American super genius sits in a jail cell

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Nov 22, 2001, 11:46:39 PM11/22/01
Michael Riconosciuto is in the hole. This American genius is
receiving thanks for his efforts to stop terrorist attacks. Medical
treatment is being withheld as he sits in solitary confinement.

Michael is in jail because he signed an Affidavit exposing his part in
the illegal alteration of Promis software by individuals of the US
Justice Department. When approached by the software's proprietor, Bill
Hamilton of Inslaw, he admitted that he was asked to install a back
door for spying. The software was later sold to over 80 nations
worldwide, including Canada. Bill Hamilton asked Michael to sign an
affidavit admitting to his alteration of the software. Michael was
told he would be punished if he signed and he informed his family (my
family) that he would be killed or jailed, a week later he was jailed
on trumped up drug charges. Efforts were made to make him appear
insane. Michael's mining technology lab was busted as a drug lab.
Two of Michael's lawyers and a journalist are among the body count
surrounding the Promis scandal. Almost ten years later, members of
the RCMP visited Michael in jail as part of their investigation into a
breach into Canadian national security after the RCMP and CSIS were
found to be using the compromised software. Michael informed them at
the time of an individual who had knowledge of planned terrorist
attacks. In the 80s, Michael was one of the people who negotiated on
behalf of the US government to supply the Mujahadeen with arms and
$600+ million in aid to fight the Soviets.

Some powerful people may have good reason to want to keep Michael
where he is.
Michael has developed technology which will revolutionize energy and
make current polluting oil dependency obsolete. This technology will
survive, no matter what happens to Michael, but it is a horror to
think that this man is being repaid for his brilliance and patriotism
by a 30 year jail sentence.

Right now, Michael is in the hole as he awaits surgery for prostate

Please take an interest and help. Michael has full details of the
terrorist networks. He has handed over the names of Bin Ladin's
superiors and can totally expose American cells, but it appears that
certain individuals are prepared to sacrifice alot of lives in order
to keep the American people from knowing how the world's most
brilliant genius is being treated. I cannot speak to motives, it
baffles me! Michael sent me letters showing his attempts to alert
authorities to 37 surface to air missiles which were moved from
Bulgaria to Columbia to Canada and finally to the US. These missiles
are intended to shoot down aircraft over populated areas. A plane was
brought down on Nov 13, yet authorities are choosing not to act. Why?
How many planes have to come down before something is done with this
information? Some letters are posted Michael also warns that a
militarized anthrax hybridoma is in the possession of the terrorists.
This hybrid is contagious and approximately 100X more deadly than the
anthrax we have seen so far.

Michael was placed in the hole just as he was beginning to hand over
details of the terrorist networks. Why? I have been given this
information because I host an internet radio program which specializes
in exposing corruption in government. Our interviews are archived at Every effort has been made to stop the attacks
by working through the proper channels. We do not wish to compromise
the ability of honest law enforcement agents to break the terrorist
rings, we only want to bring this to public attention and force
something to be done!

Anita Langley

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