United States Modern Day Inglourious Basterds

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Jul 22, 2010, 10:19:48 PM7/22/10
United States Modern Day Inglourious Basterds


Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is
described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating
otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized,
forcibly medicated, or murdered.

As racial tensions began to peek in the late 60’s the United States
government began to implement publicly known desegregation programs to
desegregate the military, workplace, and schools. To desegregate
communities across America would be a virtually impossible task.

A secret element of the United States government began covertly
funding, training, and equipping pro-desegregation groups across
America with classified electronic surveillance technology. These pro-
desegregation groups were tasked with using the classified
surveillance technology to go after white people who were engaged in
activities to deny minority American citizens their constitutional

The secret government knew that the use of the National Guard or
military to desegregate white communities across America could tear
the country apart and spark a civil war. A more incremental approach
was needed that would involve covert domestic social engineering.

In the late 60’s the secret United States government decided that to
overcome the white population’s objections to minorities living in
their communities covert domestic operations would be necessary over a
period of decades to break past segregationist policies and practices
that kept minorities in confined project like conditions. The groups
that the secret government covertly funded and supplied with
classified surveillance technology would provide balance to the white
population’s advantage in numbers. The battlefield would be more level
now. These groups would become to be known as the secret government’s
domestic Inglourious Basterds. The Inglourious Basterds are the secret
police force to the secret element of the United States Government.

The classified surveillance technology can electronically see and hear
through walls of a house. The technology is portable and can easily be
moved into a house neighboring a person who is to be placed under
surveillance. From inside the house used for surveillance the Basterds
can see and hear through the walls of a neighboring house. Detailed
images of people through walls are generated with this technology. A
person can be easily identified by body detail with this technology.
The technology is so sensitive it can also hear a person breathing
through a wall.

The classified surveillance technology can see all movements and hear
all conversations of a person targeted for surveillance through the
walls of his own home. All video and audio surveillance can be
digitally recorded and encrypted for further analyses. The targeted
person can be placed under 24-hour a day surveillance with this

There is no detection equipment available to the general public to
determine if this classified surveillance technology is being used
against a person. The technology is classified so the average citizen
has no idea of how it works or how to prevent it from being used
against him. Millions of dollars were spent by the secret government
to develop the technology and it was designed to be virtually
undetectable. The technology can see through wood, stone, brick,
glass, plastics, and event thin metals. Metals that are greater than a
quarter inch thick will block the surveillance technology.

The classified surveillance technology works from a good distance. It
can place a house under surveillance that is next door or even one or
two blocks away. The technology was designed to work house to house in
an urban community environment. It’s the same classified surveillance
technology the secret United States government uses against its
foreign enemies.

From outside the hose used to conduct surveillance, no visual evidence
of the surveillance is possible. Nothing out of the ordinary will be
noticeable to anyone just passing by. The targeted person will never
know he is under surveillance. Basterds will covertly move the
surveillance technology into their house and begin the surveillance
operation against the targeted person in the neighboring house.

The Inglourious Basterds target white people who are engaged in
activities to deny minorities their rights. Ordinary citizens,
politicians, groups, real estate companies, or anyone else engaged in
such activities can be targeted.

The Inglourious Basterds don’t scalp targeted white people. What they
do is place the targeted people under surveillance and use the
surveillance intelligence to find a way to bring them down. A way to
set them up for a big fall or expose their racist activities to the
public is desirable to the Basterds. No need to carve a swastika on
their forehead if their face is shown on national TV.

In addition to placing a targeted white person under surveillance at
his home, workplace surveillance is possible. The Basterds will move
into a suite close the targeted person’s workplace or office as
possible. The Basterds will attempt to conduct surveillance of the
targeted person at his place of employment. The targeted person will
be under covert home surveillance and covert workplace surveillance.

A white politician who is putting up roadblock to minorities living in
white communities can be targeted by the Basterds. The Basterds will
conduct surveillance of the politician to learn of any dirt that can
be dug up on the politician. The politician’s immediate family
members, mistresses, friends can be placed under surveillance to
uncover any politically damaging information. This information can be
anonymously given to the news media so the damaging information can be
made public. The public will never at any time be made aware of the

Targeted white people can easily be setup and taken down with the aid
of the surveillance technology. Any activity considered racist by the
Basterds can make a white person a target.

The Basterds infiltrate white communities across America to begin the
desegregation process. The Basterds will buy or rent one or more
houses in a white community and move the classified surveillance
technology into the houses to being the desegregation operation
against the community.

The Basterds operating in the white community will place the power
structure of the community under electronic. The power structure are
the community members who are the most influential and are likely
involved in discrimination against minorities. Basterds will also
become friendly with the targeted community members. A white community
member might be completely shocked to discover that his best friend is
a member of the Inglourious Basterds. The Basterds mission is to
infiltrate the community and bring down and destroy anyone in the
community who is engaged in racist activities to deny minorities their
right to live in the community.

The Inglourious Basterds are specially trained secret government
agents. They have the same training as foreign agents of the United
States. The Basterds may act cozy and friendly to the white community
members but when the time comes to bring them down, the Basterds will
put the dagger right into the back of the white person they are
targeting. The Basterds are sometimes referred to as Human Torpedoes
because they lock on to the target and then destroy him.

The Inglourious Basterds are made up of mostly white people who are
opposed to any form of segregation. They despise anyone who engages in
segregationist activities. Most of the minority members of the
Basterds are Hispanic with very few African Americans and almost no
Asian Americans.

The Inglourious Basterds have done much over to decades to change the
way Americans think. In order to divert the average American’s
attention from social issues to other things totally unrelated to the
secret government’s domestic agenda, orchestrated hoaxes were created
that would divert the average American attention and create an
obsession to the secret government’s domestic enemies.

The secret government’s domestic enemies are the American citizens who
are the conspiracy hawks who are loners and have little family life.
The secret government considers these people mentally ill or simply
the crazies in society.

One of the goals in creating hoaxes was to hook the domestic enemies
of the secret government on things that don’t exist. An example is
UFOs. The Inglourious Basterds over the last several decades would
create some of the most incredible hoaxes that have led to today’s
most known UFO conspiracies. The idea was to convince its domestic
enemies that UFOs are real and the United States government was
conspiring to cover up the existence of aliens from another planet.

The secret government greatest asset is a person who has been
convinced that a hoax artificially created by the secret government is
real. That person will spend a significant portion of his attempting
to convince other people that the event witnessed (an actual hoax)
occurred. The person may go to his grave believing that the event he
witnessed was real.

This creates a snowball effect. By tricking one of the secret
government’s domestic enemies that a hoax is real, that person who was
tricked into believing the hoax is real will convince others that the
event is real. Before long many of the domestic enemies of the secret
government believe in the hoax.

Movies, TV shows, books, and news media reports are created based on
an orchestrated hoax. After all this attention the rumors of the
government conspiring to cover up the existence of UFOs start
appearing everywhere. Groups start forming to uncover the truth about
the existence of UFOs. The secret government continues to fan the
flames by orchestrating more hoaxes and the conspiracies continue to

The average American is distracted by all the conspiracies but to the
truly obsessed, a life long obsession is created that will keep the
secret governments domestic enemies chasing after things that simply
don’t exist. The secret government’s has succeeded in diverting
attention away from domestic issues and focusing attention of the
American people to outer space. Meanwhile, the secret United States
government can implement its domestic agenda much easier without
interference from its domestic enemies.

The secret government has effectively used the movies, TV shows, and
news media over the decades to basically change the way Americans

The Inglourious Basterds have orchestrated other hoaxes over the
decades to distract the average American citizen and create obsessions
for the secret government’s domestic enemies. The American people
would be shocked to learn that the most famous haunted house stories
were created based on hoaxes orchestrated by the secret government.

Classified sonic harassment technology was developed over the last
several decades to trick occupants of a house into believing their
house is haunted. The secret government has spent millions of dollars
developing this sonic harassment technology over the decades. The
technology can project audible sound through house walls to one person
in a house without anyone else in the house hearing a thing.

The classified surveillance technology has been incorporated into
through wall targeting scopes that can accurately target a person
though walls of a house. A targeted person can be attacked in his own
home from a neighboring house with this technology. The Inglourious
Basterds have been using the classified sonic harassment technology to
trick house occupants into believing their house is haunted for the
last several decades.

The most famous haunted houses know to the public over the last
several decades were nothing but the Inglourious Basterds using the
classified sonic technology to trick the house occupants into
believing a supernatural event is occurring when in fact it is just
high tech trickery.

Many movies and TV shows were created based on haunted house true
stories. The only problem is that the true stories were orchestrated
hoaxes created by using classified sonic harassment technology.

The Inglourious Basterds have been very busy over the last several
decades. The Basterds have taken down many white people who have been
discriminating against minorities, created incredible UFO stories, and
created America’s most known haunted house stories. All of this has
been the secret government of the United States engaged in domestic
social engineering. What would be the American public’s reaction be if
they discovered what the Inglourious Basterds have done?

To learn more of the United States secret government, please read the
website listed below.

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