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Jul 17, 2023, 12:06:05 AM7/17/23


The "Shattering" is possibly one of the most obvious aspects of
existence to observe.

You see evidence of the harmonics of this almost daily.

A broken relationship, a bankrupt, a divorce, a war, an attack
are all evidence of a "shattering.'

To have a "shattering" there needs to be a prior "co-existence."

The Beginning stemmed from a CO-EXISTENCE OF STATIC.

I call this the Heavens.

CO-EXISTENCE OF STATIC is a oneness, yet each being is wholly

The Heavens descended from pure Omni-determined to self
determined to other determined. As this occurred outside time and
space it tends to appear to not exist or only smidgens of it exists.

Yet it covers a vast period of time. Possibly 100's of times
longer than the physical universe existence. The Heavens are on a
different time track, almost so different that it opposes and locks up
against the Physical Universe time track.

It requires a completely different form of processing. It also
requires knowledge of the subsequent descending Universes between then
and now.

The charge, force and masses contained in this period are

The emotingness, charge, force and masses, events, experiences,
moods, thoughts, postulates and solutions tend to spontaneously
mock-up when contacted.

The "shattering" is just part of the events that occurred in this
universe. Very late on the chain.

I would fathom a guess that ALL major Ascension Experiences
activate this period.

Especially LSD or psychedelic drug ingestion. The problem is
once this area has been activated it requires a different form of
processing. Effort processing is possibly the most useful de-access

"shattering is a GOING ABSENT state.

BOREDOM is an indicator of immense unexpressed AGONY of spirit,
it has underneath it, multiple areas of fury, anger, pain, grief,
loss, fear, et al, pushing up from other areas.

Trying to philosophize about this area is a waste of time.
Better just run it. Run it in its own "time."its own "space," its own
"where, what, who, mood, etc."It is important to spot which universe
you are running as running an area and placing it in the wrong
universe adds incorrect time, where, what, who, mood, etc.

It should also be noted this area does not contain pictures or
most types of mock-ups, thus articulation of what is there is very
difficult. It also precedes language. Emotingness is the major form
of manifestation. Attempting to explain or run other descension
universe manifestations can cause a shutting down or blacking out of

Glibly stating the "shattering"occurred because of boredom, is
like saying the history of the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE is a "happening where
games are being played." It contains some truth, but it does not undo
the charge.


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