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Nov 27, 2022, 6:06:06 PM11/27/22

Hullo Pierre,

Thank you for your prompt response.

The expression " Go forth and multiply" goes much earlier than the likes of
Woody Allen. By the way, I never introduced him into the conversation.(
Robert is guilty of that) I personally think he is one of the unfunniest
people around and his behaviour in respect of his adopted daughter has not
won him any friends.

Sorry to hear your Spiritual Team is on a leave of absence forever, it
sounds like you could use their help.

Also, you are not going to get away with making a sweeping statement that "
I threw LRH tech into the bin".

I have said before and will say again, his early developments were awesome.
They were the bedrock of a lot of technical advances by others since.

However, from 1965-67 onwards, there was a shift within the organisations
whereby the tech became applied for the benefit of the org, rather than for
the individual.

The watershed came with the introduction of the Ethics conditions and then
the switch to attestation to completions.

In July 1967 we piloted the ethics conditions in Las Palmas. They were
savage. Ron decided to "water them down" as the public and org staffs
simply could not handle them.

The concept behind the conditions was covered on a 1965 tape. This was
magnificient. It really gave us a way to spiral out through the top. But
the formula application , as applied in the orgs, became totally abused.

The early clears (and later on, those completing OT2) were checked by the
Clear Checker. This was quite an event. On completion of the Clearing
Course, you were sent from the Advanced Courses room in the Manor basement
to Qual. There you were picked up and taken by the Clear Checker back down
the hill to the Manor and into a secure room. A special meter was used. It
had been exactly calibrated and was only used for Clear Checks. On the way
down the hill the word began to go out- There was another clear in the

In that room, you were put through certain steps, this took about 45
mins.Once the Clear Checker was satisfied, once you were satisfied, and
everything was as it should be, the Clear Checker told you "
Congratulations, you have attained the State of Clear".

(The OT2 check took about 2 hours. Only a few of us ever had it)

Then you were escorted back up the hill to Qual. By now, there was a crowd
gathering around the Manor and followed up the hill.

In Qual, the Clear Checker made a public statement that you had achieved
the state of clear. It was a fantastic moment. The accaimation was
overwhelming. Everyone took pride and joy in the moment.

The org took responsibility for it's product.

On the Friday, there was a Graduation Ceremony in the Chapel. This was
packed out, people cramming around every window.

Hubbard had purchased a ship which went to Valencia. It was on board the
ship that people were to do OT3 and the other levels. The perceived
intention was that it would take months to complete, in a secure

All this changed. Ron brought in the attest line. The first candidates came
on board for OT3. Within three days the first person attested OT3. We were
shocked. After that there was an avalanche of people flocking to the ship
to get through their levels, up toOT 6 and doing it within a week or so.

This was an absolute technical degrade. The attention switched to selling
OT levels as fast as possible to bring in the money.

The fact of the matter is that the OT levels were never intended as case
gain. That was to have been achieved on the grades. The purpose of the OT
levels was Thetan rehabilitation exercises.

We were a small technical unit. Bill Robertson was the Chief of Advanced
Courses and I think it broke his heart to see what was going on. I have no
doubt this was in his mind when he stepped out and began his own research.
My post was Case Cracker. At that time I was the highest trained auditor in
Scientology. I was the only full Class VII with honours. You would never
believe the absolute unreality that people had about running their beings
around them.

A classic example was one guy who sat it session with a rolled up newspaper
and tried to "swat" the beings as they left!

In Review, it was invairable that the person had falsely attested. This
brought an automatic condition of Liability. All around the ship you could
see the rich and famous, some with their trouser legs rolled up, ladies in
high heel shoes, mopping out the crew toilets, scrubbing pans, scraping
varnish. God knows what they thought they had let themselves in for.!

There was even an unreleased OT level. It was entitled "The Final Step".
Only a few of us had seen it. The problem was that it required a person to
have made a proper completion of OT6, complete with evidence. Only a couple
of us achieved this. So, there was no point in releasing it as there simply
were not the numbers to deliver it to.

The ship bent it's propellers against the harbour wall and Ron went
incandescent. As part of his tantrum, he ordered the destruction of these
materials as "the world doesn't deserve them".

>From there on, the org produced a continuing stream of overt product.

The baserock for the grades was a full and honest communications release.

In your time in Scn, how many GENUINE comm releases have you come across.?

I admit that I have probably been guilty of making too sweeping a statement
" all tech from 1965 was crap", but that does apply to quite a portion of

So, does this sharpen the picture for you ?

Best wishes,


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