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Seeking Expert Insight on Complex Roof Integration for a Modern-Traditional Hybrid Home Design

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Antonio Menapoli

Feb 13, 2024, 3:46:59 PMFeb 13
Hi fellow pros,

I'm deep into planning a unique home that blends modern and traditional elements, and I've hit a real challenging spot with the roof. The design calls for integrating a sleek, flat modern section with a classic pitched roof, all while ensuring seamless water drainage and maintaining the aesthetic integrity of both styles.

The tricky part? The transition between the two roof sections. I need to figure out a way to merge them without compromising on the modern look or the functionality of the traditional pitched roof, especially when it comes to handling heavy rain. Plus, there's the added challenge of matching materials that respect both styles and ensuring the insulation is top-notch across the board.

I've considered a few potential solutions, but nothing feels quite right yet. Has anyone tackled a similar issue or have any innovative ideas on how to approach this? I'm all ears for creative solutions or any advice on materials and techniques that could make this work.

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Antonio Menapoli

Feb 14, 2024, 12:03:29 PMFeb 14
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