US Secret Government Covertly Desegregating America’s Neighborhood Communities

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Jan 18, 2009, 12:04:29 PM1/18/09
US Secret Government Covertly Desegregating America’s Neighborhood


A secret level of government exists in America. This secret government
monitors, studies, influences, and acts to change American society.
The secret government conducts covert domestic operations inside the
Untied States against people who threaten their agenda.

The agenda of the secret United States government is as follows:
1) Desegregate American neighborhood communities.
2) Force treatment upon mentally ill people who have dangerous mental
3) Rid communities of crime from organized crime, gangs, and drugs.

In order for the secret United States government to accomplish this
agenda, a secret covert operation has been ongoing for the last
several decades. The covert operation involves equipping agents with
classified surveillance technology to infiltrate communities
throughout the United States.

The classified surveillance technology is similar to technology used
to protect the national security of the United States. It is the same
type used against foreign adversaries. The technology is used to see
and hear electronically through walls of a house or building. The
technology is house to house: From inside a house equipped with this
technology, any surrounding house can be placed under complete

Government agents equipped with the classified surveillance technology
move into a house in a neighborhood to conduct surveillance of one or
more surrounding houses in the neighborhood. The agents will buy or
rent a house and secretly move the surveillance technology into the
house. The surveillance devices will be hidden in furniture and boxes
concealed from view.

To anyone else in the neighborhood, nothing out of the ordinary will
be noticed. The neighborhood will simply notice that new neighbors
have moved into the neighborhood.

Video and audio surveillance through walls is classified technology
developed by the United States government. The device is easily moved
into and out of a house. The device once pointed at a neighboring
house can electronically see and hear through the walls of the
neighboring house. All people in the neighboring house can be seen and
heard through the walls of their house. All their movements and
conversations can be monitored and recorded. All recorded surveillance
is encrypted so no one other than the agents can review the

The surveillance technology is operated from inside the house used for
surveillance. No visual evidence of the surveillance is possible from
outside the house. No one will notice anything unusual occurring.
Complete 24 hour surveillance of the house placed under surveillance
is possible with this classified technology. An agent will always be
operating the equipment to monitor the people under surveillance. Only
a single room in the house used to conduct the surveillance is needed.

No detection devices are available to the general public. The
surveillance technology is classified and only the government knows
how it works. Anyone targeted for surveillance will not know they are
under surveillance and they will have no way to detect it.

Detailed images of people through walls is possible with this
classified surveillance technology. The device will display an image
that is accurate enough to identify a person through a wall. The
technology basically gives the agents X-Ray vision to see through
walls. The technology can also hear a person through a wall. The
technology is so sensitive it can hear a person breathing through a
wall. Any conversation a targeted person has can be heard through the
walls of his house.

A main objective of the secret government’s agenda is to desegregate
America’s communities. By desegregating American’s communities the
government wishes to bring equality across America. The government has
desegregated schools, military, and the workplace. What most
American’s are not aware of is that the secret American government has
been working covertly behind the scenes to desegregate communities
across America.

White communities that are segregated are targeted by the secret
government. Agents of the same race as the community are moved into
the segregated community. The agents will be equipped with the
classified surveillance technology. The house will be setup for the
surveillance operation. The classified surveillance technology will be
moved into the house. No one in the neighborhood will notice anything
out of the ordinary, other than the fact that new neighbors have

Once the house is setup for surveillance, the surveillance operation
will begin. The objective of the surveillance operation is to study
the community and discover the power structure of the community. The
power structure is the people who influence the community and are
likely responsible for keeping the community segregated.

The secret government may move several or more of these surveillance
houses into the segregated community. The covert operation against the
segregated community could take years to complete.

One tactic used by the agents is to move agents who are of a minority
race into a house in the segregated community. These agents will not
be equipped with classified surveillance technology. They will simply
be people who buy a house in the segregated community.

The agents equipped with the surveillance technology will have the
people involved in the power structure of the segregated community
under complete surveillance. Once the power structure discovers
minority people have moved into a house in the neighborhood, they may
to conspire to work against the minority community members to force
them out of the neighborhood.

The agents will be able to see and hear through the walls of the
community members conspiring against the minority members of the
community. All the meetings in their houses can be observed by video
and audio surveillance through the walls of the houses.

Once the conspiring community members decide to execute a plan to
somehow damage or in some other way harm the minority members, the
agents will have complete knowledge of the plan.

An example is if the conspiring community members decide to damage the
minority members’ house. A favorite tactic of the agents is to have a
conventional video recorder setup outside the house of the minority
community members to record the criminal activity by the conspiring
community members.

Once a standard video recording is made of the crime, it can be
released to the media and shown on TVs across America. Civil rights
crimes can be brought against the people involved in the actually
crime. The community members who actually committed the crime will
disclose the other members in involved in the conspiracy for a reduced

The American people will never be made aware of the covert domestic
operation or that classified technology is being used against the
public. This covert operation is a slow process of bringing change
across America.

Mentally ill people and people engaged in criminal activities are
placed under surveillance in a similar manner. Over the last three
decades, the covert domestic operation against the mentally ill has
resulted in horrific tragedies. The use of classified surveillance
technology and classified harassment technology (not explained on this
page) has resulted in wild conspiracy theories and urban legends
spread through the media and Internet.

The secret United States government has been working behind the scenes
for decades shaping America. Most Americans will never know of the
secret government or covert domestic operations.

Please read the website mentioned for further information of the other
aspects of the covert domestic operation.

Please post this information in other newsgroups and lists.

Thank You.


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