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Icono Clast

Aug 28, 2002, 5:54:15 AM8/28/02
I come to praise the Los Angeles School Board for electing to pull
soda beverages from its schools. I've never understood why schools
permitted their students to have access to such unhealthful beverages
on school premises thus teaching them that they're OK. I hope that
they'll pull all high salt, high sugar, and high fat foods from the
schools and serve only healthful, well-balanced meals to the growing
bodies in their care.
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I'm saddened that you're so heavily infected with the hate mongers.
Our local groups are also so afflicted that local participation has
all but vanished, i.e., they've killed off discussion of local issues
by local people because so many of us are too embarrassed to be seen
in the same place as they. They're a blight upon humanity.


Aug 28, 2002, 9:09:25 AM8/28/02
Ever drink the water in LA?
A whole area has so much chromium in it that they are warning the
cities there to stop drinking it.
Personally, I don't...........never mind.
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