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Torben Birkmose

Dec 9, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/9/99
Fellow Entrepreneur!

If you would like to quickly build a $21,000+ monthly income and your budget
can afford the small $10 month investment, and you can send an e-mail
message then you are on your way to the bank. At the same time this provides
you with valuable information/educational material on creating your own

THE BUCK STOPS HERE! President Harry Truman's statement, referring to the
congenital tendency of politicians to always blame someone else or to excuse
their behavior with the words, "Everyone else does it".

Sadly, many people resort to the blame game. Are you one of them? Do you
consistently blame your boss, your spouse, or even society for your
problems? Do you tell yourself that the reason you don't exercise is that
your children need you too much? It's easier to make yourself a victim of
circumstances than to take action.

The point is this. Taking responsibility for your life will change it
immediately. It feels good. It means taking charge. The famous American
novelist Mary McCarthy once said, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life
is about creating yourself."

We all start somewhere - usually at the beginning!

If you are ready to earn a high residual income, go directly to my website and join, or send me a blank email with the
subject "Moneymaking Opportunity" to get more information.

Or join this FREE downline club (Bear's Money Club, BMC) that maximizes the
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Yours Sincerely
T Birkmose

Get Started NOW and together.................


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