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Illegal alien "engineer" suspended over 'catastrophic' error at collapsed NYC building

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Revoke Alejandro Mayorkas citizenship

Dec 17, 2023, 3:15:04 AM12/17/23
New York City suspended an engineer’s inspection authority after
determining that a fundamental error may have led to the partial
collapse of a Bronx apartment building this week.

The state-licensed engineer made a “catastrophic” mistake by
labeling a load-bearing column as a decorative part of the structure
in June in plans filed with the Department of Buildings, Mayor Eric
Adams said in a statement.

Adams and Buildings Commissioner Jimmy Oddo said that they suspended
the engineer’s authority to inspect buildings’ exterior walls and
were looking to revoke the authority permanently.

“When those who are entrusted to keep us safe cut corners and make
catastrophic mistakes, we’re going to take swift action and hold
them accountable,” Hizzoner said

“Our initial investigation into this collapse has made clear that
the engineer involved has no business assessing the exterior walls
of buildings in New York City, and we’re taking action to suspend
his ability to do so,” he added.

City officials said that the engineer had recently filed 368
inspection reports and that it was reviewing all of them.

“As part of the investigation, we are reviewing all of his filings
in New York City — a total of 368 Façade Inspection and Safety
Program filings in the most recent cycle — and will continue that
process until it is complete,” Oddo said.

The Buildings Department will also re-inspect the 40 other
properties the landlord owns to confirm they are safe.

The city said its investigation into the sudden partial collapse on
Monday of the seven-story Morris Heights apartment building is
ongoing, but that it found that the inspector had instructed
contractors doing work on the property to remove bricks on the
support beam, but not to install temporary supports first.

The collapse could have easily turned deadly, with video footage
showing people running from the intersection as building debris
rained down into the street.

As it was, more than 40 families who lived in the building lost
their homes, with many residents evacuated to a nearby school.

Eunice Wunderlich

Dec 17, 2023, 2:09:46 PM12/17/23
On 12/17/2023 12:13 AM, Revoke Alejandro Mayorkas citizenship wrote:
> New York City suspended an engineer’s inspection authority

Your subject line is a lie. There is no evidence the engineer is an immigrant at
all, let alone "illegal." Fuck off, you lying fuck.

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