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What do we all want from a phone/tablet as a product.

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Dec 19, 2022, 12:44:58 AM12/19/22
Honest to gosh phones just keep on getting dumber over the years and I
want a phone I could use and not deal with on slaught of being
pressured to upgrades.

Have the phone come inside a protective gel case when it is brought.
It would be clear gel that is soft and still you could use the phone.
Protective cases go a long way to keeping your experience with your
device great but it gets silly when your blah blah glass breaks for
some lame reason.

Make phone OS easy to change without any repercussion. It is a
computer and gee-golly why not just let people install linux or
whatever variant without having people to jump through hoops to do so.

All versions of apps should install. From 1.0 to 20.0 etc. I mean it
is the same OS, and usually it is because the App is marked for the
version it supports. You literally need a side-app to change that
small notification the app gives the OS.

HDMI port and or support with USB pass through. Because essentially
they are all computers. Ever heard of Open Office or Libre Office. Put
that on your phone with your local printer and gain back space from
your desktop.

No more blue screens. Blue-light is damaging to the eyes.

Stop shrinking the SIMS card. I mean SIMS card 4 is the standard now.
It is the same SIMS card with 5G but is just cut down even smaller. It
is silly. It is a consumer thing and forces me to clone my card just
so I am able to use my
blasted card in a smaller slot which is too small.

Make phones able to be plugged in without the battery. I mean tablets
why not? It is silly that I have to know my battery is burnt to

%100 access to the battery pack of the phone. It is a joke to own a
phone where you can not change the battery.
I am walking on glass to change my battery of my phone having to
remove wires and cables I am not suppose to see.
I should not need any kind of tech at all.

No google in the background unless a google app is open.

Apps close when they are Xed out. Not running in the background unless
the user specifies. Like your email app.

Apps do not talk to other apps. A huge problem with privacy is when
any application with various permissions sniffs your phone for etc.
For me it is usually any notification that is open from another app,
in which that topic of the notification might appear inside an ad, or
search results.

If there needs to be a camera and flash then please copy the Lumia
1020 series. Lumia 1020 was Nokia last hurray into the phone world
before Microsoft brought the company. It would have changed everything
and honestly has served me well as an novice camera photographer into
that world. Most phone cameras are just LED flash, with a bunch of
lens to create one bigger lens, or have focusing on another lens using
JPG with limited color space, leaving you with a device for 4K video
recording. Again if we need an ideal camera for phones then build on
the Lumia 1020.

No more Chrome based web exploration. If you have not noticed, Windows
10 has went through three upgrades via web browsing.

1. Neo Web browsing via Edge
2. Legacy HTML support ( for normal websites )
3. Chrome based viewing.

Nowadays 1 and 2 has been smashed to bits leaving us with a Chrome (
google ) browsing experience. Everything is google.

Web-design needs to be tight, tiny, and responsive. Not an parade of
scan your device. In the far east many websites are still using the
same format from HTML2.0, or at least HTML4. As a web designer you can
order your website to display based on the device that it is using
within the code itself. In the far-east ( not so Korea because Korea
is the US of the far-east ) web design has stayed the same or follows
this preservation.

It just seems like all the security lunar-madness of the west has
created a web experience that barely anybody could enjoy at all.

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