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like being unclothed

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Timothy Sutter

May 16, 2010, 9:24:46 AM5/16/10
> > > i shouldn't have to hand out "pope cards"
> > > any poor dumb bastard can make their own,
> > > and there's no such thing as a "counterfeit"
> > > if you're carrying somebody -else's- card
> > > it may very well be a counterfeit...

> > > the knowledge of God -should be-
> > > washing over the earth like a flood
> > > and nobody -should- have to tell you,

> > > "Know YHWH"

> > sure, YHWH can push the button on you
> > and wash you down the drain plug
> > but, this selfsame Being, gives -you- the chance
> > to push the button on your own self and simply
> > wash -away- those things which would kill you,
> > and then you really -can- be your own "pope"
> > i'd say this was very =generous=

> > > i don't even -have- a "pope card"
> > > and -i- know that much...

> and yes, YHWH can be hard to figure out
> sometimes the Truth isn't so obvious

> and you have to live with it a while
> for it to make any sense to you at all

> in some respects, the Truth -is-
> a firey tornado come to town which
> -seems- to wreak havoc,

> and then, out of it all
> steps the very humble Jesus...
> passing out "pope cards"
> and saying;

> "=now= that -you- know the Truth
> watch =me= clean up all the mess"
> and if you're a good little person
> Jesus will -allow- you, to lend a hand.
> or, as Jesus -allows- you to lend a hand
> you'll be more in line with the Truth
> and simply -be- a better person

> sort of like that firey tornado rips up -your- little truth
> and Jesus pops out to help you make a -real- forte
> and then you can toss out your "pope card"
> cuz who needs it anyway...

like 'your' little truth wasn't really Free

and real Freedom can be scarey

so "let's go hide in the dark"

but, the firey tornado of Truth

won't -let- you hide in the dark

simply because the bonds of darkness

cannot lay a hold of the Light

and the Light seems to rip you

out of the darkness, and set out

to -make- you Free

which still may frighten you

like being unclothed, for a moment, before strangers

only to be wrapt in that Glorious Light

which darkness cannot comprehend

much less even be

and so, you shed the darkness in favor of the Light

and -that- prospect seemed to frighten you

until you actually -saw- your new clothes

and in that moment you knew

you could lay down your sword

no thing can not hurt you...

...nor all the various permutations of letters


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