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Aug 1, 2020, 2:07:01 PM8/1/20
The worst thing I ever saw in the British movie industry, before I went to Hammer, was on the film Just My Luck.

It was the last day of filming - it was meant to be the second last day but we stopped filming a day early.

Onthe set was the crew then Norman Wisdom, Jill Dixon, who was his girlfriend in the film, then the beautiful Delphi Lawrence, and a guy who I think was called Harry Fairbrass who was playing a copper.

I hadn't seen any problems on the set or anywhere else right through the filming. We were expecting to finish this scene in a few minutes and then finish.

Delphi gave Norman a pile of prop money and a prop cheque, to settle a large gambling win that Norman had made. There were a few more words and that seemed to be the end of the scene, but Norman went strangely quiet.
He was staring at Delphi to such an extent that after about one minute Delphi said, Norman, please don't stare.
And Jill Dixon also said, What are you doing, Norman? Stop staring at Delphi.

Norman then seeemd to wake up and he said, Will everyone wait here for just one minute. Just wait here...
He walked through the set door and one minute later he came back. Iwas shocked to see that he was wearing nothing but shoes and socks and his boxer underpants. It was easy to see that under those boxers h was very aroused.

All eyes were on him, inlcuding Delphi whao said, Norman!

That was the opening word of a terrible attack. Norman grabbed hold of Delphi and pulled her to the floor. She as screaming and shouting Help!

Once Norman had her on the floor he was well away. He pulled her skirt up and ripped her knickers off. He did that so easily that I kneww he had massive strength...they came off like they were paper.

Jill Dixon shouted otu somebody help her and some members of the crew tried to help. They were pulling and pushing Norman, but he looked oily and he was amazingly muscular, and by now he was fucking Delphi Lawrence really hard, and she was crying.

Harry, the policeman, tried cracking Norman over the skull but after he third blow the prop truncheo splintered. Someone used the prop telephone on his head but it had no effect whatsoever.

Norman was fucking and biting like a baboon. No one could get him off, even with almost the whole crew punching and kicking him, and with Delphi trying to stab her nails into Norman's skin, to no avail.

After about 3 minutes of this horror, Norman withdrew his penis and masturbated into Miss Lawrence's face. She was by now totally out of breath, unlike Norman, who sprang up, elbowed his way through the crew, went back off set and reemerged a minute later wearing his usual getup.

When Norman went to leave the whole sound stage Harry the prop policeman tried to stop him and got a massive punch on the chin as a consequence.
Then, Norman Wisdom was gone.

All of this is on film.
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