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Terry Pratchett

May 29, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/29/97
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We thought we'd better post this here, for general information; it won't
affect any plays for which we've already given permission.

For some time now Stephen Briggs and I have been allowing people to
perform his DW plays, for the general gaity of nations, and we haven't
charged any kind of royalties or fees.

We want these productions to continue, but there are going to have to be

One reason is that, although we invariably give permission when asked,
we know of a number of productions that have gone on and are planned
without any formal permission. But it is a legal requirement, and not
asking us a dumb thing to do. It's also been dumb of a few people to
lie to us (when advertising posters are such a hard thing to hide...)

Also, we have usually *suggested* to amdram groups that a small
donation to the Orangutan Foundation might be a nice idea. Some have
indeed sent a commendable amount but, sadly, most have not bothered.

We could have lived with this slightly depressing situation were it not
for the fact that professional rights to two of the plays will probably
be granted this year. We have spent some time ensuring that this won't,
generally, affect amdram productions, but we're going to have to tighten
things up.

Firstly, we're going to CHARGE in most cases. It certainly won't be as
much as professional licensing companies charge and the greater part of
it will go to the Orangutan Foundation -- Stephen alone will get a
percentage for administering things. Yes, we know there are
circumstances where the fee should be reduced or waived, which is why
Stephen -- a well-known thespian -- is running things. We know that DW
plays get good houses, so lets save a few apes, guys.

And we're not going to be quite so relaxed about unauthorised
productions. The Foundation will effectively be the owner of the amdram
rights in all Stephen's DW plays, so why defraud a charity? Now we can
send the orangutans round:-)

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Terry Pratchett

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