The OTIS Project (attn: artists and photographers)

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Ed Stastny

Jan 27, 1993, 1:25:57 PM1/27/93

+ ............The OTIS Project '93 +
+ "The Operative Term Is STIMULATE" +


Let's get right to it...


OTIS is an art distribution collective. You send us original scanned
visuals (or art to scan) and we'll post them on the FTP site for people
to download as GIF or JPG files.

All are welcome at the OTIS site to browse through the images, download
a few, critique, re-distribute.....a feast for the oculars.

OTIS is here for the purpose of distributing original artwork
and photographs over the network for public perusal, scrutiny,
and distribution. Digital immortality.

The FTP sites currently with OTIS directories are: (projects/stmulate)
This is the Underworld Industries site also
housing several zines and other projects.
Just log in as "anonymous" and browse.

(if you'd like to volunteer FTP space, please email me)


What happens draw a pretty picture or take a lovely
photo, get it scanned into an image file, then either FTP-put
it in the CONTRIB directory or use UUENCODE to send it to me
( in email. After the image is received,
it will be put into the correct directory.

OTIS' directories house two types of image files, GIF and JPG.
GIF and JPG files require, oddly enough, a GIF or JPG viewer to
see. These viewers are available for all types of computers at
most large FTP sites around Internet. JPG viewers are a bit
tougher to find. If you can't find one, but do have a GIF viewer,
you can obtain a JPG-to-GIF conversion program which will change
JPG files to a standard GIF format.

When you submit image files, please send me email at the same time
stating information about what you uploaded and whether it is to be
used (in publications or other projects) or if it is merely for people
to view. Also, include some biographical information on yourself, we'll
be having info-files on each contributing artist and their works.

If you have pictures, but no scanner, there is hope. Merely send
copies to me, Ed Stastny/ 9018 Westridge Dr./ Omaha,NE 68124, and
I will either scan them myself or get them to someone who will
scan them. Include an ample SASE if you want your stuff back.
Also include information on each image, preferably a 1-3 line
description of the image that we can include as a text file in the
directory it's finally put in. If you have preferences as to what
the images are to be named, include those as well.

Conversely, if you have a scanner and would like to help out, please
contact me and we'll arrange things.


The images distributed by the OTIS project may be distributed freely
on the condition that the original filename is kept and that it is
not altered in any way (save to convert from one image format to
another). In fact, we encourage files to be distributed to local
bulletin boards and such. If you could, please transport the
appropriate text files along with the images.


Use of the images in publications, multi-media projects and such is
permitted on an individual basis. Read the "readme" files for each
series of images (*.RM files) , if there's not a statement in that
file implying that the images are not to be used in such things, it's
safe to assume you can. We ask, though, that you give full credit
to the artist and send them a note (and perhaps a free copy of the
publication) when you use it.
(CONTRIBUTORS: please inform us if you specifically do NOT want your
images used elsewhere.)


Please keep the names of your files in "dos" format. That means, keep
the filename (before .jpg or .gif) to eight characters or less. The way
I usually do it is to use the initials of the artist, plus a three or
four digit "code" for the series of images, plus the series number.
Thus, Leonardo DeVinci's fifth mechanical drawing would be something

ldmek5.gif OR ldmek5.jpg OR ldmech5.gif ETC

Keeping the names under 8 characters assures that the filename will
remain intact on all systems.


When creating image files, it's always good to include at least your
name somewhere in or under the picture. This allows people to contact
you if need be. You might also want to include a title, a contact
address or other informative info.


That's about it for now. More "guidelines" will be added as needed.
Your input is expected.

If you know of any other such projects, please get me in contact with

Please recruit all artists (for lack of a better term) you know for
participation in this project. Get them in contact with me either via
email or snail-mail.

....e (

PO BX 31104, Omaha,NE 68132 USA SOUND N & A
vmessageline:(402)3934207 VISIONTRIBE
attn artists: send scans for project (gif or jpg) STIMULATION

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