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David Dalton

Apr 21, 2022, 2:22:21 AM4/21/22
A while ago I said that nine bifs over 60 that straight-type-2-M
Jack Nicholson is compatible with are:

Alice Munro
Judi Dench
Emmylou Harris
Stevie Nicks
Sharon Stone
Tina Turner
Bernadette Peters
Michelle Pfeiffer (now that her sexual shielding spell has been adjusted)

That wasn’t true when I originally posted it since Jack Nicholson’s
old lock had not yet been dissolved, but now it has.

However in the additional higher dimensional body edits
the men associated with the first five women above
have become straight-type-2-M, so Jack is no longer
compatible with those five women (and those five
women are no longer attracted to one another, but
should be attracted to the last four free agent bifs).

But those last four women are also compatible with
me, since my old lock with Sarah McLachlan has
been dissolved (though I was overruled by Goddess
and it was dissolved after the additional HDBE, so
if Sarah was involved with a bim or straight-type-1-M
he is now lesbianT, not straight-type-2-M), though
I still hope she might grab me. They are also
compatible with Leonardo DIcaprio, who also
had an old lock dissolved (as I said before, Monica
Bellucci is also compatible with him, as is Sarah).

(Note that I define a bif as a woman who is attracted
to both genders, and a straight-type-2-M is a male
who is compatible only with bifs. For more information
see my Eight Sexual Harmonics theory subpage
at https://www.nfld.com//~dalton/8H.html ).

(Bob Dylan is also compatible with the last four
women above, though he is two spirit
straight-type-2-M/bifT .)

For any further updates from me on this, see the thread
of the same name on alt.religion.druid , which has been
my home base recently, since I am an individual
neopagan of a Celtic culture, though I don’t call
myself a druid since I am not yet well versed in
druidic traditions. If you have any questions ask
me on there or by email.

David Dalton dal...@nfld.com https://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
https://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“‘And if I shed a tear I won’t cage it/I won’t fear love
And if I feel a rage I won’t deny it/I won’t fear love" (Sarah McLachlan)

David Dalton

Apr 21, 2022, 2:31:08 AM4/21/22
On Apr 21, 2022, David Dalton wrote
(in article<0001HW.28112F9B00...@news.eternal-september.org>):
I mentioned bif Michelle Pfeiffer. What about the other two
witches in The Witches of Eastwick? Susan Sarandon
is happily lesbian. Cher is straight-type-2-F and had
an old lock which has been dissolved, so she can
now get bims (males attracted to both genders) who
she is attracted to. And Jack’s ex-wife Sandra
Knight is happily lesbian (I don’t mean her when
I said he had an old lock).

David Dalton

May 5, 2022, 2:31:58 AM5/5/22
On Apr 21, 2022, David Dalton wrote
(in article<0001HW.28112F9B00...@news.eternal-september.org>):

The old locks have not yet been dissolved but I hope they
will be soon (those which have lasted at least three years).
If you are interested in further progress, which I deem more
likely if you notice effects, see my thread
“leading up to Mother’s Day/D-moon”
on alt.religion.druid .

Thanks for reading.

a D.
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