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Sep 25, 2022, 12:06:04 PM9/25/22

I have repeatedly asked KP to give me ONE fundamental
that underlies the workability of UCP that is not
in Scn basics.

He continues to give me negatives like NON EXISTENCE OF ENGRAMS.

He says UCP works BECAUSE of the non existence of engrams
and that is not in Scn basics.

But truth is UCP doesn't work because of the non existence of
someone else's misconstruals of reality. If Scn had never been
created, UCP would continue to work, based on its real fundamentals.

It is those REAL fundamentals that I am interested in
that make it work. THOSE will be found in the basics of Scn.

By defining the working fundamentals of UCP as the NON EXISTENCE of a
whole list of Scn itmes, KP has merely defined UCP in opposition to Scn,
and continues it in the enemy GPM condition that this engenders AT ITS

"Our fundamentals are everything that Scn isn't."

Think about it.

The few fundamentals that KP gave me about UCP that weren't defined
in terms of NOT SCN, were in fact very deeply embedded in Ron's early

I really think that KP had a few very basic misunderstandings going
up the bridge, probably the most serious of which is that Scientology
considers the bank and BT's to be things that we blame our case on and
thus we have to get rid of them to get better.

That is just close enough to the truth to stick, don't you see?

Yes there is bank, and yes there are BT's, and yes there is blame,
but we have to get rid of the blame to get rid of the bank and BT's! One
audits bank and BT's to spot the blame and blow it back to total
responsibility. Then the unwanted conditions and the bank and the BT's go

One doesn't say, "Well there used to be BT's eating at my spleen, the
little fuckers from hell, and now they are gone, so I am all better!"

It's more like "Well I used to blame everything on BT's, but I took
responsibility for and over that sit, and now the blame is gone, and so
are the bank and BT's!"

Blame is what holds bank and BT's to you.

True Scn is trying to audit the blame out, not validate it
by auditing the BT's out and leaving the blame in ("See they are gone
and now I feel better!")

So KP's spin on things is just close enough to the truth to be
dangerous to the unwary.

Some things are clearly the truth however.

Either KP false attested every single level of the Bridge, to get up
to OT IV, or he went massively PTS to something and lost all those valid

No question about it.


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