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Dec 20, 2018, 11:26:21 PM12/20/18
In order to successfully reattach a vertebra when common practice in emergency efforts often leave a spinal chord injury individual paralyzed, it's likely not uncommon a metal bone set could be used to juncture the site where ligaments are in vision a miss, but do exist. A youth age individual has a percentage of bodily growth remaining that give probability that normal development is enough by yet to occur bodily mass index weight before adult hood that the mend is quite possible in development able go unnoticed of any paralyzing by normal sleep cycles. Refitting the entire chords spade shaped ligaments to the buoyancy of the rest of the bodily where they are from bone to bone a external tightened fasted only in conjunction to the chords reference to a human as a whole. A injury, rather then procedure if attempted, that severe any single vertebra from another is probable quite possibly adapted in a field of medical locale to use a metal pin like artificial ligament called a bone set, more likely to be seen on a bone broken of it self and not used as a conjunction ligament as they are static in flexibility by nature of it's origin use, modern technology likely has seen variant hybrids of all sorts to aid a injury or defect. Hiding in the spinal chord is a soul ligament that when the mantel is healed of open wounds, comes together with how ligaments fasten as a whole in the body, with a requirement of it's placement in absolute speed or resolve of pressure from something like a deep sleep in physical movement meditative resting. When a child forms in the womb of a woman, the child naturally has bone growth and it's been said that a new born has more bone count then what the same child will have in their adult stage of life. Providing lucrative induced buoyancy both of a growing child having left the womb and of the mother while the child remains in the womb as portion of the life they newly bestow with in. A ligament not being of the circulatory system in recycle nature like a blood cell would not, if numbered by nuance conjunction or injury causing bone count to rise, exit as blood does by breaking cell walls at the mantle and floating backwards lighter then plight to a central bladder system of full expelling as urine nor would it by way be able to exit as fecal matter of which enters by means of the mouth and does not actually fully enter the body, taking passage right through rather then was inside of of literally, being bombarded by acids that start at the saliva and are strongest in the stomach, only nutrients are strained form thus as it travels through the stomach and the intestines and exits the anus. However, unlike the blood cell broken of cell wall, a ligament is most like a solid and far to large and impermeable to be float reverse to the bladder, thus it does exhibit a stray of gravity and logical route over time when not pressure desperation chamber treated, exhibiting as a painful hemorrhoid trying to exit the body nearest the known solid pathology of day to day repeating existence of a human who may have either seen some bone differential due to child birth of a young growing a full skeleton internally, and or a on set of a vertebra with what is in-place off upsetting a full body balance by a permanent metal medical bone set one ligaments placement on the spinal chord.


Preface: Holding a cow hip ligament, one that is cleanly removed and washed up from a cow no longer in use of it, was the opportunity our Advanced Biology teacher had given every student in my class. The physical properties of it are amazing to the touch, as the most flexible but shape kept biological matter in existence that you can hammer or nail and saw all you want and it wont gain a scratch. While it has impressions from the bone it were attached with for instance, seemingly like pressing a play-dough against a flat surface creating a flat disc like molding, of which this particular ligament did exhibit, it is more flexible then anything at the same time leaving the marvel to wondrously captivating to handle. Generally clear with a white tone, my teacher expressed the most puzzling thing he said to unknown to our studies was how it fastened from bone to bone. I hope for my own sake having said bone set very very young for a new less common age medical technology in the 70's, that being stem cells, been given the chance at walking again after a crotch injury, that I have shed some light on the subject matter for anyone interested from a subjected perspective. May my pain and sometimes the after effects pain of child birth, my similarly hemorrhoids be a guiding woe to me, to walk.
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