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Mar 20, 2023, 12:06:04 AM3/20/23

UCP V2.0

Now the joke is I CAN run:

"Who have you been in relation to?"
What was that relation?
When, where why etc."

"Who are you in relation to?"
What is that relation?
When, where, why etc"

Then compare repeatedly the two. Each comparison
causes the attention to do a touch assist back and forth on
each scene, past and present.

"Who might/could you be in relation to?"
What might/could that relation be?
When, where why etc"

Then compare this one with both the past and the present one.

An amazing amount of material comes out of this, just *FLIES* out.

The key here are the words 'in relation to'.

You don't want to know who did what to whom or what happened,
although that will come up which is fine, you want to concentrate
on how you were in relation to that other being.

You will have to define relation and relationship for yourself
to make it run.

If you consider that physical universe objects are living beings,
this will also bring up relations you had with things in the world.

Don't audit 'unliving things', there ain't no such thing, even a
stone is a being wearing a 6th dynamic color form.

The idea is to keep the livingness in there as part of
the perception of the process, you living, them living.

This works well for me, unlike the standard UCP commands
which hang like a dead stone around my neck.


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Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Learning without Certainty.
Learning across a Distance implies Learning by Being an Effect.
Learning by Being an Effect implies Learning without Certainty.
Therefore, Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but
not by Being an Effect, and not across a Distance.

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