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Opinion on L.A. nightlife

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Jul 16, 1998, 3:00:00 AM7/16/98
Los Angeles nightlife is either too seedy (potentially dangerous) on
one end or too gentrified (touristy) on the other. The Sunset Strip
is notorious for hookers, bums, hooligans and a shoddy overall environ
though places like the Sky Bar and Bar Marmont have improved that
end of it. Places like the Universal City Walk and the 3rd Street
Promenade are perfect for clean, touristy nocturnal activities but
as serious nightlife, I don't think so. Buying a King Kong doll
at Universal or looking at toys at Puzzle Zoo on the Promenade at
the stroke of midnight. It might be cute for couples and teens but
doesn't lend itself to serious urbane partying. I didn't get to visit
Old Town Pasadena or Silver Lake, but I have a feeling it follows that
pattern of gentry and seediness, respectively.
There is no Deep Ellum (DALLAS), 6th Street (AUSTIN), South of Market
(SAN FRANCISCO), NoDo-Market Square (HOUSTON) or Rush Street (CHICAGO).
These places are very urbane, lively, unpretentious yet not the creepy
sidewalk show that is the Sunset Strip. One doesn't find such in
Los Angeles. That is possibly due to L.A.'s lack of community outlook.
Houston, too is a very spread out city with endless sprawl and freeways
but it found a way to prioritize its downtown.Besides, the Sunset Strip
is mostly live rock clubs (which is great if you like mostly cutting edge
fare). The Sunset Strip also lacks a cohesive diversity found in other
cities' night districts. Neither are those other said nightlife districts
in the other great cities tastelessly TOURISTY.
This post is written for there are those in L.A. that profess "other
cities don't have a 3rd Street Promenade" which is entirely false which
reveals the effectiveness of the Los Angeles Pop Culture Propaganda
apparatus on its not so nationally aware citizens. There are the West
End Marketplace in Dallas and Church Station in Orlando, for example.
And for a serious edge and urbanity, I'll take Houston's NoDo District
for nighttime hanging out over the 3rd Street Prom. most evenings out
of the year.

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