There is a muscular coordination displacement illusionary.

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Dec 30, 2018, 8:44:35 PM12/30/18
Forever, I didn’t really know I’m train to but it’s not debated my social congeniality. Amazing is awareness of use of my uh, hem BUTT bowel movements. Seems like similar I don’t know what the muscle is them likely for female attraction. Do you use it like a muscle? My legs walked it’s found my social is not really like what it really is to others in broken. Thinking of a give or take, like scheduled, listen to regularity happens to ruin my dailies. Thinking if I was on it, then I’m lost my use of pain killers over the counter. Also I know shower is how you wipe the poops real clean, but did you know that is everyday it’s more then a paste on the bottom? Like eating spaghetti as a baby, now if that’s you every day of your life, you would use more then one square toilet paper to not get it on your hands to wipe your face daily, where as a napkin more suitable is how much I cost for still, factor for gets on stuff is not clean poops like a cat or dog, I noticed to start having some as of last 7 years or so, thus I think whoa, crystal methamphetamine fuckers. Should you think about the clothes you have to pull up, you don’t have on your face, and the faucet you have to handle, or flusher to wash your hands, then you really want to use one square and likely get spaghetti on your hands or that is not actually cover it all, so use your hand? So.. There’s this other theory if not displacement, that is I walk with my legs, forget the sphincter and penis flex, it didn’t do much until crystal methamphetamine helped my internal movements for poop anyway. Maybe it’s the fact of a ball. A period so to speak with women, they have month periods, like the Earth is a ball and while they aren’t all on the same day, Earth women all have one per month until menopause. A person themselves like a ball, a ovary like a ball, a testicle like a ball, a baby a person too, like a ball, like a sperm head, or that is, with out those and with out a embryo, only the wall layer, not like on a period is my flex penis at girls, or carry them whatever you do that isn’t pleasure ones self. I have yet to learn.

Stem cell grown lower half of my body is what I’m talking about, if I catch it in my own sight, it’s in the class room a hour from Discovery Channel of fact based reference programming of D.N.A. clones and “stem cells” a.k.a. R.N.A., anyway, I got re-cut because guilty parties had not seen McDonalds money and scientists yet on the chicken clone problem and solution. It was still, NEW, in the 70’s and banned was the means to reach it in research that is clones. You know you faint and loose conscious quite easily like huffing paint I bet if your body or mother, or mother and half a body were born in a vat of chemical placebo.
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