the energy
that emanates from the Chakras is
two fold, male and female.

Since the Chakra system collects both
experiences and emanates both energys
I would have to assume a Master would
be capable of emanating both aspects
with great ease and fluidity.

Blockages within the system prevent
the connectedness one Chakra to
the next which cause a myriad of
unhealthy Human Conditions.

For example the Domineering husband
he has blocked the feminine aspect of
the Heart Chakra and is the Warrior who
feels no compassion. So he feels neither
love nor does he emanate it.

The wife who has blocked the male aspect
of the Heart Chakra and burst into tears
at the least opposition.
she neither feels strength or emanates
strength or courage..

Chakra clearing is about the integration of
self, men women it makes no difference in
sex, the qualitys of strength, courage and
so forth are just as much a part of a woman
as they are a man, it is these blockages
that Chakra clearing handles and then
all the qualitys of both aspects can be
realized in a Human Being.

Integration and connection top to bottom
bottom to top including the Crown Chakra
which is the Chakra which contains and
emanates the Spiritual aspects of self
and as blockages are removed and the
Chakras are opened to willing experience
and move up through the system they
eventually come through the Crown Chakra

This can be considered mastery over
each experience as it taken up, this is
not Kundalini in the sense of full Mastery
of the Chakra System.

Many practice adress only one or two
Chakras and while there are gains to be
had say in adressing the Third Eye the
mental aspects of self, imbalances set
up and we see the fellow after years of
such therapy as a sort of walking head
and it really is all in his mind.
Laugh out Loud.

Each experience needs to pass thru
the Chakras, look it as plumbing and
as you open one valve the next in line
can ether be shut down or wide open
ideally of course they are open to the
fullest extent to let a free flow of emanation
and collection in all the different areas
of life.

There is a matter of control as well
a Master of the Chakra System would
be able to open to the fullest extent
any Chakra as well a close it.

Chakras such as the Heart Chakra
left wide open tend to create rather
unique abilities, such as empath's
and telepath's in the case of the
Third Eye, without the ability too
shut these area's as well as open
them knowingly, a very uncomfortable
condition for the empath/telepath
can exist, this is well documented in
the interviews of such people.

Working with only the Crown Chakra
without adressing the Heart Chakra
may produce some extraordinary spirtual
experiences, but there is a lack of balance
to that sort of operation, here this poor guy is
who suddenly finds himself as big as Mountain
but he can't kiss his wife good morning.

Point is balance is important as you work
with the Chakra System, throwing the valves
wide open is overwhelm for the person trying
to find himself, a little here a little there
working always toward integration of self
in all aspects not just one.

Starting out I would suggest a buddy system
later as the system is in better working
condition Solo is the way to go.

Never negate the work done in past practices
but rather incorporate them into what you are
doing, any lost gains from them can be recoverd
quickly as work progresess toward becoming
a Healthy Human Being.

No special language is needed everyone has an innate
understanding of Heart and Spirit and Root Etc.

If you decide a professional is needed there are many
I would only recommend that you pick one that
displays the qualitys and characteristics of someone
who has a pretty good command of all the different
aspects of life and demonstrates them in his/her
own living.

Good Luck and Love to All of You.

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