Nigger Skateboarder caught on tape attacking Philly park ranger

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Land Of Obama

Sep 2, 2014, 6:42:43 PM9/2/14
So much for brotherly love.

Authorities are investigating a disturbing video of a
skateboarder beating a Philadelphia park ranger on Friday,
according to NBC10.

The assault took place late Friday afternoon in LOVE Park, the
Center City plaza by Robert Indiana's iconic Love sculpture, the
station reported.

The ranger reportedly approached a group of young men and told
them they couldn�t skateboard in the park.

�Basically he was just doing his job,� Mariano Verrico, who
filmed the altercation, told NBC10. �His voice wasn't raised. He
wasn't cursing.�

One of the skateboarders refused to leave and punched the
ranger, who had his hands up, and eventually wrestled him to the
ground. He then continued to attack him, kicking the man in the
head and legs and spitting on him as the other skateboarders
watched, according to

The ranger �never once tried to fight with the kid," Verrico
told NBC10. �He never threw any type of punch at the kid or said
anything negative.�

That was his first mistake. When a nigger starts lipping off,
pull out your gun and shut his mouth with a chunk of lead.


Where is the outrage? where is the riots, burning, looting?
Where is Sharpton? If the police were unarmed you can bet the
same thing would happen to them.
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Stan Dominy2 hours ago
Come on man. These are the same people that wouldn't get on a
cruise ship to live, eat and seek shelter after Katrina because
they said "tha man" was gonna ship them back to Africa.

� �

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