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David Dalton

Oct 3, 2022, 9:24:13 AM10/3/22
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David Dalton <> wrote:

> A while ago I said that nine bifs over 60 that straight-type-2-M
> Jack Nicholson is compatible with are:
> Alice Munro
> Judi Dench
> Emmylou Harris
> Stevie Nicks
> Madonna
> Sharon Stone
> Tina Turner
> Bernadette Peters
> Michelle Pfeiffer (now that her sexual shielding spell has been adjusted)
> That wasn’t true when I originally posted it since Jack Nicholson’s
> old lock had not yet been dissolved, but now it has.
> However in the additional higher dimensional body edits
> the men associated with the first five women above
> have become straight-type-2-M, so Jack is no longer
> compatible with those five women (and those five
> women are no longer attracted to one another, but
> should be attracted to the last four free agent bifs).

However note that there is now a bias towards attraction
between those who are within 18 years (age) of one another
so Jack (85) might best be suited to Bernadette (74)
and Tina (82), while Bob Dylan (81) could be grabbed
by Michelle (64) and Sharon (64), though they could
grab me (58) instead, and of course Bob may be more
musically compatible with Tina. Also Michelle has
a sexually shielding spell up which has recently
been adjusted in (F1) so she should now be attractive
to Jack and Bob and the other women when she wasn't before.

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