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Sep 30, 2022, 12:06:03 PM9/30/22
ET Rundown
August 1994

Preface with “recently”. Handle as per integrity processing (confessional)
tech. Be absolutely sure to get specific information and to get all of the
information. Items will be culled later for prepchecking. Handle all ARCXs
as they occur understanding that handling the ARCX is not the EP. find out
how the PC is responsible for what is happening. There may be other
handlings after, but that is primary in handling abductees. They are always
withholding all or some part of the situation and that is the basic purpose
of the process.

Make sure all the words have been cleared with the PC.

It is best if the auditor is OT3 or above and is flawless in auditing

1. Were there abductions?
2. Were there experiments?
3. Have you ever participated in social experiments?
4. Have you ever participated in physical experiments?
5. Have you ever participated in spiritual experiments?
6. Have you ever participated in mental experiments?
7. Was there a laboratory?
8. Was forgetting made to occur?
9. Was there hypnosis?
10. Were you taken?
11. Were you made to leave?
12. Did you go against your will?
13. Did you go willingly?
14. Were you a part of it?
15. Did you abduct yourself?
16. Did you assist in experiments with others?
17. Did you assist in experiments with yourself?
18. Did you report in?
19. Were you given mass?
20. Were you given energy?
21. Were you given space?
22. Were you given time?
23. Did you give someone mass?
24. Did you give someone energy?
25. Did you give someone space?
26. Did you give someone time?
27. Did you abandon your body?
28. Did you betray your body?
29. Did you give up your body?
30. Did you give up yourself?
31. Did you willingly forget about it?
32. Were you in a UFO?
33. Were there ETs?
34. Were there humanoids?
35. Were you parallysed?
36. Could you not talk?
37. Could you not move?
38. Was there a base?
39. Was there fear?
40. Was there abandoned beingness?
41. Was there abandoned havingness?
42. Was there abandoned doingness?
43. Did you really want to go?
44. Were you responsible for it?
45. Is there an overt?
46. Did someone come for you?
47. Has anything been withheld?
48. Is there something you’d rather not say?
49. Do you feel that it’s too dangerous to talk about?
50. Is there something that you don’t want to find out?
51. Is there something about abductions you don’t want me to find out about?
52. Is there someone that you don’t want to find you?

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