Re: L'Aprina Liquefied Topical Aspirin . Where ,in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, can I purchase L'Aprina?

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Apr 13, 2016, 3:26:18 PM4/13/16
On Tuesday, April 2, 1996 at 1:00:00 AM UTC-7, Richard Seeley wrote:
> No start-up costs and no monthly obligations 'till you start earning
> commissions. Then it is _just_ $20 a month worth of product!!!
> Do you suffer with aches and pains from headaches,
> sports injuries, low back discomfort, arthritis,
> rheumatism, bursitis, joint pain?
> Well here is a miraculous TOPICAL LIQUEFIED ASPIRIN
> product that you will never want to be without.
> Aspirin, offen called the "wonder drug" of the 20th
> century, is the most widely used medicine ever
> developed. Aspirin is an effective pain killer, a
> proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent and new
> benefits are constantly being identified. The one
> negative in the minds of most consumers is the adverse
> reaction to the digestive system often encountered.
> Now our company. L'APRINA INTERNATIONAL, INC. proudly
> announces an amazing development - a sensational new
> produot called L'APRlNA. The principal active
> ingredient in L'APRINA is Pure aspirin.
> The inclusion of ALOE VERA to the product is also
> important. In tropical climates it has been applied
> to the body for thousands of years to treat sunburn
> and other skin problems. As a potted plant it has been
> cultivated in millions of homes, its juice used
> topically as first aid for the treatment of burns,
> cuts, and abrasions. Since man first touched the
> broken leaf of an aloe vera plant it has been known as
> one of God's gifts to the world.
> Now for the first time, the "wonder drug ASPIRIN" and
> the amazing magical healing properties of ALOE VERA
> are combined to form a most effective SUPERIOR Product
> for pain relief in the 90's. L'APRINA, the first
> Iiquefied topical aspirin, begins to relieve even the
> worst discomfort withln 60-90 seconds. L'APRINA is
> appliad with a pump spray (not aerosol). We recommend
> that the painful area is sprayed liberally then gently
> massaged and this procedure repeated 2 or 3 times,
> depending on how severe the pain and the relief
> commences immediately. Its analgesic and
> anti-inflammatory action lasts from 4 - 6 hours.
> The great news of this exciting development is finding
> that the efficacy of the aspirin is wholly unimpaired
> by this external application. In fact, since the entire
> dosage is concentrated at the point of pain, it is much
> more effective than being diffused throughout the
> body by swallowing it. Also, the problemm of digestive
> system difficulties is now completely erased with this
> spray application.
> Other products on the market placc at this time usually
> do either one of two things - they either warm or cool
> the skin with camphor, menthol, or other products,
> therefore disguising the pain - NOT curing the pain.
> They contain no aspirin. L'APRINA provides relief for
> a broad scope of pain. ln addition to the ones listed
> above, to, mention just a few - are burns from all
> sources, menstrual pain, insect bites, cramps, athlete's
> foot, migraine headaches and many more.
> You can be pain-free with L'Aprina.
> Use it as your one, safe over the counter
> pain medication.
> Regards,
> Richard Seeley 1:2609/507 Fidonet
> 315-797-3054 fax

Dec 19, 2020, 2:34:58 PM12/19/20
Is this product still available ? I live in USA, Kansas. David
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