Re: Shurato's Heavenly Sphere Telnet BBS back up! UPDATE!

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Apr 22, 2022, 12:16:27 AM4/22/22
If doesn't work, try port 23. Thanks!

"Shurato" <> wrote in message news:...
>I ran this about 10 years ago and just recently started from scratch again.
>My computer died about a couple of weeks after bringing the system back up,
>but now it's functional again. I will be adding more games, league 10
>interbbs gaming and fidonet messages. Right now...
> Running EleBBS/Win32 latest binaries
> Telnet in with a decent telnet client, ANSI is required.
> Message areas and games right now. I may add files areas again.
> Games include:
> Door Mud
> Usurper
> TradeWars 2002
> Planets: The Exploration of Space
> Virtual Sysop 3
> Netrunner
> MechWars
> Dungeon Master Books of Blood
> 20 nodes available, FTP and NNTP servers may be coming back (if they can
> be made more robust, eleserv keeps dying after a few days of bot attacks
> on those). Standard EleBBS Lightbar menus, but the menus, and message
> areas are highly customized for ease of use. I've got a pretty well
> working files area too, but not much in the way of files. This is not a
> Warez board. It was highly anime focused in the past and I may bring that
> back, though anime files areas have been made obsolete with streaming
> services.
> Have fun and check it out! I don't have the auto email validation script
> yet, if anyone does let me know where to find it and access will be
> quicker. For now I check the user database regularly and manually validate
> users.
> Marty/Shurato
> telnet to: port 23

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