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Nov 30, 2022, 6:06:05 PM11/30/22

Here is more from the 40 page post that no body read,
with some added.



Those aren't fundamentals.

Everyone conceeds that the linguistic objectifications of
Dianetics are bogus, first generation gropings for a better view.

The word engrams isn't even listed in the primary Axioms of
Scientology, and *I* am talking about fundamentals of clearing, and
sessioning etc.

Like a real fundamental of Scn would be the opening logics
and axioms.

Do you disagree that AS-ISness is a vanishing truth?

Do you disagree that Alter-isness results in a persisting

Do you disagree that 2 way live communication helps a pc
as-is his masses and ridges?

Do you disagree that what you resist you get?

Do you disagree that the being's case is made of up
no-communication, problems, withholds, arc breaks and make wrongs?

Do you disagree that getting any pc to view as-is the source and
true nature of any condition will cause it to vanish if the pc no
longer wants it?

Do you disagree that charge builds when we want something and
can't have it or don't want something and must have it?

Do you disagree that insanity is must reach can't reach, must
withdraw can't withdraw?

Do you agree that having one's anchor points held away from one
is ridicule, and having them pushed in against one is betrayal?

Do you disagree that insanity starts at the moment a being
becomes totally devoted to stopping something he considers he didn't

Do you disagree with the basic definitions of the lower 8

Do you disagree that all ARC breaks stem from missed withholds?

Do you disagree that problems are intention - counter intention?

Do you disagree that problems are solutions?

>You are not MY BTs.
>You are not my case.
>You and your unreality are very real.

Well *MY* BT's are unreal to you, that's for sure.

I would think that if your BT's are unreal to you, or you think
they don't exist or are unimportant to pay attention to and audit,
that mine couldn't be real to you.

So my BT's feel very invalidated around you, because you are
going "You do not exist, you are unimportant, Homer should take his
attention off of you and don't audit you, and put it somewhere more

My BT's aren't happy with that.

>You and Hell Rum Scumbag have
>demonstrated the fantastic case
>progress available from blaming
>your case on Body Thetans.

BT's are not about blaming case on them. Blame of BT's or ANY
OTHER BEINGS OR THING, IS part of case and needs to addressed and run
out. People who 'have no BT's', well maybe they don't, or maybe they
are below blaming BT's and into denial and co excused witholds with
BT's and the oblivion that results.

BT's are just other beings collectively, when you run UCP you
come up with charge and events on other beings. When you run UCP
with other beings, THEY come up with charge and events on other

So BT's are just more other beings, one needs to run the charge
one has on them out, and then run UCP with them also so they can be
free of their charge on you.

I mean really, if you have a swarm of angry BT's buzzing in your
space, its like having a bee's nest for a pillow, its *REAL*.

So first one needs to spot the bee's next, and run out the charge
that sticks one compusively to it so one is crushing the BT's into
oblivion, then one needs to run out their charge and their sticking to
you, until both sides can be self determined about joining forces or
going their separate ways etc.

If you are a Churchie of course the BT's want out of there as
fast as possible.

It's really a matter of closing terminals.

It's fine to stop closing terminals with others, but it's also
nice to get them to stop closing terminals with you and get some team
work and cooperation going between you.

Stuck to, merely means conpulsively TOO CLOSE. One doesn't get
rid of BT's, one frees you and them to make their own decisions.

There is a tremendous holding onness, and crushingness between
'stuck' beings, that builds permanent mass. Auditing other beings in
general handles this mass, but other beings includes much more than
merely the incarnate people that you have known in this life.

BT's are just the entire subject of other beings. They can even
be *INCARNATE*. For example I would bet almost all people have direct
telepathic connections to other beings in bodies all over the planet
and maybe even the universe. Perhaps they live on the other side of
the planet or another city, but they get a headache, so do you. It is
their headache you are feeling, maybe you are causing it in them cuz
you are pissed at THEM!

When beings are in telpathic communication with each other and
don't know it, they are constantly taking things as their own which
aren't, and getting into wars 'with themselves' which are really wars
with others, which get others into fighting back etc.

Once one catches on to this inter weave of beings, one can start
to make case gain in certain areas where before it was impossible or
'too weird', because the LRH fundamental of misownership causing
solidity and persistence was out.

One's case does not stand alone, one's case stands in relation to
other beings, both carnate and dis incarnate, both from the past, the
present and the future, both near and far.

One's case is ABOUT others (yes and oneself) but mostly about

One does not resolve one's case without also resolving who or
what it was in relation to.

Thus to audit one's case, one needs to audit the relationships
that all that mass and ridging and charge is about.

So one does UCP solo or with a witness and handles all that
charge with all beings everywhere, then one acts as a witness for
other beings, including disincarnate ones and telepathic one's etc.
Usually it is much more fruitbul than auditing some random neighbor
because you don't have a case with your neighbor.

Each being has a huge inter weave of *SPECIFIC* other beings they
have been, are and will be in relation to. That is the basic
fundamental underlying UCP.

"Where have you been?" is actually

"Who have you been in relation to?"

"Who are you in relation to?"

"Compare the two."


So the first order of business is to audit that inter weave of
beings you have been, are and will be in relation to, and after that
is all handled, audit your neighbor or some random public from the
street. Remember HE needs to audit HIS interweave.


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