sad news: chreadle hulme fan dave, father of two vikings and partner of valerie, has died

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Oct 9, 2021, 9:17:00 AMOct 9
sad news: cheadle hulme musician's friend and tech, not a denizen of the village but known to some villagers, has died.

- his two sons were well-known - and somewhat less quiet than their dad - at afp meets and discworld conventions, etc, and in the cheadle-stockport-south manchester area in various jazz-rock groups roadied by their long-suffering, uncomplaining dad; and dave & valerie provided a friendly house and crash pad for visiting friends & indigent touring barbari^W musicians and other similar low-lives (including yr hmbl srppnt.) - up to and including musical meets & afp meets; and were known indulgers in the generally covert perversion of (school holidays-time) camping.

- dave has been less well of late, and more at-risk from covid-19 than most, because of his suffering from diabetes; i do not know whether these were significant in the date of his departure, but i'm certain he'll've done his best to cheer up death, when that anthropomorphic, previously mythological personage came to him, to do ''the duty''.

- there'll be a ''remembering dave meet'' outside at dave & valerie's (& at least one of the now-grown-up viking's) house on saturday 16th october in cheadle hulme, south manchester(ish); if you don't have valerie's contacts,
send me yours (i'm feetnotes on lj, ppint. pinto on farcebk), and i'll pass on your email and/or uk landline number, and possibly uk mobile no, to her.

- saddened to be the bearer of such news; ''i always thought there'd be more time'';

- love, ppint.
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