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((I have not read this yet so I have no idea what it says, but I
have talked to Allen Hacker a bit on the phone about his operation and I
think some of you might be interested in investigating this further for
yourselves. Allen will be on the net in a short while and will be able
to answer your questions directly. In the meantime if you have any
interest, I am sure he would be happy to talk to you.))

Acceptance Services Center, ntc.
P.O. Box 390696 Mountain View CA 94039
Fax: 415/964-2090 Tel: 415/ 964-3436

March 1 1994
Dear Homer,

Well, finally! Here is that letter I've been promising. It's probably
a bit longer than you expected, but then it takes as much as it takes.
I decided to write to you in ascii on disk because I thought that would
facilitate your sending it along to the friends we discussed. Thanks
for the books and other material. I'm still working my way through it

For the benefit of those who haven't met me this time around or seen me
since Scn. CC, I'll review a little background before getting into what
I'm up to these days.

When the so-called Scientology 9 (or 11, depends on who's counting)
plea-bargained in the Florida case (1980), I decided the Church was
committing treason against its members and mission, and I and

I had my disconnect affidavit notarized and filed in the archives of
both local newspapers in Las Vegas, and I served it personally on my
CO, Betty Murakami, ED CCLV. She said the most interesting thing after
she read it, "You can't do this. You know what's going on - you're
either with us or against us." I told her that I had already done it,
and I reminded her of infinity-valued logic and assured her that this
is not an either-or situation. It was a clean break, and I was never
comm-eved or declared. (I suspect that could be taken to mean that I
am the only Scientologist in good standing - the church in treason
takes it members with it, and everyone else has been kicked out! No
thanks, as things stand.)

I then spent a few years knocking around politics and other social
institutions looking for ways to further the mission. One thing I was
sure of: I wanted nothing to do with any type of dictator, messiah-
style or otherwise.

One of the best things I did early on was to completely walk away from
"the tech". I went out and lived life on its own terms for a few
years, and got reacquainted with what the world looks like to J.Q.
Earthling. For a while I even tried to pretend that this was okay.
But the drive to do something about things was always there. And I
never stopped speculating on the nature of a better format.

Then one fine summer day in 1986 it happened. I had experienced a
magnificently clear reality on the true nature of existence only a few
days before. Now, sitting at the edge of a mountain meadow, pondering
it all, I happened to ask the right question, and the veil lifted. I
could see everything! Who I am, what my job is, what my team has done
so far, and what still needs to be done. This put the icing on the

The team I just mentioned is a volunteer "Earth Project" group. We are
a recovery team, and our job is to restore consciousness and self-
awareness to the displaced who find themselves here.

It was time to get back to work. I decided that I would do best by
starting the current project over: (1) Articulate the truth; (2) Build
a vehicle (probably another church-type operation to be consistent with
the level of the work and to facilitate freedom from "official" and Scn
interference); and, (3) Bring everyone home.

(1) Articulate the Truth

I have found the errors, and corrected them. My predecessors all did
well as far as they went, but for whatever reasons they never actually
said what it was they saw, if they truly even saw anything. And that
includes Ron.

Let me go to the side a bit on the Ron thing. Ron is not source.
Neither am I, nor is anyone else, at least in the sense of being
exclusive. Ron had a dim access, nothing more. True, he did a lot
with it, but most of his work was built on the unacknowledged input of
the rest of us. Ask the early 50's old-timers. Ask the guy who
invented clay modeling as a compensation for his own dyslexia and wrote
it up and sent it in, only to see it emerge as Ron's study breakthrough
several months later. Ask the publishers of Sunset books about the
verbatim correlation between their book on saunas and the HCOB on how
to build a sauna.

Ron is really a self-styled victim of under-acknowledgement who in the
end gave in to the impulse to wrest recognition from the world. That's
okay - nobody's perfect. Or, everybody's perfectly imperfect.
Whatever. Ultimately, Ron is just another member of a team of
volunteers here to do a job. I don't think he was up to being deified,
and it got the best of him. And he wasn't truthful and forthcoming
enough to pull it off while yet demanding all the credit. Petty BS, if
you ask me. No wonder the org went treasonous.

Back to articulating the truth. I found that no one had ever developed
an adequate and correct description or definition of life force, or of
the individual. These are important details. They set the tone of
everything else. Minor differences here grow to immense discrepancies
in their ultimate implementations.

Let's look at Ron's definitions. Theta is the life force. The
universe is something else. And the individual is stuck in the middle,
fighting theta's battles in the conquest of MEST.

A grim picture, if you ask me. Thetans, the isolated bastard children
of an unexpressed god, are continually being upset by MEST trespassing
into them and stealing away their life force. And people are run
around by externally-oriented minds over which they must take cause but
of which they can never be brought to full ownership. Theta must
conquer MEST, but MEST is Theta's creation! What's to conquer? Why
all the effort (implicit in the war metaphor)? Where is the duality
coming from? From Ron. From his choice of language and from his
tendency to fight with things. From his need to be the only one.

The Axioms, etc? Excuse me for kicking sacred manna, but there is no
reactive mind. There is no mind at all. Further, there is no time
track and no MEST. There isn't even much of an original purpose.
There is just an infinite consciousness playing at being a multitude of
isolated perspectives, involving itself with intricately recurring
variations on a spectrum of themes, to avoid boredom. The whole thing
started by accident and deteriorates through ignorance. A pinch too
much forgetfulness and a pound of subsequent disorientation and you
wind up here! Ultimately, however, none of it exists. It's simply an
idea of AllThatIs HereAndNow.

Nor is there a Bridge to Total Freedom. Or grades or levels. True
reality is not like a pantry: you can't clean it out one compartment at
a time. And there is no Out for there to be a "way" to. Everything in
this arena is multidimensionally overlaid in the Here & Now.

BUT. I did not intend to make this a rant against anything. So let me
move past what others said wrong or didn't say at all. Let me give you
an idea of what I see.

You can change the nature of your experience of the game. You can
change the aspectal persona you present as yourself in playing the
game. You can even play the game of not playing. (For a while, that
is, because you won't stay "away". In the final analysis, anything to
do is better than nothing to do, and the most intense experiences are
the most treasured. A clue.)

HOW do you change? By changing your focus. By freeing your attention
from all the places you've been leaving it forever. By getting unstuck
so you can BE HERE NOW.

I remember a party in the early 70's. We were speculating on the
nature of OT8. Somebody thought it might go something like this: You
walk into the session room, and the folder is on the table. You sit
down, set up, open the folder, and... on a single page, in the middle
of the page, is written, "TR-O". It's just you and your surprise for a
moment, and then you get it. You smile to yourself, and as you begin
to put down your session notes, you notice that there are no walls.

I have since found that the truth really is that simple. That's most
of the reason we don't see it. The rest of the reason is that we are
held apart from the simple truth by narrow ideas. And those come from
incorrect and even inverted definitions.

It isn't true that Spirit and materia are of separate universes; It
isn't true that the individual isn't in the physical universe; It isn't
true that there is a physical universe; It isn't true that anything is
anywhere but where you are; It isn't true that there are suppressives
(ask me about PD); And most of the rest of it isn't true either.

Nothing exists except by the immediate and continuing action of
consciousness; There is only one consciousness, infinitely subdivided
within itself by its own decision to assume limited points of view, and
each of us is that consciousness pretending to be only local in the
grand illusion; Each of us is all of us and possesses all of the
ability; Each of us is both the player and the game; And each of us
wins at winning and at losing in the same moment.

We only get into trouble when we resist participation in an event whose
parameters are broader than our immediate standards; We only get clear
by terminating that resistance and recovering the frozen attention from
that investment; And we only stay clear by coming to an understanding
of what we is and how we does it.

I have accepted the eternal validity of Spirit in all its iterations; I
have sworn myself to the task of the dissolution of the tyrannies of
ignorance, deception and manipulation; I have found the essence of the
individual in its expression of Free Will; I have redefined Spirit and
the individual, in affirmative terms; I have redefined ethics, in terms
of integrity; I have discovered a true structure of thought, and
therefore a simple process for clearing; And I have defined and created
an ethical church.

(2) Build a Vehicle

I believe we need at least one church. I believe that because I find
all this to be completely and transcendently religious. Maybe in a
heretofore unheard-of way, but we can't let local superstitions dictate
truth, now can we?

We need church for a couple of reasons. Church is the correct format
for religion. In the U.S., where our future is decided, we have the
absolute protection of the First Amendment when we do it right. And,
if we do it any other way, we run the risk of finding our methods
incorporated into the state sponsored pseudo-religion (psychology) and
ourselves barred from functioning without licenses, the terms of which
are dictated by people who don't get it.

I have looked long and hard at the implications of the church question.
I believe certain considerations must be taken into account.

Because of the First Amendment, no government entity can legitimately
undertake to define, license or regulate a church. That is why it is
an error to incorporate, non-profit or otherwise. To petition a State
to grant a corporate charter is to give the State jurisdiction it would
not otherwise have. They can't reach in of their own accord, but you
can invite them in.

In business, you can make the mistake of "piercing the corporate veil",
which means to breach the separation between your personal affairs and
those of your corporate business, thereby making yourself subject to
the financial and other liabilities of the company. To ask the State
for permission to exist and to function is to breach the separation of
church and state, and gives to the State the status of creator. And
that means the power to dictate. Thus, jurisdiction.

I also believe that it is a mistake to ask for tax exemption. That
also is a grant of jurisdiction. Worse, it is playing into a bad
system. Tax games are wasteful, tend to support the status quo, and
serve to hide the severity of the system's problems. If you don't like
the taxes, change the system! And anyway, whether or not the State has
any jurisdiction over a church, it still must protect our persons and
rights in the actual exercise of our religion(s), as well as our
communal property. Failing to make due exchange for that protection is
improper. We must develop workable relationships with all those whose
cooperation assists or protects us. The alternative is to alienate
them and ourselves, and most of us have already seen where that can

The proper format for a church is an Ecclesiastical Trust. This is
formed by agreement of those involved and perpetuated by those who
stay, and has absolutely nothing to do with government. When a church
is formed this way, the separation of church and state is preserved.
When you consider this, and then look around, you will find that
generally there are no real churches as contemplated by the
constitution, just non-profit corporations!

Using the courts to guarantee exclusive rights to religious doctrine or
exclusive control over religious practice is impossible. The only
reason we see the illusion of this happening is that the US Supreme
Court has not yet gotten the chance to answer a properly put question
on the subject. We cannot use the courts in this manner, nor can we
permit others to attempt to do so.

If someone tries to trespass against the separation of church and state
there is only one correct response: nul jurisdictus. The courts must
be respectfully informed that the issue is of a religious nature, over
which they have no jurisdiction. No other arguments should be made,
and no defense offered. The only way you can lose this game is to play
it, to join in by arguing the points alleged by your attacker. Your
response to the complaint becomes your grant of jurisdiction.

Save your legal funds for the appeals process and take it to the top.
Once you have challenged jurisdiction it must be proven beyond the mere
assertion, and this cannot be done. So you win on appeal. No babel
about who wrote what, no force. Just open availability in the
marketplace of ideas. And no jurisdiction means no legitimate cease
and desist orders. I personally would immediately appeal (Demand
negation of) any such directives and then get right back to work.
Where a court has no jurisdiction it also has no authority.

Of course, there is the part about having an organization at all.
Well, I ask, how are we doing without one? It doesn't have to be bad,
that's up to us. And it doesn't have to be solitary.

But to be a religion, I believe, it has to have a set of principles
that give rise to its practice and that bind/bond its members. Those
principles may be put forth by anyone or any number of people. In the
church I have founded, that happens to be me right now. Certainly that
will change as we continue to play at the flow of time. And what of
those who disagree? Their options remain open. What we do cannot
restrict them.

So what is an ethical church, and what would its religion look like?

To answer the first question we must know what ethics is, and that has
never been properly answered (until the publication of my book, "Mind
Matters - how thoughts become reality").

Ethics is not actions, neither taken against the individual nor taken
by him. Ethics is not about contemplating survival. Hell, doing the
ethical thing in an unethical place can get you killed! You already
know that!

Ethics is the decision-process in support of integrity. Being ethical
is simply being yourself and representing yourself truthfully, to the
best of your ability in the moment. The practice of ethics itself is
the never-ending re-expression of self in the quest for consistent
decisions as to what actions to take, what promises to make, which
things to say, and which lifestyle to live - in short, who to be.
Every individual must find these answers for itself, with or without

Therefore, an ethical church would be one that expounds, encourages,
facilitates and defends the responsible exercise of free will.

An ethical church would look like a happy place where people come to
gain insight into themselves and their relationship with and through
the various domains of life, and to socialize with likeminded others.
They would come and go freely, within the reasonable constraints of
service-delivery frameworks, and they would naturally flow support to
the church in the form of money and evangelism (hopefully quiet and
respectful evangelism!).

Acceptance, the philosophy I have articulated, is not so radically
different as to require anyone to commit to a major change in
lifestyle. People from all walks of life have embraced it already -all
types of Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, atheists, scientists, and
mystics. Even psychologists!

The basic idea is that we are all in and of this mess together, both as
co-creators and as effects. There is only one Being, being many
individuals and imagining into existence entire playgrounds, through
those individual extensions of itself. There is only one life, and
each of us is simultaneously living each variation thereof. Some of us
call this past lives, some call it parallel lives. I call it

The definition: Acceptance is appreciation without significance.
(Appreciation is willingness to experience things as-is. Significance
is interpretation, or added-on meaning.) [Mind Matters, p. 33]

Everywhere, all the time - life is a celebration of itself. The only
exception is when you lose sight of all that and begin to believe a bit
too strongly in the illusion, and become resistive to it.

(3) Bring Everyone Home.

Well, perhaps not everyone immediately. There are those who assert
their games, who will insist on other things, and that's okay.
Acceptance, and Acceptance Services Center (the actual church) is only
there for those who see it. Coming on board, and staying on, are acts
of free will, after all. No one among us can be permitted to interfere
with that.

Getting "home" probably means something like self-discovery for most
people. I suspect that few will make it an issue of location, since
one creates games wherever one is. It's more likely the return to an
unabridged self-aware state. If it's more than that, it's at least
that. We can at least get them that far.

On that note, I have found an amazingly workable description of how we
make our problems. This has led to incredible simplification of the
process of clearing. It required a lot of redefining of terms (mostly
back into English, as well as toward greater precision) and the
restructuring of several of the old standbys such as the Dynamics (now
the Domains -and subdomains-) and the Conditions (now the Standings and
their Procedures).

I have developed a single set of assessments which, depending on which
of three points of focus one orients them to, results in the almost
immediate vanishing of unwanted conditions (the Conditions Assessment),
the realignment of life (the Domains Assessment) and the ever-expanding
recovery of ability (the Prime Paradigm Assessment). And yes, although
I said there are no grades, there are still gradients: they must be
done in that order.

Along the way, I developed a diagram of negativity called The Anatomy
of an Incident that leads directly toward valid processes and away from
everything else.

None of this will be kept secret. It is already all available in the
courses I teach, and will be published in various books and computer
programs. I have published the first two tools already, and more are
in the works. The only thing in the way is the limits on the time I
have available to invest in them.

What I need now is people. As I add to the available toolbox, I prefer
to delegate tasks and authority to others so I can focus on the
articulation. I also appreciate questions, suggestions and critiques.

What does my game look like so far? There is the church, Acceptance
Services Center. And there are its missions. First is BlueFlame
Impressions, the publishing unit. Next there is Articulate Management,
a business consultancy. And then, coming whenever feasible, Acceptance
University Network, a private school system from pre-school through
graduate school. Holding everything together is ASC Missions Group,

Every one of these entities uses and applies the same philosophy and is
bound by the same general policy. An example of this is our Non-
indoctrination Policy: "Free will, and the unquestioned right of every
individual to make personal choices without duress from anyone, are to
be respected absolutely and honored above all purposes whatsoever,
whether a particular choice is fully informed or not." This policy is
printed at the front of all of our publications and is included in the
terms of Articulate Management's consulting contract. A.M. won't
continue with a client that abuses free will.

Yes, this means we let people make mistakes. It even means we'll let
them stay in the mud if they insist. Why not? They won't really get
better if you manipulate or force them through the motions. Better
yet, they are immortal aspects of consciousness itself, so they aren't
going to die or disappear! If they want to play, let them! It's not
for us to approve anyone's game.

The first step of potential involvement with Acceptance is to read my
book, "Mind Matters". It is largely historical and technical, and
doesn't read like a novel all the way through. There is a 30- page
section on the Fundamentals that takes a little work. Maybe even a
course. But the truly interested can get enough from it to decide if
they want to take another step.

Another thing that should be done is the Effectiveness Profile(TM).
This is a computerized replacement for personality tests. The user
responds to 100 multiple-choice propositions about how things are
going, and then prints out a graphical comparison of 20 effectiveness
attributes in 6 categories. There is an 80-page manual on the use of
the program and the interpretation of the results. I developed and
programmed this myself. It is original and consistent with the
Acceptance Fundamentals, and is everyone's first step. In fact, this
is the essence of Acceptance: to deal with what is there.

The Effectiveness Profile is currently used several ways. The public
uses it as a stand-alone self-improvement guidance program, to help
improve focus on what to work on next, or first. We use it in personal
counseling to help identify the focus on the condition to be handled.
We also use it in business to identify the major problem that needs to
be handled. Further, independent consultants and counselors are using
it similarly in their practices. The profile program is currently
available in both DOS-disk sizes. It will soon be available for the

Another book, in revision and temporarily unavailable, is "Decisions -
Perspective and Process in Ethics". We will finally have an upbeat
non-war-metaphor approach to doing the right thing correctly. It
covers the philosophical aspects of integrity and morality, the
mechanical aspects of ethics, and the functional aspects of task and
project management. Whew! I get excited just thinking about it, and
I'm the one writing it! But then, I need all this information to be
accessible in one coherent package just as much as the next guy.

Future books will include "Articulate Management", the complete
business management volume; "TruthQuest", the "big book" on Acceptance;
and various topic-specific volumes on such subjects as 1-on-1 tutoring
and consulting. And someday, the Assessment processes I mentioned
earlier will be delivered by interactive computers. Talk about privacy
and folder security! You'll be able to take your data with you on CD.
Maybe even run the process on your own computer.

I will be starting a newsletter/magazine, "The Messenger", within a few
months, depending on public interest.

I have included Mind Matters and the Effectiveness Profile with this
disk so you can check them out. I'd like your input.

If anyone wants copies of these, they can ask for them in stores
(distribution is still limited at this time) or order them directly
from us. We exchange them for donations. The requested amount for
Mind Matters is $7 US + $1 mailing costs in the US, $2 outside the US.
For the Effectiveness Profile it's $29 US + $2 costs in the US, $4
outside. When Decisions is available, it will be $11 US plus $1 - $2
shipping costs. The Messenger will be free to A.M. clients, and
graduates and members whose tithes are current.

As to tithing, I think it's a better and more stable mechanism. I
already have several personal clients who tithe monthly and offer
additional amounts with petitions for services, to cover the extra
costs. It's like base support plus value offerings, and covers
training as well as counseling. It seems to work.

Since not everyone is clear on tithing, let me explain a bit about it.
The idea in tithing is to support the general effort so as to assist
the expansion reach to others, and to help guarantee the future
availability of the church to yourself. So tithing isn't an on-again
off-again thing. It begins when you join up and continues for the
remainder of your life, unless you become dissatisfied and leave the
church, at which time you stop, of course.

Tithe means "the tenth part", and that's how you figure it. The Judeo-
Christian tradition on tithing comes from the 12 tribes of Israel.
Eleven of them each set aside the best tenth of their productivity to
support the 12th, the ministerial tribe, Levi. That left the Levites
free from secular worries so they could focus on the greater good. How
would you have liked to have that kind of security and freedom as a
staff member?!!

I hope this answers most of your questions for the moment. I also hope
it gives rise to many more. I'll be finishing a more formal
introductory pamphlet covering all this, hopefully in a few weeks.
I'll send it to anyone who requests it and covers the +/- $2 cost.

A comment on asking for money: I've already been bled dry once by a
group who thought I must be under some divine obligation to share what
I have found at no charge, since it's truth and therefore doesn't
belong to me. I agree that it's about the philosophy and its
applications, and not me. I have no problem with that. But if I am to
remain available over the long term to provide the service of bringing
this stuff forth, then I and those who help me must be supported by
those who benefit. Not to mention a simple natural law called

Besides, I have since realized that I don't have to do anything. If I
can find it, others can too. I could just go fishing, and let them. I
haven't, though, because there just isn't enough time left in the
current local situation for it to be likely. We need a core of clear
individuals who can be dedicated to the benevolent (nonforced)
realignment of the the world to a more desirable probable future than
the one that's coming, and we need them now.

That said, I need people and the cash flow to support them. The cash
flow must come and is coming from normal operations - books, Profile
programs, courses, services and tithes (no bankruptcies, thank you).
The people are coming from among those who discover what we have.

I thank you in advance for every person to whom you forward this

Love, Allen

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