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Overview / introduction / boilerplate / denials / credits / excuses / and
mindless pr.

Phil Scott.


This write up will be brief, unedited for typo's, bad grammar, missing
data, and etc. This is simply
my attempt to get these drills to the reader with enough explanation that
anyone who attempts the drills will be able to do them.

The drills are intended solely to expose the fatal bad habit beings have
that traps them. One may or may not resolve many of life's issues with
these drills….. these drills constitute one tool that a person can use.
To my mind a crucial tool, but certainly not the only tool, by a long shot.

These as presented require an existing ability to make, and view, a mental
construct of a beach ball or other object. I've include some footnotes
that may assist those who cannot make and view a mental image picture.

The drills work best on the following, in order of workability observed to

Kids between ages of 8 and 12 or so.
Non professionals, people not mulling in their own prideful mental juices
too badly.
Those initiates in other fornication's and disasters who decide to just do
the damn drills and reserve judgment.

Its my view that thought is the antithesis of freedom..... the core of our
nemesis, the holy grail of our Medusa Stone... the one we keep tied so
tighly around our necks.

Monitoring progress:
The drills are at first mundane beyond belief.. Then progress to
becoming boring beyond your grimmest fantasies.. Then around drill's 15 or
20 things become more interesting….. and later drills become a liberation
for some who do them….

If any drill goes with effort or difficulty CEASE IT IMMEDIATELY.
These drills are to be done, easily, effortlessly, and as FAST as
possible…. No hair splitting, or mulling over details at all.

The following will impede progress:

Look for some serious mystical implications. or convoluted definitions of
the words used. These drills are intended as an excersise in seeing the
obvi ous.

Doing each drill until you think its produced some magical result,
skipping drills, or assuming that you already know how to do these drills
won't work. (much of the drilling is just to break a bad habit, and groove
in the 'anti habit'..doing nothing.)

Assuming you know where these drills are leading based on your current
comprehension.will impede the clear and unbiased view required to see the
operative mechanisms. (you may well be right, but in several key
instances, and in a few critical nuances, you will miss the point.)

Get hung up on a win will impede progress…. Having a resolution to one of
life's problems in one of the initial drills and assumming that's the
result. It isn't the intended result….. there will be hundreds of these
along the way. Sticking at any one level or win, is a hindrance to just
doing the rest of the drills and seeing what's to be seen.

The result I expect of these drills is solely a comprehension, an actual
seeing of what traps Life…. Not any sort of release, or acsent…..although
these can happen along the way, and are a good monitor of your progress.
I care about your 'seeing' though…. Not the wins, they do monitor
progress, and that's good, but they incidental..

Focusing on the incidental is a mistake….it blinds a person.... and that is
the condition of man by and large, blinded by an almost infinite deluge of
created effects... the core cause can no longer be easily seen. We will
be going after the core issue here..... we will be extracting the keystone
from the foundation base of the Medusa.... and hopefully watching that man
of stone collapse back into the earth from which it came.

What NOT to expect:

I will tell you up front what benefits NOT to expect…. In fact these drills
may be highly detrimental to any of the following generally hoped for
benefits. Especially as these are often conceived of out of context with
the rest of life:

Wealth, fame, domination (but not influece), pride, possessions, even ones
honor. You should NOT do the drills if you wish to expand these

'Benefits' one might reasonably expect:

Personal sufficiency, decency, understanding, incorruptibility, peace,
affinity for others especially those without wealth or pride, affinity for
animals, communion with life, able to be exterior from all that is, at
will….. able to pervade anything at will, limitless expansion, freedom…
and a few other things individual to the person….. and at the peak an
hilarious view of what we so proudly consider our current reality.

Beyond that an understanding, of our core fatal bad habit as relevant to
understanding mankind and his progress, either to ruin or salvation…. One
differentiates the dynamic behind the trend of this progress…. The insight
is demystifying.

Next communion across religious and spiritual lines. With the origins of
these predilections, and a functional understanding of previously
incomprehensible remarks in the Vedic Hymns, Book of the Dead, Christian
Bible, and elsewhere.... Man has transcended this world many times
before. Religion never has.....its simply the anchor of man.... the
activity of casting
freedom into a medusa stone one can wear proudly.

Ultimately, one comes to see what awaits an individual….and resolves that
issue terminally. (references on request)

I will attempt to expose by demonstration, and a few leading questions,
what binds a being to his nightmarish, or just ordinarily miserable
reality….a simple bad habit.

Personal Introduction:

I'm a 55 year old man living in the United States, I've made my living as a
mechanical contractor in the State of California for many years, and since
1985 as a mechanical engineer on many projects across the US, including
semi conductor, petro- chemical, weapons facilities, defense projects and
research labs in various states of decay, corruption, and disaster. (mostly
the latter).

I've been a semi pro motor cycle racer, with many local and one
international win, (open class usually, flat tracks, TT's, cross country,
class A short track.) I paint, write technical articles for trade journals
in my professional area, and have developed some incredible recipes ( if I
don't drink too much wine and screw them up). I've been prone to gun
fights, wild women, and seeking the core algorithm across the broad
spectrum of life.... this has led to much study and involvement in many of
the movements
listed below, often extensively.

(algorithm = The formula for oatmeal cookies is a cookie algorithm.
Chemistry is an algorithm for how and why atoms and molecules attach and
bind to form our material world. A computer program strategy is an
algorithm… the strategy, not the code necessarily.)

I became interested in this mess we call life on earth directly in 1973
when my life and business were infiltrated just slightly by a beautiful
young lady named Polly, a physics student at UCLA Davis. She was
pulling straight A's in her junior year while working nights and
supporting her invalid father. She was a Scientologist at the time.

The next 20 years was a rollercoaster ride of insight and criminal
manipulation that in 1976 led me to investigate the condition of man and my
painful personal circumstance on a broader scale….. I began to read
voraciously and look for the underlying keystone factors of mans seeming

Among the countless false trails and golden promises, ran a single thread
of truth…. I've been pulling that thread for 20 years…. And its turned into
what I see clearly today. (references follow in this or a later issue)

If engineers or physicist's have a saving grace (and that's a suspect issue
in itself), it may be that in some rare cases, one of us looks for the
common denominator issue, the issue or physics that hold an entire system
or gestalt of systems together.

That has been my search….. it was born of extreme pain, for a long period…
I had to resolve this issue. When I found the common denominator it
became quite evident that one had to 'see' it personally for any insight or
benefit to occur, and that the use of words simply added more layers over
the top of this insight, hopelessly obscuring it.

The golden words, and philosophy has this distinct liability….. I've known
no one who has made it on those lines. the practice of personal decency,
then incorruptibility along with personal search are the keys I've
found.... being decent even under the most trying circumstances and dispite
provocation to the opposite, tends to bring one face to face with his flaws
and the lies of
existence..... its then possible to transcend these.

According what follows is a set of drills….. I present these in personal
session wih a minimum of description or discussion of the factors
involved. Here I will have to violate my most dearly held precept....
and lead the reader with some descriptions, hopefully I will be able to
keep these to a minimum.

The drills are designed to progressively lead to personal discovery of the
factors involved. That personal discovery then 'fits' the individual,
his matrix of comprehension, in his ability range, and at his wave
length…….. not someone else's….. his growth has to be personal, and from
his own insight, the drills simply break a bad habit that sticks ones
attention so that the crucial context of existence is not seen.

If a person does the drills properly, he sees what ever he or she sees….
The obvious hopefully… its almost never the case that the person sees what
they had expected I was leading them to see. This perhaps is the key
point to keep in mind in doing these drills. What you 'see' may very well
be the antithesis of what you had expected…….. even the antithesis of what
you had considered was self, and Life.

As the Medusa falls to dust, so may the rest of your reality..... a dear
price to pay, the reward may be beyond words or
even your wildest dreams however. We have degraded into this human
conditon....not risen to ti.

These drills are a step off the continental shelf…. Into water 5 miles
deep…. The creatures there have not even been discovered yet. For
children, this step is easy… they have no hint of what might await them.
For adults its often sheer terror that stops their progress in the early
stages of the drills.

Boiler plate:

The above and any of the following is copyrighted by Philip E Scott when
originally drafted in 1992, and what follows in this series drafted in 1993,
1994, 19951996 and 1997. Permission is granted for the unlimited copying
and distribution for non commercial purposes, each article in its unedited
entirety complete with headers and footers.


I'm innocent! Go arrest some other person. Nothing I say is true… its
at best a faint approximation of the reality addressed. By the time you
process the data, almost no truth will remain, sorry. That's what words
do for a person…. They condense an aggregate reality, such as the smell of
a rose to a word….. One can't smell the word no matter how hard he trys.

For those who REALLY want to ACTUALLY smell the rose, we need to take a
walk to the rose garden… see the simplicity of that? And THAT is
flawlessly workable? You can't even come close with descriptions. Yet
that's what you, the reader, may have been thoroughly addicted to.

Just doing the drills however has a chance of exposing truth to you
directly…. That's my hope. These drills are a walk to the rose garden…..
and I am simply telling you, one step at a time…. Look here, look there,
what do you see? Is there a color, is there a smell? Etc.

After that its not for me to comment or discuss or approve or disapprove
what you personally see…… some might only see manure…. That's certainly a
feature of rose gardens…. And that's also a fine and useful discovery.
Only time and your own abilities will determine the value of what you
eventually 'see', on this or anyother route.

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