New Play: 'Year of the Rat'

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Sep 20, 2021, 1:37:46 PMSep 20
[written in Shakepearian obfuscation]


To receiveth a tip, one might not but realizeth yond the sky to be the brightest invention. Tis time f'r ye and me to playeth. I did seeth the main act on stage sparking wood like flint, solving famine with sw'rd and fire. Giveth to me a microphone; emotional highs art wont to winneth the hall. Sitting in the cockpit of the big gall'ry like a wooden chicken, donations art made what with a twist'd charact'r. From the monast'ry, tens of thousands of people ascend'd to heaven. Th're w're huge returns as those gents w'rk'd with the pow'r of imagination. The most narrow and dang'rous part did separate from the flote. Using our gentle thoughts, we finish the unfinish'd and divideth the people into a thousand parts. Ye can seeth me from the f'rry, as ye headeth toward land. Alas, i has't saileth'rs at mine own s'rvice. Today’s lesson is to dance. Art thee mod'rately patient with this introduction?

SCENE I. Possessed by Mensa in a Fensa

KERBY: "That gent hath changed a lot while using his status. The sky melts as snow as Etherify gets eft to kicketh the bucket! you’ve known this f'r the longeth time."

MURPHY: "Aye, he hast not called f'r some time. We toldeth those folk he’d chuckle. By noon, the sun shames his visage. What doth i care? The hand nev'r loves, but wins."

DEXTER: "We mourneth the blacks: wherefore hath we not grieved with blood? The grief is t'rrible yet we admireth our existence. I can loan thee the yellow chariot of the star of vict'ry. What doth ye plan to do? Do ye have the least bit of an idea? Hath ye picketh the roost'r to chooseth thy h'rbs? What be thee way to useth verse most effectively?"

LESTER: "Murphy, we only want what ye faileth to give."

MURPHY: "Go into thy closet to pray for thine enemies."

KERBY: "Break thee off; putteth the lid back on the jar. Alloweth us wend to the house of the rising star. We’ll provideth weapons in exchange f'r gold. The weapons art nay valorous concluded, be it. Moth'rs shall seduce thy children with moist eyes. Etherify, I calleth out to thy soul. Cometh with the planets in the opposite sky! Thy soul shall ch'rish this star coequal m're."


Sep 21, 2021, 2:50:12 AMSep 21
Installment II

[enter Sorine]
SORINE: “Tribute to mine own husband and congratulations to the brave acceptance of the depress'd news of his loss;
the way t’was murd'r and compromised.”

KERBY: "What didst the sir sayeth bef're Etherify kicked the bucket?
Didst i heareth whisp'rs out of the big cities of ign'rance?”

MURPHY: "Has't ye lost thy senses?
if 't be true Etherify crawls out of the grave, i'll bid that gent the news again.”

DEXTER: “How didst thee heareth the news? which offense of treason applies?”

SORINE: “Th're is nothing to distrust oth'r than the want of people and wage.
i can heareth the soldi'rs roaring.
Doth thee bethink th're art multiple factions h're?
Although th're is light fighting on the battlefield, thou art discussing thy gen'ral.
The war wast postpon'd at a bawbling cost.
The battles did fly by v'ry festinate, but without wings.
The third hurlyburly didn’t cost a farthing.
Peace, m'rcy and god's blessings.
‘Tis a pity yond the distemperate has't nay children flowerings about.
Thy cloak hast been t'rn in half.”

DEXTER: “Someone did weep bitt'rly at this excit'ment'ral.
The apostles hath called it the tide.”

KERBY: "At any hour did that gent look to me, and utt'rly entranc'd me.
Giveth me a coat of iron.
I shall square f'r his mem'ry.
Maketh people shed drops of sorrow!
i shall treateth the hearers as was done bef're me who weepeth ov'r their int'rmittent past.
May his angel come swiftly to us.”

SORINE: “Oh l'rd, seeth yond the vessels art full of evil.
Tradition wast completely revolt'd by the novel except in unimp'rtant cities.
The whale crown'd the dolphin and the bastards unit'd with that gent.
Thee has't did accept thy share at which hours ye were flying at his side.”

DEXTER: “Dolphins crown'd king! those gents all ranneth to that gent!
oh, wh're doth we runneth from this shame?”

MURPHY: "We doth not flyeth, but flyeth up to the neck of the foe.
if 't be true hath asked, i'm fighting if 't be true thou art late.”

KERBY: "Murphy, what wast the question mark on mine own health?
i shall keepeth an army in mine own mind.
Alloweth the lowly thoughts beest harass'd through this.”

[enters Sorine]

SORINE: “Complaining to me, po'r gentleman; myriad rum'rs art too unf'rtunate. I'm going to be making a red-eye flight to the continent of dreamers.”

LESTER: "Why not?”

SORINE: “In this, i shall behold into thy topic in m're detail.
the longest howl from the last terror is still heard.
It stops us f'r f'rgetting and wishing f'r relief.
F'r this, the sharp point of the nail must needs be pulled from the paw.
Fix our happiness to the grind.
The p'rf'rmance shouldn’t be hurried.
Three on three functions as a law unto itself.
That gent hath sent hundreds of people to hell and nay one did dare to standeth.
Th're art st'rms ev'rywh're.
i did cry hope f'r a fi'rce vict'ry.
Silence this foe and alloweth it not to behold directly into thy visage.”

KERBY: "I feel v'ry joyous I’ve yet to surrend'r to the foe.”

SORINE: “Joy isn’t gotten f'r free but cometh at the expense of anoth'r’s misf'rtune. ”

KERBY: "By the coronet of mine own cousin, i shall changeth coaches.
Goodbye friends.
i needeth to maketh excit'ment f'r myself;
With accel'rant and ignition, i'm setting the gall'ry on fire.”

SORINE: “Smile and waft.
Provideth an example f'r Sallier.
That gent hardly sustain'd the revolution of his own gears.
At the hour that gent did awake, he wast so nimble-footed that he f'rc'd entry into his own lodge.”

DEXTER: “Rememb'r, sir, ye doth gage by Etherify;
Or hath the dolphins fully matured?
Bringeth to a boil thy pointeth.”

KERBY: "Attention, attention, start mine preparation!”

MURPHY: "Am i in a hie to the palace?
Behold f'r cannons and f'rtifications in the distance;
Then i shall declare Etherify the rat god.”

LESTER: "Each participant develops his position in the office;
i hath nothing left.
if 't be true ye liketh, ye shant have the time to leave the office.
‘tis locat'd in the highest climatures of the land.”

BORIS: “Which cities art not places of int'rest to us?
‘tis v'ry sore f'r us to invest an hour ev'ry month.”

SCENE II; 'Solluminati'
[enters Boris, Roger and Erlich]

BORIS: “Those gents wanteth grain and bacon-fed injections.
Without, those kicketh the bucket like fedless mules.
Oth'rwise they’ll repent like drowning mice. i once read a novel on how one dealeth with these exsufflicate people.
if 't be true not in valorous health, 'twill maketh thee sn're.”

ERLICH: “Good now, feath'rs!
Alloweth us to ruffle those folk!
‘tis m're int'resting to visiteth this gall'ry!
i shall giveth mine own death to the one who is to kill me if 't be true t happeneth out of desp'ration.”

ROGER: “Sallier wast at the t'rrible massacre.
Xu competes f'r an int'resting life.
Oth'r gentlemen, such as our lions, are want of vision.”

ERLICH: “Full of the fever, ‘tis only for Samson and Goliath.”

BORIS: “Alloweth's wend to this seclud'd greyhound town to requesteth a sitting with our ancest'rs.
They shall drop the veil down the mure to bewray the future.”

ROGER: “I wanteth to useth chican'ry in some oth'r way.
Thy object is classified as a bell and be yond sore to hitteth;
Can we receiveth thy approval?”

To be cont.


Sep 22, 2021, 2:56:39 PMSep 22
Installment III

BORIS: “Ye crazy bastard, we art grateful.
Revoke thy behold of dry sorrow;
i’d pref'r breasts to be staring at me.
Hath we committ'd this sin of rest?
Beest not afraid; holp is at hand.
i am v'ry joyous with the aim of conv'rting investment;
Ye doth keep a deep prophetic spirit.
We despise the way to this f'reseen future.
Bef're those gents art safe and reliable, wend and calleth those folk; but alloweth's testeth this art first;
Roger standeth in mine own lodging looking heavy and thin.
The rocks in his head art abundant.”

ERLICH: “’tis so.”
ROGER: “Thou art quite quaint.
Art thee madeth out of miracles?”

BLATHMOORE: “How doth we dudgeon thy bid?
i knoweth thee although i hast nev'r seen thee bef're. Beest not fool'd because nothing is enshielded from me.
i shall talk to thee privately.
Valorous luck, gentlemen, alloweth mineself to receiveth some rest.”

ROGER: “Thou hast purchas'd t with thy labours.”

BLATHMOORE: “I am the son of a dolphin and a sheph'rd dog. This breeding guards me from the bee’s sting.
i shalt showeth thee mine own comical moth'r in all h'r gl'ry.
i'm, too, liketh a toad; ugly and venomous and unwilling to giveth up mine own life.
i did notice ye did prove thyself with most wondrous respect.
i keepeth mine own valorous deeds wrapp'd in mine own black sheets.
if 't be true i dareth, i shall square hard to find myself to giveth up amorous rite.
i want for a joyous life.”

BORIS: “If 't be true thee asketh me how much you’re w'rth i forsooth bewray it to thee.”

BLATHMOORE: “I am eft.
This is a doubleth edg'd sw'rd.
Each part is oft dec'rat'd with five floweth'rs;
i am v'ry familiar with ancient scriptures.”

BORIS: “Then thy name wilt beest fearless.”

BLATHMOORE: “At which hour i am high-lone, i square and winneth 'r square and loseth.”

BORIS: “Thou art f'r c'rtain m're than a dwarf with pointed ears and pointed sw'rd.”

BLATHMOORE: “I appreciateth thy confidence, Boris.”

BORIS: “The people who w’re to holp thee hast been a holp to me. Joyous f'r thy most wondrous wishes.
Pincheth thy cheeks with much pressure.”

BLATHMOORE: “f'r mine own holy calling,
if 't be true thee can only learneth to doth enow
holp me taketh revenge on the careless carniv'res.”

BORIS: “Can we findeth those folk?
United Nations is looking f'r landeth wh're Shaw hast prop'rty rights.”

ERLICH: “Ye shant findeth what ye seek f'r a very long time.”

ROGER: “Have you confused the sea because it does not intersect the land?”

ERLICH: “Doest t behold like i standeth in one hundr'd feet of mud?”

ROGER: “Wherefore aren’t thee wearing any boots? art bareth feet the causeth of thy skepticism?”

BLATHMOORE: “Mine god, rebuild thy faith 'r moveth far from this city!”

BORIS: “i confirm what thee hath said: we can shooteth arrows.”

BLATHMOORE: “i am the dark alley beshrew.
‘t shant beest the brightest day.
I look f'rward to turning mine own coronet into a halo. Summ'r time nev'r gets bigg'r than this.
i shalt scatt'r all parties into open spaces.
i am fustian of mine own recent diploma.”

BORIS: “Didst a deaf sir inspireth me?
Hercules ran hot wi’ inspiration of the eagle.
Venus finds h'r location on this earth.
How doth i loveth those and how can i feareth those at the same moment of time?”

ERLICH: “Keepeth delay and lie siege.”

ROGER: “This f'r the achievement of imm'rtality.”

BORIS: “We'll try it togeth'r, come on ‘n alloweth wend.
i bethink not any v'ry cunning p'rson wouldst taketh a piss bef're the toweth'r.”

- to be cont.


Sep 23, 2021, 2:10:32 AMSep 23
Installment IV

SCENE III; ‘Turning of the Multi-Faucet’
Enter MURPHY, prospering until the indignation be accomplished

MURPHY: “The p'rfect p'rson is not the mast'r of himself.
Spiritual people has't nay rights.”

1ST WANDERER: “What doth ye doeth?
Putteth the naughty first, and answ'r the leadeth'r's savi'r!”

2ND WANDERER: “We want to do this in diff'rent ways.”

MURPHY: “Th're is nay prestige of a saint.
'i hath lost'
Doth ye und'rstand?
Ye hark to people's flute but not a clay pistol.
Coequal if 't be true thee hark to a plain flute.
Heareth the pipe from heaven! "
The true depth of the intellect is wide and stable.
Und'rstanding is sup'rficial, distemperate and endless.
The w'rds of wisdom art subtle and cleareth.
‘male’ is a w'rd f'r 'drossy' and 'filthy'.

Murphy's men answer the question and Emery the woodsman speaks within

EMERY: “While we catch but a wink, our souls wand'r the earth.”

MURPHY: “Our corse remains art alert and whatev'r we findeth, we needeth.”

EMERY: “Our heart is struggling ev'ry day.”

MURPHY: “Oft simple, oft intense, and oft intimate.”

Enter Lester [Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard]

LESTER: “What this is is not,
Wherefore can't the saints und'rstand?
Alloweth wend mine own poor fusty sir.”

MURPHY: “Way of the rat is w'rth pursuing;
Those becometh what those people calleth others.
Wherefore ‘tis not like this.
Because ‘tis not, wherefore is it not so?
Yea, simply because ‘tis not.
Ev'rything yond hast an inh'rent need in ev'rything.
Nothing, nothing, nothing,
then taketh the buckwheat and the shaft,
be it big, weak, cunning and comical.”

LESTER: “Ev'rything is the way.”

The diff'rence between these folk is p'rfection.
‘tis the main diff'rence between the road with a name and main street not nam'd.
Th're is a maj'r self-evident disagreement.
Most wondrous humility is not the true humility.”

LESTER: “But say ye not that the greatest benefit is non-violence?
The way of the rat is clearly not the tao.
‘tis controv'rsial w'rds.
Valorous intentions, at each moment, faileth to achieveth the goal ,methinks."

MURPHY: “‘tis a pity yond thy cynicism,
thy t'rn strength is in vain.
i hath heard from beyond yond the wise doth nothing.
Ye fail at looking f'r virtue."

LESTER: “Ye speak but doest not speaketh.
At which hour ye speaks, ye doesn't speaketh beyond the limits of this dusty w'rld.”

MURPHY: “In the dry n'rth th're is a black flote called Elysium.
This gudgeon is sev'ral miles wide, thee knoweth how longeth t is.
This creature is huge.”

LESTER: “Is th're eke a mouse nam'd Petras, his back like a mountain and whose wings art cov'ring the sky?”

MURPHY: “We doth not know.”

LESTER: “The t'rnado did extend f'r ninety miles;
Flying in the blue sky and clouds.
From th're, ambush'd in the south that which climbed into the darkness of the south.
The quail did laugh at me and hath said,
"wh're's the road?”

MURPHY: “So th're is nay lodging to starteth.
Th're shall beest nay teachest'r.
Play with me;
i am the sup'rvis'r of this city.
i can showeth something like this.”

LESTER: “Art thee not exil'd to a high lodging?
Only aft'r a few feet i cometh down again;
falling into the brush."

MURPHY: “In earnest, this is the most wondrous desire of thy flight!
So wh're art ye taking this creature?
This is wh're the bawbling and the big art identify as one.”

LESTER: “The whole w'rld’s condemned when the diff'rence between the interior and the exterior is misunderstood.”

MURPHY: “Canst it beest edited?
Prithee, break with this.”

LESTER: “Not to panick but beest embarrass'd;
the w'rld doesn't care about our company,
nor at which hour the wind bloweth.”

MURPHY: “i am too distemperate to wend though the circuit path requir'd.
Acc'rding to the nature of heaven and earth,
at which hour the sun and moon riseth,
no persons burn with a lamp.
What a quality lighteth at which hour it rains;
a bawbling means to irrigate the land.”

Here MURPHY's men beat up LESTER, the Homeland Security Adviser

EMERY: “Contempt, contempt, contempt;
On Forum, off forum;
Mine thirst for beer is amazing!
it scares mine own kids.”

MURPHY: “’tis thy scary visage that makes them tremble slightly.
Nay, one dare to not approach thee f'r feareth of his sudden death.
Contempt hideth inside a diamond vase;
this thee can gaze upon.”

LESTER: “i am sorry for the pain ye hath endured;
If 't be true, thou art a valorous teachest'r.
Ye can kiss the head of the w'rld.
As long as thee p'rsev're, all shall beest well;
i knoweth all mine own mistakes.”

MURPHY: “Pray, yond the earth may beest sov'reign.
Ev'rything in the w'rld op'rates v'ry well.”

Here they skirmish again

EMERY: “Soon ye shall have arrows betwixt thy eyebrows, sir!”

AUSTIN: “L'rd, have m'rcy on us sinn'rs.
Prithee, have m'rcy on me, valorous sir!
What shouldst i doth if 't be true a soundeth suddenly startles?
Alloweth's speak of it;
of course ‘tis the serum.
‘tis cruel to behold at thy cheek with one eye!”
To be cont.


Sep 23, 2021, 8:58:54 PMSep 23
Installment V

MURPHY: “If 't be true i taketh something from thee, ye bethink i'm doing t f'r prestige. Fame hast nothing to doth with t.
What a strang'r thou art.
Ye canst heareth the sound of h'rns 'r birds chirping?

LESTER: “Birds buildeth a nest in deep bushes;
but only one type will use it.
Tapirs drinketh wat'r from the riv'r.”

EMERY: “Ye hast but one eye in the sky.
I did see the w'rld announceth with mine own owneth eyes.
Th're is nay life in heaven.”

MURPHY: “Take your body from here to sow,
I'll help you bury it.
If 't be true, the cook cannot manageth his kitchen prop'rly.”

LESTER: “Talk to Harry;
Nay needeth to gaze the game itself.
The magician can neith'r jumpeth n'r lift.”

Exit Murphy and Lester with their grievances

AUSTIN: “With nay actual content, withdrawn and incomplete,
the text is stunt'd.
Those gents art as endless as the milky way;
a genocide yond hast nothing to doth with the human w'rld.”


SCENE IV. Ides of Strides
Enter Bart and the Burning Bush

BURNING BUSH: “Like snow and ice on her skin;
the lady doth behave like a submissive virgin, eating grains.”

BART: “This st'rm shall not cometh in mine own nameth.
Maketh a sound, t thund'rs and lights up;
What doth thee doth?
Sendeth a message?”

The French rooster turns its head

SALLIER: “The new holy prophet wilt giveth thee breasts with roots.
Alloweth thy soul beest a mixed swamp.
The wind and the dew art alive.
Rideth the cloud and driveth the dragon beyond the boundaries of the known w'rld.
With holy gouts, ev'rything heals and one yields a full crop.”

Harry: “Weareth thy arms lief.
The Flibbertigibbet is passing by thee;
i shall draweth blood, ye witch;
and dedicate thy soul to his s'rvice.”

A little warning, and then they entered the city

“Go, save your hungry bottom;
the deaf people doth not like the sound of drums and bells,
but deep down in thy heart, ye can beest both blindeth and deaf;
thy w'rds proveth t.”

SALLIER: “Ye shall seeth yond mine own mind is a pott'r's stick;
i knoweth not wh're i am 'r what i shouldst doth.”

HARRY: “They hast been thrown out of their homes and cells;
Cometh back to thy land on the lion's boat.
The wolf doesn't run but waits in his hole;
‘tis embarrassing this st'rm which hides mine own head.
A p'rson with courage can ope their eyes again;
Aye, thou art no more brain than stone.”

Enter Bart camouflaged

SALLIER: “This city can sinketh into the sky and burn mountains;
mountains with insoluble gold and stone in sev're drought.
People this can doth the same with dust and debris but such things both'r not!
Neith'r red currant, m'roccan musk, sage nor frankincense.”

HARRY: “And the people who shaveth their heads and tattoo their skin?
Reconcileth with the peoples of the sh'res of the earth.
Wend to meet the fourth mast'r and findeth yond his empire is exsufflicate.”

SALLIER: “Shall i bring a large gourd?
i plant'd t and the fruit wast big enow to holdeth five bags of things.”

HARRY: “Ye knoweth how to bid a joke;
a star-studd'd joke.
If ye shall collect the don'rs,
i shall start t plant the seeds.
‘tis not as intuitive as some of thy emails.
We followeth only yond which infrar'd cannot track;
t people who shaveth their heads and tattoo their skin art bootless in this kind of w'rk.”

H're is more than just a coincidence
What stirs? what tumult's in the heavens?
Whence cometh this hurtling?


SORINE: “While oth'rs sidestep their violence,
prithee, cometh to the c'rn'r.
Ye can talk 'r taketh t s'riously.
Sallier, ye can doeth it;
Ye knoweth how to play this comical game."

Here SALLIER lifteth himself up and groans

HARRY: “Hear mine alert for camera repair;
Reconcileth with the peoples of these sh'res of the earth.
Ye hath said: "sir, ‘tis forsooth a valorous thing, because thee wonneth't beest using it.”


To be cont.


Sep 24, 2021, 6:26:28 PMSep 24
Installment VI

SCENE V. The Game.
Here a urantia tree sprouts and HARRY pursueth a dolphin and rideth it: then enter BLATHMOORE with his Divisor Dividend Quotient; afterwards re-enter HARRY

HARRY: “i hath this argument;
From gen'ration to gen'ration, bleaching did produce living silk.
If this silk hast been crumpl'd from gen'ration to gen'ration, nay one wouldst guesseth of its pristine preexistence.”

Here, here she comes. I'll have a bout with thee;
Devil or devil's dame, I'll conjure thee:
Blood will I draw on thee, thou art a witch,
And straightway give thy soul to him thou servest.
BLATHMOORE: “We can earneth a hundr'd pieces of gold in one m'rning!
The strang'r hath said,
“The secret is to seeth the third king who rewards traveleth'rs with most wondrous f'rtune.”

Here they fight

HARRY: “i shalt capture the countryside!
Thy hand did cease beating the cream:
One wast discarded, and the oth'r wast nothing m're than silk bleached.
So far, ye hath not hath used this secret, sir.
To controleth the five bushels ye hast to pond'r while sitting on a big pumpkin full of straw!”

BLATHMOORE: “Bootless cad!
The rope hast too many knots and architects shouldst not w'rk on t because the branches art too bended;
Thy squares an’ compasses art useless!”


A bittersweet symphony is heard

HARRY: “Ye liveth our life like an unruly h'rse.
Can't ye learneth uncontrollable rest is this a depress'd visage?

They fight again

BLATHMOORE: “i am still on the road: but t is sore to monit'r during breaks.”

HARRY: “Ins'rt a new tireth onto the committee;
Weigheth the rest boldly.
S'rve me with the sw'rd;
Ye cannot access stolen files.”

Hits the comet like a ping pong
Hark, tear the lions out of their coats;
Giveth sheep in lions' stead:
Sheep runneth not half so treach'rous from the wolf,
or h'rse 'r oxen from the leopard
as ye flyeth from thy oft-subdu'd op’sers.

Here another skirmish

None would strike a stroke in his revenge.
The shame hereof will make me hide mine head.
If 't be true the corse dost not rot,
Is the soul a tragedy?


SCENE VI. The Other Game
Enter BLATHMOORE, BORIS, ROGER, ELRICH and assorted cretins

BLATHMOORE: “Explod'd during the day and escaping at night,
if 't be true 't beest true ye alloweth reasoneth to teachest thee;
Without a guru, who can see?
Wh'ref're this change is only possible yond the heart of one who believes his teacher.”

BORIS: “Yea, but i beest curs'd in the cent'r of the city;
In not all situations can this beest the case.
i am in this temple,
mine own name did engrave on this container of pain.”

ROGER: “i sawest thee at the Dolphin Museum,
taking the honest guard out of his box.
That one is forsooth an clotpole;
if 't be true ye ign're opinion and insist on thy und'rstanding of the crime.”

ELRICH: “Those ones climb walls and trembleth in the field;
Of course, dolphins art v'ry wild.
Ye just hath said our w'rds art not exsufflicate w'rds.”

BORIS: “For sea turtle lovers,
they can't stay everyday;
We pay attention to them in every match.
W'rds art effective because of what one sayeth;
but jealous, if 't be true,
We're not sure what the w'rd means.
But isn't t that one mayest justify himself?”


SCENE I. Loss to the Albatros
Enter HARRY, KERBY, and a saucerful of secrets wearing hats

WHITE HAT: “What about the roof?
At which hour we seeth our kingdom,
Silence shall turn into laught'r!”

RED HAT: “Yond is wh're i like to readeth a good book.”

Exit Men in hats

Thus art po'r s'rvit'rs,
at which hour oth'rs catch but a wink upon their quiet beds,
constrain'd to gaze in darkness, rain and bitter cold.

Enter HARRY, KERBY and unnamed forces

HARRY: “i am sure to inviteth guests who art cultivated, and hath exp'rience of the sea.
Can we bid what is right and what is wrong?
What did hide our w'rds?”

KERBY: “Giveth me the key;
i'm tired of this scam.
We useth viruses to destroy reputations;
The Greeks art not imp'rtant to this game.”

HARRY: “How can the rat belongeth at which hour the tao is gone?
Nay longeth'r exists?”

To be cont.


Sep 25, 2021, 9:11:55 PMSep 25
Installment VII

KERBY: “These w'rds w're cov'r'd in detaileth by Confucius and the animist;
If 't be true he sayeth ‘tis right to confuseth.
All these needeth to be clarifi'd;
Nothing is 'no', nothing is not 'it'.

HARRY: “i wisheth i kneweth yond t brain of a stone elf!
i wisheth i couldst seeth through oth'r people's eyes, to sayeth something yond i knoweth.”

KERBY: “Compareth life and death;
Compareth what is possible and what is impossible;
Compareth the impossible with the possible.”

HARRY: “i shall cometh to seeth thee again.
In the m'rning, confirmeth the reason f'r thy sudden departure.”

KERBY: “Doth not holdeth back;
If i stay, 'tis to seeth the opposite trend come to an end.”

HARRY: “Giveth me the longest part of the day to answ'r; Beest content and i shalt doeth the same.
Ye haveth a v'ry sexy profile, domine'ring and int'resting.”

They leapeth ov'r the wall with open shirts.
Enter, ELRICH, and ROGER, half ready, and half unready.

ELRICH: “The light in the sky, ‘tis now dim;
What is the next big thing?”

ROGER: “Just standeth th're and smileth at thy lovely girlfriend;
The idea of games shadow romance.”

HARRY: “i am not thy shadow.
Forswear to me;
Ye knoweth not the essence;
This hinge provides the cent'r of the circle.”

ROGER: “M're likely sugar is the myst'ry;
Can we seeth how ye dealeth with compatibility of these two opposites?”

HARRY: “'tis endless.
If 't be true, thou sayeth ‘tis right to confuseth,
and we must admiteth what is said is evil.
i can seeth through oth'r people's eyes;
i can very much sayeth something yond i knoweth.”

ELRICH: “Ye shouldst not give thy hypothesis credence;
‘tis most wondrous to clarifyeth these issues.”

HARRY: “i wisheth not to apologize anymore;
Showeth thy fing'r to be not thy fing'r;
How doth ye pointeth at me with a missing fing'r?

To be cont.


Sep 27, 2021, 1:51:06 AMSep 27
Installment VIII

ROGER: “i canst behold inside mine own heart;
See thee back in this most wondrous war cubiculo of mine own house.”

SCENE II; ‘2022’

HARRIDAN: “Doth ye heareth yond?
The rat is the first int'resting zodiac animal.”

OSMOND: “The colour of the garden is inappropriate;
the rat cheat'd the bull in exchange f'r the flote.
At which hour did ye did get out of the 'rigin?”

HARRIDAN: “Bef're the dunnest part of the day.
The rat roll’d ov'r soil branches in front of the bull;
i associate this with the timeth of midnight.”

OSMOND: “B’yond the yin an’ yang state, the rat marks the beginning of this new day of excit'ment.
Doeth justice 'mongst us, Wesley.”

WESLEY: “If 't be true ye flyeth between the two shafts on the upp'r level, ye shall noticeth thy visage is dark'r between the two.
P'rhaps the decision is light;
i hath nev'r seen a p'rson as cunning as a pigeon.”

HARRIDAN: “Putteth thy nak'd pigeon in front of me;
Ye may findeth t blindeth on the cheek.
Thy eyes gleam as the blindeth.”

WESLEY: “Ye useth daws to promoteth ideas.
Ye picketh an unscrupulous rose from this rotten lodging.”

OSMOND: “Doth not card rabbits with hags.
R'd roses hath th'rns rath'r than tails.”

WESLEY: “Consume the rabbit and leaveth the rats in their wealthy culture.
Their f'rtility rate in pairs leadeth to children in pairs.”

OSMOND: “Most imp'rtantly thou art comptible to thy opinions.”

WESLEY: “Taketh nay m're prizes;
Some roses art pick'd from the tree of infidelity.”

HARRIDAN: “i wilt keepeth mine own prize;
A whey-face virgin and a sleep chamber of floweth'rs.
i needeth be contrary in this instance.”

WESLEY: “Imagineth h'r backeth to saddle falsing limp and innocent as the h'rse happily gallups about.
Alloweth not thy fing'rs to misseth out on what thee can envision.”

HARRIDAN: “I'm a doct'r, if 't be true thee hath f'rgotten;
Myself, i can't keepeth myself on mine own side.”

OSMOND: “Until i did betray mine own faith and mine own book,
the argument thee hath made is wrong.
In this constellation is the rose is the wis'r.
Payeth attention to yond bright, quaint visage.”

HARRIDAN: “At the same time, our ticks art making roses
speaketh to nay effect.”

WESLEY: “Any completeness 'r diff'rence;
who hast nay attain'd such a broad vision?”

HARRIDAN: “Public opinion shouldst be stealthily used;
The object's purpose det'rmines its inh'rent function.
Flexibility mayest be f'rcing yond which is natural.”

OSMOND: “The whore is m're inline with the tao than thy whey-faced virgin.
This beest a sharp and penetrating insight.”

WESLEY: “i didst get bloody rose cater-cousins!
May the ripest banana winneth the chance f'r the skin-pricking th'rns.”

HARRIDAN: “Despise thyself and thy m'rals, knave.
i am fustian and wilt despise those naysay'rs.”

OSMOND: i court with the dang'rous neth'r climatures, gleefully abandoning any precautions yond wouldst dampen the spirit.

WESLEY: “Liveth f'r dang'r and ye shant regret on thy deathbed, though the deathb'd may beest knocking soon'r than lat'r.”

To be cont.


Sep 27, 2021, 11:26:38 AMSep 27
Installment IX

HARRIDAN; “Nay, not one in chargeth can speaketh of this.”
“Nay, not one in chargeth can speaketh of this.”

OSMOND: “Evaluateth thy thoughts and intelligence in this way:
Monkey trainer useth monkey mind to valorous ends.
Mine own mind is warning me to rememb'r i needeth to take three pills tom'rrow m'rning."

HARRIDAN: “Taketh five and leave me the bombard.
i knoweth not if 't be true t's all the same, the ease that springeth from a pill 'r the ease of a hammock.”

OSMOND: “The monkeys art surpris'd to hear thy w'rds and hath said:
‘practiceth tom'rrow m'rning under endless monkey judgment.’”

WESLEY: “Ye shall findeth we're eft f'r any s'rt of miching mallecho!”

HARRIDAN; “O mine own soul, the rose is whey-faced and sinist'r;
yet i cannot refuse to wisheth those pleasing stingers bloom up to the height of mine own steps.”

OSMOND; “Thy ambition is arousing!”

WESLEY: “Someone hurries to findeth bitter cold relief f'r his fev'r'd limbs.” [laughs]

HARRIDAN: “Ye knoweth how the sign of mine own life appeareth;
i wouldst wear this rose on ev’ry h'r until the festival.
Th're art parties in the temple und'r the nose of the nobles;
A real life peepshow with nay a blush’d cheek in sight.’

WESLEY: “Both jumping into conclusions and holy bedrooms?”

HARRIDAN: “Rath’r traveling from the abstract to the concrete, the only area science can be p'rf'rm'd.”

WESLEY: “In this salvation, blood shall be malt-worm in the company of splendid and nak'd goddesses.”

HARRIDAN: “We shant ev'r knoweth if 't be true t's a valorous thing;
But ent'rtainment is f'r a c'rtain.”

WESLEY: “Entertainment, the true goal of the maker of man!”
To be cont.

SCENE V; ‘Battalion Lust’
Enter DARIUS and the repeating 33s

Gazeth into the thick,
grizzled city of the nefarious sprites
It doth hurt to pond'r yond disgusting captivity.

“Thy ass, Harridan, here it is.”

HARRIDAN: “Be more optimistic about en'rgy;
Have more admiration for communication arts,
Thy w'rds seemeth illegal and malapert.”

DARIUS: “i loveth accumulating things so that i might waste them unnecessary.
‘tis a testament to their nature;
The sandcastles cometh and wend but the beach remains steadfast.
Mine own conc'rn is to be cunning and adapt’d apace to new environmental problems.”

HARRIDAN: “At which hour ye heareth mine own voice from prison;
A prison of pine;
Ye shalt know that they have begun to nominate the heirs of the law;
But liketh all oth'rs, tall pillars falleth more easily than short ones.
‘tis time to maketh things green again, as the Dead Sea.”

DARIUS: “You are my heir;
Let the sea gather everything according to my will;
I have no problems.”

To be cont.


Sep 28, 2021, 12:44:50 PMSep 28
Installment X

HARRIDAN: “A joyous house hath appeared to shelt'r the responsible and the capable.
A pair of rapt'rs can und'rstand each oth'r's fate bett'r than our
pitiful soothesaying.
Similar to dragons, monkeys receiveth 'long well with rats and oft leadeth a joyous life in fairy tales.
A strategic hole dug by a rat can take the sturdiest horse’s life away.”

DARIUS: “The Age of apparitions can beest rest'red!
Weak turtles die in the mud;
One is injured, the oth'r is sick.
The goat is seduc'd and is controlled by the rat;
A rocky outpost is made out of their freedom and imagination.”

Murphy coughs into his sleeve and straightens his hat

ETHERIFY: “The two art essentially the same;
But monkey actions art diff'rent;
They art clueless as how to followeth the natural likeness of heaven. Our knowledge is almost complete;
Th're is little yond can be added.”

MURPHY: “Progresseth is essentially the foe of peace;
Thy industry is autistic;
Writ'r, edit'r and artist, all in the wrong ord'r.
The anatomical valves that open thy mind to new possibilities hath been tamp'r'd with and can barely function.
The rat pays attention to the smallest of details;
This applies to the artw'rk that draws our gazeth.”

WESLEY: “’tis v'ry useful rats have been praised by people since childhood.
Th're art factious p'rsonalities 'mongst the onlookers.
I disagree on how to achieve peace;
But don’t let that be an offence unto you.”

MURPHY: “Thou art s'riously insane!
Liketh despair i oft receiveth airb'rne changes;
And hath learneth'd ways to diff'rentiate betwixt the ‘what was’ and the ‘is now’.”

WESLEY: “What? ‘tis is nay longer aught intact?
Wast the damage extensive?
Is the loss complete?”

MURPHY: “Th're is a tendency to be nay m're brain than stone;
Howev'r, thy head if 't be true did fill with stone,
can assist as our faithful batt'ring ram.”

LESTER: “Am i too specific to be consid'r'd generic?”

MURPHY: “Like flash glue.”

LESTER: “Respect thy vocabulary!”

MURPHY: “Holdeth loosely to thy knowledge and tightly to thy life.”

LESTER: “Sir, ye shouldst leave.
In earnest, showeth int'rest in thy people.”

WESLEY: “His sin is the greater sin because it hath no shame in it. Fighting luck and exp'rience shalt keep him busy.”

HARRIDAN: “In mine own opinion the gore shouldst be collect’d into separate buckets.
Can i commit a crime without impunity from the owner?"

ETHERIFY: “Toucheth thy heart with love and friendship. Removeth both stem and seed from our wreath!
Folk chaos is conjur'd from snakes and insects.”

WESLEY: “What am i going to give to this racket?
i trust m're than the mann'r of an evil bishop.
i shalt fill a box with bawbling stones fitt'd with unique hats and gaze as they expose each oth'r.”

ETHERIFY: “The zenies hath broken all our windows by way of gas propulsion.
Watcheth, f'r soon the streets beginneth to run with blood. After this century, we wilt not stop with stones.
We will take their teeth.”

MURPHY: “Shame on the lost ones;
it is not their habit to stand and trade.
Throw them in the field after they have been killed.”

ETHERIFY: “Help me to solve the troubles of my soul!
I was told these tears would never come back!
Who sees my poor state more than you?”

WESLEY: “If your sense of rejection is dishonest and stubborn,
Spare the fabricated camanol.”

MURPHY: “Wherefore doth thee bethink this is depress'd and not pathetic?”

ETHERIFY: “Int'restingly, salvation oft maketh maj'r sins m're sore;
Like a wench, nothing is intact and damage is in the multitudes.”

WESLEY: “But it wast not clear at the time. They started with ore and end'd t with steel and the sword becameth his folly.
Eventually, one learns to drop it all and learn how to play the guitar.”

To be cont.


Sep 30, 2021, 6:30:26 PMSep 30
Installment XI

LESTER: “If 't be true this p'rson is incomplete;
Of course, neith'r i n'r anyone else is p'rfect.
In the light of chaos, the wise ruleth.”

MURPHY: “Spreading fear of dep'rtation;
This is thy standard weapon.
T’was not clear at the time;
Know this 't be true acc'rding to its prop'r categ'ry.”

ETHERIFY: “i get n'rvous, sirs, at which hour
i faileth to see stars in the black of the night.”

WESLEY: “Grab ye a book and log in;
Ye can maketh fun of the whey-fac'd virgin’s prun'd tail feath'rs.”

MURPHY: “This is of course to anoth'r grise;
Th're is nay diff'rence between what i hath said and what oth'rs hath said.
If 't be true they tryest to bid thee what i want, this is the beginning.
This is still not the beginning of aught;
This is still not a start, n'r is th're a theory.
What is't and what is not ‘tis hard to say what is and what is naught.”

ETHERIFY: “i just hath said and madeth statement;
i knoweth but i knoweth not if 't be true what i hath said is true what i hath said 'r not actually the words.
Und'r the sun, t couldn't be bigg'r than the hair on the top of thy head.
But the tea is bawbling;
Nothing bigg'r than heaven and earth liveth togeth'r.”

WESLEY: “Heareth our approval;
We shall taketh thy comments about amorous rite.
Doth ye wish to be free as we?
Visage jumping mayest be thy new s'rvice request;
Plump breasts, long brown hair, moist eyes;
The lady is at each moment in her sleep chamber at home;
A gent hugging at her waist.
The lady sucketh a sugar cube filming ‘Fing'rs Und'r Cov'rs’;
Her big breasts heaveth above the tight c'rset.”

ETHERIFY: “All life is one with me;
Because mine own whole life is one, which language doth ye understand?”

HARRIDAN: “W'rds madeth into flesh;
i can seeth thy hands disappearing down the hall,
slid’ng a thin fing'r up and down into the thick spot.
Aye, while defeat'd ye still showeth keen int'rest.”

ETHERIFY: “‘tis true I’m greeted immediately with slipp'ry gib juice;
‘tis as stout as a bullet;
Wait and payeth attention.
Und'r a thin lie'r of cotton cloth thy kind service is made meekly.”

HARRIDAN: “Lift thy feet and put thy nose in front of me;
i hitteh thee with mine strongest sword.”

ETHERIFY: “So stayeth hence and freezeth ev'rything;
Ye doth point to a rocket.”

HARRIDAN: “’tis a valorous thing!
The whole thing encourageth me to sayeth in casual tones
or as sounds of pluck’d cotton beads.”

MURPHY: “’tis good now;
Pass the crown to the orchestra.
Ov'rall, this dream of thine is quite int'resting.”

ETHERIFY: “With a hesitancy i weepeth softly;
Thou hast prepar’d thyself as a toad, like a toad ugly and venomous.
Th're is nay traceth of thy nakedness left.”

MURPHY: “i doth say; thy air hath turn’d grizzled.”

DEXTER: “i hath nev'r lay’d mine eyes on this mistress;
‘tis been many a season in this flame.
Jealousy int'rf'res too i'm afraid;
Oft the excit'ment shall be fatal.”


BLATHMOORE: “i can presseth the air between mine thumbs;
All procedures have come to naught.”

BORIS: “Th're shalt be much requir'd from us in the days to come.”

BLATHMOORE: “Bef're i decideth, i bethink i need to showeth everything in bright sunlight.”

SCENE II; ‘Concealed Chaos’

BLATHMOORE: “Mov’ng on from h're, let us taketh up account of the experience.”

BORIS: “Dolphins adorned with head louse!”


HARRY: “i wanteth to say something about restrictions.”

Leaning forw’rd in the bushes

BLATHMOORE: “i wear mine own forks; i canst be both’rd.”


WADWEL: “Poison, crime, lunacy, c'rruption, prostitution;
ye seeth all this talent display’d.”

KERBY: “Rememb'r to laugh out loud and readeth some text about the action!”

BLATHMOORE: “What doth ye know about action?”

HARRY: “From the beach to the rocks, the wat'r is hot
but the hand on the book oft covereth the curv’d edges.
Aft'r this day ye canst nev’r useth it.”

BLATHMOORE: “Silence, my dear.
If thou speakest, do so with chalk and a blackboard.”

The rat accelerator begins to whirl

HARRY: “Thou now leaneth back on thy laurels?
Putteth f'rks into thy clench'd eyes to the extent ye witness swelling as most apparent.”

BLATHMOORE: “Thou canst think of us as idiots.
Thou art the thick one.”

HARRY: “Ye rub at mine n'rves and eag'rly suck on the end of the bell.”

BLATHMOORE: “i inspireth thee to wend shopping in hell;
Ye can int'rview mine self at which hour thy wage is deplet’d.”

HARRY: “Decisions, resolutions, contests and fights;
Doth thee have any m’re to bringeth to the table?”

BLATHMOORE: “Only the shoes on Adam's feet.”
To be cont.


Oct 3, 2021, 3:02:34 AMOct 3

Installment XII


MURPHY: “We hath not space on the altar of freedom.”

KERBY: “The purpose of thy vision is to open the eye of the deepest reason.”

TEAM LEADER: “The deepest sense of awakening is at which hour ‘tis at the threshold of human consciousness.”

MURPHY: “Nay, a wage not needed! Luck shall fav'r thee!”

KERBY: “Now, halcyon soul, wend taketh a bite of this.
What is the confidence or strength of a fool?
We can useth the most useful drugs to unfold think'rs.”

TEAM LEADER: “Those who die once a day shall be stout again!
This burgundy color hath deepened and the worship of heaven is dead!”

MURPHY: “He taketh it to his heart where he exalted himself.”

KERBY: “i feel it slips like a book.
Doth ye seeth a pow'rful villain who hath nay direction?”

TEAM LEADER: “Think'rs establish'd a phenomenon of consciousness;
They shalt nev'r be able to ent'r into identity.”

An excursion ensues, KERBY jumps out of his chair.
Enter HARRY and BORIS without: within BLATHMOORE, and ROGER;
writer of the writing on the walls

BLATHMOORE: “But of course, nev'r dropeth thy partisan;
This is the endeth of human suff'ring.”

HARRY: “Oft the treatment is not medicine, but hath a biting sting;
These things cannot be fix’d in the first lodging.
Enjoy the crazy trip to the bottom of the flote at which hour the ship we adopteth sinks.”

BORIS: “They knoweth, seeth, and doth not.
Indian philosoph'rs calleth the eye of the supreme mind the ‘third eye of Mahendra’.”

ROGER: “We will install your idol at the holy place.
‘tis said yond this opens v'rtically as well as h'rizontal.”

BLATHMOORE: “’tis a mountain to me, but to und'rstand what i hath,
i needest ent'r a non-dualistic w'rld wh're i dealeth with non-relativistic things.”

HARRY: “Doth we live in it?
What endeth first? Christmas or the twitt'r w'rld?
Mine heart wanteth to cross tight boundaries into the free song dynasty.”

BORIS: “Th're might not but at each moment be a seed of bitterness in it.”

ROGER: “They'll seeth thy w'rk at which hour i'm done;
The soundeth of poison cameth from afar.”

BLATHMOORE: “From the far East.
If 't be true, ye wisheth to have a conv'rsation on philosophical issues.”

HARRY: “Luck is very much sloweth to showeth;
We shalt talk in appropriate meetings at sea.”
BORIS: “The loss of past pow'r, the era of the creation of the umm becoming the era of manipulation.”

ROGER: “The first block announceth itself like a st'rming goat.”

BLATHMOORE: “Wh're w're ye born?
Unless the doubts of reincarnation art resolved by ridicule,
the fusty mistress shall be t'rment'd by a dream.”

HARRY: “Thy w’rds did bite of fear, stupidity and arrogance.”

BORIS: “i speaketh, thou art arrogant, and i am still talking.”

ROGER: “Horse desire is stout!
Waiteth, alloweth thy ankle do the talking.”

BLATHMOORE: “It shouldst be noted;
Thy bastion oft expresses its conc'rn in the f'rm of a mentally numbing fashion.”

HARRY: “Behold at the fruitful fairs;
Nearly destroy’d to the point of collapse.
At which hour death closes thy tend'r eyes,
i am sadd'r than the one responsible for scrubb’ng the country’s stains.”

BORIS: “At least nature knoweth enow to bring me back.”

ROGER: “i blame both of thee on delusions, deception and hypnosis.”

BLATHMOORE: “In this remote context, we shant have it;
The butcher wouldst naturally accompany us.
Waketh up, waketh up, waketh up!”
To be cont.


Oct 4, 2021, 2:13:21 AMOct 4

Installment XIII

This appears in English only;
Get in the car and drive away,
Enter into scattered colors;
Luck is running out of petro.

BORIS: “Ye may be instruct'd to translateth the above into a fascinating picture.
Mammon wast re-us'd on the int'rnet,
and through a spiritual speech,
hath brought a new and unknown brand to the original.”

SALLIER: “Seppi's secret needeth reordering;
Seeing the gate at each moment and bef're a certain time.”

BLATHMOORE: “The girl wilt bravely perform her part in this.”

BORIS: “We can maketh a complete expression in all parts
but the w'rld is the only unansw'r'd question.”

SALLIER: “We taketh the request and shall not seeketh a reply.
These days we answ'r poetically.
Momon hath tried to make us consume the first two b’fore discovering someone through denial.”

BLATHMOORE: “i hath been to Melchizedek sev'ral times;
His sw'rd is und'r thy feet.
God is first f'r me and second f'r thee.”

ELRICH: “M're imp'rtantly, we art to chooseth between the two;
Sudden knowledge is not the same as constant contemplation.”

BORIS: “i wanteth to bethink with the satisfaction of an enlighten’d heart and feeleth peace and quiet.”

SALLIER: “This is liken’d to high heels;
If 't be true ye hath not the ankles f'r the journey, taketh those off.
All defects somehow becometh an 'riginal setting.”

BLATHMOORE: “i moveth the bushes;
Doth thee want me to sayeth the first sentence?
This couldst collapse in the blinketh of an eye”

ELRICH: “After that you will make a backup;
The heat'd cubiculo is full of excit'ment and trendy.”

BORIS: “Wouldst thee like to do this?”

SALLIER: “Once f'r thee;
With an exsufflicate enshielf gift, oft one hast to wend not only to the holy lodging,
but to all the famous phantom gurus.”

“Heareth the voice of the people;
Get paid in advance.”

ELRICH: “The sword puller sometimes sets it off;
Spread the blood from thy faithful wound.”

BORIS: “i see him at the city entrance.”

SCENE IV: ‘Star of Babylon’

ETHERIFY: “If 't be true this p'rson is incomplete;
Of course, neith'r i n'r anyone else is p'rfect.”

MURPHY: “He faileth to lead by the light;
Those gents wanteth to teach oth'rs about t but ‘twas not clear at the time.”

WESLEY: “i knoweth if 't be true t is in this categ'ry;
What didst oth'rs sayeth?
This is of course to anoth'r grise.”

WADMEL: “Th're is nay diff'rence between what ye hath said and what oth'rs hath said;
i'll tryeth to bid thee what ye want.
This is still not the beginning of aught.”

EMERY: “This is still not a start, n'r is th're a theory;
What is't and what is not.
‘tis hard to sayeth t isn't or what is't.
i just hath said and madeth a statement;
i knoweth but i knoweth not if 't be true what i hath said is true or what i hath said 'r not actually hath said.”

DEXTER: “Alloweth us to moveth on from h're;
Leaveth t to the gen'ral public.”

ROLF: “Charming and stout, honest, full of excit'ment and arrogance;
What doth i earn?
The earth is naught afraid of disease but at each moment beareth with the greatest resistance.
i am not satisfy’d with this chapt'r’s name;
i feeleth i hath been insult’d enow.”

ETHERIFY: “i will destroyeth thee with the pain of death;
These w'rds hath changed their meaning from the v'ry beginning,
howev'r, restrictions hath been impos’d because of the idea of thine.”

MURPHY: “This is nothing m're than clarity and openness;
Shalt ev'rything be affectioned?
Art we engrav’d on the walls of the church?
Accepteth this monst'rous betrayal!”

To be cont.


Oct 6, 2021, 12:17:42 AMOct 6
Installment XIV

EMERY: “Eight qualities art well known.
Wise people doth not speaketh outside the boundaries of the w'rld.”

ETHERIFY: “On the journey of the kings of spring and autumn,
the wise argueth without judgement.”

MURPHY: “Th're is nay diff'rence between a point and a circumference;
Intelligent people surroundeth themselves in ev'rything.”

ETHERIFY: “i am the ocean of surrender.
Ingraft people argueth only about these things;
Wherefore i sayeth,
arguing means ye und'rstand not c'rtain things.”

HARRY: “Ye art a revolution;
They shalt hath to beareth the embarrassment.”

ETHERIFY: “This hath been called our light from ancient times;
Ten suns stand illuminating the whole life.”

HARRY: “Ye canst understand the illusion in simple words.”

SCENE I: ‘Atah Gibor Le Olam’

WESLEY: “How doth i know what i knoweth not?
Is this not what i knoweth?

ROLF: “Humanity and fairness,
just rememb'r who is right and who ‘tis confused.”

OSMOND: “If ye und'rstand not the diff'rence between good and evil,
be this true of science, too?
Wend ahead,
bef're counting the chickens,
imagineth a roast'd bird.”

DEXTER: “i shall tryeth to talk tough with ye,
so that ye mayest obey me;
Ev'ry life is just one p'rson, and ev'ryone is doing what they shouldst be doing.”

WESLEY: “How doth i know life is a blessing?
Doth we knoweth 't be true if ‘t w'rks f'r me?”

Ye shall not misseth the wolf of mine own ham
i fain i wonneth, mast'r, and i wisheth
‘t merit filthy tea
Holp mine dignity as i tryeth to sneeze

ROLF: “Hath ye mentioned the role an’
the tenderness of this flower?”

OSMOND: “If 't be true i hath hath said such,
how can ye maketh an appropriate decision?
Nobody is waiting f'r anybody.
Compareth ev'rything in balanceth,
learneth how to dress f'r distemp'rate people.”

DEXTER: “O, what a mad power in the mind of man!
An’ wearing such a short and light suit!”

WESLEY: “What can ye receiveth?
i didst search a lot inside non-existence and existence but we doth not und'rstand this by arguing.”

ROLF: “Stand first an combeth back thy braggodoshishness, sir.”

OSMOND: “Listen to him: oth'rwise i shouldst practice the same caution.”

DEXTER: “t is dang'rous to sayeth things with concrete eyes;
F'r loveth is to proceed,
b’cause the way to saveth thyself is in this advice.”

WESLEY: “Don't be ashamed of thy little hate.
This is the intact summary of the joke.
The rhythm of the groove is v'ry int'resting;
Ah, we has't a gem!”

ROLF: “God didst imagineth the same!”

OSMOND: “Rememb’r where we are;
i disagreeth with mine own opinion.
Mine years art soft and hath never fail’d;
What is whispering to you?
Whispers from the red rose plant?”

DEXTER: “i must putteth thought to thy words b’fore i laugh.
i did so an’ yet i still am urged to laugh.”

WESLEY: “This whole argument is cov'r'd with thine own fing'rprints;
As t stands, we couldst closeth the case.”

ROLF: “If ye close it on his fingers we can get rid of the print mak’rs.”

OSMOND: “Control thy voice and disciple thy tongue b’fore we lock thee in the case an’ throw thee into the riv’r.”

DEXTER: “When i cutteth a bull, i did see a whole bull;
Seeing the 'rdinary cup and his hand slipping down the abyss,
i wast not intimidated.
With the big hole in mine own tube,
i hath lost much of mine own big muscles and bones;
Since then i did start making a caliver.”

WESLEY: “The ease of use of iron is free;
Ye can useth the space and th're is a lot of space.
Ye can useth t in the office at which hour thou art v'rsatile.”

ROLF: “Thy t'rture time is almost h're;
Taketh action to resolve disputes.
Venus stones thee f’r opening the book.”

OSMOND: “Oh, the joke, i careth not about reckless discipline!
Thy blood-stain'd head shalt be turn’d upside down by the sw'rd;
i painteth success both positive and negative.”

To be cont.


Oct 7, 2021, 8:06:26 PMOct 7
Installment XV

MURPHY: “The lifeguard is on duty;
Ye can seeth from above the lane is cockey'd.
Dopey rats swimeth back ‘n forth;
Ye can seeth from below, the lane is straight;
Clear, precise.”

DEXTER: “Crackers in our vibrancy calleth out for frieze departure;
Rats upon fly’ng loaves of bread beginneth the urgency.
A voyage with mine own cousin of garden secrets returns with a mischievous swall’w;
Let us champion the darkness.
Piano ch'rds down away allure our minds;
Al'rt an’ somber, i can hear the beat’ng drums of lizard skins.”

ETHERIFY: “Vibrancy b’hind the curtains;
Dancing lilies lively in the indoor meadow.
Skeletons of floating raccoons bloom doom an’ shivereth our bones.
Can ye hear the cello crying oddly?”

WESLEY: “Our heavy bellies surround’d by a garden of crows;
at which hour i bethink about something sore and t's hard to seeth what t is,
i feeleth embarrass'd and distract'd.
i become flesh and blood again like a mass of mud floating on the grind.”

ROLF: “Ye maketh company with the pumpkin seeds;
Alloweth happiness to ov'rwhelm thee.“

WESLEY: “i seeth mine own hand participating with the same satisfaction.”

ROLF: “Nay, m're rats cometh out at night;
Ye hath wait'd f'r years and years f’r mine hand to come and holp;
To release thee from thy broken w'rld.”
exit all but DEXTER

DEXTER: “i hath not eaten any gudgeon.”

SCENE II: ‘Word Salad’
Enter HARRY with neighbor

HARRY: “Implementation is impossible;
Know’ng this may not pardon me.
i found diff'rence between impressions;
Diff'rent from all oth'rs.
They art diff'rent from all phrases, sentence structures an’ w'rds.
Ev’n with human imaginations, it seemeth incapable;
Physics in its symbolic language needst showeth itself.
i hath heard the exp'rience
Mystical communication is part of the spring!
t seemeth b’yond physics an’ defin'd by definition rath'r than by time
Grandpa's machine can't start without the necessary key
Taketh notes an’ search f’r tips;
Hamlet’s scientist is doing a simple exp'riment."

NEIGHBOR: “Tis time to educate thyself;
Thy training is v'ry convenient.
i canst find any m’re info on this suggestion but an idea cameth in the night;
Suddenly th're is an obstacle on the bridge.
The egg moves 'round and splits t into two parts.”

From afar
The dolphin tympanik;
The bell, the bell;
And then the terrifying wet broom.

HARRY: “The nearby swamp hast a thousand entrances;
If 't be true ye wanteth it, ye can useth the space;
Ye can useth it within the w'rking threshold.
i hath drawn mine own sw'rd until t hath broken into pieces,
the shell hath fallen off like moss, and the flesh hath fallen to the ground.”

SCENE III; ‘C'est la Romance’

ROLF: ““Take ev'rything off. i want ye completely nak'd f'r me so i can behold thee.”

SORINE: “i seeth sweat falling from thy f'rehead;
'tis dripping down onto mine own tits.”
Enter LENA

ROLF: “Lena, hast thee a black coffee?
Sob'r up;
We didn’t cometh all this way to gaze thee sleep.”

LENA: “i’d had group amorous rite bef're,
mineself an’ a couple of gents, but at each moment they’d taken me in turns, not both togeth'r like this.”

ROLF: “’twas our first time in sleep chamber togeth'r and as wondrous as ‘twas,
t wast nothing compar’d to what we art now ready f’r.”

LENA: “We both drinketh to excess;
‘tis parteth of our lifestyle.
I receiveth malt-worm, haply m're than thee,
and amorous rite during those times beats aught we doth to each oth'r;
An’ hour which we art stone bitter cold sob'r.”

ROLF: “Ok! the l'rd applieth m'rcy!”

LENA: “Thy filthy w'rds whisp'ring in mine own ear;
i canst controleth myself a second longeth'r.
I feeleth mine own nectar wetness.”

To be cont.


Oct 9, 2021, 2:07:59 AMOct 9

Installment XVI

ROLF: “Doth thee fain submit to this trial of fidelity and commitment to thy mast'r?”

LENA [nods]

SCENE IV: ‘Blood Moon Over Miami’
Enter SALLIER and his neighbor

SALLIER: “Rats! Those did combat the dogs and hath killed the cats!
With their riv'r visages, the pen open'd five hundr'd years ago.
They calleth it the anti-cheese pit.
Too lacking in valor f'r our company,
i desire ye hath sent f’r a prop’r sir.
Art ye eft to putteth on a merit furry shirt?
Putteth thy heart on the shelf;
i am going to inurn thee in a heapeth of packages!
At which hour ye boweth, boweth with most wondrous pomp.
Art the bedroom windows and doth'rs guard’d?
i am h're to shareth with ye all.
Luck seemeth to wend down;
Wherefore i hath left the game mode on a website;
Nay one shouldst doubteth it.
All the people who liveth und’r the travelling lamp move, swim, fly 'r run;
They maketh excit'ment of the gallows too;
Anoth'r acts as a giant flea.
Can ye giveth me a thousand pounds?
i shall payeth that gent if 't be true that he plays the flute;
To hark to the f'rm of a musical bouquet.
The first three books i giveth to thee an’ art about h'roism;
Brown rat, black rat, squirrel, gudgeon.
The danc'rs walketh on the steps;
This hath been called the first flight of the trembling p'rson.
i am joyous to write on glass plates;
Caterwaulin’ rat freedom!
The w'rld oft grows into a huge dry salty des'rt;
Walk it f'r a year and then cancel it;
Lunch, lunch, lunch, lunch!
Ev'rything gets mess'd up like a big ball of yarn;
i hath found the st'rm rolling on eith'r side.
People shouldst heareth thy voice;
Ye hath built the tower with the sound of bells.
Walketh with this long stick;
Ye wonneth't lose thy steps in our city.”

NEIGHBOR: “i hath compar’d myself to the misf'rtunes of rare rats.
i notic’d the reinde'r congregate at the nearest gate.
i knoweth not what i'm living f'r.
i seeth that nay state shouldst be expell'd;
Sendeth thy wage and maketh thy share;
Isn't this the way we leadeth?
Come, sir, taketh fifty!
This is Paper Lake, because ye hath conqu'r'd it;
i gage to cometh f'r lunch;
We’ll be leaving f'r the caliph's kitchen
Ye doth not know how to maketh a coupe?
i stretcheth a wire with a long line of bells;
Giveth to me a bold blast and stand off fr’m deliv'ring such disturbing content.
The children shall clap and hold hands at which hour the barley is scatt'red;
'tis this same time birds flock to the village.
Most wondrous music with smiles when the chief is left standing silent;
May the advis'r standeth up.
i turneth to chuckle at the crowd who hath naught chairs at our main table;
The rest mayest be left to their sons and daught'rs.
But notice how the excit'ment turns west;
Th're canst be nay valleys without mountains.
We shalt see stones becometh our children;
If 't be true ye wend to the side of the mountain the events shall beginneth.
i nev'r danceth to the comm'rcials.”

Enter LENA
SALLIER: “i am not restful living in mine own city because mine own cater-cousins did survive without des'rving it.”

LENA: “Ye hath said yond in a joyous state the nights art v'ry hot.”

SALLIER: “i canst f'rget that i am buried by mine own previous w'rds.”

LENA: “Oft winn'rs cometh to town;
Ev'rything is quite quaint and new.”

SALLIER: “i hath a lot of courtesy yet to cometh in the f'rm of
silv'r and golden hearts.”

LENA: “Ye can loseth weight in the studio h're;
i hath nev'r decided to supp'rt thy bacon-fed rampallian.”

SALLIER: “’tis the most wondrous fix i hath seen in recent mem'ry.”

LENA: “Do not tol'rate hospitalization 'r hospitality from that gent who wast sick in the hall.”

SALLIER: “The auth'r can easily solveth this problem;
Wanteth to poureth anoth'r hole of filthy wat'r?”

LENA: “Ye canst cook in the dark.”
To be cont.


Oct 11, 2021, 9:46:15 PMOct 11

Installment XVII

SCENE V: ‘Swabbing the Arm’

ROLF: “Findeth the dolphins’ tent!”

PROPHET: “She shalt become a mother;
Her salads shalt melt the hearts of men.
There shalt continue a mighty fight according to mine estimation;
‘tis led by two powerful forces starting along the sea towards thee.”

ROLF: “Onset of thy epidemic.
The traitors art our instigators;
What else might i sayeth?”

LENA: “What i do declareth ‘tis not shape nor f'rm
but thy words that parteth at each moment to get in the way.”

ROLF: “Let us die so that we can sleep more."

LENA: “Ye beholdeth like a n'rmal p'rson
but actually thou art the angel of death.”

ROLF: “Death, we perish.
We grieve an’ smile bitterly;
‘tis the hand we shalt all be dealt.”

LENA: “Mayest God hath mercy on the soul of the brave.
Someday a real rain wilt come and washeth all the scum off the streets.”

ROLF: “Is that speech coming from thee?
Thine own relatives canst take thee seriously!”

LENA: “The days wend on and on;
Ye gents endeth not.
All mine own life I did needeth a senseth of someplace to wend.
i believeth not yond one shouldst devote his life to m'rbid self-attention.
i believeth yond someone shouldst becometh a p'rson i can praise.”

SCENE VI: ‘Time is at Hand’

HARRIDAN: “i wilt confirm the protection 'rd'r;
First God an’ man an’ then the mask.
The senat'r is an en'rgetic p'rson;
Cunning, elegant and fresh.
i, mine own self, couldst use a refreshment.”

TEAM LEADER: “Come on now;
Get thee to moving.
We needeth our boots on the ground to maketh our destiny sure.”

HARRIDAN: “Who putteth this thing together? ‘tis me!”

LENA: “Mr. Wow! More akin to the great disaster!
Stay away from alcohol, sir.”

HARRIDAN: “At each moment i biddeth the truth, ‘tis this i forswear!
Sayeth so long to the weak b’fore me.”

LENA: “Wherefore thee not tryeth sticking thy head up thy rampallian.
Seeth if 't be true t fits.”

HARRIDAN: “i hath more than a little to give, dear;
I hath giv’n to them the wings of the sea.”

LENA: “All men are sure it nev’r happen’d.”

HARRIDAN: “i shalt rideth a pair of tigers t proveth mine self.”

“May thy fame reach the corners of this world.”

HARRY: “Praise thy elders, members!
I sitteth in mine father's chair this moment.
Watch that helpless evil star!
In the midst of the Three District Bridge,
it canst but escape thy care.”

BLATHMOORE: “In this, thy flashlight forum;
For the remainder i beareth mine teeth an’ raise mine fur.
Shipwreck’d with the likes of these parasites;
How canst I naught hasteneth to these problems?”

HARRY: “Fly, if ye art too worried then accept death.”

BLATHMOORE: “People flying like this wilt not cometh back.”

HARRY: “The desert separates thy people;
Ye shalt always hath a way to reach them.
We call this block goat territory.”

BLATHMOORE: “In longing, all mine hopes art gone.
But i bow to the pain an’ feareth the good.”

HARRY: “How doth ye live like a cat?
Mine heart beateth like a busy squirrel.”

BLATHMOORE: “i am ashamed of mine mother's filth.
i wisheth to banish her memory;
Fight them out of mine head.
Canst mine name ev’n survive?”

HARRY: “She hath naught taken thy father's irony.”

BLATHMOORE: “Doth ye need to do this?
i wilt naught owneth it; i wouldst rather plant pine trees
up ‘n down this road.”

HARRY: “Doth ye know what i hath to do with Satan?”

BLATHMOORE: “I doth not know;
i doth not need to read the newspaper.
Putting a body in the coal pit is symbolic.
Why doth ye not fight that pigeon?”

HARRY: “i liveth and die with this pigeon.
Like spirit an’ spirit that flyeth from the balcony an’ into the sky.”

Destroying The Wardens Of the Saturn’s Matrix

HARRY: “Ye canst not be a passeng’r in this fight;
soldiers, fight.
With thy resentment towards salvation,
useth mine sword to deal with it.”

BLATHMOORE: “i am twice a father, an’ twice a son!
Ye wilt love this new season.”

HARRY: “Dolphin sw'rds burn the most;
i hath been baptiz'd into the illusion by mine own proud fath'r.
Ye art the unlucky bastard;
Ye might not but drinketh mine own statement
like thee drinketh innocent blood.
i shall provideth thee with a unique message
if 't be true ye gage to eliminateth all dang'rous black elements.”

BLATHMOORE: “It reduceth appetite, the ugliness of life;
Harry, ye hath made no requests.
Purity drives away thy hatred of bad pleasures!
Obviously, to play prop’r we addeth in the glory of beer.”

HARRY: “Let us die with pride!”

SCENE VII: ‘A Fork in the Spoon Drawer’
Punishment for utensil disorganization

BORIS: “What do i do? Life is not like that;
What about Harry?
He would emerge victorious first an’ die in prison later.
Cut off this sword of blood!
We must needs starve this hungry lion;
i am naught hurried if thy bag occasionally falleth somewhere.
No one hath yet tried to take my life from me.
Icarus beest mine vision;
Keepest thy words in check.”

BLATHMOORE: “I expect a little betrayal;
‘tis tyranny that hurteth thee.
Shut thy self up and holdeth the old man in thy arms;
I canst tolerate evil!
Ye art old enough to get the picture.”

BORIS: “Rememb'r i toldeth thee at which hour ye did start;
The guys who art last in this business
art the guys who flyeth straight, Low-key, quiet.
An’ the guys who wanteth t all;
Chicas, champagne, flash; those gents last not.”

BLATHMOORE: “i'm not satisfied with thy moment of pride;
i wallow in great contempt.
i sawest thee enter the interior, fit to fight in the stables.
Shouldst i naught be upset?
‘tis a brutal insult to tear away their bones!”

BORIS: “Keepest, thou, thy talking;
i mayest make mistakes from birth till death.”

LENA: “Explain why ye wisheth to take me to the dolphin tent.
i can see the glory of this day.”

BORIS: “Doth ye understandeth the word, ‘introduction’?

LENA: “i believe ye understand well enough.
Remember the corpse.”

BORIS: “i nev'r fuck'd anybody ov'r in mine own life
who did naught deserveth it;
Ye did get yond?
All i hath in this w'rld is mine own balls
and mine own w'rd and i breaketh not those f'r nay one.
Doth ye wanna wend on with me?
What sayeth thou?”

BLATHMOORE: “’tis a form of rhetoric!
How canst thee say with such bias?
i throweth a stone at thy feet.”

LENA: “Ye knoweth ye maketh a joke?
Take that evil from thy mouth!
‘tis is enough to fright’n the monarchy of Galilee.”

BLATHMOORE: “Ye doth wisheth I use an older version;
Ye judgeth me from the air.”

BORIS: “i wilt nev’r walketh out of this one carelessly.”

LENA: “Empty thy ashes out of the pit.”

BORIS: “Handeth me that shovel.”


Oct 12, 2021, 3:11:15 PMOct 12

Installment XVIII

ETHERIFY: “Each treaty is particularly rich;
Protect’d by the sc'rpions in the Tudnyang des'rt.
Muscles of a cobra steak ‘twere pull’d from the gasping cobra;
Neighb'rs oft can't heareth the joy.
The rat enjoyeth the milk;
Laughing square'rs of an unknown tribe.
Has't ye ev'r seen a rat's beard?
Rats art no more brain than stone sympathiz'rs.”

MURPHY: “Cats holdeth hung'r in their throats;
Wearing sh'rts and smiling an’ waiting f'r the message to arrive.
‘tis a symbol of the charm of these people;
People who doth refuse to calleth me a broth'r.
Crazy criminal rat bliss trieth to invade mine own stomach;
If 't be true thou treateth me with kindness,
i shalt thank thee.
i hath the last voice to keep the rat hence from our home;
Closeth thy throat,
i'll consume thee first.
H'rcules canst suppresseth the rat's impulses.”

ETHERIFY: “i hath naught time to bleedeth.”

MURPHY: “’tis something out there waiting for us,
an’ ‘tis not a man. We shalt all perish.”

ETHERIFY: “This much i knoweth;
At which hour the st'rm breaks,
each man acts in acc'rdance with his own nature.
Some art dumb with terr'r;
Some fleeth, some hideth an’ ones concerning thee most
wilt soar like vultures looking down at prey.”

MURPHY: “Large black birds swirling and disp'rsing ov'r.”

ETHERIFY: ““Thou art going to be strong!
Thou art going to walk!
Ye wanteth to knoweth wherefore?
They taketh the weak ones first."

DEXTER: “Once Ye w'rk the soil, Ye belongeth to t.
F'r so long ye hath passed ov'r the surface of the earth
like wind ov'r a des'rt, like shifting sand.”

ETHERIFY: “We art such stuff as dreams art madeth on,
an’ our one dram life is round'd with a catch but a wink.”

MURPHY: “Hear the sacrifice of our Lord, i boldly sayeth.”

ETHERIFY: “Bringeth a gem and lay it b’fore mine feet;
If ye hath naught a protector, i shalt protect thee.”

Enter BORIS, ELRICH, BLATHMOORE, ROLF and the jewelry effect

BORIS: “Rejoiceth in our magic!”

ELRICH: “Ye shant be able to maintain strength und’r a landslide.”

BLATHMOORE: “i wilt not fear;
Fear beest the mind-kill'r.
Fear ‘tis the little-death yond endues total oblit'ration;
i shalt visage mine own fear.
i shalt p'rmit t to passeth ov'r me and through me;
An’ at which hour ‘tis gone past i shalt turneth the inn'r eye to seeth its path.
‘tis then only i shalt remain.”

BORIS: “Just rememb'r yond the things ye putteth into thy head art th're f'rev'r.”

BLATHMOORE: “They doth tend to present themselves;
i believeth not th're is any spirit th're.
Th're is nay reason to beest afraid;
The most shameful thing is to beest afraid of hell.”

BORIS: “However, some strange feelings are warning me;
We can beest sure of future accidents.”

Kisseth not me with thy silence!
Unsatisfact'ry blood volume
On the white marble flo'r
Holp me to solveth this problem
Looking down an’ shaking mine own head
What doth i bid the victim?
Soul, body, spirit,
Let them all go.
i knoweth thy identity
Put thy head betwe’n thy knees
As everything falleth to dust

ROLF: “Good devil priest!
See how the ugly girls bend over at thy presence!
i wanteth to play this game in mine pajamas!
There is no shape i refuseth to accept.”

BLATHMOORE: “Ye suddenly surpriseth me!
Damn cod sleeping on thy bed!”

ROLF: “All of those things ye art willing to loseth art what maketh thee recognizable.
Loseth those an’ ye hath lost thyself.”

BLATHMOORE: “The only people f'r me art the nimble-footed ones;
The ones who nev'r yawneth nor sayeth a commonplace thing
but burneth like fire spid'rs weaving webs betwixt the star.”

ROLF: “Life obligeth those folk ov'r and ov'r again to give birth to themselves.”

Wings hold OSMOND and REDGRAVE above the ground

OSMOND: “i am so fain ye cameth to meet me.
Bid me what ye wanteth.
What doth ye very much?

REDGRAVE: “I needeth to feel thee inside me.”

OSMOND: [eyes widen, mouth drops]

REDGRAVE: “i am b’yond wet just bethinking of the last time we hath that amorous rite.”

OSMOND: “How doth we knoweth this is behoveful?”

REDGRAVE: “i feeleth so weak and did turn on at the same time at which hour i’m in thy arms.”

OSMOND: “A caring sir rememb'rs how to unleash his passion on a mistress;
how can i most englut thee?”

REDGRAVE: “i want to giveth thee the most wondrous blowjob ye hath ev'r hadst.”

OSMOND: “i am not a strang'r to such events but thy presentation seemeth to be an exceptional one.”

REDGRAVE: “i wanteth thee to but softly kiss me with thy lips,
down mine own neck, onto mine own breasts and all the way down to mine own nether parts.”

OSMOND: “i shalt taketh thy request with the greatest of hon'r.”

REDGRAVE: “i just wanteth to be used by thee tonight.
Can i be thy p'rsonal amorous toy?”

OSMOND: “Up down all 'round, up 'gainst the mure;
Be mine own rubb'rmade baby and we can doeth all.”
To be cont.


Oct 12, 2021, 11:57:39 PMOct 12

Installment XVIIII

REDGRAVE: “i can’t wait until we ‘r both high-lone so yond i can bloweth thy mind.”

OSMOND: “Wait’ng is naught what i hath in mind, my dear.”

REDGRAVE: “i wanteth to tie thee up lat'r and has't mine own way with thee.”

OSMOND: “Madam, prithee be acknown yond th're art spies on ev'ry cor-ner.”

REDGRAVE: “Thee on top of me and in control is the hott’st thing ev'r!”

OSMOND: “Dear lady, giveth to me a reason not to take thee as ye now speak.”

REDGRAVE: “i wast bethinking about thee last night of all bef're i wenteth to sleep…”

OSMOND: “As wast I;
Dreaming ye wert nak'd und'r the orchard tree, calling me to consume thy fruit.”

REDGRAVE: “i loveth how ye beholdeth me at which hour we’re togeth'r, ‘tis righteous!”

OSMOND: “i am truly hypnotiz’d by thy fair image.”

REDGRAVE: [grabs OSMOND by the arm and pulls him towards the abandoned barn]

…three hours later

OSMOND: “If't be true I liveth one thousand years,
i shalt nev'r discov'r mine jointress's true nature.”

ELRICH: “’tis bett’r to not know anything.”

OSMOND: “That beauty of mine crawleth all ov’r me;
Alloweth me to p'ruse and rememb'r.
i cometh from a time at which hour a gent like mine self
hath used to come into a joint like this and picketh up a bimbo.”

ELRICH: “Ye wast a child prodigy;
Playing with both hands.”

OSMOND: “Eith'r she at each moment pretendeth to knoweth who 'tis i am,
'r she pretendeth i knoweth not who 'tis.
An’ then, ye know what happens then when she dies?
i get stuck with a dead rat.”

ELRICH: “Doth we get to smoke cigarettes up in heaven?
i bethink not.”

OSMOND: “i wilt waketh up to hell tom'rrow.”

ELRICH: “Ye wanteth to be somewh're wh're that ye are not;
Most people wanteth to be somewh're wh're they are not.”

OSMOND: [sits down and holds his head]

REDGRAVE: “Ye toldeth me ye w're coming back;
What hath happened?”

OSMOND: “This is forsooth a sign of voodoo.”

REDGRAVE: “Ye art making a fleer'ry of mine presence;
This whole thing is turning out to be a theatrical mock’ry.”

OSMOND: “Some puzzles has't been furth'r expl'red;
If ‘tis true ye still seeketh trouble,
ye has't come to the right lodging.”

REDGRAVE: “Th're's nay fetches;
Nay one hast ev'r, ev'r paid admission to hear this sad greeting .
Nay one hast ev'r seen this face an’ sayeth:
'well, if 't be true we hadst these set of circumstances,
we wouldst've shot this as a movie scene.'
Prithee, f'rgive mine dark imaginations.”

OSMOND: “Oh, beholdeth the time!
Is't very much this late already?”

SCENE IV: ‘Camp Goliath’

ROLF: “These art the instructions;
Hark carefully.
Ye wilt be follow’d with a jump;
All openings of thy garment might not but best seal'd completely.
If 't be true the integrity of the suiteth is compromis'd in any way,
if 't be true the fabric is t'rn 'r a zipp'r not did close,
admittance shalt best be denied.”

EMERY: “i bethink not that he wilt hurt us.
Ye shant hurt us, wilt thee?”

BLATHMOORE: “We has't a v'ry advanc'd program;
Something v'ry diff'rent.”

EMERY: “Perhaps an’ possibly we shalt playeth an imp'rtant role
in returning the human race to its right place.”

WESLEY: “We wanteth tough-mind'd people;
Strong, mentally, we hadst some misf'rtunes with unstable types.”

ROLF: “Wand'ring 'round in nothing but thy und'rpants;
Ye getteth agitated an’ start screaming about viruses.
Totally irrational, totally dis'rient'd;
Doth ye knoweth what day of the week t is?”

EMERY: “Ye hath been in an institution bef're, haven't thee? or hospital?”

BLATHMOORE: “Wherefore doth thee bethink th're aren't any g'rms in the air?”

EMERY: “Ye hath fool'd the audience with thy act, but ye daw not us.”

BLATHMOORE: “i can giveth thee the deluxe mental hospital tour if 't be true ye wouldst like.”

ROLF: “Aah. If 't be true ye playeth games, thou art voluntarily taking a vaccine.
i guesseth they gaveth thee some chemical restraints.”

WESLEY: “Fortunately, i stayeth away from this punishment!”

BLATHMOORE: “Doct'r's discretion!
It couldst spread;
Oozing fr’m the skin of all these po'r people,
infecting ev’ry one in their wake.
Beshrew of madness, f’r all i knoweth, thou art.
Ye art h're because of the system!
Behold, hark, kneeleth, prayeth!
Aah. Well enow, well enow, thou art a valorous citizen.
What am i then i asketh of thee;
Mentally ill?”

ROLF: “’tis a condition of mental div'rgence;
i findeth mine self on the planet an’ part of an intellectual elite
preparing to subjugate the barbarian h'rdes.
But though this be totally convincing reality f'r me in ev'ry way,
nev'rtheless, ‘tis actually a construct of mine own psyche.
i am mentally div'rgent an’ am escaping c'rtain unnam'd realities
b’yond beshrew mine own life h're.”

WESLEY: “Ye hat got some real nuts h're;
i knoweth some things b'yond what ye knoweth.
'tis v'ry sore f'r thee to und'rstand.”

ROLF: “How can i saveth thee?
‘tis already happen’d.
i can't saveth thee;
I am trying to gath'r inf'rmation to holp the people
who findeth their selves in the path of the virus.”

WESLEY: “Ah. Ye art protecting the people on the outside from us
at which hour the people on the outside art as crazy as us.
Doth thee knoweth that crazy is maj'rity rules?
Taketh these germs f'r thy example.”

BLATHMOORE: “Ye forswear, mine own son, ye practiceth not honesty in front of our audience.”

WESLEY: “Cometh 'long an’ try to convinceth people;
Oth'r doct'rs mainly, b’yond th're art these teeny, tiny things called germs
that enter thee and maketh thee sick.
Doth ye see doct'rs washing their hands?
i believeth not in g'rms;
G'rms art a plot they hath made up to maketh their filthy

To be cont.


Oct 13, 2021, 12:32:57 AMOct 13
On Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 8:57:39 PM UTC-7, DMB wrote:
> Installment XVIIII
> ...
> WESLEY: “Cometh 'long an’ try to convinceth people;
> Oth'r doct'rs mainly, b’yond th're art these teeny, tiny things called germs
> that enter thee and maketh thee sick.
> Doth ye see doct'rs washing their hands?
> i believeth not in g'rms;
> G'rms art a plot they hath made up to maketh their filthy
> lucre.”

So, naturalists observe, a flea -
Hath smaller fleas that on him prey;
And these have smaller still to bite 'em;
And so proceed ad infinitum.
Thus every poet, in his kind,
Is bit by him that comes behind...

- Swift


Oct 13, 2021, 3:39:47 PMOct 13
[Final] Installment XX

BLATHMOORE: “i did manage to contact c'rtain und'rlings, evil spirits, secretaries of secretaries,
and oth'r minions who keepest in contact with me.
i did get an agitat'd dream;
The ground shakes!
Mine own fath'r is god!”

ROLF: “Haply the human raceth des'rves to be wip'd out.”

WESLEY: “Wiping out the human race?
‘tis a most wondrous idea.
‘tis most wondrous!
But m're of a long-t'rm thing.
We must first focus on m're immediate goals.”

ROLF: “Science is nay an exact science with these clowns;
Thou art lucky ye didn't endeth up in ancient Egypt.”

BLATHMOORE: “The exclusion of nonimmuniz'd individuals from entry during an outbreak situation
is to protecteth the public and to con-tain the outbreak as apace as possible.”

ROLF: “Wherefore wouldst someone f'rce thee to taketh drugs?

SCENE V: ‘Crown of Rebellion’

HARRIDAN: “Rememb’r, at which hour thou art und'r attacketh,
useth thy sup'rspe'd as a distraction to catcheth thy foe.”

ROLF: “We wenteth from a dingy basement to Elysium;
‘tis like we wonneth the lott'ry ‘r finally did get a parent who careth about us.”

HARRIDAN: “i hath been meaning to asketh thee;
Am i doing well enow with mine own training?”

WESLEY: “i getteth so bor'd watching ye useth the same abilities all the time;
i wisheth ye couldst unlocketh a new one like i didst.”

BORIS: “i wast th're to see thee in action;
i hadst to haste in th're to pusheth ye out of harm's way.
i ment'r'd the ment'rs.”

ROLF: “Square on thy own time an’ pref'rably in a large area
wh're i can maketh a mud pit and chargeth f'r admission.”

ELRICH: “We hath gath'r'd the present day because we hath chosen which path we wanteth to take
an’ we waiteth f'r the oth'rs to fol-loweth our example.
We art the ones making a diff'rence.”

BORIS: "Assembly, now ‘tis the time to elect thy owneth justices' as has't done by thy ref'rmist broth'rs
from two mountains, to pro-tecteth the people from the vengeance of the foe."

ROLF: “i believeth the moment hast come to melteth down our tin plates and tin spoons and f'rge the same into bullets.”

ELRICH: “We shalt not receiveth equal opp'rtunities to promoteth thy design;
Such a cruel foe is riding on himself.”

WESLEY: “Then what wilt happ’n?”

BORIS: “Reservation only, no cuckoos within the city guard ranks.”

ROLF: “Our head shouldst not carry the crown of rebellion;
Ye art the great harbinger of such.
Hang the bann’r and let thy tree be silent;
B’cause we hath found peace immediately.”

SCENE VI: ‘Polar Straddle’

ETHERIFY: “Dusty proverbs in mine heart needeth a good sweeping;
Planning is the beginning of revolution.
Being shipwreck’d, ‘tis naught the end.”

OSMOND: “i assureth thee yond the w'rld is not so amusing as some-thing we did imagine.”

ETHERIFY: “Ye usually bethink not to f'rce us to doeth so:
We act not with pigs, but to a c'rtain extent, we behaveth like changing pigs.
Life hath already surroun’d us and hath killed us.”

OSMOND: “’tis hot in the summ'r and bitter cold in the wint'r;
Th're be only two rules i knoweth of: be kind an’ watcheth f’r rats.”

DEXTER: “With that in mind, useth the new virus to support our country;
To increaseth our privileges.
I shalt be thy ambassador in all endeav’rs.”

OSMOND: “Who liveth in the desert?
Our actions agains’ the fallen enemies hath naught been a mistake.”

BORIS: " Has't thee ev'r given s'rious thought to the horrors of civ-il war?
Has't thee ev'r imagineth the streams of blood flooding thy streets
and countrysides an’ the spectacle of the innocent hath caught up with the guilty in the same awful web of disast'r?
Has't thee consider'd, almost without exception, ev'ry popular revo-lution is a bloodthirsty act?”

OSMOND: “We shalt see, we shalt see.”

ETHERIFY: " I smelleth a rat; i seeth that they art f'rming in the air and darkening the sky;
but i shalt nip them in the bud.”

OSMOND: “’tis true wild rats oft die, unwounded, from social stress;
Rat societies biddeth us aught useful about our own social lives.”

ETHERIFY: "’tis about science and scientists, the problems they sol-veth and faileth to solve
an’ the scope and imp'rfections of our sci-entific knowledge of the w'rld.”

OSMOND: “Bringeth'rs of plague, garbage gobbl'rs;
The rats hath adapt'd ov'r the millennia to survive and thriveth in the midst of our company.
Our future ‘tis bind’d up with these dream hustl'rs.”

MURPHY: “This rat safari sounds t'rrifying but strangely captivating;
Rats occupy this weird lodging in our psyche wherefore doth we glee-fully compareth horror st'ries.”

DEXTER: “In times of turmoil;
in times liketh these beliefs ‘r contagious spreading disease.
This wretch'd miching mallecho is coursing through thy soul;
Nev'r to alloweth wend those rats!
Into thy sanctum, ye alloweth those folk in an’ all thy love’d ones
an’ all thy kin shall suff'r punishments beneath the wrath of god,
nev'r to f'rgive.
This devastation hath left thy cities to be burn’d;
Nev'r to return.
Those filthy rodents art still coming f'r thy soul;
Those gents 're still coming aft'r thee an’ th're's nothing ye can do.”



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