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Jul 22, 2023, 6:06:07 PM7/22/23

Well, been a while since I posted a rundown, so I figured I would.

I came up with this one by working with folks not only with the
bank in
full cry, but the thetan totally unaware of even having a bank.

Sanity is basically the ability to distinguish differences,
similarities and identities.
Comparing how you are to how you were is an off shoot of this
As-isness (how does it seem to you now) touches in this area. Spotting
differences and similarities ( eg OTVIII, other processes) brings about
sanity in the subject being addressed. This enables the thetan to
re-evaluate in a new moment of time the is-ness of a condition, state,
or thing.

By definition, Identities are exact things. To this degree, the
definition is wrong. No two things are identical. Two things can have
identical meaning, (for example words, or symbols). But in mest, one
violates the law that keeps space stretched if an object has a perfect
duplicate. (As-Isness) This causes the object to disappear. Therefore
there can be no two identical objects, except for the moment of creation
and destruction.

To a degree, this makes the thetan a little insane. He cannot
distinguish identities as they would then disappear on him. I suppose
you could say that he is as insane as he is unable to vanish the
physical universe. Of course total sanity would be total arc, and all
mechanical conditions of existence would cease to exist, and he would
exist as potential only.

To some degree, ultimately, you are processing with this toward
no-games condition. However, it is not an out-of-arc process.

We see an echo of this in the process: "Mock up a perfect
duplicate of
(mest object)" "Now consider it is there again" On a much higher OT
level of approach, it would run as "Mock up an identical object", or
even better "Mock up that object". The PreOT would sooner or later
realize that he was responsible for putting it there continually in the
first place. It would also break apart the unaware compulsive mocking
up. You would not run this on the same object again, unless you asked
him to put it there again. For one thing, as his power increased, it
wouldn't be there any more for you to look at and tell him to create it.

On lower levels, "Mock up your body" will exteriorize the thetan
nicely. "Wearing heads", Mocking up heads of winning valences, allies
and things springs one quite nicely out of the universe of that valence.

Anyway, here is the sanity rundown. Parts of it come from the
PABs, part is extrapolated from other creative processes.

Step One: With the bodies eyes, spot the differences between
similar objects, spaces, or conditions. (eg the legs of a chair, two
books, spaces in a window, etc, etc. It can be run outside, 'waterloo
station' by spotting differences between two people's bodies, tone
levels, and so forth.
This is continued until one has a certainty of his ability to
and accurately notice very small differences between similar things.
Exteriorization is not an ep, though it will certainly occur, with or
without full perception.

Step Two: Place a small object on the table in front of the
body. Mock
up a copy of the object along side of the original. With the bodies
eyes, study the differences between the mockup and the original. Start
this at first with a marble, cone, cube, simple geometric shapes.
Of of the first cognition's is that one is in agreement that he
perceiving the physical universe in one way, and his mockups he is
perceiving as invisible. As his mockups get more and more solid, he will
later cog that he is also mocking up the physical universe as well.
This drill is continued until he can perceive his own creations
the bodies eyes as well as the mest universe. It may be a long haul.
Next, do the same drill as above, except with the bodies eyes
He will find that he is much more able to perceive in his own universe
his mockups than he is the physical universe. This should be continued
until he can perceive the differences between the physical universe
object and his own mockup easily and with certainty with the bodies eyes

Step Three: Similarities. Place some small objects on the table,
different. For example a marble, a pen, a rock, a feather, and so forth.
Pick two objects. Notice the similarities between the two objects. Pick
two more, Spot the similarities. Continue this with different
combinations of objects until one can easily and comfortably spot the
similarities between to vastly dissimilar objects.
Cognition's will run along the lines of Matter, Energy, Space,
and time
are similar in all things. One may perceive identical atoms, molecules,
time frames, spaces, and so forth.. This is run until one is totally
certain one can spot associated qualities in any two mest objects.
One may also cognite that he can occupy more than one viewpoint
at the
same time, and Exteriorize to the mest universe. Again, this is good,
but is not the ep of the process. The ep is an ability to spot
similarities in any number of things easily and without mis emotion or
Repeat with the bodies eyes closed.

Step Three: Identities. Again, one takes several similar objects
puts them on the table in front of the body. Marbles, dice, silverware,
and so forth.
With the body's eyes, spot an identity between two similar
This will shortly turn on and start to run out significance's.
One will
realize that two forks have identical numbers of tines, two marbles have
two identical shapes, etc, etc.

Repeat with the bodies eyes closed. This will blow the
signifances one
has postulated in ones own universe about perception of mest.
Perception will greatly improve in ones own and the pu from this step.

Depending upon the amount of bank unerased or unconfronted, all
of somatics and computations will come to the fore. As the bank is
based upon similarities = identities, this mechanism will come into full
play. Pain in the zorch ten thousand years ago is equal to pain near the
zorch yesterday.

This process is continued until no more unwanted sensations or
turn on upon finding identities in two similar objects, and one can find
the identities quite easily and rapidly. Beings, gpms, engrams,
implants, all manner of beast will show up on this one. Don't go chasing
rabbits, continue the process. The unevaluated computation that
similarities = identities will blow, along with the associated mass and
charge, or being. They are stuck in the computation as well as the

The rundown is rather long, and sometimes very hard to continue.
manner of mis emotion will turn on, and apathy about the physical
universe. One should take any emotion calmly, and just look at it on
the tone scale, and idly see if one is coming up tone about the whole
thing. Do not quit in anger, or boredom, or even cheerfulness about the
whole thing. Continue each step until one is sure he is cause over it,
and has no feeling toward it one way or the other.

It will produce sanity, and peace of mind, perhaps the first for
a very
very long time.

People will like you better, your sense of humor will improve,
tolerance toward others little insanity's will greatly increase.

Or perhaps, all you may get is a headache. lol.

Best of luck.

Tommy Thompson
10 May 99

"A being is only as valuable as he can serve others." (icq pager)

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