VidCommX Pre-Launch / Start 07 August- Video Email Ad Exchange

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Jul 9, 2014, 8:11:05 AM7/9/14
Attracting new members at the start of August 7, you can immediately get $ 10,000 and more.
VidCommX Pre-Launch - Video Email Ad Exchange
We are getting ready to launch a web based world's first video email ad exchange.
Your Chance to Profit from the Biggest Launch in Internet History.
Lock your spot for free today.
Registrationon VidCommX:

[IMG][/ IMG]
What is VidCommX: VidcommXLLC.registered in Mainland of Dubai. A company with a startup capital value of 1 million Dirhams with more then 12 years of man operations and its a merger of leading four group of companies.
VidcommX, possess 60 years of man experience in technology, management, marketing and value capitalism with group of comapnies globally includind US, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong KOng, India, UAE, Russia and Australia
VidCommx Product Info : World's First Video Email Ad Exchange Where In End Users Will Be Able To Send High Quality HD Video Emails For Their Personal/Business Use And At The Same Time Get Paid On Per View Basis As Thier Video Emails Will Carry Advertising ! No other video email company pay on per view basis. Not only that if your video get forwarded then also you will get paid for per view, So simply If your video goes viral then you can make big money from this product.
In Video Email Concept : Till date three companies have done extremely well : Talk fusion ,Myvideotalk and IWowwe.
The way we differentiate is that here everyone gets paid for just using the product because of advertising... When we use facebook , do we get paid : NO even though facebook shows ads on our wall.....Same is with GMail... However here when we use video emails , we get paid.
Affiliate/Distributor: Affiliates and Distributors have dual earning potential one is direct referral and the other is team matching bonus. You will get up to 50% of commission on direct referral, and you will also make money when your team member make a direct referral.
Do not missthissuperchance to earn bigmoneynow and in thefuture.Go to the siteandpleasebecomenow!
Think about this : over a billion emails send a day but less than 0.001 percent people using video emails......... This is a Global tech product which is simple to use and has no language /geo barrier which means now entire world is your market !
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