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Feb 9, 1990, 11:35:35 PM2/9/90
<fizzle...hiss... pop... whine....whirrrrrrr....>
[Noises of steam-driven machinery coming up to speed...]
Hello? Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3....
[A flickering image >snaps!< into existence. The colour isn't right and
no details can be made out, but this doesn't seem to worry the

Ah, right. That seems to be working now.
[Our mailer has just been written... and is now meant to be working...]
Sorry, I'm late, but They've only just let us (mail) out... :-)

A virtual ensemble... Any room for a virtual drummer.. err..
percussionist in your midst? I've got lots of enthusiasm, but no

(I deeply wish I had sufficient space to get a drum kit, but my
computer system/book collection/record collection are rather
expansive... and I don't think the neighbours would like it... :-) :-) )
Oh, sorry, yes, hello.

[The part-formed figure suddenly notices the enquiring glances he's
being given and fiddles with the controls you assume are in front of
him. The figure flickers to 2d/black-and-white then resolves into a
jeans-and-tshirt-wearing young man. A quick guess might put him in
his late twenties, but a second glance shows that his beard adds a
number of years to his looks. He's dark haired, wearing
slightly-tinted glasses and suddenly rather self-conscious and trying
not to be...]

I'm um.... [This is obviously a tricky one...] well, it'll do for now.
You can call me 'Thanatos' - I'll go into why that's my handle
sometime. For now, it's the name I _know_ myself as, online. In the
'real' world, many people call me Peter Jones - but quite a few call
me 'Than.'... seepage, i suppose :-). As you may have noticed from
the message path, I'm from the UK. And, in fact, _in_ the UK.

Things: yes, lots of things. Mostly books, records (vinyl!) and
computer kit (in that order). So I spend lots of time reading (scince
fiction, science fantasy and fantasy - exclusively...), listening to
music (from "AC/DC" to "ZZ Top" alphabetically, from "Metallica" to
"Suzanne Vega" and in various other directions in style) and using the
computer gear.

I don't do a lot else... I socialise with people from BBS (two) over
here - drinking/role playing/live roleplaying - but that's it,
really... (okay, so 50 miles may not sound far to US people... but
it's a long way to London from here..! :-) )

Work-wise, I'm a professional computer programmer. Yes, I really
_like_ computers. Writing a program that is fundamentally _mine_ and
seeing it work is *GREAT*. (Okay, so picking up the pieces a couple
of weeks later when it goes "live" can be a strain, but even that's
quite fun...) I feel lucky in who I've been working with - from what
I've heard and seen around the rest of my work place (big bank
computer section), they're great people.

Long felt wants (erhem): I wannabe a drummah! But I don't think I
could inflict the reality on anyone... anyone at all...

...And I keep telling myself I should get out more and meet people.
But, I reply, I don't know anyone around here... Exactly..! But, I
reply, I'll be moving back to London Real Soon Now... Mumble, mumble,
mumble... (I'm very convincing... :-) )

Oh, and I'd like to point out that, even if I were going slightly
bald, I wouldn't be concerned about it at all. So there.

[With that, and a grin, he walks confidently to the bar...] MIKE! [he
commands.] Sorry. Mike, I'll have a pint of Sam Smith's. Dollar?
Sorry... Um... VISA? MasterCard? Sterling? Ah, good. [He hands
over a small, golden coin.] Yes, Mike, it's a "pound note"...
[Dubiously, Mike accepts the proferred coin. After looking into a few
of the many corners, he decides to take a seat facing towards the fire
and relax for a while...]

e-mail to: {...}!mcsun!ukc!cix!thanatos
or: thanatos%cix....@uck.ac.uk
Or call, using the _VIEWDATA_ (also known as Videotext, or even Prestel
Emulation) software that you just know you've got hiding somewhere on
that VAXCluster:
The Dwarfen Realm (24 Hour, V21, V22, V22bis, V23, MNP 5, 7 data bits,
Even parity, 1 stop bit, **VIEWDATA**) +44 (0)376 501036
..if it doesn't answer:
1) You've saved some money
2) The fileserver has died
3) I've turned the hard disk off so I can get some sleep (== "I need a
new fan")
4) Due to a little known aspect of SubSpace, your call has been routed
to British Telecom Directory Enquiries. Please hold the line, your
call has been queued.

"Look it up in the index. What? What do you mean 'What index'?
It hasn't got an index? Good grief..."
"But it's a novel..."
(c)1990 Indices for Everything Campaign

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