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henry lomer

Nov 4, 2013, 8:24:59 PM11/4/13
1-800-im-stuck bait and switch scam false advertising this company is notorious for truckers scams and road services scam includes towing repair and tires scams

they are base out of Plainview New York

It's all start when i call this number (800) 467-8825 big mistake

Classic bait and switch They will quote you something and then the road service that you paid for shows up and will say that they have no affiliation with 1800-IMSTUCK and you will have to pay different prices... you will try to call 1800IMSTUCK to ask why the prices are different and they will tell you a completely different story....and at the end will tell you that if you do not pay the bill (whatever the amount is- - in my case triple than initial quote ) they will call the police and will have your car good luck with this guys....for me.... never again.

here some fact about 1-800-im-stuck scam they are not true mechanics they are not licensed or insured.

they record your calls so you can't get refund using your credit card just so they can call other company to do the dirty work for them and put in bad situation when you say i all ready pay for the service call the vendor they send out charge you again for service call just different rate, you basically pay for idiots who are not even local in town where you breakdown to make free call for you to some local repair shop that they search online, when you can actually do it yourself for free,

false advertising - they say they are mechanics and they are not. they just call center in New York that have no knowledge in repair nothing. not even the most basic skill. they ruing website and online advertising using pay per click by Google yahoo, bing, yellow pages etc..

Fraud- they charge your credit card before any service complete telling you that the call is recorded so you can't dispute the charges let me tell you you can dispute the charge by simply calling your credit card company and filling police report. up to six month from the day you been charge on your credit card. Make sure you understand the disputes process, laws and your rights!

bait and switch - a selling method in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced product but then is encouraged to buy a more expensive one
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