Meditative state is the patience of Buddhism only that of Buddha consists of Earth, everything else is man, practice.

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Dec 30, 2018, 8:02:48 PM12/30/18
I suppose the subject means that only man practices in meditation and that of the Earth, doesn’t, as if it is the God of meditation. A rock is solid, it doesn’t need to train. A man maybe harden of muscle, it must train. Some are naturally more adept then another, in all categories or areas of life, but exception is Buddha, an omnipresent. Actual religious practice exhibits this is why thus I place it patience of monks as the dominate factor of a deity existence in meditation. Prayer I don’t much consider it similar, more of a conscious notion of overall in time, interaction is with another, thus daily I suppose to be heard is to be caught and to be caught is to known. I suppose in my own life that which comes first form others is then not prayer worthy is something I needed to learn, for what is taken advantage of my concerns that it’s needing of prayer. There is of course observation of mass verses the pin, and the pound that is the pressure becomes extrovert eventually or introvert and vice versa sort of topic. However this is about sleep and the ligament health of the human body with the mantle sealed, introverted, and the ladder opposite is quite possibly smoking a time presence push, in other words slow burn lives lift, like a cheese or wine is in age, effectively gaining life in lives longer under spoiled, a cigarette type of burn eliminates after matter of humans quite possibly. Or in ocular embodied loss of life, such as a connection to another in physical posture, just as a pardon.

Before the age of 21, and discovery of artificial energy with street methamphetamine, I believe only two nights in all of the 21 years of my life were skipped for staying up in tried or unable and lye awake. 21 x 365 then occurs and not a single need met managed with sleep for health first in order of operations. It has lead to my hate for prescriptions having the need but determinate upon first response of my having any form that there was assured I may not by all means accounted and recorded So resort to has been since age 21 and frequency is as rocky as learn the hard way to health in where at first marijuana as a gateway thug was hard to sneak what is introduced in home by the children and find needed it try me myself and I for first hearing is the proprietor introduces. Lack of energy is a similar presence, I will assume, to what a charge can feel like in light non-relief, or burden of conscious to ones physiology manifest in define stress on catch up to ones own self. Thus I think I know the reason it was hard pressured with abuse to scribe it in me as a stolen stowaway by his parents himself, and used as a goat for community criminal breathe at be cost of health substantial and unable to known felt a level physical median to hear it selfishly granted. Brutally murdered as a child plenty and invisible to seen by about right of remember is missed signs of signals are hiding and getting further form knew individuals around me whom I didn’t know notice is grown away form by likes and dislikes, and tied to natural root sold be free.

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