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in part under no restrictions.

(This FAQ on Nostradamus interpretations and related material is
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FAQ: the Prophecies of Nostradamus

Introduction (part 1)

a. Introduction: _Conversations with Nostradamus_ by Dolores Cannon
b. Who was Nostradamus? What are quatrains?
c How did Nostradamus do it?
d. Who is D.Cannon? What is "regression hypnosis"?
e. "Simultaneous time"
f. Ways to view these interpretations
g. Nostradamus on free will vs. fatalism
h. FAQ Compiler's note
e. Change history

Cast and Characters of the Time of Troubles (part 2)

a. Background/overview of the Antichrist
b. Political/religious philosophies of the Antichrist
c. The Celtic legend of the great orator
d. Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist
e. Assassination of the current pope
f. Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's schemings
g. The treachery of the final pope
h. Demise of the Catholic Church
h. Cabal's teeth in the international power flow
i. Cabal involved in military and economic conquests
j. Cabal destroyed by the Antichrist
k. Fundamentalist fanatics' infiltrations into governments
l. Manipulation of the IRA in Ireland by the underworld
m. Wealthy U.S. businessman a closet revolutionary and Nazi
o. Fundamentalist censorship
p. Terrorist assassinations

The Antichrist (part 3)

a. Antichrist's rise to power in Middle East
b. Antichrists' unified monetary system
c. Antichrist's seizure of Asia
d. Antichrist's cultural eradication & European campaign
e. Antichrist's ravage of the Catholic Church
f. Antichrist's invasion of Turkey
g. Switzerland alarmed by Antichrist's Nazism in Germany
h. International (non)reaction to the Antichrist

The Time of Troubles (part 4)

a. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, rioting
b. Death of world leader and revolt coincides with comet
c. Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers
d. Soviet/American submarine/naval confrontation
e. Crazed leader launches atom bombs on Mediterranean and Europe
f. Third world country leader creates strife
g. Antichrist profits from radar research in Europe
h. Wargame simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster
i. American electoral college voting stalemate
j. Earth abuse causes agricultural devastation in U.S. and Britain
k. underwater Soviet submarine base defanged by diplomacy
l. Aliens shot by paranoid nation, bacteriological agents released
m. Alien probe of the Watchers discovered by scientists

Scientific Achievements in the Time of Troubles (part 5)

a. Nostradamus on the dangers of weaponry mixed with natural disaster
b. Weather modulation devices go awry, cause ice and hail
c. Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with underground chambers
d. Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms into atmosphere
e. Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from earth tumult
f. Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite storm
g. Research into warping time leads to disaster
h. New, horrific, secret, radical weapons monstrosities in WWWIII
i. Atomic device creates greenhouse effect, devastates agriculture
j. Death by the "milky rain" weapon
k. "Explosion of light" causes horrible birth defects
l. The top-secret earthquake-triggering weapon ("ETW")
m. Diplomacy dies with international ETW terrorism
n. ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid faults
o. Antichrist obtains ETW through espionage, bribery, treachery
p. Death by radio waves
q. Human eugenics research advanced by the King of Terror
r. Eugenics scientists meet grisly deaths from public backlash

World War III (part 6)

a. Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death
b. Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East
c. Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar
d. Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates
e. Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London
f. Antichrist conquers Europe
g. The Antichrist invades Britain
h. The crucial meeting on the naval carrier
i. Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane cannibalism
j. Antichrist's commander succumbs to key strategic failure
k. Russia breaks free of the Antichrist
l. North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe, Russia forms
m. Ogmios confronts the Antichrist, fate of world in balance
n. Antichrist eventually dethroned

The geological and spiritual earth shift (part 7)

a. Timing
b. The end of civilization
c. Geography
d. Preparations/Survival
e. Old vs. Young Souls
f. The New Age of spiritual rebirth
g. Reawakening of freedoms an rights
h. Peace after WWWIII
i. Spirituality transcends technology
j. Feminine aspects of God revered again
k. More open, frequent contact with aliens
l. "Green" revolution, return to the land
m. Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion
n. Great Genius unifies religion and science
o. Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
p. Astonishing feats of medicine
q. New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius

"Grab Bag" (part 8)

a. Past events
b. Coverups
c. Atlantis
d. Great Genius
e. Far Future

a. Introduction: _Conversations with Nostradamus_ by D.Cannon

This is a compilation and consolodation of key information from the
books in the trilogy, _Conversations with Nostradamus_ by Dolores
Cannon. Volumes I and II are available from America West Publishers,
P.O. Box 986, Tehachapi, CA 93581, ph (805) 822-9655. Volume III is
available from Ozark Mountain Publishers, P.O. Box 754, Huntsville,
AR 72740-0754. A good introduction to the overall project and
relationship between D.Cannon, her subjects, Nostradamus, and the
quatrains can be found in chapter 7 of I.

This first version of this FAQ paraphrases the first book in her
trilogy. Subsequent versions will incorporate material from the
second two books. The FAQ consists mainly of paraphrases from the
books (which are almost entirely the verbatim, directly channeled
material from the D.Cannon subjects) with some "overview

I have dealt exclusively with D.Cannon's books because they appear to
me to be the utmost authoritative reference of all accumulated
literature on the subject and at the same time its apocalyptic
messages beg for further exposure beyond its current semi-obscurity.
In particular I've tried to focus on future events, the "warnings",
the secret conspiracies, plans, and weaponry of the Cabal and the
Antichrist, and the relationships to electronic communications
(although the latter is covered in the second and third books of the
trilogy, not yet incorporated into this FAQ).

In this FAQ, the books of the D. Cannon trilogy are abbreviated in
this text as "I-III" with page numbers. Quatrains are abbreviated
"c[x]-[y]" where 'c' stands for "Century", [x] is the book, and [y]
is the quatrain number. In some cases, particularly in the second and
third books, Nostradmus went into a sort of "free association" mode
where his messages were not directly related to particular quatrains,
and in this case the page number in the trilogy alone is given. I
have not included the quatrains themselves in this version of the
FAQ, future versions may incorporate them directly.


This is only a reorganization of material given elsewhere.
I have strived to organize it into a more streamlined version than
given in the original books. However, I strongly advise the serious
reader to read the D.Cannon books. The major possibility for
misinterpretation in this FAQ is in the time sequence of events,
which Nostradamus tends to be obscure in defining, even in these new,
direct, translations (he does not appear capable of discriminating
the time resolution under a few years, and the dates he does give are
given in terms of maddeningly unfocused astrological alignments). A
significant deal of guesswork is still involved in dating the precise
sequence of events.


I am explicitly renouncing any rights to this work. You are free to
redistribute it in any way, in whole or in part, under no
restrictions. I do ask that you try to retransmit it in whole form if
possible, or at least include the entire table of contents.

However, be aware that much of this FAQ is a very close paraphrase of
the books that some may argue would border on copyright infringement.
I personally think the data is far to important to be subject to
petty feuds about ownership and that the whole idea is contrary to
intellectual freedom (and I intend that the ultimate effect be that
far more people are exposed to her works than would have otherwise
occured, and that this will lead to greater sales and distribution of
them). But on the other hand I condemn anyone who redistributes this
FAQ with the sole intent of alone profiting from my own intense work
on it. Let your conscience be your guide, email me if you have
doubts, and if you don't have a conscience, we'll both be far better
off if I *don't* hear from you.

My Note to Enemies

Just as D. Cannon wrote that she fully expected to be accused of
perpetuating a massive hoax, and actually published the books at
great personal risk under her real name, I fully expect to be subject
to vicious attacks for this "exercise in conscience". I have
absolutely no use for closeminded, ignorant people jamming my mailbox
with naive and uninformed vitriol. However, if you must have an
outlet, feel free to post it to alt.prophecies.nostradamus, and
everyone else will feel free to ignore you.

I expect to see many variations of veiled or direct attacks on these
predictions. However, those that most upset me are by people who
consider themselves "skeptics" or of "scientific" background. Many
would argue that the burden of proof is on D.Cannon and others
(such as myself) who promote the material to defend it. This is
certainly true to a point, but I think the idea that skepticism
is at the core of science is somewhat erroneous.

The essence of science to me is skeptical *inquiry*, not mere
skepticism. The skepticism is the conservative aspect of science, and
the inquiry is the enthusiastic, passionate, exploratory phase. There
cannot be true progress unless the two are in harmony. With only pure
skepticism, one becomes paralyzed from further progress. With only
enthusiasm, one becomes overly gullible and credulous. So to those of
you who challenge these predictions on scientific grounds, I
challenge you to explore them before you dismiss them, to at least
read the books and build an informed opinion that is not based on a
merely vacuous "knee jerk".

A famous quotation by Newton on his deathbed went along the lines,
"All my life I have felt as if I have been exploring a shore and
looking at a few pretty shells here and there, while the whole ocean
of truth lay undiscovered before me." Arrogant scientists may
disagree, but I think Newton was right on. I believe that those who
think that science in its present state has largely conquered
reality, with a few uncooperative islands of the unexplained
remaining, are mistaken. To the contrary, in my opinion, our science
has mastered only tiny pockets of truth in a vast landscape, and
Nostradamus' capabilities and predictions are (or will be)
bone-jarring evidence of our astonishing overall ignorance of the

b. Nostradamus and his "quatrains"

Nostradamus was a physician and prophet of the 16th century living in
France at the time of the Inquisition. He was recognized as a
brilliant physician who knew effective measures against the plague
victims of the time, a rarity in his profession. Nostradamus as a
seer wrote about 946 "quatrains", or four line poems, about his
visions collected over his lifetime. The quatrains are enveloped in
deeply obscure, twisted, nested symbolism and encryptions (such as
anagrams, different languages, etc.) that is virtually impossible to
untangle by a casual observer. Perhaps the greatest difficulty was
that he intentionally scrambled them in terms of their historical
order. For an excellent biography of Nostradamus see ch. 30 of II,
"Research into Nostradamus' Life". Other glimpses of his life are
especially prevalent in II.

Quatrains I have found particularly evocative and masterful in
symbolism and interpretation, and serve as examples of Nostradamus'
intents and talents, are I p 140, cIII-13, microchips and
electricity, cIV-29, p 283, the dichotomy of technology vs.
spirituality in the 20th century, and cII-75, I p 257, a plane lands
on the deck of an aircraft carrier in a pivotal moment of WWWIII.

c. How did Nostradamus do it?

The D.Cannon books I-III contain a great deal of information on
Nostradamus' techniques, which came from a variety of sources. First,
he acknowledges he was born with an inner "sixth sense", i.e. a
strong intuition and great psychic abilities. Secondly he had
enormous drive to develop it. His grandfather apparently passed him
books on witchcraft that allowed him to experiment with some rituals.
He also had access to "lost" manuscripts handed down outside of the
libraries of the time. He talks about guides from the astral plane
and from other worlds who helped him. Some pointed him in the
direction of esoteric plant recipes and mind-enhancing drugs (but he
emphasized they only enhanced his powers and were not the source of
them). One apparently bestowed on him a mirror during one of his
meditations. The mirror was especially important to his predictions.

Nostradamus also talked of using different crystals to focus on
various telepathic frequencies. Occasionally he refers to staring at
fire or water (such as in a bowl on a tripod) as a way of focusing
his mind. He had access to some lost works of mysticism from his
travels (apparently to some Moslem lands). He communicated with other
expert astrologers and mystical teachers. However it is possible that
some of his notes about and explanations of his techniques were a
means of throwing the Inquisition off track.

One of the most amazing possibilities explored in various places in
the D.Cannon books was that in a sort of "twist of time" Nostradamus
was tapping into the subconscious of the people from the future who
contacted him. D.Cannon talks about this in the introduction of II.

Some have wondered about Nostradamus' healing capabilities. He talks
about a sort of holistic approach to health and reveals that he was
skillful in avoiding the shock that was induced in many patients of
surgeons at the time using psychic approaches. He talked about the
importance of the "aura" of the person in determining the health of
the patient and criticized the practice of treating symptoms. He said
that a patient will find some other way to make themselves sick if
their critical mental attitude is awry. He talked about cancer being
caused by deeply ingrained self-sabotaging thoughts. Nostradamus also
confirmed what many have speculated, that he was able to see future
approaches to treating the diseases he encountered (such as the
plague) and adopt key aspects of the techniques.

d. D.Cannon & regression hypnosis

Dolores Cannon is a regression hypnotist, meaning that she uses
hypnotism as a technique for past-life regressions wherein the
subject can recall details from an earlier incarnation on the earth
plane. One of her subjects recalled a past life as a student of
Nostradamus and helped interpret his quatrains. Through the student,
Nostradamus gave D.Cannon the task of translating the quatrains into
modern language free of the convoluted symbolism he wrapped them in
to avoid persecution under the Inquisition.

For the books, she used multiple subjects as channels, giving them a
first name pseudonym in the books. "Elena" was the first subject
through whom contact was made; she was Nostradamus' student Dionysis
in the past life. See the early chapters of I.

"I have never been in doubt that I am truly in contact with the
physical Nostradamus while he is alive in his lifetiem in France
during the 1500s." (I p117)

D. Cannon has written other books, _Keepers of the Garden_, _A
Conversation with a Spirit_, _A Soul Remembers Hiroshima_, and _Jesus
and the Essenes_.

e. "Simultaneous Time"

"Simultaneous time" is a difficult concept that refers to the illusion
of earthly time seen from higher spiritual planes. Between lives, the
soul has the capability to review lifetimes free of the constraints
of time. This state of consciousness is also achieved in
hypnoregression subjects who are highly "sonambulistic", i.e.
conducive to deep trance states. They can review not only past
lifetimes but future ones. But beyond this, it is as if they are
actually living them at the moment they describe them. So, for
example, the student of Nostradamus that D.Cannon regressed would
see herself and Nostradamus as actually living, and Nostradamus would
be communicating directly from his own time to ours as a living
person. D.Cannon describes this subject in ch.2 of II.

f. Ways to view Nostradamus and the prophecies

One can view the interpretations "channelled" by the D.Cannon subjects
as the actual pronouncements of a living Nostradamus during his time,
sent to us via circumstances bordering on the miraculous, as a
channelling of Nostradamus from the afterlife (although the
"Nostradamus" personality in the books insists this is definitely not
the case) or merely as a new interpretation of his quatrain from
"some source" (for a skeptic the "source" might be the "imagination
of subject's subconscious"). Either way the interpretations given by
D.Cannon are the most clear and striking of all available in the
literature, and the least permeated with confused speculation.

A scathing work of criticism and ridicule has been levelled at
Nostradamus by the famous "debunker", James Randi. Nevertheless,
buried in the unparalleled closemindedness and vitriol, Randi makes
some reasonable points, the most damning of which, reiterated by the
skeptics through the centuries, is that Nostradamus' "predictions"
are veiled in such obscure symbolism that they could mean anything,
and that interpretations are impossible in the absence of precision
in language. He has a very valid point.

But the works of D.Cannon give us a renewed, fresh perspective into
the matter. Not only are the past predictions laid bare, but so are
all the future ones. These books give a very *precise* vision of the
future, with a rigor bordering on the quality of even scientific
papers (which themselves contain speculation and a lack of confidence
and absolute specificity at times). Perhaps the skeptics can argue
that the "fulfillment" of all his prior prophecies were merely due to
the creative interpretations or vivid imaginations of enthusiastic
supporters. But they will not be able to deny the reality of these
explicit visions as (or "if", as the case may be) it unfolds before

If one takes the D.Cannon books as truly channeling Nostradamus, the
ultimate measure of Nostradamus' true talents will be revealed
shortly for us all to personally witness and attest to the presence
or lack thereof. And even if one ignores the Nostradamus aspect,
leaving aside for a moment the question of the "source" of the
predictions, the D.Cannon books contain a treasure trove of specific,
"falsifiable" predictions about our near future. Here is something
that is not buried in mysticism or obscurity and is open to any one
who has an open mind.

g. Free will vs. Fatalism

Nostradamus' preponderance of bleak and horrid prophecies sometimes
have the effect of causing people to adopt an attitude of resigned
nihilism or fatalism. "What's the use?" But this is precisely the
mental attitude that he was fervently attacking. The earth
history-flow has a kind of "inertia" that he learned to read through
his highly refined and developed mental concentration. If we continue
on our present path, i.e. the "course of least resistance", the worst
of the horrible, apocaplyptic visions will be realized. But through
focused thought and determination the most severe scenarios can be

In the D.Cannon book Nostradamus repeatedly emphasizes the urgency of
his mission and his frustration with man's apathy in the face of his
predictions. In one channeling, the subject said that "his psychic
abilities are so profound and developed that had he lived in other
times he might have been revered almost as a God, but in the
Inquisition his talent was wasted." Nostradamus was something like a
psychoanalyst for the entire human race, and was quite frustrated
with his patient's continual tendency to sabotage and destroy
himself in spite of the doctor's--literally--divinely inspired

Another interesting theme is that Nostradamus, in II, seems to
indicate that the Antichrist is the embodiment of all evil in mankind
since the time of creation. In other words, our own evil thoughts and
deeds contribute indirectly and directly to the terrible crescendo
his horrible nature. The grisly earthly drama with him in the
starring role, foretold for centuries as far back as the Old
Testament of the Bible, is actually a lesson of the highest order for
us to clean our own mental and bodily temples of the encrusted
pollution of ages. The awesome power of our own thoughts will
confront us face to face. Just as the atrocities and genocide that
Hitler perpetrated under the name of the Reich are the logical
conclusion of insane fascism, racism, intolerance, and imperialism,
the shrieking crescendo of WWWIII is the embodiment of all our hidden
and concealed crimes against our fellow humans.

I would like to bring out an example of the importance and
interpretation that should be attributed to Nostradamus' prophecies.
In I p 141 (cVI-34) he correctly foresees the Challenger shuttle
disaster. But in his interpretation, he also indicates that NASA
would coverup the source of failure and not reveal it to the general
public. This arguably occurred, but because of the dynamic efforts of
one man in particular *outside* of NASA, the truth of the disaster
has probably in fact been revealed.

The man is the eminent physicist Richard Feynman, who wrote about his
experience on the Challenger investigation committee in his book,
"What do you care what other people think, Mr. Feynman?" Throughout
his great work one can see very directly the efforts of NASA
administrators to put up a smokescreen to the public and defy his
determined, heroic efforts to find the truth. Did he indeed thwart
one of Nostradamus' many uncanny and depressing predictions? Can this
be regarded as a case of the power of an individual to defy the
smothering inertia of foretold negativity? Of the power of each one
of use to untangle and defy secret conspiracies, and those who derive
their power through the concealment of truth, and greedily, madly
clutch it?

Nostradamus refers to many different dark secrets of our times,
ranging from the Cabal that manipulates the world economy and
military conflicts to the unspeakably horrible secret military weapon
researches. Are we to assert that we have no influence over those who
attempt to conceal truth from us? Or would the world be a far better
place if we all had the dogged determination and curiosity that
Feynman embodied? The courage to defy and transcend people who say
"you don't know what you're doing and you have no place in this
matter"? Or not be bludgeoned into silent submission by keywords
like "matter of national security"? as our governments develop the
most grisly weapons of destruction ever conceived in the history of

Nostradamus' underlying, "golden" message is that every individual
contributes to the flow of history, that free will exists and can
avert disaster through sensible use--but apathy is perhaps the most
negative and lethal contribution of all.

-- I. p 66

"There is free will. He wants you to know about them so the worse
effects can be avoided."

-- I. p 57

"Do not feel that civilization as we know it--or to be more
correct--as you know it, has a hopeless future. He says that with the
ability to understand what can happen with a planet and to have new
awareness within yourselves, that could always change the event of

"Even a shift in the axis?"


-- From the jacket of I, D.Cannon:

"Nostradamus believed, as I do, in the theory of `probable futures',
of nexus on the lines of time with many possible courses branching
off in all directions. He believed that if man had the knowledge he
could see which time line his future was headed down and reverse it
before it was too late."

h. FAQ Compiler's note

What is my motivation for writing this "FAQ"? In short I find these
books absolutely mesmerizing. They have opened up whole new
exhilarating research avenues for me, and I have seen deeply
receptive curiosity to the ideas out in cyberspace. However, the
books, from the perspective of pure prophecy, have exceedingly
scattered organization and superfluous and irrelevant detail and are
in desperate need of further editing, condensing, cross reference,
and interpretation. (This is not to criticize the fantastic trilogy
as it is intended, i.e., in addition to imparting the formal
interpretations, to paint the fascinating, shining,
previously-unknown personality and life of Nostradamus.)

But more generally I believe Nostradamus stands above humanity as a
man of the highest calibre and integrity. His sheer *gift* for
prophecy is repeatedly reinforced by the occurence of truly foretold
events as unparalled in history. I want to help spread the brilliant
light of his prophecies into our tumultuous, critical era of "The

The elements that most disturbed me of Nostradamus' prophecies were
the predictions of an apocalypse for civilization. Like most people,
I generally think we live in a great society unparalleled in
history. What is the future of cyberspace if the entire world and its
current massive communications infrastructures will be devastated?

The predictions that related the Antichrist's mad massacres for world
power as involving the manipulation and debasement of international
communications networks utterly stunned me. But it fit in with my
beliefs that we are forging these vast electronic networks with very
little concentrated thought, planning, or understanding, with no
concept of the vast power of the psychic energies we are tinkering
with and unleashing, like an uncontained and uncontrolled explosion,
and that Murphy's law that "if anything can go wrong it will" could
apply on a cataclysmic global scale. But the most psyche-shattering
revelation in these books for me, that the biblical Beast alluded to
is referring to *computers*, above all else has convinced me of the
absolutely cosmic significance of Nostradamus' prophecies and the
cut-to-the-bone relevance to *our* times, *now*. (See II, chapter 14:
"666: the Secret Number of the Beast").

Finally, Nostradamus seems to allude to a sort of future Inquisition
and period of martial law during which materials conflicting with
the Antichrist's philosophy and agenda of world conquest will be
suppressed. So I am "seizing the moment" and consolodating a large
amount of material for maximum distribution in a short amount of
time while cyberspace is still healthy, innocent, robust, and
unadulterated. I encourage you to help redistribute this document as
widely as possible in any form in any forum or medium. I also
encourage you to buy D.Cannon's trilogy for the ultimate reference, a
sort of "Handbook for the Global Apocalypse".

Above all, I hope that you will help play a positive role in the
cosmic drama that is unfolding before us. Will you be "another brick
in the wall" of the Antichrist? Or will you help to bring a new era
of peace, prosperity, and spiritual advancement to yourself and your
fellow man? Nostradamus emphasized that we still have free will, that
his prophecies are only based on a sort of "momentum" that the world
course is taking and that can be reversed by the awesome force of
personal, conscious, thoughtful, focused, virtuous choices and

e. Change history

v1.0 8/13/94

Initial revision. Book I only. Parts 1-8.

Apr 22, 2004, 7:54:19 AM4/22/04

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NO RIGHTS RESERVED. Any part of this FAQ may be copied in whole or
in part under no restrictions.

(This FAQ on Nostradamus interpretations and related material is
available at

The geological and spiritual earth shift (part 7)

a. Timing
b. The end of civilization
c. Geography
d. Preparations/Survival
e. Old vs. Young Souls
f. The New Age of spiritual rebirth
g. Reawakening of freedoms an rights
h. Peace after WWWIII
i. Spirituality transcends technology
j. Feminine aspects of God revered again
k. More open, frequent contact with aliens
l. "Green" revolution, return to the land
m. Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion
n. Great Genius unifies religion and science
o. Great Genius discovers the science of miracles
p. Astonishing feats of medicine
q. New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius

a. Timing

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are due to the activity caused by
the conjunction of the planets, which also affects the shift of this
planet. (I. p54) A shift will occur at the close of the century (I.
p52, I. p56). It will be abrupt as to be within a "six to ten-hour

b. The end of civilization


Civilization as you know it will cease to exist. (I. p53) Cities will
no longer exist as we know them. (I. p56)

c. Geography

Continents as you know them now will cease to exist or change
dramatically. (I. p52) All the central part of your continent as you
know it will be [spared]. Continents all over the earth will be
affected. The water mass as we know it now will cover a greater
percentage of the earth. Continents that are connected will be split,
divided by water that were not divided by water before. There will
not be any country that is not affected. A large portion of Asia will
be covered with water. Africa will have a channel cutting through it,
a new strait. (I. p56)

d. Preparations/Survival

Make humanity aware. Let people prepare themselves spiritually.
Intellectually become more aware of survival through climactic
changes. (I. p53) Problems of survival will be hardest in countries
turned into islands. (I. p69)

e. Old vs. Young Souls


I. p200

There is now a higher proportion of old souls in the world than there
has ever been before, because the old souls will be needed to help
the world survive. They can be found everywhere, permeated in the
oddest places. The old souls will be in communication with each other
and they are the ones that will help things hold together and

I. p261

Nostradamus states that his communication is intended to help us avoid
the worst-case scenarios of his visions that could be averted with
great determination and resolve. The time of troubles will be a very
trying time. The spirits on the earth at this time are there by
choice to work through major amounts of karma. Living in this
stressful period will be like concentrated karma, or the equivalent
of ten average human lifetimes.

The older and more advanced spirits volunteered. Some younger spirits
were simply feeling adventurous. Others are here not because they
wanted to in their hearts, but they had to or it would be the "end of
the line for them" as far as spiritual advancement. They're not fully
volunteers but just enforced volunteers, so to speak, because they
knew they had no other choice. Most of the people are understandably
unhappy, but some make the best of the situation and some don't.

f. The New Age of spiritual rebirth


The shift will usher the beginning of a new age. (I p53, I. p56) Even
though there will be physical deaths, there is no death of people's
consciousness, but a different awareness. Do not feel that people
would not know life. There will be those that will be left here to
make a new beginning for the earth. (I. p56)

I. p224

Whether the worst of the events prophecied come to pass, there will be
a great spiritual rebirth throughout the world. Individuals will have
the opportunities to "get in touch with themselves" and come to a
realization about the falsehoods of materialism. After communication
is restored after the time of troubles, people will come to this
realization together, and a great rebirth of philosophy that blends
the Eastern and Western religions will ensue.

It will be a worldwide movement upholding the Truth as everyone
perceives it, bringing about the best aspects of the Age of Aquarius.
Focusing on this "ray of hope" during the time of troubles could
alleviate the worst aspects of the suffering, the the materialism of
the majority of the population will regrettably make this unlikely.

g. Reawakening of freedoms an rights


I p 281 (cII-44)

The U.S. will suffer defeats fighting the Antichrist as well as an
internal political deterioration during the time of troubles. When
the time of troubles are over people will celebrate their victory and
freedom, and reawaken in the U.S. the spirit of liberty and rights
embodied by the Statue of Liberty, which were dead during the time of
the Antichrist's tyranny. The people will regain their rights and
the way of life improve from the dark times.

h. Peace after WWWIII

I p 281 (cVI-24)

An American president with a strong Cancer influence will push for
war and cause events to fall in place for it. But after WWWIII the
populace will be repulsed by war and elect a new president. He will
want peace and work for it, and peace will reign for some time

i. Spirituality transcends technology

I p 283 (cIV-29)

This quatrain refers to the grand design that is emanating from the
"center of the wheel" during the time of troubles and the healing
period afterwards. The sun and Mercury/Hermes are symbols of "the
higher aspects". The sun in this quatrain represents the overall
power of the universe from which everything originates. Mercury
represents the materialistic aspects of technology. Hermes, in
relation with Mercury, symbolizes modern communications technology.
Vulcan, i.e. one who works with fire, represents warfare.

The "hidden sun" represents the fact that the societies of the world
have gotten out of touch with their spiritual source. They are
ignorant of their origin and the "meaning of life" and they search
for fulfillment and happiness in other areas, and do not succeed.
They think it's found in modern technology, hence the "sun being
eclipsed by Mercury". It's held only second because what people
really hold first is personal pleasure and happiness. And in trying
to find happiness in technology they separate themselves from the
central source of the universe.

By the end of WWWIII and the time of troubles, and the healing process
begins, people will be reunited with the source. The horrors of war
and bloodshed--the powers of Vulcan--will cause them to realize that
technology does not contain the answers to happiness. They will gain
a new insight into "from whence they sprang and where they are
going". The time of healing will usher a more spiritually mature age,
and people will be able to heal themselves and the world, and go far
in preparing to join the community fo the Watchers.

The central hub of the "wheel" represents the source of everything and
radiating spokes symbolize channels of power. The space between the
spokes contains different scenes in the background, representing the
various influence the "aspects" have on historical developments as a
result of the intensity of the associated energies.

j. Feminine aspects of God revered again


I p284 (cII-87)

The feminine aspects of God have been ignored, neglected and reviled.
After the demise of the Antichrist the pendulum will swing back into
balance. In early ages and in ancient societies the female aspect of
God was worshipped and revered. The masculine aspect was also
respected but was subordinate. During the patriarchal era, which
extends into the present, the female aspect was suppressed and
repressed. Society will come to terms with the divinity of both
masculine and feminine aspects. This realization will help foster a
more balanced worldview.

k. More open, frequent contact with aliens


I p286 (cI-29)

After the time of troubles there will be much closer and open contact
with aliens and UFOs. One alien race will be heading for an undersea,
seafloor base they have established but the craft will malfunction
and be cast up on the shore. The people will perceive them as the
enemy out of terror. Some of the "Others" are enemies, and some are
not. There is more than one group of "Watchers". Some mean well for
mankind and some have more selfish motives in mind.

l. "Green" revolution, return to the land


I p 286 (cII-19)

People will turn to peace after the horrors of the Antichrist. A
"green" revolution with roots in the social revolution of the early
1970s will ensue. People will live in extended families beyond the
nuclear families of the modern era. Larger families and groups of
people are needed to build and support new communities. The new
communities will be very earth- and ecology-conscious. They will help
heal the earth of the horrible degradations of weaponry from WWWIII.

They will reclaim and cultivate wasted, misused, or unusable land for
farmland. Since the will for peace is all-encompassing, building
defenses will not be necessary. In direct reversal of the 20th
century trend, cities will be torn down to expose soil to sunlight
and make room for farming. So many will have died during WWWIII that
plenty of land will be available to the low-density population.
People will be inherently pacific and reclaim land beneath concrete
instead of fighting over land.

m. New political alliances

I p302 (cII-22)

After the calamitous events of the late 20th century, the present
alliances among the countries, particularly western nations, will
dissolve and new alignments will form. During the interim period the
people involved with the peace-keeping system beneath the existing
alliance will be "at loose ends". A secret naval or intelligence
base, will be constructed on the American continental shelf
underneath the ocean for secrecy. Heads of staff will meet there to
decide what action to take in regard to the new alliance. NATO will
not be known by this name but will live on in a similar organization
that stemmed from it. This will be dissolved due to the stress
countries underwent duing the time of troubles.

n. Scientific discoveries reaffirm Eastern religion

I p302 (cII-22)

Military scientists--not those researching weapons, but doing
research-- will discover a new force other than the basic ones of
electricity, magnetism, gravity, etc. shortly after the time of
troubles. This new force will give supporting evidence for Eastern
religious views. The countries in this part of the world,
particularly India, will "turn inward" to contemplate the discovery
and rise in greater glory than through outward communication with
other nations. It is not so much a discovery but a realization.

The evidence for the force has been in front of us bu the facts have
been misinterpreted and misassociated with other phenomena, such as
"statistical aberration". The force will relate to mystical phenomena
such as teleportation.

o. Great Genius unifies religion and science

I p 295 (cVII-14)

The Great Genius will help unify science and religion and bring about
the enlightenment and peace of the Age of Aquarius foretold by
prophets. People will be able to free their inner selves and open
themselves up to the higher powers and the higher levels of the
universe. In effect it will make everyone a philosopher. Sects and
religions that embrace the newly discoverd principles will be
widespread as adherents meet and share experiences in exploring the
"upper regions".

p. Great Genius discovers the science of miracles

I p 296 (cIII-2)

The great genius will realize the magic of alchemy through his
discoveries and inventions. The new philosophy engendered by his
discoveries will encourage the development of mental powers and
anything will seem possible in the climate of a greater unity of
mind, soul, body, and emotions. People will be able to manipulate the
basic forces of the universe in a wa that will seem utterly fantastic
to those not involved with the occult. People presently involved in
occult and psychic realms currently deal with these forces without
understanding, but in the future understanding will be present,
sharpening the efficacy of the art.

q. Astonishing feats of medicine

I p 301 (cII-13)

Future medicine will reach astonishing sophistication by today's
standards and will eventually be able to renew a body or "breath back
the spirit" into, i.e. reanimate, the body. A breakthrough in
science will have a profound effect and man will finally "touch God",
so to speak. The spiritual core of the universe that animates
everything through lifeforce will be discovered, the central source
of this the divine spirit. It will seem like a profound rebirth of

r. New philosophy of the Age of Aquarius

I p 302 (cI-69)

A new philosophy will emerge in the New Age, more compatible with the
reality of the higher planes and life on earth. The philosophy will
have seven basic tenets that appear simple on the surface but are
actually very deep. After a period of peace the people of earth will
become lax and uncaring of the higher aspects of spirituality because
they "have it easy". A war and famine and other hardships will turn
minds toward higher realizations as people think there must be
something more to their existence. It will absolve existing
contradictions in philosophies that perplex people, and will overturn
older, established religions. It will have sociological effects and
will affect the laws of countries. The philosophy has its roots in
the Age of Aquarius.

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"Grab Bag" (part 8)

a. Past events
b. Coverups
c. Atlantis
d. Great Genius
e. Far Future

This is a collection of quatrains in the trilogy that don't fit
elsewhere in the FAQ. They are included here as examples and hints of
the material that Nostradamus covered and the extent of his visions.
Consult D.Cannon's books for the information.

a. Past events

These are quatrains that refer to past events. I am including them
here to give the reader a way to judge Nostradamus' credibility in
prophesying. D. Cannon has hundreds of other unpublished
interpretations on the past history that would enhance his reputation
even more, but these are just the ones in her trilogy. Note that
Nostradamus dealt especially with calamitous world events like WWI
and WII, and areas of personal interest, e.g. the French Revolution
or advances in science and medicine.

Discovery of microorganisms by Pasteur. I p130 (cI-25)
WWI and WII, atomic bombing I p132 (cIII-75)
radiation from atomic bombing I p132 (cV-8)
Hitler's fall and suicide, backlash against Nazism I p 133 (cIII-36)
Japanese and German imperialism in WWII, atomic bomb I p 134 (cIV-95)
Nixon's diplomacy with China I p 135 (cII-89)
Cold war and the Cuban Missile Crisis I p 137 (cV-78)
Microchips, electronics/communication revolution I p 140 (cIII-13)
Challenger shuttle disaster, NASA politics I p 141 (cVI-34)
Misuse of Presidential office in Watergate I p 184 (cVII-41)
Abuse of power by unsavory fundamentalist leaders I p 150 (cII-27)
Rise of AIDS I p 157 (cII-53)

b. Coverups

These are some quatrains that refer to current or past situations but
are not part of recorded history due to the coverups. If evidence of
these came to light it would certainly be outstanding evidence of
Nostradamus' capabilities for seeing the truth or at least the
significance of the D.Cannon books.

-- Secret Russian voyage to Venus I p138 (cIV-28)

The Russians sent a manned mission to Venus as a way of competing with
the American mission to the Moon. The astronauts died.

-- Secret Viet Nam involvement and POW's I p137 (cII-89)

The U.S. is covertly involved in manipulating Viet Nam political
structure and actual American prisoners are being held, not
necessarily from the war, but from the secret involvement.

c. Incidents

These are miscellaneous events predicted for our times.

-- Discovery of alien meteorite/ore I p.160 (cI-21)

Somewhere in western North America a meteorite will be found by miners
looking for ore. They think it might be radioactive but it is a
useful new element on the periodical table.

-- Tomb of ancient influential Roman philosopher discovered I p 197

The tomb of an ancient Roman figure will be discovered. The man is
famous for his philosophy and theories about everything, and his
discourses and writings on the nature of things, which are still in
existence, and have had a profound effect on Western thought.

d. Atlantis

I p304: Atlantean civilization existed and the people could work
stone with energies the way modern man uses concrete or metal.
Physical evidence of Atlantis is spread around the world, one site of
the civilization was in the Atlantic on a now-submerged island. The
civilization was destroyed when the earth plunged through an asteriod
field, either through accident or the deliberate intent of aliens who
felt "threatened" by advancing civilization.

e. "Great Genius"

- The Genius will come the second generation after the Antichrist
when people of child-bearing age today have grandchildren, in the
mid-21st century. (I p 300)

- Great Genius builds space stations and successful artificial
intelligence machine, transferring his consciousness to it.
Intelligent machines used to manage space stations. Occurs in 21st or
22nd centuries. I p289 (cIV-32)

- During the time of the Great Genius L-5 space stations will be
developed for manufacturing materials in space. Scientific base
possibly established on Mars, scientific and communications facility
established on the moon. The station will be built negligently. New
ways of collecting and distributing solar energy will be devised. I p
300 (cIX-65)

- The Great Genius will unify religion and science and explain
ancient documents, making clear the metaphysical connections between
the universe and spirituality. I p 293 (cVII-14)

- Discovery several centuries after the Great Genius intermeshes
grandly with his knowledge and allows people to burst free
from all physical bounds and limitations. I p 297 (cIII-94)

f. Far Future

I p 307 (cIV-25)

Mankind will begin to focus on developing himself spiritually. The
knowledge for the task has been in front of him but has not been
noticed or understood. When he begins to realize what is possible it
will astound him.

In the far future interstellar space travel will take place by mind
emanations and psi power, rather than mechanical means. I p 307

I p 308 (cI-17)

Long after the time of the Antichrist and the time of troubles a
"forty-cycle" drought will come about. People will survive only by
extracting water by melting ice at the poles and distilling it from
sea water. Later, the climate will become very wet and copious
flooding will occur. This is a natural cycle of the earth, and it
causes civilizations to perish during ice ages. "forty cycles" is
something like four thousand years. Man will cause the problems
because some aspect of his technology will be endangering the
delicate balance of the ecosystem enough to eventually trigger an ice

I p 311 (cX-74)

The "end of the world" will arrive after the seventh cycle which we
are currently living in. After this cycle is complete, man's
accomplishments on Earth will generally be complete, and even though
the Earth will exist for some time forward, the wheel of karma will
no longer send man to earth but to other locations.

Human civilization will have fallen down and been rebuilt several
times. Some of the old traditions of e.g. bloody, violent gladatorial
games will be passed down through the times into the far future.

I p 312 (cI-48)

If man can avert the wars, a extensive and peaceful space expansion
and exploration can take place, with times of growth and prosperity
for humanity. A base will be established on the moon, a major center
of communications and scientific research. The base's major purpose
is to develop freestanding or self-sufficient space stations in
various shapes. All have solar sails that provide energy. This will
last for up to 7000 years.

The sun in our solar system will eventually explode in one last burst
of energy and then die down to nothing. This will totally incinerate
the planet, although the earth will have long since been dead.


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World War III (part 6)

a. Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death
b. Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East
c. Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar

d. Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates
e. Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London
f. Antichrist conquers Europe

g. The Antichrist invades Britain
h. The crucial meeting on the naval carrier
i. Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane cannibalism

j. Antichrist's commander succumbs to key strategic failure
k. Russia breaks free of the Antichrist
l. North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe, Russia forms
m. Ogmios confronts the Antichrist, fate of world in balance
n. Antichrist eventually dethroned

a. Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death


I. p.55

Because of the new awareness the western civilization has come upon,
and because of the accelerated rate of the shifting of the earth's
crust, and because of the conjunction of the planets, the war *might*
be avoided. Depending on the speed at which the natural events occur.
For as in any civilization, when natural disasters occur this is more
prominent than military conquest.

I p252 (cII-40)

During the time of troubles and WWWIII there will be massive naval,
air, and land battles. The ultra-secret weapons that are brought
forth will shock and stun the world.

I p 272 (cVIII-17)

The Antichrist will not hesitate to use bacteriological warfare as
well as conventional warfare, causing hunger, fire and plagues. The
causative organisms will be more virulent than ever and hence
increasingly lethal.

I p 253 (cII-18)

When the Antichrist is taking over Europe, nuclear weapons will wreak
havoc like lighting strikes, and from them a "milky rain" will occur.
Weapons currently beyond our imagination will wreak unparalleled
devastation. Corpses will litter the landscape. The very earth will
"cry out in pain". The Antichrist will be so terrible, horrible, and
powerful that the rightful rulers of countries will be utterly
terrified and will not do anything to stop his ravages. Entire
dynasties will be wiped out.

I p 254 (cIII-19)

Before the Antichrist takes over a place, he will rain down death and
destruction so that he can seize without opposition. He will travel
far from his resting place in doing this. Some of this devastation
will make past heinous events of the prior world wars "look like
child's play". Unlike Hitler's "rain of blood" he will use a "rain of
blood and milk."

b. Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East


I p252 (cII-60)

A major nuclear confrontation will occur in the Middle East. The
aggressor will have broken a promise not to use nuclear weapons in
warfare. Naval fleets kept in the area by other powers will be
scattered in ruins from the violence of the blast.

Radioactive fallout and its effect on people, animals, and weather,
and erupting volcanoes will turn the water of that part of the ocean
a muddy red color. Because of this bodies will appear to float in
blood. Because of the blasts and earth changes, rivers will change
their course, and political boundary lines based on them will be

The U.S. will have a Democratic president at the time. He will get
involved with the conflict as a way of trying to stimulate the
economy from a depression.

c. Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar


I p 225 (cIII-10)

The Antichrist, during the Mediterranean campaign, will take over
Monaco as a crucial strategic position to advancing to Italy and
southern Europe. The successor to Prince Ranier, apparently one of
his sons, will be imprisoned after the takeover as an obstacle.

I p 230 (cI-77)

In the Antichrist's Mediterranean battle Gibraltar will play a key
role. The key general, a naval officer, will succeed in saving
Gibraltar from the Antichrist's forces but will later die in an
automobile accident.

I p 235 (cI-71)

The Rock of Gibraltar will be a strategic position, captured and
retaken three times by various forces.

I p 232 (cI-98)

Marines on naval battlecarriers will confront the Antichrist when he
attempts to invade Eurpoe in the area of Crete and Thessaly, but they
will be outgunned and have to retreat probably to Gibraltar. In the
very fierce and bloody battle the Antichrist will have to transfer
many of his troops to a supply ship after a fighting ship is sunk.

d. Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates


I p 250 (cVI-97)

In WWWIII many existing diplomatic ties between nations will be broken
and realigned. One that will continue to hold however is the alliance
between France and the U.S. A force aligned with the Antichrist will
send a bomb aimed at New York City. It will be spotted and tracked as
it approaches. The U.S. defense system will feverishly concentrate on
diverting or disabling the bomb, and the U.S. will not be able to
retaliate. As proof of their loyalty the French are asked to
retaliate, which they do with several bombs and weapons.

The response will be immediate. The American leader uses a hotline to
communicate to the French Marshal, who launches self-propelled bombs
with "tongues of fire" against the aggressor. In this war some of
the bombs will hit New York and some will be diverted. The bomb
referred to here will be prematurely detonated along the flightpath,
saving the city. Many human lives will be spent when planes flying
around the bomb, trying to divert or destroy it, are blown up.

e. Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London


I p242 (cII-6)

New York and in London will be hit with scourges from bacteriological
warfare, a deadly "bug", either bacteria or virus or some type of
disease-causing organism. It will be released into the atmosphere to
affect the populations of New York and London. Because of separation
and different gene pools, spontaneous mutations in the organisms
will affect the two populations in different ways. It will appear to
be two different diseases even though it was caused by the same

As a result of this plague the metropolitan infrastructures will break
down. The people near but outside the cities will panic and shun the
cities and refuse to deliver available food, effectively putting them
into quarantine. The city dwellers will starve to death in droves.
People will loot and raid stores, and soldiers will stab them off at
bayonet point. The government will try to evenly distribute the
remaining food but the people will panic and they call on God to
relieve them from their misery.

f. Antichrist conquers Europe

I p 278 (cIX-73)

The Antichrist will take over Europe and begin to toy with the idea of
establishing some kind of dynasty. Because of his background he is
obsessed with power and attracted to the way that a ruling family
line can have a major effect on the flow of history, manipulating
society over a long span of time through familial line, far beyond
the influence of a single individual. But his plans will not
materialize because he is overthrown by Ogmios and his monstrosities
will be counterbalanced with positive forces to heal the earth,
directed by the Great Genius.

g. The Antichrist invades Britain


I p 230 (cII-68)

In his European campaign the Antichrist will attempt to overtake
Britain, particularly to seize its naval forces for further advances.
England will resist and initially fend off the advance, with support
from the U.S. However, it is likely that the Antichrist will
eventually overcome England and the more passionate members of the
underground will flee to Ireland and Scotland. The Antichrist will
not succeed in overtaking the entire island. North England, Scotland,
and Ireland will not succumb, possibly aiding the reunification of
Ireland to fight the Antichrist. Patriotic and stubborn Irish and
Scottish spirit will play a favorable role in turning the tide.

I. p 228 (cIII-16)

The British prince, a member of the English royal house, will be eager
to lead his troops into battle to defend his own and neighboring
countries that have treaties with Britain. He will confront the
Antichrist's forces in two major engagements and will be defeated in
one. He will be outflanked and will have to retreat in disgrace.

Nevertheless the opposing forces will curse him because he was a
valiant fighter, and his brashly engaging in battle disrupted some of
the Antichrist's carefully laid plans for the conquest of Europe. The
man will return to England and the population will give him a hero's
welcome for his bravery despite the defeat.

h. The crucial meeting on the naval carrier


I p 257 (cII-75)

During WWWIII and the great turmoil, an airplane will come for a
landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier. It will be from a nation
foreign to the country that owns the carrier. The balance of
political powers of the two sides involved will be very complex and

The plane is from a power "slightly more aligned to the other side"
although still basically neutral. But to have any kind of contact
with the country that owns the carrier would have severe political
repercussions relative to the war, so the generals of the carrier are
reluctant to give permission to the plane to land. The plane will
carry an important political or military leader and an important
emissary who needs to deliver important documents and messages. The
situation will be very fragile and volatile.

i. Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane cannibalism


I p 257 (cII-75)

During WWWIII shipping and normal trade will be seriously disrupted.
Some countries will have excesses of food, such as bushels of wheat,
but the price will be so out of proportion that no one will be able
to buy it. In countries where there is famine, people will resort to
cannibalism to stay alive. The wheat in other countries will be
stored in silos and rot because they cannot get rid of it, cannot
sell it. The price of the wheat is enormous in cost partly because it
is very dangerous to deliver or ship it anywhere during wartime.

I p 251 (cV-98)

A very great drought will occur in the European continent during the
time of the Antichrist. Fish will die as seas, rivers, and lakes
boil. The Antichrist will be behind it. This event is not the same
but is related to the boiling fish at the Dark Point (I p 181,
cII-3). Two sites will be in distress from "fire in the sky".

I p 268 (cII-18)

The extremes in weather during the time of the Antichrist will affect
a battle. Extreme rain and hail will take by surprise two armies
lined up to do battle. As an alternative plan to confrontation they
try to fly planes above the clouds to drop bombs on the opposing
forces, "fire and stones falling from the sky".

I p168 (cIX-31)

The earth, after a relative period of peace, will suffer a great
natural disaster, involving severe earthquakes that rip the crust
open, spewing lava. The major earthquake will trigger other
earthquakes that will destroy large land areas. Famine and fighting
will set in. Countries will fight with each other over surplus food:
India and China will march to seize the corn and wheat fields of
Russia and eastern Europe. Communications will break down. Religious
leaders will lose credibility because of the inability to explain the
earth changes. Christianity will falter.

I p 259 (cI-67)

The climactic changes caused by the detonation of the terrible weapons
will cause famines in scattered areas, and conditions will get worse.
The uninhabitable regions will continue to grow until the areas
connect large surfaces of the earth's land masses, and the majority
of humanity will be suffering. People will become virtually insane
with the persistent lack of food, and will eat things like tree
roots, and even seize newborn infants.

j. Antichrist's commander succumbs to key strategic failure

I p 272 (cVI-33)

The Anti-Christ's surpreme commander will make a major failure
of judgement on the field in an extremely strategic battle
and the bulk of his forces
are captured or killed. The supreme commander misuses some
technology that has not yet been developed, causing his downfall.

k. Russia breaks free of the Antichrist


I p 272 (cVI-21)

The Antichrist will seem all powerful and all conquering and the
situation will appear hopeless. But "his star will be falling" and
his power will crack in crucial places. The U.S., Canada, Russia, and
later, northern Europe, unite together. In particular, even though
the Antichrist has taken over all of Asia, after a period he is no
longer able to control Russia. Russia breaks free and unites with the
unconquered countries.

The alliance strikes terror into the Antichrist who glimpses the
beginning of the end and his potential failure. He chooses another
field commander to continue his campaign, but the effort fails.
Rhodes and Byzantium, the site of his regional headquarters, will be
engaged in the most intense fighting. The "northern pole alliance"
will diminish his power by breaking down his chain of command,
communication capabilities, etc. and attempt to break his
stranglehold on his conquered territories. This is the beginning of a
turning point in WWWIII.

l. North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe, Russia forms

I p 272 (cVIII-17)

At a point the Antichrist's forces become complacent from so many
frequent and rapid conquests. They will begin to lose some battles
and see their power is not forever.

The Antichrist will have taken over a large part of the world and will
become complacent. "Three brothers", the "alliance of the pole", i.e.
North America, Europe, and Russia, will trouble the Antichrist and
his world will tremble. France will be united with the alliance in
spirit, if not actually physically, because the country will weakened
seriously from the Antichrist's degradations.

m. Ogmios confronts the Antichrist, fate of world in balance

I p 273 (cV-80)

A leader figuratively referred to as "Ogmios" will confront the
Antichrist in battle. The crux of the pivotal struggle of WWWIII will
be in the "gray area" between Europe and Asia. The outcome will be
questionable for some time. During the time the Antichrist is in
power there will be constant skirmishes and battles between his
barbarian forces and those still free of his tyrannical rule.

I p 277 (cII-85)

Ogmios will eventually emerge triumphantly victorious over the
Antichrist, but it will be a long, gradual, arduous struggle.

n. Antichrist eventually dethroned

I p 278 (cIX-73)

The Antichrist will rule for "less than the revolution of Saturn"
(29.5 years), far less than the grand span of time he envisions. His
reign will be temporary, because his power is like building a fire
with grass; it burns very hotly but quickly. His effect on history
and his "time in the limelight" will be limited. The time from WWII
to the end of WWWIII and the time of troubles will almost encompass
a century in itself.

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The Antichrist (part 3)

a. Antichrist's rise to power in Middle East
b. Antichrists' unified monetary system
c. Antichrist's seizure of Asia
d. Antichrist's cultural eradication & European campaign
e. Antichrist's ravage of the Catholic Church
f. Antichrist's invasion of Turkey
g. Switzerland alarmed by Antichrist's Nazism in Germany
h. International (non)reaction to the Antichrist

a. Antichrist's rise to power in Middle East


I p189 (cIII-34)

The Antichrist will spend many years working silently behind the
scenes to consolodate his power, and make his appearance onto the
international arena once the structure is in place. He will have
planned carefully and the countries he goes against will be
unprepared for his golden-tongued treachery.

I p 190 (cVIII-77)

The Antichrist is the power behind the scenes, pulling the strings,
and has not yet made his move to reveal himself. He is like a spider
waiting for his time, taking advantage of the world situation to make
his move.

I p 180

When his time comes he will take advantage of the political situation
in a country to rise to power. It will not matter that he is not a
native of the country. He will take advantage of loopholes and
contrive positions. He may aggressively and audaciously seize a
position in a military organization after his uncle dies, for

I p 234 (cI-34)

The Antichrist will foment rebellions within the countries he's aiming
to take over. He will allow the various political splinter groups to
believe he supports their cause, when he is actually playing them
against each other. The countries will turn in on themselves,
weakening them for his outside conquest.

I p 219 (cII-23)

The Antichrist will take over Iran by using a human decoy to trick the
Ayatollah in power. This will involve the "yes men" and sycophants of
the Ayatollah's court. The Antichrist will first drive away internal
supporters of the Ayatollah by starting a civil war. Then he will put
forth a man as a leader, a man for Iranians loyal to the Ayatollah to
concentrate their hate on. The man will be assassinated while Iran is
being taken over, and his opponents will think they have foiled the
overthrow of power by assassinating him. But they will find out later
he was merely a decoy and that they played into the plans of the

I p 211 (cII-81)

The Antichrist will initially obtain power in his own sphere, Asia,
and the Middle East. As he grows out of this arena, i.e. into Europe,
the next step will be into the Mediterranean, approaching from the
south, his area of strength. Because of his Middle Eastern heritage
he will have already united North Africans, who are sympathetic to his
cultural background, with his Asian and Middle Eastern conglomerate.

b. Antichrists' unified monetary system


I p 219 (cI-40)

The Antichrist will start uniting the monetary systems of his region
to help merge them into a single political entity. His ambition to
rule the world will be advanced by instituting a single currency with
others going defunct. There will be a resistance to this,
particularly by a popular, charismatic leader from Egypt, demanding
the edict and law be withdrawn that requires the Arab nations give up
their currencies and be submissive to the unified political

c. Antichrist's seizure of Asia


I p 189 (cIV-50)

The Antichrist will take over Asia by appointing subcommanders to rule
vast tracts of land for him. But their ties to him will be masked and
the world will not realize they are merely puppets until a succession
of them are installed in the place of predecessors. At first the U.S.
will not interfere because it is thought the government was freely
chosen by the people, but only later realize the leaders were forced
on the populace as mouthpieces and tools for the Antichrist.

I p 188 (cIII-95)

Russia will be his first major Asian
conquest and he will do it not through force but through guile and
his compelling persuasiveness. He will trick the Russians to come
under his power and there will be nothing they can do about it. They
will think they are acting in their own best interests. The Middle
East will be mostly under his control before he turns to Russia. Then
he turns to China and the rest of the Asian continent, to build a
position to take over the entire world. He will not trick the Chinese
but will some other method.

d. Antichrist's cultural eradication & European campaign


I p194 (cII-15)

When the second pope is assassinated, the Antichrist will begin his
European campaign. The Prime Minister of Britain and the U.S.
President will go into consultation over the matter. They will meet
at sea like Churchill and Roosevelt did for better security and
secrecy of the meetings.

I p 211 (cII-81)

During the use of his weapons and the ravages of war, one of the
devastatingly effective plans of attack by the Antichrist is to
threaten the destruction of the victim's cultural centers, not so
much physical destruction of the populace. Because the population
attributes great value to places and artifacts with large historical
and cultural significance, the terrorist-extortionist technique will
be very powerful in striking fear into his foe and "bringing them to
their knees".

To put Europe into an initial shock, he will begin to smash and
destroy the city of Rome to rubble via aerial bombing raids. It will
be destroyed to such an extent that the "seven hills of Rome" will be
levelled. Rome will be be so annhilated as to be threatened by an
encroachment from the sea, destroying all that is left.

He will also threaten the cultural centers of Greece and the great
Greek cultural centers of learning, including Athens. Most cultural
treasures and major metropolitan centers of the entire peninsula
will be destroyed. The world leaders will be momentarily shocked and
paralyzed by his barbarity. In the presense of their indeciveness and
absence of their action he will make great strides in taking over
territory and governments. The Antichrist will continually use
shocking and unprecedented moves like these to advance his domination
throughout the entire WWWIII.

The eradication of cultural treasures also fits in with the
Antichrist's ulterior motive of wiping out the established culture to
supplant it with his own, like the Moors attempted when they invaded
Spain, except in his case on the level of an entire continent.

I. p226 (cII-84)

Drought and weather changes will take place during the time of
troubles. The Antichrist will take over Italy and Greece by
destroying the cultural centers to devastate morale of the subjugated

e. Antichrist's ravage of the Catholic Church


I p214 (cV-43)

In addition to the cultural destruction of European cultural centers,
the Antichrist will ransack the Vatican library with the intent of
ultimately destroying it. He will do this to undermine the authority
of the Vatican and break up the power fragments that remain. One way
he will do this is by revealing important, controversial material
hidden in the Vatican library that the Catholic church will be seen
to have suppressed because of the threat to its authority. This will
cause major schisms in the church as priests and students turn
against each other in their theories and interpretations of the new
material. The confusion and chaos will remove the Catholic church as
an obstacle to the Antichrist's plans.

I p215 (cI-62)

The ransacking of the Vatican library by the Antichrist will bring to
light and open to the world information, facts, and knowledge that
had been suppressed for several centuries. Even though he uses
violence, the Antichrist will actually be burning off his karma
because of the positive effects of the release, starting a new cycle,
higher cycle of his karma.

I p216 (cII-12)

The people involved with the Catholic church, particularly the
priests, will cling to the old order even though it is not viable and
dead as far as working within the reality of the changed times. The
Antichrist and the last pope will be "robbing blind" the Church. The
Antichrist will desecrate and raid the Vatican library and cart away
the treasures of the church to help fund his armies. The Catholic
church will become totally superfluous, and contribute to its own

f. Antichrist's invasion of Turkey


I p 209 (cV-25)

When the Catholic Church in Rome is finally destroyed in a devastating
but mysterious "Act of Nature", people will be distracted from
noticing the more important event of the time, the Antichrist
invading Turkey.

I p 222 (cII-29,V-54)

After the destruction in Italy wrought by the Antichrist, he will go
over the mountains through France via airplane. He will attack Europe
from the south because he will have the solid backing of the Islamic
world and will already have bloodily subjugated North Africa and the
Middle east. He will set up regional headquarters in Turkey, and
other outposts, to rule and advance further conquests.

g. Switzerland alarmed by Antichrist's Nazism in Germany


I p 220 (cI-61)

While the Antichrist is in the process of taking over Europe, he will
back the Nazi party in Germany. The current popularity of Nazism
among the youth of Germany will lay the groundwork for this.
Eventually Switzerland will become alarmed and break its
centuries-old tradition of neutrality, taking the side against the
Antichrist and actively fighting.

I. p 229 (cII-39)

Infiltrators, spies, and traitors in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy
will be secretly working for the Antichrist's cause of taking over
Europe. The education establishment will be abandoned because it is
unsupportable during wartime.

h. International (non)reaction to the Antichrist


I p 220 (cII-96)

Diplomatic foul-ups in other countries will permit the Antichrist to
attain greater power. In the beginning, when he does not have a broad
base of power but is building on it, those in power elsewhere who can
do something about it will hesitate until it is too late. Even though
people realize he wields great power "from the dark side", his
demonic hatred and magnetism will enhance the fatal attraction. He
will advance his campaign by invading and conquering neighboring
countries, particularly because of the political turmoil and
instability of the realm. Eventually he will subdue the entire Asian
continent under his rule. The Antichrist will be in this period of
increasing his power during the visit of the comet visible from the
Northern hemisphere in about 1997.

I p 225 (cI-37)

The U.S. will vacillate in dissension during the conquests of the
Antichrist. Its power, influence, and "can do" capabilities will
have diminished in the international arena at the time. The populace
will argue over involvement vs. noninvolvement. Shipping will be very
dangerous because of submarine warfare practiced by the Antichrist.
Enemy soldiers in foreign ports will foul up sea-based commerce. Many
decisive battles in his wars will involve seaports. Many people will
die far away from home in the war.

I p 224 (cIII-7)

The various weaker countries threatened by the Antichrist's
imperialism will call on stronger ones for help, like the U.S. which
will initially be neutral and uncommitted. The Antichrist will be
attempting to take over part of the world using aerial warfare. In
one battle in the night a squadron of unmarked planes will rebuff his
advance, sent secretly by the U.S.

I p213 (cV-86)

Responsive, proactive countermeasures could have prevented the
destruction caused by the Antichrist but the political and diplomatic
strife among the Western powers will have failed to have "nipped the
situation in the bud". England and the U.S. will have enough military
power to confront the Antichrist but because of lack of consensus
neither will act quickly. A newly established alliance between the
two is only in its infancy at the time, and the powers have not
established the authority of overall decision-making in time. Also, a
breakdown in communications and transportation will cause important
political analysts to be cut off from advising the leaders. Meanwhile
the Antichrist will be making conquests in leaps and bounds.

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Scientific Achievements in the Time of Troubles (part 5)

Technology accidents

a. Nostradamus on the dangers of weaponry mixed with natural disaster
b. Weather modulation devices go awry, cause ice and hail
c. Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with underground chambers
d. Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms into atmosphere
e. Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from earth tumult
f. Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite storm
g. Research into warping time leads to disaster

The weapons of WWWIII

h. New, horrific, secret, radical weapons monstrosities in WWWIII
i. Atomic device creates greenhouse effect, devastates agriculture
j. Death by the "milky rain" weapon
k. "Explosion of light" causes horrible birth defects
l. The top-secret earthquake-triggering weapon ("ETW")
m. Diplomacy dies with international ETW terrorism
n. ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid faults
o. Antichrist obtains ETW through espionage, bribery, treachery
p. Death by radio waves


q. Human eugenics research advanced by the King of Terror
r. Eugenics scientists meet grisly deaths from public backlash

a. Nostradamus on the dangers of weaponry mixed with natural disaster

To avoid the worst effects of the pole shift, "Stop the explosions
that the military feels are so important." (I. p53) Understand that
what happens with your weaponry will have a large effect on how much
or how soon this devastation [of the shift] would occur. Make people
aware of the damage that can occur to their present weaponry system.
IF people become more aware of the damage that can be caused by the
military destruction, whether voluntary or involuntary-- if this can
be prevented, the reaction set off beneath the earth's surface would
be less damaging. (I. p57) It is the earth changes that will be
causing the danger of the weaponry, not the use of it. Accidents will
occur in the New World, because of natural earthquakes. The results
that would happen from an earthquake near one of your military
housing of the weaponry would cause your leaders to definitely
realize the dangers. (I. p69)

b. Weather modulation devices go awry, cause ice and hail


I p 163(cI-22)

Devices developed by man to manipulate the weather will go awry
because of faulty programming. They will cause a great deal of damage
through unseasonal ice and hail. The scientists don't understand the
forces they are dealing with and that the natural weather pattern
will overcome interference in attempting to attain proper balance.
The computers will fight the increasing intensity and break, damaged
beyond use.

c. Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with underground chambers


I p161 (cX-49)

In the US, in the Rocky Mountains, a complete city will be built near
to underground chambers blasted into a mountain for the storage of
secret records. The water pumped into a nuclear reactor will not be
totally purified, and an element in the reactor will cause a
meltdown, unleashing radioactive poison.

d. Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms into atmosphere


I p122 (cII-65)

Incompetent leaders who got their position by family prestige, in a
joint space venture between America and France, will be behind an
accident involving a space shuttle. The ship will have scientists on
board doing biological experiments to see the effect out of the reach
of gravity. An accident and malfunction will cause the ship to lose
orbit, break up and burn on reentry. Some of the microorganisms on
board survive the fall. They will have the potential of causing

e. Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from earth tumult


I. p55

With the earthquakes and volcanoes will be accidental explosion of the
weaponry that is buried in the ground. This is going to cause great
emotional turmoil within the U.S. and [Britain and France].

The countries in Europe will want a disarmament. It is important they
realize that if this disarmament of the weapons comes about, that
will take place in the Moslem countries also.

f. Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite storm


I p 243 (cI-46)

Research scientists will be investigating the powers associated with
the various energy fields of the earth. They'll try to harness the
powers for different purposes, including warfare. When they begin
experiments, in an area near the North Sea they will accidentally
rupture one of the earth's fields so that a beam of energy will shoot
out into space and draw a steady stream of meteorites to earth. They
will continue to rain down until the scientists can repair the
damage. Doing so will cause an earthquake from built up stress. The
research will be a secret government project. To the world at large
this will appear to be a natural phenomenon and will be recorded as
such in future history books, because the government will keep the
project concealed even after the accident.

g. Research into warping time leads to disaster


I. p.119 (cIII-92)

Scientists are researching how to warp and alter time to help change
the outcome of a war. Near the end of a war, after the second
failure, the research complex is destroyed in a large catastrophe.
Because they are dealing with powers they don't know how to control
it rips them apart. People not there assume they were hit by a
missle of some sort because of the destruction.

But what really happened was that the vortexes of energy they were
trying to deal with were not fine tuned enough to work with and they
got out of control. It appears to involve England and Northern
Europe. It's in our future but the groundwork has been laid already
by scientists working on secret projects in this direction. Something
may come of it in our lifetimes but the government will keep it under

The catastrophe will be very localized and will have some strange
side-effects in the dimension of time in the general area there. The
government was counting on it to give it an edge in the war and loses
it and will end up affecting the outcome of the war.

h. New, horrific, secret, radical weapons monstrosities in WWWIII


I p 223 (cIV-33)

Advanced technology that is currently being developed in secret,
referred to in other quatrains, will play a part in the time of
troubles. This will coincide with great famine, plagues, and
destruction with the onset of WWWIII.

I p 237

Nations will be desperate and will try anything to stop the
Antichrist. Scientists will search for new, even more radical weapons
for warfare that almost defy belief.

I p241 (cII-32)

Instruments of death built and refined during the time of the
Antichrist will wreak great destruction. Variations on atomic
weaponry and other devices will be developed. The ultimate
monstrosity in weapons will be created near Ravenna, culminating
research that is currently in progress during the time of troubles.
The weapons will particularly disrupt the natural earth ecology. All
sides in WWWIII will "have their fair share" of horrible weapons.

I p142 (cIV-30)

The space program will fall into disfavor through policy changes in
the government with the emphasis shifted in a different direction
than space exploration. The change is due to some nefarious policy
making behind the scenes the voting public is not aware of but would
not approve of if they knew about it. The policy changes of
redirecting the money toward military applications will contribute to
the horrors of the changes that are to come. The machinations behind
the scenes will not be exposed until a later date.

i. Atomic device creates greenhouse effect, devastates agriculture


I p193 (cX-70)

A type of atomic device, not exactly a bomb, will be created that when
set off can disrupt the planetary climate. It will displace an
airmass that will upset the balance of hot and cold, so that a
greenhouse effect will get out of balance and run to the extreme,
causing drastic changes in the climate, and wreak havoc on
agricultural production.

I p 195 (cX-71)

The earth and the air will freeze as another effect of the atomic
device described above. Many countermeasures to the devastating
climactic affects will be pursued but they will not succeed, in spite
of government announcements urging the population to be calm and not
to panic.

I. p55

A famine is caused by weaponry explosions. Accidents that will affect
the crops.

j. Death by the "milky rain" weapon


I p 253 (cII-18)

A "rain of milk" alludes to nuclear weapons with bizarre effects on
the weather, including a so-called "radiation rain". The weapons will
represent a combination of the worse aspects of nuclear and laser
weaponry. The laser weaponry, when it is shot down upon people, will
resemble a white substance coming down.

k. "Explosion of light" causes horrible birth defects


I p 255 (cI-64)

In WWWIII some of the weapons will scream through the skies before
they hit, terrifying and deadly to the population. An atomic or laser
weapon detonated at night will cause victims to think they have seen
the sun at night. The weapon produces a huge explosion of light. In
addition to vast climactic damage the weapon will produce monstrous
birth defects in babies, so that children will look almost "swinish"
(i.e. like pigs). Scientists will frantically search for ways to
alter the effects of the weapon's effect on newborns. A breakthrough
will eventually be made, based on an unexpected source in the animal

l. The top-secret earthquake-triggering weapon (ETW)


I p 237 (cIX-83)

A weapon will developed in secret underground laboratories that can
trigger earthquakes at existing fault zones. It will work from a
scientific principle recently discovered but not yet developed. The
weapon will involve an airplane or airborne origination that may
drop something or project a laser ray onto a region. An extension of
the device is carried in a plane that flies over the area and focuses
energy waves where the earthquake is to be triggered. The more
technologically complex power source will be based and channelled
from the secret laboratory via the plane.

The country that develops this will be able to hold it as a major
threat against major nations, because most nations have geological
faults that are susceptible to earthquakes and therefore the weapon.
The situation will parallel the development of the atomic bomb by the
U.S. in that the country will be the sole owner and the capability
for destruction will be so awe-inspiring and frightening that
everyone, including the infidels, will call upon the saints for

m. Diplomacy dies with international earthquake terrorism

The revelation of the weapon will cause a disintegration of diplomatic
nations and the United Nations will eventually dissolve, because the
paranoid nation that developed the weapon will not share its
technology but instead use it as a method of international

n. ETW unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid faults


The weapon will not be revealed immediately to the world. Only after
the country actually uses it and there is an earthquake generated by
it, followed by many others that occur without the characteristic
buildup of geological pressure, will people become suspicious. The
initial earthquake triggered by the weapon will be sufficient to
cause other earthquakes in a chain reaction. The San Andreas and New
Madrid faults in the U.S. will be affected. The San Andreas will
continually rumble and vibrate as a result of the earthquakes
triggered by the weapon, in time driving the New Madrid fault to
eventually erupt explosively and violently. Initially geologists will
think the earthquakes are due to natural causes but later information
will point elsewhere and they'll begin to be suspicious. After more
earthquakes and further evidence they will finally confront the
scientific world with the mounting evidence that they are not

o. Antichrist obtains ETW through espionage and treachery

During the time of radical earth changes this weapon will be applied
to create many earthquakes, generally before the Antichrist comes to
power. The nation that develops the machine builds it independent of
the Antichrist's forces, but later when he gains greater power he
will be able to acquire the weapon. He'll seize the machine for his
own agenda of worldwide conquest. The Antichrist will acquire the
machine through deceit, trickery, spies, bribery, and all other
nefarious means known to man.

p. Death by radio waves


I p 165 (cII-2)

A new type of weapon involving radio waves played at a certain
frequency will be developed. At certain frequencies and intensities
the energy can cause intense pain in the nerve endings and damage
areas of the brain, or even be lethal.

q. Human eugenics research advanced by the King of Terror


I p 244 (cX-72)

In 1999 and WWWIII many horrible areas of research will be pursued,
including a eugenics project, i.e. breeding humans for selected
characteristics. This particular research will have been ongoing for
decades. The scientists attempt to bring back some of the less
civilized, fiercer humans, still smart but cunning and strong, for
the purpose of infantry soldiers. The governments engage the breeded
humans in battles and the scientists will try to tabulate their
performance relative to normal human soldiers.

This will happen during the period of WWWIII and enormous social
unrest. U.S., Japan, Russia, and some European countries will be
involved. They have the gold to fund the research. A "King of
Terror", the "power behind the throne", is in charge of the project.
He has enormous secret influence and greatly feared, unchallenged
power over policy decisions in various countries.

r. Eugenics scientists meet grisly deaths from public backlash


I p 246 (cI-81)

A secret, isolated panel of scientists will develop super-weapons
during the time of troubles. They will somewhat unaware of the
worldwide wars because of their seclusion. After the "tide has
turned" they are no longer on the winning side and their identities
are exposed to the winning side. Their fate will be determined
according to their role in participation, with some meeting grisly

Three scientists in particular with the initials K, Th, and L will
meet with particularly dramatic demises. These scientists will be
chiefly involved with the eugenics project, one reason the populace's
reaction to their endeavors will be so violent. Many scientists are
involved but nine head the project. The project was started in the
1930s and has been carried on in different countries over the decades
since then. It will reach a culmination in the time of troubles.

Apr 22, 2004, 7:54:21 AM4/22/04

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Cast and Characters of the Time of Troubles

The Antichrist

a. Background/overview of the Antichrist
b. Political/religious philosophies of the Antichrist


c. The Celtic legend of the great orator

The Popes and the Catholic Church

d. Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist
e. Assassination of the current pope
f. Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's schemings
g. The treachery of the final pope
h. Demise of the Catholic Church

The Cabal and secret conspiracies

h. Cabal's teeth in the international power flow
i. Cabal involved in military and economic conquests
j. Cabal destroyed by the Antichrist
k. Fundamentalist fanatics' infiltrations into governments
l. Manipulation of the IRA in Ireland by the underworld
m. Wealthy U.S. businessman a closet revolutionary and Nazi

General international political climate

o. Fundamentalist censorship
p. Terrorist assassinations

a. Background/overview of the Antichrist

I p 186

The Antichrist made a promise to himself to rule the world in a past
incarnation and the wheel of karma has turned to give him the
opportunity in this lifetime. His potential and opportunities for
evil will be counterbalanced by the ability to do good. In early
1990s he is beginning the realization of his ambitions, and will
start his political career at a local level and keep advancing,
becoming ever more greedy of power.

I p178 (cI-76)

The Antichrist will become a world leader even though he misuses his
power. The root meanings of his names will give a clue of his destiny
and what he is capable of. The name may sound somewhat barbaric to
European ears. He will be influenced by old customs known in the
literature but generally forgotten.

I p178

The Antichrist will be worse than Hitler. In ~1989 he's living in the
Middle East. He is at a very crucial time in his life, when
impressions will influence his future lifepath. Currently in the
realm there is a lot of violence, political maneuvering, and
corruption. The atmosphere is having an effect an effect on him and
he's coming to realize what his destiny is.

I p 190 (cVIII-77)

He will succeed in conquests but only at the cost of terrible
bloodshed by conventional weapons, but will save his nuclear arsenal
for later unspeakable deeds. So many people will be killed that the
living will not be able to haul them away to be buried fast enough.
The people of the world will be accustomed to the sight of corpses
and the sight of death will will not make people squeamish because
they will be around it so much.

I p 182

Neither Kadaffi or the Ayatollah Khomeni are the Antichrist, but they
will contribute to the destabilization of the region that will aid
his rise to power.

I p180

He will be educated in Egypt because of its current stability and
strategic position to the Middle East and North Africa.

I p170

The social upheavals of the times will contribute to laying the way
open for the Antichrist to take over. Various countries will have
their social and political structure will be turned totally upside
down. Religious fanatics (not spiritual people) will come into power
and believe they are justified in their draconian campaigns. The
religious fervor allows the AntiChrist to come into power through
persuasive guile. His followers will regard him as a religious

I p 194 (cX-71)

Despite the massive propaganda campaigns of the Antichrist that paint
a grand and wondrous picture of his worldwide achievements, other
glimpses of his heinous atrocities "behind the scenes" will leak out.
He will not be able to live up to the image his followers project of

I p179 (cI-50)

The Antichrist will be in action near the Mediterranean Sea, the Red
Sea, and the Arabian Sea. He will gain immense world-wide power.
Thursday will be an important day for him, he will take it as his day
of worship. He will be a threat to everyone but particularly in the
East because he will control both China and Russia and the entire
Asian continent under his control, for the first time in world

I p 234 (cI-55)

The social and political upheavals orchestrated by the Antichrist will
be felt particularly in northern, developed countries with cooler
climates. During his time societies will be torn and cast into chaos
and confusion. Many doomsayers will arise as false prophets, claiming
to have divine revelations and know the path of salvation for the

I p 249 (cI-92)

For a short period the reign of the Antichrist over his realm will be
no fighting because of his police state. But people will begin to
rebel in the memory of lost freedoms. There will be very much death
and destruction, with many people dying for their cause. Prophecies
from the Revelations will apply, such as the quote about "rivers of
blood up to horse's harnesses". The times will be extremely violent
and traumatic.

I p 256 (cI-80)

The Antichrist will take Thursday as his day of reverence. There will
be enormous warfare and bloodshed from his weapons, one "a monster
borne of a very hideous beast". Hard radiation will cause gross
deformities, terrible mutations in nature, in plants and animals as
well as Mother Earth. In the period 1997 or 2001 there will be great
pain and despair.

b. Political & religious philosophies of the Antichrist

I p 187 (cX-75)

The Antichrist will develop a systematic philosophy based on Marx and
Engels that takes advantage of the elements related to the complete
control of a population. Russia and China will be vulnerable to the
philosophy because of the past receptivity to Communism. The
Antichrist will use his philosophy as a way of conquering the entire
Asian continent before setting out to take over the rest of the
world. His philosophies will be propagated through manipulations of
the different institutions of political power.

I p 188 (cIII-95)

The Antichrist will corrupt the religion of Christianity with the
intent of destroying it, but also distort the beliefs of Islam. He
will disguise his agenda of conquest as a way of life and a
replacement for religion.

I p 254 (cIII-19)

The Antichrist will study and emulate Hitler and his techniques
avidly to try to surpass him and avoid his mistakes. He will have
access to books and material not available or known to the general
public. It will be possible for him to obtain secret Nazi documents
on Hitler and he will study them very carefully.

I p 274

The Antichrist will be doomed from the start of his campaign, because
he is against central spiritual forces that make up the fabric of the
universe. For people who choose this path, "It's just a matter of how
far they go before they fail and what effects they have on the lives
around them." Like the ultimate downfall of many tyrants his empire
and power will be inherently unstable. His own subcommanders will be
power hungry in his image and his authority will fragment around him.
The political map of the world, the boundaries of countries, will
change but the continents of the world will still be shaped the same.

c. Ogmios

I p 274

Ogmios is the counterforce to the Antichrist who will help tear down
the tyranny and balance the universe in a way that is harmonious to
man's central spiritual source. He will be supported by many
countries still fighting the Antichrist. He will probably arise from
the underground movement. In one of the countries conquered by the
Antichrist the underground will be tightly organized. Ogmios will
arise from it, and confront the Antichrist in the area in Eurasia
close to Constantinople, as WWWIII is approaching its end. Ogmios wil
come from somewhere in central Europe. He is very well prepared
spiritually for the task, because his opponent is very powerful with
a strong aura of negative powers.

Ogmios will be "of the people". He will have worked up through the
ranks from a simple background, attaining his accomplishments
through honest work. He will have technical training but will rely
mainly on his practicality. He's an old soul who has his priorities
straight and can see the root of matters. He is one who will help
pave the way for the "Great Genius". Ogmios realizes he is not the
one to lead the world to ultimate peace, but he is the one to help
bring down "the one who would destroy the world" (the Antichrist) to
open the way for the one who will guide the world to ultimate peace.

I p 277 (cV-24)

The organization run by Ogmios will survive the worst of the time of
troubles and will serve the basis for future governments after the
Antichrist is put down. The "glory of the sun" is behind Ogmios; is
is a man of great stature, but has a direct, sometimes "gruff"
personality. He makes a good friend but a terrible enemy. He will be
an upstanding man of strong principles and morals, making him a
strong adversary to the Antichrist. His principles are his own and
not influenced by dogma, and his organization under his leadership is
the effective opposition to the Antichrist, but he is not haughty.

I p 277 (cII-85)

Ogmios will be "small" in that his forces and resources are meager.
His underground movement will be scraping to keep body and soul

I p 275 (D.Cannon's note)

Ogmios is the Celtic equivalent of Hercules. He is represented as an
old, bald-headed man with wrinkled and sun-burnt skin yet possessing
the attributes of Hercules. He draws a multitude of joyful followers
and admirers by beautiful chains of gold and amber attached to their
ears. The other end of the chains are fixed to his tongue, and he
bestows on his captives a smiling face. This is the native god of
eloquence, regarded with the reverence given to Hercules, because he
had accomplished his feats through glorious speech. His speech shows
itself best in his old age. The chains indicate the bond between the
orator's tongue and the ears of enraptured listeners.

d. Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist


I p 198 (cIV-86)

The present pope will be assassinated and the next pope will not last
long. The final pope will be a tool of the Antichrist. The Roman
church is already a tool of the Antichrist, indirectly supporting his
aims, even though they may not be
aware of it.

I p 201 (cII-57)

The last three popes of the Catholic church will fall in short
succession. The third to the last will die from an assassin's
shooting. The second-to-last will be "swallowed up" by the schemings
of the Antichrist. The last, the one born slightly misshapen, will
go the greatest distance in destroying the church. The Antichrist
will use him for awhile until he gets in the way, at which point he
is eliminated. His treachery will accelerate, and his death will
signal, the end of the Catholic Church.

e. Assassination of the current pope


I p191 (cVIII-46)

During the period that the Antichrist begins to flex his power, the
current pope will be assassinated when he goes on a trip away from
the Vatican. The two cardinals nearest to the pope will realize the
danger to their church after the death, and they will close
themselves up in the Vatican to try to protect themselves.

The current Pope is desirous of world peace and is working against
some established power parties within the Roman church. A point will
come when the special interests inside the church who want to hold
onto their power and wealth will misadvise the Pope in such a way as
to place him in a dangerous situation which he is unaware of. The
assassination will lead to social unrest and rioting in Rome. The
next pope will not last long. There will be only two other popes
after the present one.

I p192 (cII-97)

The pope and several of his entourage will be assassinated in late
spring when the roses bloom, at a European city that is at the
junction of two major rivers.

I p194 (cII-15)

The present pope will be assassinated shortly prior to the appearance
of a comet that will be clearly visible from the sky of the Northern
Hemisphere. His concern for the human condition, leading him to
treacherous travel arrangements, wil be his downfall. The next pope
will be assassinated by the Antichrist because he won't submit to
his demands. The assassination allows the Antichrist to install his
"tool" into the office.

f. Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's schemings


I p193 (cI-4)

The second-to-last pope instated after the assassination of the
current one will have a short reign. Due to political blunders and
mistakes he will pave the way for the final pope to be a tool of the
Antichrist. His reign is an omen of the final downfall of the church.

I p 196 (cII-36)

Before the Antichrist comes to full power it will appear that other
leaders are above him and in control of the power structure other
than him. In reality the Antichrist is using them as stepping stones
in his quest for world power. During this period he will have
traitorous cardinal working for him, spying on the second-to-last
pope. One of the cardinals will steal information from him and alter
the pope's personal correspondence, so that it has different
connotations. It will make the situation appear inordinately worse
than it is in reality, causing the pope to react inappropriately.
This way the populace will be more likely to see him as incompetent
and destabilize his authority, possibly by being assassinated. The
cardinal will be troubled by his betrayal because of the obvious
dissension it causes the Church, but he is allied with the Antichrist
and will rationalize away his backstabbing.

g. The treachery of the final pope


I p 197 (cIII-65)

The last pope will be elected shortly after the discovery of the tomb
of an ancient Roman whose philosophies greatly influence western
thought, something like within a year's time. This is the "poisonous"
pope that is actually only a tool for the Antichrist who will bring
about the ultimate destruction of the Catholic church.

I p 200

The last pope will probably be French, with a swarthy complexion and
blue eyes. There will be an air of mystery to him. He will have a
physical deformity of some sort, like a slightly hunched shoulder or
clubfoot, a congenital defect in the bone. (It won't be caused by
injury, he was born with it.) His mind has been scarred by the
deformity and the cruelty and callousness of people toward others who
are different.

He entered the church at a young age out of bitterness and desperation
because he knew he would never get a girl to love and marry him. His
parents were involved with the Nazi movement in France and his
schoolmates taunted him with names like "Nazi lover". This pope could
have been kindly if it weren't for his childhood environment and
experiences, but instead was warped into cruelty from pain, and he
wants to "get back" at the world for his suffering while young. This
is a weakness that the Antichrist exploits.

This pope will want to show his enemies, "look at me; I'm powerful; I
can do it; I'm better than you." After he attins the power he
desires, he will be indirectly responsible for the murder of innocent
people because of his alignment with the Antichrist. He will not
murder anyone himself, but will open up avenues for the Antichrist to
do so, particularly those who hurt him when he was young. This
future pope now appears to be kindly on the surface because it is
advantageous for him to be perceived that way, but the sinister side
of his personality is deeply rooted.

I p 202 (cII-76)

The final pope will betray his Church by revealing extremely crucial
and sensitive information directly to the Antichrist, information
that the Antichrist could never have obtained even through his spies
in the church.

h. Demise of the Catholic Church


I p193 (cX-70)

Ruin will befall the Catholic church because of its leaders' ambition
for illegitimate power. The leaders will become vainglorious and
think that they can handle whatever they desire to grasp, and it will
be their downfall. Their ambitions will be chilled when they fail and
the church will be subject to great upheaval, with the Pope
ultimately being dethroned. Catholics will become alienated and
disillusioned with the powermongering, will no longer support the
church, and the sphere of influence of the Church will greatly

I p 209 (cV-25)

The base of the Catholic Church in Rome will be destroyed in an
accident, as if the city sank into the sea. This will somewhat
coincide with events in the Middle east and some people will connect
the two, but in reality it is a coincidence. However the Arabs will
quickly take advantage of the situation even though they didn't cause
it. The restrictions of the Vatican will cause the church to crumble.
They may rally, but it will be a blow they will never recover from.

The downfall will reveal why the church finally collapsed after
surviving so many centuries. The accident will be a combination of
natural and human-triggered disasters. The force will involve the sea
and a great energy force from the sky descending and dissolving the
landscape. It will be termed a natural disaster because it's beyond
the capability of anyone on the earth to produce the force. No one
can find any cause so it is labelled an "Act of Nature". However, the
more important event of the time, which people will be distracted
from noticing, is the Antichrist's invasion of Turkey.

h. Cabal's teeth in the international power flow


Ip. 265 (cII-58)

During the time of the Antichrist a secretive, conspirational cabal
are "pulling the strings" behind the scenes to manipulate world
politics and economies for personal gain. These master puppeteers
operate figureheads in many countries, governments, and the major
world capitals. They are united but are very clever in disguising
their influence. They hold positions that appear to be relatively
minor, like advisors and under-secretaries and such, but are key
positions ofr their power.

In the daytime they appear to be good, loyal, model citizens working
for the same goals their governments are supposedly working for, but
behind the scenes they band together and pool their information and
contacts to work for their own ends. They do not appear to have any
political power but they really have a firm grip on world affairs,
like sharp teeth sunk into everything.

This secret organization has been in existence for several
generations. Their existence is hinted in the family histories of the
banking powers and money centers of the world. Only the families
involved are aware. The cabal of leaders has been very slowly but
surely building up a worldwide network of power, because they want to
take over but stay behind the scenes.

At first when the Antichrist comes along the leaders of the Cabal
regard him as a new, dynamic, youthful leader from the Middle East
they can use to unite the area and reign it into their realm of
control. But the Antichrist ends up turning the tables on them.

i. Cabal involved in military and economic conquests


I p 266 (cII-88)

The Antichrist successfully takes over nearly all of Europe. The cabal
of international financiers and bankers will not stay in active war
with the Antichrist and his attention will turn elsewhere. In France
the underground will begin to flourish.

The Cabal families made their influence and fortunes in the banking
and commodities industries, such as gold or diamond mines, leather,
tins, etc, like the colonial barons associated with the European
world empires who started their families' fortunes exploiting the
materials of the Third World nations. "The seventh and the fifth"
will have the same names, and the seventh one will be considered part
of the fifth.

The Cabal manipulates the economy to cause the unemployment or
inflation rates to rise or fall at their whim. They have affected
everyone's life.

j. Cabal destroyed by the Antichrist

I p 268 (cII-18)

Somehow through the espionage powers of the Antichrist, the seven key
leaders of the secret cabal will be discovered and destroyed. This is
his familiar technique of throwing his enemies into confusion and
chaos to seize or take advantage of their assets in their weakened
state. At the time he knew only that they were financing the European
forces that opposed him.

But in this case it is shortsighted of him because it was the cabal
that has been instigating the warfare going on through the decades
and centuries, and destroying them in effect seals the "beginning of
the end" for the Antichrist because their hidden activities promoted
his agenda. When they are removed the agitation for world war is no
longer present and the natural inclination for world peace will
assert itself, thereby doing away with the Antichrist.

k. Fundamentalist fanatics' infiltrations into governments

Ip 151 (c I-40)

Powerful men involved with fundamentalist religion and politics,
shrewd in manipulation, propaganda, and in distorting the word of God
for their own ends will band together to obtain *key* posts in the
government. The posts are not necessarily splashy or public but are
critical points in the power flow where they can exert their
influence to subtly affect world events in their favor.

Leaders in the Middle East will become aware and alarmed by their
encroachments and will change their laws, making it more difficult
for Americans to travel in this area. It will affect American money,
currencies, and trade with the U.S. The Antichrist, in the midst of
building a power base, will be influenced by these actions, in a way
that will be harmful to the Christian cause later. The religious
fundamentalists will cause their own undoing in this way.

l. Manipulation of the IRA in Ireland by the underworld

Ip. 153 (cVI-62)

Members of the underworld will send faulty arms and drugs to fighters
in Ireland. The British and the IRA both believe they are fighting
for the good of the country but at the last minute realize they have
been destroying it. At the last minute they will try to compromise
but will be foiled by the manipulations of the underworld
conspirators who are playing each side against the other. The
underworld elements are spread in many areas but the arms and drugs
will be shipped from Monaco.

m. Wealthy U.S. businessman a closet revolutionary and Nazi

Ip. 154 (cV-75)

A very wealthy and famous businessman in the U.S. will be secretly
involved with the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan in the
south. The man's sole ambition in life is to overthrow the American
government as it is presently constituted. The man will be involved
with politics but will stay low-key, spinning webs of power and
expanding his influence behind the scenes. This groundwork will prove
useful for the Antichrist later on. The man will have a puppet, a
figurehead, but he will pull the strings. The link will not be known
until the time of the Antichrist.

o. Fundamentalist censorship

I p 277 (cII-85)

A distortion in religious values will plague the populace during the
times of troubles. Fundamentalist religion and its fanatics will be
like an old man holding a thick oaken stick over his followers, to
make sure they don't step out of line. This is opposed to to spirit
of honor, valor, loyalty to one's country, and all the other virtues.
The fundamentalists will be both Christian and Moslem.

I p215 (cI-62)

During the time of troubles and massive earth upheavals, the countries
that harbor fundamentalist religions and philosophies will become
very powerful, claiming to offer the true comfort and path for the
populace in need. The fundamentalist groups will suppress learning
and education and censor books.

p. Terrorist assassinations

I p 202 (cIX-36)

The final pope is captured into the influence of the Antichrist during
a period of great civil unrest, war, and desolation, and many other
horrible events. History will be seen as a series of catastrophic
events, each topping the ones before, leading up to the time of

During the time of troubles the assassination of world leaders will
become extremely common, so much that the population will not even
keep track of who is the current leader, thinking it a futile
exercise because they are assassinated so frequently. With the
warfare going on, a great danger will exist to anyone who has
ambitions for leadership, except for the Antichrist, who will be
actually orchestrating most of the assassinations himself.

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The Time of Troubles (part 4)

Prelude to the Antichrist and WWWIII

a. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, rioting
b. Death of world leader and revolt coincides with comet
c. Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers
d. Soviet/American submarine/naval confrontation
e. Crazed leader launches atom bombs on Mediterranean and Europe
f. Third world country leader creates strife
g. Antichrist profits from radar research in Europe

International political and social incidents

h. Wargame simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster
i. American electoral college voting stalemate
j. Earth abuse causes agricultural devastation in U.S. and Britain
k. underwater Soviet submarine base defanged by diplomacy
l. Aliens shot by paranoid nation, bacteriological agents released
m. Alien probe of the Watchers discovered by scientists

a. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, rioting


I p 170 (cIV-67)

A very bright, previously unknown comet will appear and coincide with
the time of great geological troubles, with earthquakes and volcanoes
erupting and disrupting weather systems. This will cause widespread
famines and droughts, and social upheavals in unexpected places.
Nations that are considered prosperous and powerful, particularly
western nations, will be weakened. They will be torn with civil
strife and rioting as people migrate to areas that have water and
can support crop-growing. The social upheaval and weakening of
political structures will help the Antichrist come to power.

I p 167 (cVIII-29)

A great and rich power will be subject to serious natural disasters,
particularly earthquakes and flooding, and rend the nation from end
to end, causing enormous conflict, despair, and misery. The wealthy
power will be bankrupted attempting to deal with its disasters.
Three other great nations will send aid to help the citizens survive.

I p172

Earth changes will take place that will help the Antichrist's drive
for world conquest. In central Europe, southern Europe, and in the
Near East, particularly around the eastern end of the Mediterranean,
there'll be severe floods. As a result of the disruption to local
governments by the natural disasters, the Antichrist will move his
troops in under the disguise of helping the people restore civil
order, but really use this as a device to take over countries, and to
use the populations like slaves.

Serious economic problems will persist along with great social unrest,
contributing to the ease with which the Antichrist can seize power.
The frightened and hopeful populace will be vulnerable to his
demagoguery. The Antichrist will use the disasters as opportunities
to overthrow governments and sneak spies into a country. Martial law
will be declared in many areas to stop rioting and looting. The
Middle East, the source of his power, will not be as devastated as
the rest of the world. He offers assistance to other countries trying
to recover but he will eventually stab them in the back.

b. Death of world leader and revolt coincides with comet


I. p 121 (cII-62)

The death of a world leader will coincide with the appearance of a
comet. The comet will be clearly visible where the leader dies. The
country is in the Middle East. The death of the leader and widespread
crop failures and hunger in that year will provoke a revolt. It will
start when the comet is visible but will continue for five hundred
days. Also, a hundred people will contribute to the revolt in such a
way that it will break forth and become open enough and wide-spread
enough to capture the world's attention.

c. Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers


I p144 (II-48)

Through a mistake by a leader an international incident will occur.
The main problem will be a breakdown in communications between the
two powers involved. The situation is a lot more complex than will
apear ont he surface. The chief, the leader involved, will feel great
regret about what happened and will want to continue his career and
help correct the situation, to help make up for the adverse affects
of it.

But he will be hung, symbolically, by others wishing to take his
position in the organization. He will be hung so far as politics and
his career are concerned. It will almost be like committing suicide
because in the end he will be a broken man and not be able to do
anything about the situation. The entire event will be viewed as a
fiasco from both sides. It will have very harmful and even
cataclysmic consequences.

The situation develops when an enemy or one who is against the U.S.
will take advantage of the incident in an unethical way, by sending a
horde of agents working for their side into this area. The world will
be outraged by the action.

I p 158 (cII-35)

A breakdown in communications between the US and Russia will result in
a misunderstanding and deep resentments between the Kremlin and the
White House. Some will risk their careers to try to tame the
situation but will be silenced, and "burned" such as by demotions to
obscure positions.

d. Soviet/American submarine/naval confrontation

I p144 (II-48)

In the southwest quadrant of the Atlantic ocean, missiles will splash
into the ocean near a partially submerged ship and a submarine. The
submarine commander is antsy to engage fire. An American surface ship
will be in danger. The Soviet commander of the sub will have secret
orders the rest of the crew is not aware of, which are to antagonize
and provoke. He gets carried away.

The American commander has been ordered to defend the coast of the US
but to avoid starting a war. In the process of defending his ship
from the submarine, he strikes the submarine and feels he may have
sunk it, and agonizes that the action would be interpreted as
starting a war and not an act of defense. The event will lead to the
time of troubles and will have large historical significance when
seen in retrospect.

e. Crazed leader launches atom bombs on Mediterranean and Europe


I p 181 (cII-3)

During continuing unrest in the middle east, one of the leaders will
be able to get ahold of an atom bomb. He will be crazy and go to the
greatest lengths over the smallest thing and will not hesitate to
use the weapon because his obsessions with deadly warfare. The people
he is warring against retaliate with a nuclear weapon. The country
has a coast on the Mediterranean.

One of the bombs will land in the Mediterranean instead of the land,
poisoning all the fish. The passages of trade in the region will be
disrupted so that the people on the other coast of the Mediterranean
will be desperate for food and will eat the fish anyway. It will
happen near the east coast of the Mediterranean in a region of
dark-colored cliffs.

I p 183 (cII-4)

The atomic weapon being dropped by one of the Middle Eastern countries
will spark off yet another war on top of that war. Eurpoean and
Western nations will try to interfere to diminish the threat to oil
supplies. When the Eurpoean countries try to interfere, the crazed
leader who earlier dropped the atomic bomb will use the rest of his
arsenal on Europe, most striking the closer southern part.

The Eurpoean Mediterranean coast, particularly that of Italy and
France, will be almost uninhabitable, and Italy will get the brunt.
This leader is not the Antichrist but helps to set the stage for the
Antichrist to rise to power with little or no opposition. The
Antichrist will wield great power and authority; no one can argue
with him.

f. Third world country leader creates strife


I p 185 (cIII-60)

A "young dark man" will arise as a leader in a Third World country;
his main goal is to unite the other Third World countries to do
battle with the superpowers. The area of conflict will be in eastern
Europe and the Middle East, particularly around the Adriatic and the
Caspian seas and the eastern Mediterranean. No definite winner will
emerge but the strife will help set the stage for the Antichrist.
Some prophecies in the Bible refer to events in this region (Israel
will be involved).

g. Antichrist profits from radar research in Europe


I p240 (cI-6)

Research on a more sophisticated type of radar and sensing devices
will give greater information to the operator, i.e. an airplane
pilot. But the first experiments with the technology will fail in a
disastrous accident, when the "sympathetic vibrations" emitted by the
device cause the chassis of the plane to become weakened and
dangerous due to dissolved bonds of the molecules in the metal. The
scientists involved with the research will have to temporarily
abandon the research because of diplomatic breakdowns, the threat of
war, etc.

This will take place before the Antichrist comes to full power. It
will happen in Europe at the time the Antichrist is strengthing his
base of power in the Middle East. The devices are currently under
development but have not been tested yet. But this is another
historical event that will permit the Antichrist to take over Europe.

h. Wargame simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster


I p 164 (cII-2)

In a wargame maneuver involving Great Britain and European troops a
malfunctioning circuit in a computer will cause the "real-world"
situation to play out instead of the simulation. The teams are
labelled "white" and "blue". As a result of the error actual
defenses will be activated and real bombs will be dropped on the
areas of the game and cause a tragic international incident.

i. American electoral college voting stalemate


I p 148 (cVII-41)

The presidents of the U.S., a supposedly free country, have been
abusing their power to an increasingly greater extent. During a time
of social unrest even more so than the period of Viet Nam and
Watergate, the electoral college will be evenly split over the
election of the new president. The process will stalemate, with many
people clamoring for whichever candidate they voted for, causing
enormous tension in the country. Internationally it will be a
sensitive situation.

Because of the split, and the extremely volatile and explosive social
unrest, putting either candidate in office instead of the other could
start a civil war or a revolution. After a long time of impassioned
speeches invoking patriotism and the founding fathers, a compromise
solution of holding another election will be taken, and a candidate
will be installed without disaster.

j. Earth abuse causes agricultural devastation in U.S. and Britain


I p 309 (cII-95)

Man will upset the balance of the earth and cause great changes in the
climate and seasons, causing much hardship and famine. Major
agricultural lands producing a lot of grain and food for the world
today will become frozen and will be unusable. The people who live on
this land and grow the food will flee like rats leaving a sinking

There will be dissension and fighting over the land. As a result of
the panic, incompetent decisions are made by the people in power
under enormous stress. Poor decisions will escalate into major
disasters. The U.S. and the United Kingdom in particular will
experience the dissension and destruction.

k. Underwater Soviet submarine base defanged by diplomacy

I p162(cIII-21)

The Soviets have built an experimental underwater submarine base and
dome in the Adriatic sea. They use it for subversive submarine
operations. When it is discovered, due to pressure from statesmen,
diplomats, and politicians, it will be brought to the surface and the
submarines will be taken away through political maneuverings.

l. Aliens shot by paranoid nation, bacteriological agents released


I. p124 (cII-91)

Aliens tried to contact us in the Siberia Tunguska explosion in the
1900s. Similarly they will again visit the earth. The Soviets are
doing secret weapons research and have energy fields guarding
northern approach corridors. Another spaceship will arrive,
paralleling this incident. When the aliens' spaceship enters the
atmosphere the fields will cause it to malfunction and many of the
crew are killed.

When they crash, soldiers will be on hand to capture or kill them. The
ship will harbor microrganisms that will react in bizarre ways to the
earth climate and cause plagues of unknown origin, that cannot be
understood because of the alien causative organism. The country will
be at war or fixing to go to war and will have a paranoid mindset.
Thinking the crash is a result of enemy weapons, the soldiers will
shoot anything that moves.

m. Alien probe of the Watchers discovered by scientists


I p262 (cIV-28)

During the time of troubles, when the sun is between the earth and
Venus, i.e. from the point of view of Earth Venus is hidden by the
sun, the Watchers (aliens) will be exposed through the powers of
observation and communication. Scientists involved with
radiotelescopy and related disciplines will observe an anomaly, and
as they focus on it they come to the realization that it is a strong
indication of a real UFO. The readings are caused by an instrument
sent by the Watchers to observe mankind.

The scientists and the populace will learn more about the probe and
the Watchers. But internal dissension will be created by
fundamentalists because the existence of aliens is not consistent
with their worldview. This will take place in approximately 1997 or
1998. The Watchers are returning to mankind at this time because they
are trying to help him through gentle prodding and increasing
spiritual love. They have always kept an eye on us and have observed
our growth and development. They're looking forward to the day we can
join the universal community and help with their project in a way
that's unique to us.

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