The Ten Truths: On Jewish Lawyers & the Jewing of Law

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Jun 20, 2004, 4:06:29 AM6/20/04

The Ten Truths Examined: Part III
by Rich Brooks

19 June 2004


3. If you excluded all jews from it, the legal profession would be
accorded the highest respect and esteem by our citizenry. As it is,
lawyers are ranked below used car salesmen in most popular polls. I
must be nuts to aspire to become a lawyer.


Yes at one time, believe it or not, the legal profession was generally
well-respected in this country. This is not to say that ordinary
citizens have always viewed lawyers favorably, because it is in the
very nature of our legal system that at least one of the parties in
any dispute is going to come away from the experience unhappy and even
the winner may not be totally satisfied, especially after he has paid
his attorney's bill. Lawyers, however, were the political leaders in
this country from its founding and these leaders have had the trust of
the populace until only relatively recently. Men we used to call
"statesmen" are now derisively referred to as "politicians."

It is indeed as rare today to hear anyone put in a good word for
lawyers as it is to hear praise for the IRS. Everyone routinely laughs
at jokes which compare lawyers unfavorably to sharks and dead
rattlesnakes and this is one area of public discourse where a little
bit of anti-semitism is quietly tolerated. You can say "shyster" or
even "jew lawyer" without raising too many eyebrows, because the
public instinctively recognizes the heavy jewish influence in the law.
In fact, I suspect that "lawyer" jokes started out as a code word for
"jew jokes."

And make no mistake about it, the American legal system -- including
our courts and our law schools -- is thoroughly dominated by the tribe
of Judah. I was just looking the other day at a row of law books on my
shelf and checking out the names of these textbook authors. More than
half of these names were recognizably jewish, but given the kike
propensity to anglicize and de-kikify their surnames, the actual
percentage is surely much higher. This undoubtedly reflects the
demographic makeup of law schools, where roughly fifty percent of both
students and faculty are jews. Not only that, but this jewish
percentage is skewed even higher at the more prestigious law schools
which are so influential on our courts and other governmental

White Nationalists are strangely silent about jewish influence in the
law. Other than blanket condemnations of ZOG, we read surprisingly
little in the WN media about jew lawyers, judges, and law professors
as compared with, say, jew movie moguls, TV producers and newspaper
publishers. Prof. Kevin MacDonald has painstakingly documented the
jewish domination in other major academic areas, but didn't even
mention law. But law, by its very nature of setting rules for human
conduct and ultimately determining public policy, is where I believe
jews have had their biggest and most pernicious influence. And the
trend in the law in the last fifty years has been unmistakably in the
direction of furthering the jewish agenda for the mongrelization and
degradation of America. Starting with the Brown v. Board of Education
desegregation case in 1954, we have seen a steady string of Supreme
Court decisions favoring such anti-White policies as busing,
affirmative action, miscegenation, criminal rights, abortion and gay
rights. This trend has been constant whether the Court has been
dominated by Democrats or, as is presently the case, by Republicans.

Increasingly, the courts have lost the respect they once had, and
publicity in recent years over judicial appointments has only
furthered the public perception of judges as just ordinary politicians
wearing robes. "The law is what the court says it is" has probably
always been true, and those who talk piously of the "rule of law
rather than the rule of men" are either naive or disingenuous.
Nevertheless, decisions used to be rendered based on long-honored
White traditions or "precedent," and supported by reason and logic. In
today's jewed system, by contrast, one is more apt to read a legal
opinion which cites U.N. resolutions or jewish sociologists than
Black's Law Dictionary. The U.S. Constitution has been so twisted and
stretched in its "interpretation" that its words long ago ceased to
have any real meaning or act as any kind of a check on government
power as they were originally intended to do.

I read a statistic the other day that claimed the United States has
five percent of the world's population but 70 percent of the world's
lawyers. We are, as has been commented upon so many times, and
extremely litigious society. This is not, however, some force of
nature, but I believe all of this contention stems directly from all
of the "diversity" and multiculturalism foisted on us by our Hebrew
friends. In a racially united nation (in the true sense of the word
"nation"), most of these conflicts among neighbors get resolved before
they have to reach a lawyer or a judge. This proliferation of lawsuits
benefits only two groups in society, (mostly) jewish trial lawyers and
the very few "lottery winners" in the large jury awards.

My own legal philosophy may fairly be summed up as "shit happens, get
over it." This could be a topic for a whole 'nother essay, so I'll
only say here that life is unfair, is always going to be unfair, and I
don't believe it should be the goal of our legal system to right every
wrong or compensate every "victim." In earlier times, I believe this
inherent limitation of the law was widely understood, but that again
is before jews got heavily involved and promulgated their Marxist

Am I nuts, particularly at my age, to aspire to become a lawyer? As Ed
Steele likes to say, and not entirely facetiously, "It's the 99
percent of the lawyers who give the rest of us a bad name." Actually,
in any civilized and rationally organized society, lawyers have a
necessary role to play. I realize the system is totally corrupt today,
but we will always need people to make and interpret our laws and to
represent those who have been falsely accused. I have now completed
the work for my law degree but have so-far not taken the state bar
exam. If I should become a lawyer, I would hope to be able to use
those credentials to assist some of our people who have been oppressed
by ZOG for their political views.

Shakespeare famously said, "first kill all the lawyers." I think I
would amend that slightly and say "kill all the jewish lawyers!" No
Jews. Just right! is a slogan particularly appropriate for the legal
profession. Who knows? If we first got rid of all the jewish lawyers,
maybe we wouldn't have to kill any more jews!


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